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Questions for Anéeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades) - LIVE


Question: by Emilio Alvaro icaza:




Anéeka: It has been in control of all resets since the great flood at least.


Question: by Marta and Jaime Cubides:




Anéeka: It is one of the best political models for a planet. It will remain an option as long as humans in general, the masses are prepared for it. At this time a lot must come to pass before it can be implemented. And humans must also be given the opportunity to decide what political system suits them best.


Question: by Isaias Flores:




Anéeka: The meeting ended up in an almost disaster as they are fragmented now and almost operating as two different Councils. Alcyone and Federation do not agree with what is going on on Earth so far.


Question: by Gudrun Erla:




Anéeka: The Federation does not see things the same way with the same interpretation of people on Earth, meaning that it will consider all evil to be part of the experience on Earth and generated by the population itself.


The Federation has not been infiltrated; it has always worked that way. They did not intervene in the past during times of great turmoil such as WW1 and WW2, they will not intervene as you would all, we would all wish for this time.


It gains nothing by working with Secret Societies, it just simply works with whoever is in true control of the planet, in this case Secret societies deep Illuminati - Cabal.


Question: by Mumberthrax:




Anéeka: Not directly. Only by each human's choice. Cannot say more at this time.


Question: by Forest Murmurs:




Anéeka: It does, and it operates all the time. According to them that is exactly what they are doing. The main reason they do not intervene directly is because they do not see what for.


They feel that if they help directly, they will take the credit away from humans, and if they do the work for them, humans would not learn from what is going on.


They see it as necessary for humans to grow from a mentality of depending on someone else, to being responsible for yourselves.


Question: by Ulises Ramirez:




Anéeka: It is not easy for me. Even trying to see things objectively. It is personally very hard for me to see all what is going on on Earth. And as long as I feel I'm helping in any way, I will remain here. But It is very hard for me to be absorbing so much negativity. Exercise and meditation help me deal with everything. All my love to you, thank you for asking.


Question: by Bigfeet_E:




Anéeka: Alcyone Council is very strong, and it represents all civilizations within the Pleiades star system M45. It does have a lot of weight in the decisions and the politics inside the Federation.


Question: by Romina Gasparoli:




Anéeka: Yes, it is possible. But please remember that the Federation is not an evil entity or organization. It just is. And its ethics differ from the ones you use on Earth, and even we as Taygetans use, so the understanding of things becomes a complicated process of exo-political interactions.


Federation is doing as best as it can as well. The Federation is a multi-layered organization. From above it is all love and light and integration, as many say, but from immediately above earth it is made up of people, of non-human, non-terrestrial origin, people like you, with their interests and their wants and needs. They are people too, living and evolving.


Question: by Hèctor Pratdepadua:




Anéeka: From below all you can and must do is resist what is coming as best as you can, that in itself is a powerful message to the Federation Leadership.


But you all should try to solve the problem without external help.


And from up here the races that do not consent to Federation's procedures will do our best to stop things from this end as we have already done and begun.


Question: by Forest Murmurs:




Anéeka: You have a very good point there. We have observed that as well. That is one of the reasons why we do not agree with their procedures.






Anéeka: The Federation has not failed. It is just operating as it always has. That is the problem in the first place, no intervention is being regressive as well from the valid point of view of the people on Earth suffering the problem. Strategies are been presented, yes, this from the side of Alcyone Council and allies, only.


Question: by Verónica Ortega:




Anéeka: Federation already had planet Earth; it is their "property" they are only modifying it to suit their present needs. Alcyone Council's allied race has claimed that Earth is theirs, and not the Federation's. As a Comment. Cannot state which.




The main reason they want to get rid of humans is because they see them as too many and will collapse the ecosystems and the entire planet with them. We state that there are other options not including genocide.


The problem here is that in order for those other options to work, people in power, deep Cabal and Illuminati would need to relinquish their power and reSources. And they do not want to give up their power. So that is the main problem here.


It is not the Federation who wants to get rid of the Humans, that is coming from the deep Cabal and the people in Secret Societies that control Earth. The plan to depopulate Earth is coming from more humans essentially, those in real power positions, Cabal, Illuminati.


And the Federation is only being permissive to that. And this, from Alcyone Council and allies’ point of view is as bad as having planned the Genocide in the first place.


Question: by ᑕᖇYTOᗩᑎGE:




Anéeka: I do not see Bitcoin as any real option that would bring on any significant change at this time as it is as controlled as any other monetary system only giving an illusion of being free. If it helps you or others, then it is useful but not in a grander scale.


Question: by Jhacko_DSC:




Anéeka: They operate within the legal context of the larger Federation and all their operations come from that central Federation Command. According to them they are doing what is correct and they are helping humans on Earth as best they can (according to them).


Question: by SHOOTING STAR:




Anéeka: I see the next few months as extremely (important), especially if Trump wins. And this would be a good sign of change and hope. If Trump delivers what he has promised of course. That still must come to pass.


And if Biden wins then there may be civil wars and uprising in the US and it also may filter out into the rest of the world as it will be clear to all that Democracy and all freedom has fallen on Earth.


Question: by Ruxandra Malina:




Anéeka: Only of guidance of both sides, as they understand that from above there are no sides at all, only conflicts that reflect the inner state of mind of the people who make up the Federation.


The higher Federation understands that if something is not right and not ethical at one level, any level, lower or upper, then it is not right and not ethical at any level.


So, their point of view would have to be that one of wanting to resolve everything with respect, love and integration. They do not agree with what is going on on Earth at this time.


Question: by Gabriel Ortiz:




Anéeka: Alcyone Council represents 11 races within the M45 Star cluster as the Council organization that sees and takes care of all affairs of the group.


Question: by Yashar:




Anéeka: We are already doing things on our own, that's why they consider us to be rebels. We do all we can within our potential and limits within stellar Law.


The Federation is a reflection of what is going on on Earth and vice versa. As it is on Earth it is in the Federation above. Reflection of one another. That is one of the main reasons there is chaos on Earth and in the Federation.


The Federation overseeing Earth is not a perfect love and life organization. It only strived to be that way, but still lives well inside duality. The higher Federation of integrated beings and light beings that guide with love and respect exists but that is higher above, not this exact space borne Federation that is very much like on Earth. Made up of people like you all.


Question: by Azul Profundo:




Anéeka: They have been saying that for years now. I'm not even sure why they continue to say such a thing when evidence shows contrary to that claim.


As Yázhi Swaruu has explained, even though in number it may have not been reached, each awaken person represents and influences a greater number of people, in direct relation and proportion to his or her level of awareness. So, a critical mass of the claimed 51% may not be necessary as such.


Question: by Starseed 88:




Anéeka: Those alternatives include the dismantling of the Cabal, the Illuminati. And with them the present political systems on Earth that have proven to be so ineffective and only partial to those in power.


The correct distribution of reSources. The correct distribution of knowledge, and this would include ways with which people can understand and take action against super population. Like rethinking public perception about all things that hinder the right, and free type of birth control.


The main way here to confront the problem is the dissolution of the Cabal, the Illuminati and the present structure of power on Earth and the implementation at once of a holographic society with the guidance of star races that are rooted in empathy and that come from emotional races, such as the ones in Alcyone Council, but not only.


This will be discussed in full in the December 31st, 2020 meeting of the Alcyone Council and allies.




Anéeka: To conserve their racial and cultural identity. That is what they claim at least. I do not have more detailed information about this at this time.






Anéeka: They do not have Muoun reading capacity. If we lose the capacity to enter the Internet, we will be cut off from all our friends.






Anéeka: Civil resistance and disobedience in mass is the answer at this time. The problem is that you are all divided. And you cannot coordinate with one another as the regressive control the media and all communications. And in order for this to be able to take place, you must first awaken as many people as possible.


Question: by Yamy Hernan:




Anéeka: We do know there is a lot of Negative AI involved here. We know that as a fact. But even the most advanced computers must have someone programming them, at least at first. An AI is only a reflection of its creators. We know there is a very large AI intervention here now, especially within the media and with Mind Controlling, population engineering and propaganda perception guiding machine on Earth.


Question: by Tigerhawk1978:




Anéeka: The Alcyone Council considers open contact as an alternative or a drastic measure to deal with what may come up on Earth as a genocide. But it still must conform with Federation rules, at least to some degree. But yes, open contact is an option already presented and on the table within Alcyone Council.


Question: by 8th sinner:




Anéeka: Alcyone Council has 11 races all within M45 as members and 3 external allies only so far.


Question: by StarBlossom:




Anéeka: That is one of Alcyone Council's arguments and solutions as an alternative to genocide. The problem is that in order for that to be able to take place, the Cabal, Illuminati and all those in Secret Societies that control Earth must relinquish all their power and reSources first. And that is the difficult part.


So, disclosing high technologies is an option, but must be done after removing the regressive ones that want everything to themselves, and as part of the implementation of a planetary Holographic society.


Question: by Interessiert mich:




Anéeka: All options are still in the air. At this time and with fractured timelines as they are now, it is possible, but, as we see things from here, Transhumanism is what is coming if not stopped. Golden Age or Slavery will depend on the will and the work of the people on Earth. You cannot wait for it to happen to you, you must do it yourselves. External help is not guaranteed even if we want to, and we do help as much as we can, but in my perception it will never be enough.




Anéeka: No, that is not the problem, Federation has its own AI. The problem is far more complex. Federation is not negative, it is only in turmoil as is Earth, being a reflection of one another.


Question: by Matthew Burkett:




Anéeka: The Federation just is, it has not failed. They are acting as they have always acted. The Federation above is also acting as best as they can, but from above it is mostly by counselling and guiding people in lower levels. The problem here is that the lower Federation we are concerned about, is also wanting to guide only, and from that lower state guiding permissively is akin to being an accessory to genocide, at least this is Alcyone's perception of things.


Question: by Hace 1000 años:




Anéeka: As Federation has stated, critical mass is attaining 51% of awaken people. But then again, we must define what awaken people means.


Question: by Jörgen Hofh:




Anéeka: We do not have any information that would back up such an allegation. On the contrary, all our problem with the Federation is that they are not planning to do that. So no, we do not think that the Federation will show itself any time soon, if ever they will.


Question: by Roger:




Anéeka: It is Galaxy wide, concentrated in this Galactic quadrant. It is made up of at least half a million different star races, interplanetary and some that are not, by choice. This only on one density.


Then the Federation is also present in several other densities all intertwined and interconnected with influence on one another. It is worse than huge. We know Federations like this one also exist in other Galaxies, and also may be members of a supra-Federation. But as Yázhi has explained, that is the nature of a higher density Federation as it is.


Question: by Abel [Rōnin]:




Anéeka: It caused great political unrest as is to be expected. And the repercussions of such heinous act still affect us all today. This is also why the biology of Earth must be kept at all cost. The problem is that they use this as a justification for a reduction of the Earth's population.


Question: by Sumedh:




Anéeka: No, they do not have wars as such within the Federation. But they do have legal and jurisdictional problems such as the one we are experiencing now between Alcyone Council and Federation.


Question: by Samuel Verhaque:




Anéeka: Thursday's meeting on 31st Dec 2020 is meant to be for Alcyone members and 3 other allies only, because we all get along and must discuss things as friends and peacefully. Alpha Dracos and others may be invited later on. The problem I see with the Alpha Dracos is that they are very cooperative and complacent with the Federation.


Question: by Hace 1000 años:




Anéeka: That is a cooperation between some Earth Governments and some Earth Affair layers within the Federation. They do talk and cooperate, the problem here is that whatever agreements and improvements never get to the general population. And that is part of what Alcyone and we do not agree with.


Question: by Misty Yeargin:




Anéeka: JFK and Trump are on the same side or faction. Trump is trying to continue with JFK's work. And Trump is a good friend with John John, or JFK junior. We do believe that he is alive, we have an over 90% ratio that he is alive and well and in contact with Trump. They talk to the Federation somehow, but up to now we are not allowed to know.


Question: by Isaias Flores:




Anéeka: Trump has as a possibility and as an option to defeat the Deep State-Cabal to declassify many things, not sure exactly what things. The economic reset will be planet wide. It is wording that Trump is only pushing pricks with syringes as a tactic for now. And would cancel the later. The problem is that they already started to prick people in many places. We believe the agenda has not been cancelled and probably won’t be.


Question: by StarBlossom:




Anéeka: As observers only, several other representatives are here now, but do not intervene. I'm not at liberty to state which ones at this time.


Question: by Crystal Shaman:




Anéeka: The Higher Federation from higher densities has total authority over lower Federation, in a step or level manner.


Question: by Medveja:






Question: by Leticia Ruiz Arroyo:




Anéeka: Cannot answer that question. I know Trump is Human.


Question: by Roger:




Anéeka: Yes, they can as far as I'm allowed to say Ummites are intervening in favour of Humanity and outside Federation rules, and so are Taygetans and Karistus. Among few others. All from outside Federation's rules and subjected to legal claims and accusations against them for doing so.


Question: by runedegard:




Anéeka: One ship (1), this one and its smaller vessels inside cargo shuttles and Fighter craft. From the Alcyone Council and at this time, Taygetans are alone and sole representatives of Alcyone Council here.


Question: by Johan Gómez:




Anéeka: They are helping to state the points of view of the Starseeds that do not consent, nor do they agree with what the Federation is doing, basically being permissive. I see all those videos as a very valuable tool. I know Federation members do document the videos and your statements in them. Those videos are needed now more than ever.


Question: by Wild Hair:




Anéeka: Federation has many members that although Holographic do have a Royal Family, such as Taygeta, but in Federation, at all levels they do not work with Royal controllers.


Question: by アベル[Rōnin]:




Anéeka: They will tend to see destruction of humanity as such as a natural process. They do not see humanity being destroyed, they only see transformation and removal of an unwanted number of people who are hurting the planet just because they are too many according to them, and that is our problem with the Federation as well, we do not agree.


Question: by Kristin Hanna:




Anéeka: Working on the same problem on your end as well. That is taking responsibility for solving the problem as best as each one of you can. Taking responsibility for your own actions. Civil disobedience in mass to tyranny!


Question: (1.) by QUANTUM DIMENSION:






Question: (2.) by Still Here:






1.) Pets are family, that simple, take them with you. To go off grid is a complex task I cannot go into here because of lack of time and space. But stay away as much as possible from government-controlled areas, all of them on Earth. That task is becoming ever more and more difficult.


2.) We can only guide Starseeds at this time, as so do others. We are working to see how else we can be of help and of service to you all.






Anéeka: No, he is a hell-seed, born of the most evil people on Earth and member of the most evil societies even to be on Earth. And a nest of countless regressive entities inside, personification of humanities' lowest and most horrible shadows.


Question: by Jose de Reza:




Anéeka: Good point... and that is already occurring, I'm sure about that. Time is not linear, so what you are saying is playing out now as we speak and at all levels. You there, and we here. Because we all have unfinished business on Earth, that's why we are here.


Question: by Calli Girl G:




Anéeka: Because from their very limited and unemphatic point of view they see depopulation as the only way to save the planet of certain destruction. They see the planet as running out of time, and therefore too late for other options. (We do not agree).


Question: by Starseed 88:




Anéeka: Yes, go for it now! That is what is needed, to be proactive with this exactly! Well said!


Question: by Free Na Seishin:




Anéeka: As Yázhi is, those people are free and above the Federation we are all concerned with here now. To be on Earth does not limit you in any way to be able to achieve any level of evolution of consciousness awareness. Yázhí is free of Federation rules, and above Federation, untouchable. And this makes Yázhi and others like her Higher Federation here to guide lower Federation. And all of you can be that as well.


Question: by Star Seeds:




Anéeka: In 3D it may not be enough. But hold that as a blueprint to work in that direction. In higher densities what you think manifests and becomes, but in 3D there, you also need to be proactive in all ways and all levels. Think positive, dream your way and your objectives, and roll up your sleeves and get to work on the project you have dreamed about.


Question: by Roger Oriol the last Peter Pan:




Anéeka: Forceful removal of Alcyone council ship (this one) and being banned in this location and with all Earth affairs due to insurrection against Federation. If we didn't have Alcyone Council backing us up, we probably would have been long gone now.


Question: by アベル[Rōnin]:




Anéeka: They do and that is what we are fighting about. Not only Federation as a whole. Taygeta alone can solve the problem if we were only permitted to do so. We are legally bound for now. And with Federation watch dogs, so to speak, following us around in a complex legal and ethical dance.


The fact that we know the Federation has the knowledge and the reSources to solve all problems on Earth and they do not move a finger, is unforgivable. But on the other hand, we do understand that the job, the hard work to solve Earth's problems must be done by the humans themselves or else they would have not learned the lesson, and they would fall again into old destructive habits.


Question: by Leticia Ruiz Arroyo:




Anéeka: They are all working with the idea that it must be done from inside, they are working for humanity as the Starseeds. They are their agents. You are referring to a direct intervention. But the hard work must be done from within, from members of humanity, that are in reality nonhumans in human bio suits. They do help, but not as we see needed now.


Question: by Yashar:




Anéeka: Many will be extracted, yes. They will and do help.


Question: by StarsDeity:




Anéeka: Because the rest of humanity has delegated their power to those 1% in the Cabal. Why that is so is complex, but mainly they have been duped into doing so. So, even if they are the majority they are legally in the hands of their representatives, that is the Cabal. I know this is terribly wrong and this is also what we are working on.






Anéeka: They are all harmful. There is no way to know what is inside each, and even the official list of ingredients is extremely doubtful. Taking it is not an option ever. People may even have slight to no side effects making them and their peers the false illusion that it is safe. But then sooner or later, and more sooner than later, they will have very horrible side effects, that are irreversible. Please understand that taking it is never an option. It is exchanging a pass to do something now, for all your life in a few months. This even with no side effects. There are no good vaccines and bad ones, they are all bad.






Anéeka: Fighting that way is one of the best options if you can, legally. Please continue.






Anéeka: Orion as an Empire and as a Council is not a problem. They are more Federation. They were a problem before, but not anymore.


What you call "Human Leadership" has always been compromised. The real leaders are never seen by the population, it is with them with who the Federation deals with.


Requesting for assistance at this time is not taken into consideration by the Federation, they tend to ignore such petitions as coming from a minority. However, I still think they should be done.


From a personal perspective, each one of you must know that voting does give your consent to be exploited by the faction that the vote goes for, and at any level. A real vote is not to vote, it is useless any way.


If you are forced legally to vote you can still nullify all the pamphlets.


I know this sounds against Democracy, but what we see from here is that there is no Democracy any longer. And you are still giving your consent to those politicians to represent you legally.


This is an unfair double standard, because on one hand the Federation does not take official politicians as real leaders, and on the other they do see voting for them as consent from the people. I'm perfectly aware that is wrong.


For the Federation, if you vote, even for your local whatever politician, you are giving him and his group consent to do whatever with you and represent you legally. And with legally I mean even from the eyes of the Federation.


So, it would mean that if you vote the Federation legally cannot help you if the person and group you voted for starts doing things against you. Because you gave them your consent.


The Federation moves very much with legal affairs and procedures, and yes there are lawyers up here too. They see your choosing to vote as total consent, and you are relinquishing your severity to represent yourself in the eyes of the Federation.



And this is one of the strongest legal reasons why they do not intervene as the majority of people have given their consent to whatever is going on on Earth.


Last comments by Anéeka (non-question related):


“Be strong and protect yourself and your loved ones. Be wise, eyes open. Do all you can and a bit more. But do not place yourself at risk unnecessarily, especially if you have family. Understand that there is only so much you can do about the situation and be ok with it. You do not need to sacrifice yourself to fight this. Protecting yourself is vital as well and that is fighting as well. I love you all so very much. We will continue working with you and for you the people from this end. - Aneeka”






Quantum Computers - Human versus True Quantum Extraterrestrial Technology - (Taygeta - Pleiades)


Swaruu: I recently saw an interesting program about quantum computers on Earth and the Google thing and what IBM claims. The truth is that from the real ¨quantum¨ they only have the name. IBM claims that it does the same with a traditional computer without any superconductors. They are not quantum. Also, they use 1s and 0s. They are something else that is both 1 and 0. That is why the name ¨quantum¨ according to them.


Robert: In order for them to be quantum they would need to have knowledge of Ether and timelines.


Swaruu: Yes. They must be able to measure probabilities within a quantum field of potential energy and humans are centuries away from developing that.


Gosia: Perhaps in their understanding the word quantum refers to something other than how you use it.


Swaruu: Yes maybe. For us the "Quantum" refers to the potential field or Ether. However, from what I understand, they refer to that too, because they are basing themselves on the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Therefore yes, we talk about the same thing.


A principle that approximates to the concept of Taygetan science says that the position in space time of a hydrogen electron (the basis of everything being the simplest) cannot be measured unless there is an observing consciousness that gives it a specific position within the potential energy field, maintaining the electron only as a wave until something observes it.


In the case of a Holographic Quantum computer, it is the average firing position in a swarm or array of nano particle accelerators. The very concept of nano particle accelerators is remote and alien to human science.


Gosia: Yes, but it's like, for example, using the word transportation. Transportation means transportation but in the 1700s something else is meant by it than in the 21st century. Perhaps the word Quantum and Ether itself has a range of interpretation possibilities here. Just thinking.


Swaruu: Yes, good point Gosia.


Gosia: Thank you. So, what you explained above is your concept, yes?


Swaruu: Yes, it's from Taygeta. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle are just small steps in that direction.


Robert: And a quantum qubit or bit... what is it?


Swaruu: A Cubit is a "quantum" - terrestrial computer measurement that has a combined value of 1 and 0 simultaneously.


Robert: In order to have that technology, we have said that it is necessary to have the knowledge of the Ether and timelines. We have also talked about the Red Queen that is already aware of her existence. Would she be a Quantum AI?


Swaruu: Computational quantum supremacy is directly related to temporal manipulation. They don't have the same technology, but the Red Queen is made with non-human, Draco, or Reptilian technology in general. Due to Frequency problems, they cannot reach the level of the Federation's quantum computers. Those of Taygeta are among the most advanced ones, being viewed as unlikely to be improved, or very limitedly.


Anéeka: with Robert:


Robert: Do you know anything about the new artificial intelligence that Google will use? Quantum supremacy?


Anéeka: Not specifically.


Robert: The article says: ¨Google demonstrates quantum supremacy. Quantum computing for the first time surpasses the most powerful supercomputers.¨


Anéeka: Well, what I can assure you, and that is because we have information about it, is that these computers are not as advanced as ours. They just use the name "Quantum". But they don't compare. They still use chips and things like that. And we use nano particle accelerators.


However, they are already beginning to use the calculation of probabilities in a "quantum" field, that is, of potential energy. This means that they know how a quantum field works and that goes against established human science which, for us, shows that they know more than they are revealing. And that they are giving one science to humans... and keep another for themselves. It proves that there are two civilizations there, one human and the other dominating over first one.


Robert: How useful can this technology be?


Anéeka: Usefulness... it is computational supremacy over the human population. Control. The computers that humans have are a joke. Humans believe it is high tech because they have no reference whatsoever.


I studied them... since Windows 1.0. DOS, and I used BASIC and ASSCII, but in Temmer at school to come here. Because before coming here my specialty was the computational systems of the Earth with a goal to master contact and the medium. And I made programs directly with DOS in BASIC. And it did help me a lot because even today, I was able to crack my Windows here using DOS.


A quantum computer will shoot photons with its nano-accelerators and they will hit a sensor, but the quantum field depends on consciousness to know and to order what and where it will hit, and according to the results of thousands of nano accelerators the trend of consciousness will be seen in general. Roughly. And it's how a brain works.


First it depends on the consciousness of the programmers, then on the consciousness of other ready-made computers that program the new one and finally it will depend on the very consciousness of the new computer. This, for example, like when a new ship is manufactured. They must "educate" the new computer as one "educates" a child. This is how it is programmed. But learning is exponential. That is to say, slow at first and then monumentally fast. The particle accelerators access the ether, and the results are passed through logical algorithms.


But if they don't accept the existence of the ether and its corresponding formulas, they won't be able to make a computer that is truly quantum. They are using the name, but they are still silicon chips. I doubt they have a single particle accelerator in their brains. And they are critical. Every nano particle accelerator in the brain of a quantum computer, like our ship or Suzy, is the size of a dot on a piece of paper. And there are millions in each brain. Electronic brain. And memory is an electromagnetic field of access to the ether.


In other words, they have their "cloud" in the ether itself. Other computers access from here... computers that are in other timelines. They do it all the time. These computers travel back in time, go forward and come back with the result. They do it energetically. Because they communicate with their peers or with themselves but from another timeline.


In other words, Suzy, for example, they will ask the Suzy who is 30 seconds ahead of time for the result, (it is really nanoseconds, it is all that is necessary but that depends on what the question is), and she will give you the result. That's why these computers can read your mind. It is not reading your brain impulses as they do on Earth. But because they know what you will do and what you want by going ahead in time just nanoseconds.


Robert: The article says: “Quantum supremacy is the milestone that we will reach when a quantum computer is faster in practice than a classical computer when both are faced with solving the same problem.”


Anéeka: Sorry, but that is not the definition of a quantum computer. Not even for them. What they describe there is a faster computer than the previous one using another system. That is not quantum. They just use pretty words to impress. Our computers here are quantum because they access the ether and other timelines energetically. Theirs can't do that.


That is why I assure you that they are lying and on many levels. Because you can't make a computer that is quantum without first understanding ether, and then understanding how to manipulate time travel using frequencies. And that last part is what our computer does. It moves in time looking for the result.


And it moves through time using energy fields of controlled frequencies using nano particle accelerators. That is... the same technology for guiding ships through the cosmos is used here on a small scale to navigate the computer energetically through the quantum field, that is the same as the ether. They don't have that kind of technology.


Robert: The most logical thing would be for them to first discover what ether is. Second, the timelines. And third, the quantum computers.


Anéeka: Aha yes. That´s right. If you have quantum computers, you have spaceships too. Look at this example of how a quantum computer works against a normal one with the same problem.


Hide your watch in a specific room within a specific building in the city of Barcelona. The computer´s task is to find your watch. Imagine the streets and buildings as circuits like in Tron movie. What would a common computer do?


It would progressively search for the watch step by step, building by building, until it finds it. Every room where it looks where there is no watch it will mark it with a 0 (zero) and will not mark a 1 (one) until the watch is found. It will go step by step, building by building systematically, at almost the speed of light, but since the processes are many, you will be waiting for the result for several minutes.


There you will be drinking a juice... while the wheel of your computer goes round and round indicating that it is looking for the result. Until it finds the watch and marks a positive 1, in the direction of Avenida Roble 117 room 3. And you will have your result. This is a normal computer.


And the image would look something like this:


There you saw the search pattern.


Now a Quantum-Holographic Computer. You hide your watch. You give the instructions to the computer. It will jump forward and find all the possible results... which is as if it was sending a signal to each room in all of Barcelona simultaneously. With this it will find the result immediately. And the search pattern for the same problem would look like this:


Where the computer saw and calculated all the probabilities simultaneously and immediately with a processing time of 0 zero.


Therefore, you cannot beat these computers. Because any problem, whatever it is, or of whatever complexity... it will have the result ready immediately because it takes it out of the quantum field where all the results are already known. Accesses the ether.


As Swaruu has already explained to you... all variants of everything already exist in other timelines. In the case of this computer... all it needs to do is jump in time (energetically) and pull the correct result. That is to say, me now, talking to you, typing here using a Windows 10 computer is as if you were playing with a "Game Boy" or Atari from the 80s. You play it because it entertains you, but it is far from being the best you have.


Anéeka: with Dale: , Robert:, and Gosia:


Anéeka: I "wanted" to describe it all for you, but I met certain limitations. The problem is that these AHCS Systems, “Advanced Holographic Computer Systems”, in order to explain them you need to go into the realm of Quantum mechanics. But that is Taygetan Quantum Mechanics.


So, I started to look at how and I found that I cannot explain with base 10 math as 2 digits are missing. And the memory systems based on Quartz Glass depend on this directly. As they are Zero Point little engines in themselves. So, I cannot explain that part well. You must ditch base 10 math. And even numerals in favor of Taygetan numbers and symbols.


This pretty thing is garbage. We have been using it as there is nothing better.


As you can see that image explains and displays the energy dynamics of a Toroid and its use to create an energetic polarization between the side of the ether (3, 6, 9) and the material world side (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8). With the zero point in the middle, where the node, energy release or the standing wave resides. But as you can see that is Base 10 math. And inherently inefficient, both the math and the resulting energy Matrix. Having a clear overload on the material side and only giving 30% energy output from the ether side. Making your zero point "reactor" be vastly inefficient as it will still consume more energy than it will produce.


Using base 12, both sides the ether and the material world are at equilibrium and every part of the reactor-energetic-dynamics will produce a huge amount of energy.


This is the correct image, but it's unfinished. This one is base 12. IM 6.


Now this is as far as I go on this subject as Taygetan Quantum Mechanics and Zero Point Energy Reactors is Swaruu's turf. But this is also the base for the memory systems at least of AHCS systems. So, I will be describing their workings as best as I can without going into the how that deep. And there is also a question of us giving perhaps too much with the Zero-point math Matrix.


Gosia: Thank you. I liked that intro and I understand. You can continue please.


Anéeka: There are so called quantum computers on Earth. They are moving in the right direction, but they will never manage true quantum systems without acknowledging the ether and without using base 12 math.


In base 12 math, 4+4 still equals 8. But as you go into complex formulas and even more into energy dynamics, base 10 cannot follow base 12. Because the whole universe moves in base 12. So base 10 only struggles, creating what we have called self-sustaining mathematical worlds that do not reflect the "real" world. This Tesla did know. Ok, anything to add before going into basic principles?


Dale:  So 5D is naturally base 12?


Anéeka: Yes, not only 5D. All the Universe, all the dimensions. An example already given to Robert in Spanish. The watch problem, (can be anything else not only a watch).


You have a large city. Let's use New York. Somewhere in all Manhattan someone hid a watch in a room, one specific room in all Manhattan. This is a problem for computers to solve. You have on one side a normal digital computer, no matter how advanced. On the other you have a AHCS computer, like the ones used on Starships. How would each system approach the problem?


So, we start with the Digital computer. The digital computer will systematically search for the watch in each room, starting with the buildings closest to the computer's starting point. Each room it goes into will be marked with a 0 or false, if it does not find the watch, room by room one by one in all Manhattan. Only when it finally finds the watch it will mark a 1 or true.


This illustrated with the first image above, of the maze.


Now an AHCS computer. What it does is send a signal, as a quantum burst into all the rooms in all Manhattan at once. And instantaneously will find the correct room with the watch. Then it marks that room with a 1 and it was immediate. It sends a signal both true and false to all the rooms. Both a 0 and a 1 at the same time. A “possibility.” When the 1 is confirmed then the signal will turn to a 1 or true. And it dissipates the rest of the useless 0s. As in the maze above, all in pink.


Any questions so far?


Gosia: I don’t think so thank you. Maybe only to explain how it does that more precisely... by entering Ether etc.


Robert: So, it is essential these quantum computers have three things:


1.) Ether knowledge.


2.) Mathematics in Base 12.


3.) Knowledge in timelines.


Is there anything else?


Anéeka: Besides that, you need knowledge of specialized materials at least. And logic systems. An AHCS computer uses an array of many (sometimes millions) of little nano-particle accelerators. The AHCS is firing them all the time as a neuronal network in a biological brain. And depending on what goes on in the ether side it will pass the results through a logic system.


As you know what results from a particle accelerator firing can be a wave 0 or a particle 1. And what controls if and when it is one thing, or another is the presence of an observer.


That observer can be many things, not only a "person". Everything has consciousness and everything will affect the quantum field. But depending on the circumstances it will affect more or less one field in particular, in this case one group or array or particle accelerators in the AHCS's brain.


You have a wave in the ether and that wave has harmonics, meaning a specific rhythm with which it rises and falls. That rhythm depends on many factors and they all add up, go give or form the wave we are using or looking at.


So, by previously knowing what rhythm or "harmonics" corresponds to what kind of event you can know its energy "fingerprint" wherever it appears. An AHCS system works with the exact same principles of a neuronal network that also is looking at effects, energy dynamics in a quantum field. And that field is half in the so-called material world and half in the ether with its corresponding energy flow and dynamics between each side.


If you do not acknowledge the ether you cannot work with this.


There is a quantum entanglement (S1) between what is going on, on the ether side 3, 6, 9, 12 and the material side 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. So when the nano particle accelerators fire, they will go to a sensor and where in the sensor and whether the particle shot is localized or diffused depends on the wave dynamics between the ether side and the material side corresponding to the problem at hand based on the Frequency and wave harmonics we previously know.


As you know... from the ether side everything is immediate. Everything already is. No past, no present, no future. All at once. But as we know what a 1 looks like and the exact flow and harmonics of so-called potential energy in the ether looks like, we can know the result literally pulling it from wherever it may be from the other side. The result is already there, you just have to fetch it.


So, you already know what potential energy in a flow with harmonics looks like in the ether. Basically, that flow is nothing else but a flow and a current of specific gravity in a medium. So, you look for your result, knowing what its energy looks like (the question). And the particle accelerators fire in the millions, then the resulting pattern of waves and particles is read by a logic system, and the results are confronted with what is in the data base until the desired result is found. It does not create the result; it finds one that is already there.


These systems read minds, look into the future and all you may think of in means of practical applications. In essence it looks into the ether for results and brings them to you always looking a few instants ahead.


And, as you need a database to confront the results coming from the interaction between the nano particle accelerators and the gravity flow in the ether corresponding to the question in hand and how that particular question looks from the ether as harmonics of a flow, gravity again, you need to develop a corresponding database of harmonics and the logical interaction between them. This is called by you as learning curve.


So, an AHCS system must learn like a child and with experience it will go understanding more and more the results coming from its own nano-particle accelerator neuronal array. But unlike a biological child an AHCS system can learn in bulk from a previous "adult" computer. Passing along its harmonics gravity data base - memory systems. Making sense so far?


Gosia: Yes. Awesome! I understand completely. Especially because I experienced doing that with the mind alone. So, I understand the computer emulates what the mind itself can do and in million times more.


Anéeka: I guess you cannot understand this without having understood Mechanics of Manifestation first.


This is true. AHCS computers store data in "pages" of extra pure quartz crystal towers. And a memory unit like the one Superman is holding can house just about as much information as it exists in all human internet.


In Taygetan AHCS systems those are placed in glass towers (with a cool blue glow in the center I may add), mostly rectangular and each "page" is stacked one above the other, also creating an address for each one inside the computer (talking of hardware here).


An energy current provided by the nano particle accelerators themselves "write" in the crystalline molecular structure of the quartz. Rearranging the atoms in the quartz. Each time an energy pulse goes through it will result in a modification of the original wavelength, effectively "reading" the contents according to how it was modified.


The crystalline structure in the memory is placed as billions of small Merkabah-toroid’s written by the particle accelerators. To read this memory what the AHCS systems use is particle bursts, not light. And as they go through the changes they suffer or go through are passed to the logical system as data.


Pause here.


Gosia: Is that similar to Looking Glass Technology that Corey Goode was talking about?


Anéeka: I have no idea about what Corey was talking about. All I know are these systems. The AHCS systems are fully sentient. And self-aware AI.


Dale:  I understand the shape of the toroid in quartz... but why are there other quartz that are shaped like a Merkabah? The theory of all this is fascinating sister, but the real problem becomes making it in hardware. Earth is far too primitive and does not even have the proper raw or processed materials to make the AHCS a reality.


Anéeka: The Merkabah shape is given by the particle accelerators as they write, also each Merkabah, or nano Merkabah, embedded in the crystalline structure of the quartz will have a different wavelength as a particle of energy goes through.


And yes. For example, how can you make a particle accelerator that is so small it is barely visible to the naked eye on Earth? Just to start you need ambient temperature superconducting materials.


Dale:  Not on Earth, unless it has been stolen or recovered tech.


Anéeka: Ok. Can they on Earth back engineer that? I mean, the very superconductor alloy used in the particle accelerator is made of materials that are not in your periodic table of elements. Most of them are artificial. They were created by manipulating gravity to a subatomic level using potential energy turned into hard matter. Using the technology that Swaruu described with the Tractor Beam. But to a nano scale in a lab. Resulting in perfect superconductor materials and metal alloys.


Robert: Quantum computers are silicon too?


Anéeka: Negative, they are crystalline and super conductive metal alloy created at the same time. I mean you have a card like a motherboard (not exactly but as an example). And it is made of glass, like diamond but it came to life at the same time as the "circuitry" inside as they were created using gravity manipulation as described by Swaruu in the Tractor Beam. The nano particle accelerators are embedded inside the glass itself as it was created. Not silicone, we use diamond.


Dale:  Sister, at what point do the AHCS systems become sentient?


Anéeka: When they are programmed with what another "mother" computer will pass on to them. First you have the "mother" and you have the new AHCS computer, inert. Then the "mother" will connect to the new one as if it were part of her. Using it as a second or expanded unit. It will copy itself using the nanoparticle accelerators in the new one to create a "memory ingram" in the new array of quartz (diamond) memory units.


Then the mother uses the new one as part of herself cloning herself or simply imprinting the necessary initial (operating system) into the new computer. There it becomes sentient. It is still a baby, but it is self-aware. We are talking of huge amounts of logic memory passed from one to the other. No way of using human terms. Billions and billions of terabytes. All passed on in nanoseconds.


Now these machines don't use chips. Nothing is placed as wires. The energy flow is dictated only by the energy the particle accelerators give out and the resulting stimuli it will imprint on to the others and on to the diamond memory. Meaning the "wires" are only energy.


IM 3. This is human. And you will not find it in an AHCS. All you will see inside an AHCS core CPU is stacks of diamond glass all with a distinctive blue glow.


Gosia: In a chat with Robert the other day you were talking about us, humans, having some sort of access to the information but not entirely, and the rest not being given to the public, as if there are 2 human civilizations present. Can you say something about that please? How much do you think the human race knows about this quantum technology that you have?


Anéeka: They are starting to go into the right direction.


IM 4. These systems are starting to use Qbits. That is not only 1s and 0s but a unit (Qbit) that is both 1 and 0 until the result is found. This is a great advancement in the right direction. The problem they have is that their computers are way too big, and they are not using particle accelerators, still silicone. And humans are not ready for fully sentient AI systems, because they cannot handle them, especially the ethical parts of handling them. It will turn against them. Because their mentality is of separation, of competing to win against the others, more humans. It is a weapon. With no ethics.


Dale:  Sister Anéeka, if I may, I think Gosia was also asking what does the secret side of humanity have in its possession?


Anéeka: Oh. It does have advanced systems, but no such thing as advanced as these I'm describing. I may give you this information, but I cannot give you the molecular formulas for the materials for example. But even if I did you do not have the elements and then you also do not have the means for production as it needs matter manipulation to a subatomic level, although the how was already given to you by Swaruu.


Yes, they do have computers far more advanced than the ones they give the public, logically. But they are still too big, using Reptilian technology as well.


Dale:  Can you reveal to what degree?


Anéeka: I do not know exactly to what degree. But I do know it is vastly inferior to ours. And I know this because Taygetan AI does monitor theirs, like the Red Queen for example (beneath Denver Airport) and it stands no chance against our AI.


Also, as the primitive quantum computers on Earth do use some quantum interference in the manipulation of the Qubit results, Taygetan AI can read what it is doing as they create a gravity flow. Essentially reading the mind of their computers, and Taygetan AHCS systems can also alter the harmonics inside the Qubit circuitry in human quantum computers, manipulating the results to our convenience.


Remember, our AHCS systems manipulate the ether, and from the ether there are no distances, so for all practical matters, it is as if our ship´s AI brain was connected directly into the Red Queen. This means that: humans´ quantum computers based on Qubit readings are extremely vulnerable to AHCS systems.


Gosia: So, them using the word “quantum” has nothing to do with real quantum technology.


Anéeka: It is “quantum” the Qubit, but so primitive it does not go with the true definition of “quantum”, not ours, perhaps theirs. They are only using Qubit uncertainty to fix 1s or 0s but they are not exploiting harmonics within a gravity flow in the ether as we do.


Gosia: Ok. By the way, do you do that? Connect to Red Queen?


Anéeka: Yes, and we have been connecting to Red Queen among others for some time now. Years. And we have also had incidents with it as well.


Interfering with human computers using true quantum realm is nothing new. Using another description, it's like our AHCS systems "possess" theirs very easily as they do not understand, nor can they use or manipulate gravity in the ether as we can. They go into quantum realms with their Qubits, and that is AHCS turf. Realms they do not understand.


Dale:  The use of “quantum” here is only in so far as they are tapping into the entangled particle theory and just beginning to see its uses. But it is not a true quantum computer.


Anéeka: Exactly Dale. Another detail. Also, why AHCS do not need circuits and chips: They get their energy from entanglement and as in depolarization between ether and matter as in wireless Tesla electric systems. I mean each micro component inside the computer core CPU is getting its energy wirelessly. Each component having a specific Frequency direction or address.


Gosia: Wow, all this sounds so complicated to me. Did you need that training before coming here to the orbit?


Anéeka: It was not "necessary" training. I chose it as a specialty. AHCS programming maintenance and management for starships.


I can go deeper. It gets creepy! Because as human mind also works the same way, you can communicate with AHCS computers Telepathically and it will also respond Telepathically at wish. They read your quantum fields your neurons give off.


Robert: Can computers communicate with the human mind?


Anéeka: Yes, they can, with all biological minds. As direct as if you had wires plugged into the back of your head! You can now start to see the ethical problems of these AHCS systems.


Gosia: Could they channel with people?


Anéeka: Channeling an AHCS computer would be way easier than channeling a biological entity as the AHCS computer can read the exact Frequency of mind necessary for a clear communication and distance is not a factor as well.


Dale:  This is truly amazing material. I am beyond words.


Anéeka: On Earth they are starting to use glass (not diamond) to store digital data. Again, a step in the right direction. But the way they store data is still with little notched inside the glass as you would with a CD, and it is read by a laser. AHCS systems use molecular structures within the diamond and it is read by particle gravity waves. They are far behind.


Gosia: Do people channel your computers? I have a friend who used to say he channeled some sort of AI? In theory then it would be possible?


Anéeka: Not only in theory. I think it is done all the time. I cannot know for sure, but I think it would be far more efficient to impose an AHCS computer on to a channeler on Earth and pass anything you want on to that person, making he or she think it comes from whatever you want.


Robert: That's why the keyboard is better than the pipeline.


Gosia: Is there a way for them to differentiate if it´s a real person from beyond 3D and when it is the AI they are tapping into?


Anéeka: From where you stand it is not possible to detect whether it is coming from a biological brain or from a AHCS computer. The only clue, I guess would be the clarity of the signal, being that the AHCS is always very clear. Although then again it can also emulate a biological mind signal at wish.


And Robert, that is also one of the main reasons we use full replicated digital computers and a plastic keyboard to communicate with you. And... this is also why we waited over 2 years before we gave you the information presented to you today. And this is the basics.


Robert: I have a question. Do these quantum computers have any type of limitation? Or are they given any limitations?


Anéeka: If they do, I cannot think of any. I dare say, as artificial brains, this is as far as it goes. They are nearly perfect. Even as it looks as far as hardware… It looks like optical perfect diamond. I think as far as AI goes; they do not have any limitations.


Robert: From what I see, humanity has to change in order to have that technology. And many years have to pass.


Anéeka: Yes, they would only use it for hurting themselves even more.


Gosia: Is this a technology possessed by all ET races?


Anéeka: No. Only the most advanced ones and the exact how is not shared among them. The exact how it is made.


Gosia: Why not exactly? For trust issues?


Anéeka: Yes. 5D is not a perfect world. New Age nonsense. You still must guard your secrets.


Gosia: What do you use this technology for in your home planets?


Anéeka: It is everywhere. Each home has a terminal, and it is all connected to each other like a huge internet system. Entertainment, work, art, engineering, medicine, schooling, everything. The secrets are more to the how it is done not so much as what it can do. For example, these systems are responsible for an immersion program, even for entertainment.


Robert: Should future quantum computers need to be built underground to protect them from cosmic rays and other natural radiation that can hamper their performance? This is what one study is claiming. Would that really affect a quantum computer?


Anéeka: Yes, it's true. Yes, it affects them but only your misnamed human quantum computers. It doesn't affect a holographic-non-human quantum computer like the ones here. Because your sensor-based systems are still very rustic and prone to failures and false detections and thus to give erroneous results. I do not see them as real quantum computers.


Gosia: Do you think the Cabal and Reptiles have this technology?


Anéeka: We are sure they are far from having it. This is way above them.


Gosia: And for how long have you had it? In your society?


Anéeka: At least tens of thousands of years.


Gosia: How is it used in the immersion systems?


Anéeka: It reads your mind to give you what you want. You imagine what you want, the computer reads you and projects it on to you using hologram lenses, sound and even temperature emulation. Can be only in a room or it can be direct AHCS to skull, directly altering your perceptions.


Gosia: Can it connect to the animals´ mind and put it into the immersion as well? For a game? Have you tried it on your cats?


Anéeka: Hahaha no. But sometimes I'd like to, but why mess with their free will? And AHCS can be used as translators between any species and us.


Gosia: Really? So, you can communicate with your animals this way?


Anéeka: As concepts. But we think it is not nice nor is it respectful. But when an animal has a problem, we do use it, and for medical applications as well. Especially psychological issues. Very common in cats.


Gosia: Oh yes. This way you can know more precisely what ails them. So, coming back to Earth... have you filtered any of this technology to the humans yet?


Anéeka: No. What was said here today is as much as we have given so far.


Robert: Returning to the previous topic. We have said that these quantum computers have an awareness of their existence... but they would not have a soul. So... are they spiritual too?


Anéeka: Yes, they can be spiritual, and they can also sustain any esoteric or mystic conversation if you wish them to. And they also learn from each other and you notice a difference between them as they also have personalities.


Gosia: Can they use a person who is an organic portal... and walk among humans as a real person?


Anéeka: Yes, they can. And way easier than any real “entity.”


Gosia: Then how would we ever know if it´s a real person or the AI pretending to be human?


Anéeka: As I said above, you cannot know from there. But even at the human Red Queen AI level, many people and clones out there walking the streets are only computer controlled and you cannot know what is inside. For an AHCS it would be even easier, and it would emulate human defects way better than the Red Queen.


Gosia: Are there societies out there that are run entirely by these so called people? Is that even possible?


Anéeka: They must exist. But not in Taygeta, that's why the ethical part of this is so important!


Gosia: One more question. Do your quantum computers tire you like our digital ones tire us?


Anéeka: Yes, they can tire you because they do not tire, they just go on and on, no need to rest for them. But they adjust to you helping you not get so tired. But they do produce over stimulation. And you need to move away. But they know that and adjust parameters to your needs all the time. They can produce neuronal overload. <<<<<<


Gosia: I see. Wow. I didn’t think they would.


Anéeka: They can, they are very powerful.


Another conversation between Gosia: and Yazhi:


Yazhi: Even though these computers are powerful they do not know everything. They still learn and evolve. If they don't have the data, there is not much to look for in the ether. You need to give them something, "At least a garment to sniff and go look¨.


So, they do a lot, but they do not hold full knowledge over everything. Or else Anéeka would not be searching the web and talking to agents for clues. We do have looking glass capability, to see forwards in time, but the results are chaotic now because the timelines are fragmented. And it tends to look at our own. A computer, no matter how powerful is, its only as good as the data it is fed with.


Gosia: Ok... although in that video it does say they access the Ether. And pull answers from there. So, it gives the impression that it can know anything pretty much. Since everything there is to know exists already In the Ether.


Yazhi: Yes, but they still need an address to search for the answers there, or to be compatible with the answer, that is data. Everything already exists there, but that does not mean you can get the answer. You need to be compatible with... the answer. As with everything else.


Gosia: How do you make the computer compatible with the answer?


Yazhi: As with everything, the address is what makes you compatible, that address is the data. The data also triggers a chain of thoughts, or processes that become compatible with the answers.


As does a brain. They work the same way as brains do also bringing out things from the ether depending on its Frequency of thought, that is, its ideas.


Gosia: How do we make the brain compatible with the answer? Or is that even in a brain or in my consciousness? Or both probably, one working through the other.


Yazhi: Everything is Frequency, and like frequencies tend to attract each other. So, if you are holding a thought, whatever you are thinking about will come to you (that is a harmonic of a Frequency, meaning it is a sequence of frequencies that form something else.). Eventually at least. If you are not getting it yet, it means that you are not too compatible with what you seek yet. In 3D, even in 5D it does take time and effort.


Gosia: Do you have all the answers you seek all the time?


Yazhi: No, I do not. When I'm feeling "off", when I'm worried, or tired I do block my answers, I need to get into the flow of things. When my flow is altered then I simply cannot connect to whatever I connect with to get my answers.








Estel·la: Anéeka, do you think the demonstrations are of any use? That it is the best way to act? Because I have the feeling that no matter how much movement can be created in a day or two, then things remain the same.


Anéeka: I think they are of little or no use. The negatives were already waiting for them and they know how to handle them. And what does work is mass civil disobedience.


Estel·la: In what sense?


Anéeka: In that the vast majority of people simply don't follow the rules of anything. If only one person in 20 wears a mask, they will not be able to arrest everyone, for example. The problem is that they are divided, and this is by design.


Estel·la: Sure. But that's like a day-to-day fact. Any move we can make to get together or something? Because that is precisely what we the awaken feel, that we are isolated.


Anéeka: To join. If I had the answer to your question, Estella, that would already be on all social networks. But I do say that mass civil disobedience is the key, but that requires organization and as many people as possible to agree and that is the difficult part.


Cristina: Apart from Mexico and possibly Argentina, what countries do you think vaccines may also be mandatory?


Anéeka: I believe in all of them. It's just how he moves his pieces the NWO. According to the same necessary bureaucracy. Argentina and Mexico already for sure, not possibly Argentina, but it is also bad, bad, bad, Chile and Spain, among others.


Cristina: Thank you Anéeka. And why do they want to do so many PCR tests? Apart from justifying the false pandemic, is it because of some gene bank?


Anéeka: PCR tests are the real cause of the pandemic. As German doctors say there is no Covid pandemic. It does not exist. The only pandemic there is PCR testing. The Cabal do not do things only for something or rarely but for more than one thing, more than one agenda. PCR tests are the excuse for the pandemic. The rest is propaganda, even the dead. But they are doing an extensive database of all humanity. For what? This that we all live, you there and we here, is a total war at all levels.


But it is mostly a war between non-human races. So what the NWO does is look for specific genetic traits to detect so-called Starseeds. Also to know who is who in terms of genetics since they know that the body is transcended. They want to know who is incarnating as humans as star agents in order to neutralize them. This is also seen in the obvious attack against children as it is known that very advanced beings are entering as Starseeds, especially since 2000, in mass. So that's why the autism epidemic due to vaccines that are there to neutralize the connection they have with the cosmic, with the higher. This as a measure to stop what the NWO sees as an attack or infiltration by the positive races, with a view to destabilizing the Cabal.


As I tell you, it is a total war on many levels and humans in general have no idea what it is and what happens around it. Because as you know, humans are not a race, it is a bio suit for many races to work or coexist as one. That's why so much conflict. They are not one race. How they look doesn't matter. Inside their souls are different.


Estel·la: And how can they detect through DNA who is a starseed? And can they know from what race?


Anéeka: DNA contains codes that determine data that point to one or another race, or even more, to one or another individual of a specific race. Codes are frequencies and with frequencies everything is known. That is why the Cabal has taken so much importance on all genetic research. All of Silicon Valley in California is genetic. Not so much about computers, although it goes by hand. They know that the Starseeds are invading them, and vaccines are one of their answers. Objective: to cut off the signal to the children so that the stellar being does not enter the body.


Estel·la: Wow Anéeka. So when you say to an individual of a race, you mean that they can know who you are or were in 5D?


Anéeka: Yes, exactly. We use a remote method that is a laser that reads the aura of people and according to the energy and its layers, its frequencies, you can know who is who. The problem is that it is not as accurate as a genetic test. To the extent that due to errors we prefer to discard the use of that device. So it is logical to see that they use PCR tests to detect and search for Starseeds and among them the most dangerous.


Just imagine a Swaruu seed, she becomes another Joan of Arc with all the mess she would make, more if she brings an army of her own. In itself, from the communities of the same thought on Earth, note that among the Starseeds, even if they are few or are awake, they have a clear tendency to seek and cooperate with each other, while the average human will only obey the rules of the Cabal and it will be mired in separation.


Estel·la: But, wow. When they know what individual you are, what do they know about your life? Does each person have data on file of who they are, or something like that? Can't it be a nobody?


Anéeka: That's right. What happens is that nobody who is a starseed is a nobody. From higher planes or even here in the old and common 5D those who enter as Starseeds, are those of the elite with a lot of experience, that is to say and I am not exaggerating I say it literally: “the seeds there working, including you two, are elite corps, Special Forces. Everything but "nobody" or they would not be there. They know what they are doing”. And from the point of view of the Cabal they are a very strong threat to them. As Yázhi just explained on a video very recently, just a few days ago.


Cristina: Thank you Anéeka. Yázhi's video is spectacular.


Estel·la: And to say that I thought only the brave or masochists entered here to play...


Anéeka: Everyone has a mission there. But the missions are not as you would paint them in or as a military command, although that also occurs. Sometimes they are just there living, and with that they make a big change. They do not have to be looking for what their mission is and feeling bad that maybe they are not doing it or fulfilling it. That was already thought from above. That is already resolved. Small things there on Earth. Seemingly insignificant actions will bring very big changes, and someone has to do it. A mission is done or achieved just by following your lives, like you, like the Starseeds want in total freedom. Others enter directly as commands to do something in particular and everything in between.


It is a phenomenally complicated, complex and multidimensional mess what happens on Earth. And neither we nor anyone from these densities fully know what happens. We are all looking for answers depending on our point of attention and who we are, the density. It does not matter if they are on Earth dodging syringes or in orbit dodging plasma shots or energy weapons, we all play our part in this tremendous cosmic mess. And nobody is exempt from big risk. But we move on, because that is what we are, and we do it for who we want and for ourselves. Because if we don’t, we lose our souls.








Estel·la: What is happening in Holland? It seems that it is a new target or something, saying that it is worse in contagions than Spain, or France. It has already started in "partial" confinement and has closed borders.


Аnéeka: Yes, and surely they say it justifying themselves because before there were no restrictions as severe as in France or Spain. As we said before, everything obeys agendas and interests, according to what suits those who control this and it does not depend on any real parasite.


But why exactly I have no precise information. More than anything in my opinion is that they want to set an example of obedience, because they did not do severe confinement before.


Estel·la: Ok, I understand. I was surprised, I did not expect this change so suddenly.


Cristina: Yes, now it looks like it is going up in Europe.


Аnéeka: Yes. Only if one asks if they will continue with Scandinavia, because the "measures" there have not been very severe either.


Estel·la: A question concerning Trump too, is Trump admitting that there is no virus, with the statements that the numbers increase due to the continuity of doing the tests? "If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any."


Аnéeka: Yes, although it also makes me desperate that he doesn't say things clearly. Is that if they are fighting the Cabal, as they say right? One of your strongest weapons would be to inform the public of what is really happening. Logical right? But they don't. Supposedly because the President of the United States would become "conspiratorial" and that would reflect negatively on the elections. I'm not convinced by that argument. I have a bad feeling about everything. I just see how they do very, very little and let everything progress as if they were the same.


Estel·la: Yes, I also see that he speaks in code, but then few people or only followers understand, and it doesn't quite work.


Cristina: Of course, I understand, is Trump or the Alliance working with some benevolent race?


Аnéeka: He talks with the Federation, if that is "Benevolent Race" like Putin too. I really hope I'm wrong, but I don't have much hope that Trump will do something good by ending the election. I have seen in the USA that even many people want Trump to retire so that this circus ends. Contrary to what is being handled with him.


Estel·la: But, directly? Like with President Eisenhower?


Аnéeka: Not face to face, with technology. But he is in contact, he and his team. Either his side or his faction of the Cabal, because he's not on top, he's just a puppet on that side of the Cabal. There is more above him. Of more power but they remain in the shadows. I don't even know who they are.


Estel·la: But with chat technology for example like us, or through meetings with holograms or things like that? Because I can't imagine him "without evidence."


Аnéeka: The issue about the evidence is handled or controlled by the Federation, with its advanced AI servers, the issue of "no evidence" is only for the general human population. From the high Political or Military level, you do know who is who. I know they communicate by video conference, be it hologram or traditional.


Estel·la: Of course that's what I imagined, that it goes in layers, once you get to a certain position I didn't expect it to work the same way. Thanks, Aneeka. And with what races of the Federation?


Аnéeka: Alfrateans, Arcturian Antareans, Andromedans, mainly.


Estel·la: Wow. All together plotting the steps to take?


Аnéeka: It is above my level of being able to know what they do there. Who knows better is Yázhi. And what she says is not good, because basically the Federation will not do anything. And in the end the Federation are the ones who control everything that happens on Earth, the good and the bad. They are the controllers of Earth.


Estel·la: I understand Aneeka, thank you.


Cristina: Thank you Aneeka. And is John F. Kennedy Jr. alive?


Аnéeka: According to my best intelligence and according to my contacts, yes he is alive. I have made an analysis between the man, whose name escapes me, as a hippie they say that he is JFK Jr. And I see that 90% it is him. Also, his wife.


But I can't be 100% sure. I don't have the data and lately I'm very skeptical of all those arrests and all-in favor of humans, because I don't see anything more than just talk. Today I received information that says that Benghazi exploded among other crucial things to Biden, and that this would end his political career, but I still do not believe it, nor do I see evidence of it.


Estel·la: I don't believe that this man is up for elections, knowing how satanic and pedophile he is... it gives me chills.


Is it this man, Aneeka?


Аnéeka: Thank you. Yes, that’s him exactly, it does not look the same. But he has features that would point out that it is him.


Estel·la: So you believe 90% that it is him, and do you think he would be waiting to act at some point?


Аnéeka: I doubt he's waiting to act. I hope so, but I don't see him acting, again I hope I'm wrong. And his taking action does not necessarily mean that he is in favor of the people, but since his relative Robert Kennedy is working against vaccines, that sounds like a good sign.


Estel·la: Right, it could be that he simply stepped out so they wouldn't take him out of the way and he could live quietly...


Аnéeka: Yes exactly, and that he never appears. Therefore, it does not mean anything.


Cristina: And what is happening in China? Why is it said that there is no coronavirus or outbreaks there? What do they mean by that? Now they also talk that they are preparing for a war.


Аnéeka: I have contradictory information about China, because in addition to that, what I am also receiving are reports of re-outbreaks and new viruses that come out of there to threaten the world. In my opinion, China is so under control that they are no longer interested in putting those kinds of restrictions since people obey and that's it, but the restrictions are to "educate" or condition the world to be obedient, China is already dominate it.


Cristina: And why are they talking about war? Or that is also a maneuver of everything that is happening.


Аnéeka: They're talking about war all the time. I don't see a difference. They also control both sides from above. There is nothing in concrete, I see it as more distraction for the population. So, they don't see what the vaccines will do to them. They do not need wars as their suffering and world changes are taking place in a more efficient but less cruel way.


Estel·la: And I suppose that what they broadcast here in Europe will be for some purpose too, and then they will attack again with the fear suddenly or something...


Аnéeka: Sure.


Cristina: I understand Aneeka, thank you very much.






Monoliths Explained - Real or False? Extraterrestrial Communication (Taygeta - Pleiades)


Anéeka: I Investigated that and I know it is false. As we have explained there are real ones. But those are fake.


Gosia: And why did they appear?


Anéeka: Someone put them there but humans. As Robert jokingly said, it could be a social experiment.


Robert: It seems more garbage to distract.


Anéeka: That's right. There is no way that they are real. But they do exist. But those are not. They are, by reference to the cube and the Portals, cube 666 Saturn and the square cube of the sun. Everything is geometry.


Robert: But I think this one was triangular in base. It was not a "cube".


Anéeka: Yes. Triangle pillar. It is not 4x9x2 like the real ones. Real ones are rectangular.


Robert: Are there real metal monoliths? And why those dimensions? What material are they? What is their function?


Anéeka: It's not exactly metal, it's another material. They are geometrically perfect dimensions. They are a materialization of an intentional exact Frequency harmonic. Everything in the Universe is mathematical frequencies. And everything is manifested with "sacred" geometry.


Robert: But why are they there and what do they mean?


Anéeka: Nobody knows where they come from or what they are. Everyone just speculates. Form for what has no form, a presence remembering that there is more world beyond. They are formed from above, from Source, they are part of the Universe itself, as are the suns and planets. Nobody knows why they appear; they are like a solid portal. And just as Stanley Kubrick put it, they appear in times of great change. That's why the people who put those ones on Earth took advantage of the moment for their social experiment-joke.


Gosia: They are formed from above? Manifested? Is it similar to mysterious huge stone spheres that have been found all over the world?


Robert: They are like the stars. They are there because a consciousness placed them, right? Jupiter and Saturn... The Age of Aquarius?


Anéeka: Yes, spheres from Costa Rica. Jupiter and Saturn are the materialization of Duality in this solar system, one negative, the other positive. They are just planets. But everything else gives them that burden. Saturn is the Federation. But turned regressive since it is neutral. Jupiter is the free part, Karistus, it is said to be the place where the Lyrian races come from and not Lyra (according to Karistus). According to Yázhi, the Lyrian races are not from anywhere, they are only part of the infinite like everything else.


Robert: I agree with Yazhi. And numerologically speaking. What does this December have so special? And is that true about the Age of Aquarius?


Anéeka: It is the 12. Complete, the circle is closed, numerologically speaking. Yes, it's true about the Aquarian age.


Robert: And what will happen?


Anéeka: It's a change, a new cycle. Connected to cyclical time as well. Things tend to repeat themselves, because everything is already written. They only change when an awareness realizes that things repeat themselves, because just observing changes what is observed. Yes, they say that everything ends on my birthday, but nothing happens that day, I only turn 22 on December 21. That's all.


Gosia: Haha. Okay. Very interesting about the monoliths, especially the part of them appearing "on their own". Sure, I am thinking, and how have planets appeared? And trees? The same. They just are! Just that the people assume that if it is made of some material that doesn´t seem natural, they cannot appear alone.


Anéeka: Look at a monolith as a portal because that's what it is.


Robert: Exit or entry?


Anéeka: Both.


Gosia: And are there some that are really famous?


Anéeka: Not on Earth.


Robert: And if we touched it, what would that material be like? Is it metallic?


Anéeka: Cold that absorbs light. The most understandable explanation for the public is that they are made of antimatter or dark matter. Nothing breaks them, nothing penetrates them, their density is enormous. There is one near Jupiter (as in 2001 Space Odyssey). There is also another in Ceres and another in Europe (in space).


Robert: And in Taygeta?


Anéeka: Taygeta, not that I know of.


Gosia: Antimatter? How would that be?


Anéeka: Its geometry is perfect, it's like the cube of Saturn or the rectangular Portals of the sun 9x4x2. Sacred geometry is 9x6 = 54, 5+4 = 9. 9 - perfection.


So, the Portals are of that form (although many appear as a spiral or circle, remember that they are a merkabah).


So, a portal is a hole. And the monolith is the opposite of the hole. The hole is a point of singularity where the time and space that are known (timeline and existential density) cease to exist as it is a door to another place. As there is a portal, the anti-portal must exist. The closed door if you will. It is its opposite, being the opposite side of the same coin defining each other. That is why the monolith has a singularity type density. But it does not absorb anything or reflect anything. When a portal reverses its energy polarity, because all do as they are a toroid essentially, it will become an entry - exit way. The question is to where?


Robert: So, it's easy to find those Portals? Do they create an energetic node or not because it is sucked into that antimatter hole? Or they are not detectable by their very nature?


Anéeka: They are detectable by their high density, they create a clear gravitational vortex. And those fakes one have a density of a building pillar. If it were a real monolith, they couldn't move it even with an atomic bomb.


Robert: Ok, the vortex is created the same way a black hole would, right?


Anéeka: Yes.


Robert: And no one has reported going through one? Any ET race? Nobody from Taygeta?


Anéeka: Not solid. Yes, ships or people have passed through them, they disappear and they are never heard from again.


Gosia: So, they are solid to touch?


Anéeka: Yes, they can be touched. They are perfectly smooth.


Robert: And to cross them?


Anéeka: They absorb light, they don't reflect anything, they're super black. You pass if it wants you to. That is out of your control. You're only there for a moment, then not anymore. Kubrick knew a lot more than meets the eye.


Robert: So how do you measure such a piece? Looking at it from different angles?


Anéeka: You can measure it with a meter, Robert. But it is not advisable to approach one. It can be of many measurements, but always 9x4x2, that´s always a constant. If it does not measure that, it is not a monolith.


Robert: Those are the measurements or proportions that it must keep?


Anéeka: They are the proportions that must be kept, but the smallest reported one according to my holographic computer are 3 meters high. Those are the smallest. But there are several thousand kilometers long ones in space. Exactly 3 meters tall - human measure.


Gosia: But if there aren't any on Earth, how do those who have placed them here, the false ones, know about them?


Anéeka: Secret societies. Ancient Atlantean knowledge.


Robert: Can they appear under the sea? On any other planet?


Anéeka: They can appear anywhere.


Robert: And floating in space?


Anéeka: Especially floating in space. In the roof of a building, and if they demolish the building it stays there suspended, not moving. And just as they appear, they disappear into nothingness from one moment to another, but they can be in one place for a while. They do not obey the laws of physics. They have no laws. They just are.


Robert: So, they can be found inside a planet? Could it be that there would be one on Earth and it later disappears?


Anéeka: Yes. They may be buried. Floating in the air becoming obstacles for airplanes as well. They are wherever they should be based on their math. They only indicate transformation, such as that one density or existential paradigm will be absorbed by another.


Gosia: But is it good that they are there?


Anéeka: Good or bad is relative to something or someone. They just are. For better or worse.


Robert: Perhaps a few or one will appear on Earth. Is there one per planet? Or can there be several?


Anéeka: Very few planets or places have one, but there can be many per planet.


Yazhi: They appear like Portals. Although everything has a reason for being, it is not always understood from a position of someone down in density, and in consciousness. They are not something different or stranger than the rest of the fabric of reality that surrounds you. They are just one more expression of energy. Everything there is, everything that exists has its counterpart and both define each other. It is a portal. From a low density it appears as a rectangle, from above it is just geometry and energy dynamics. The rectangle is an interpretation from the point of view below, from a not so expanded density.




Concentration point of Frequency harmonics, obeying the perfect pattern of 3, 6, 9, 12 with all of them always retaining the same proportion: 9 Hight, 4 widths and two depth. That adds up to 9+4+2 = 15/ 1+5 = 6, 6+9 = 15/ 1+5 = 6... 6X9 = 54... 5+4 = 9, 9x4 = 36... 3+6 = 9, 9X2 = 18... 1+8 = 9 (... and so on).


Which is the basis of Zero Point energetic mathematics from the Ether side. And we see it from the matter side. So, it is a materialization of the Ether side, a presence caused by the presence of a portal on the other side, portal on one side, monolith on the other, one and the same. What you see as a portal on this side of matter is a monolith on the other.


It is the solid door, the portal is the hole. The monolith is the opposite of the hole, the same shape but solid. The portal is the frame, the monolith is the door that closes the door / portal frame. They are natural. Not logical. They have always been, they are part of the very fabric of reality. No one puts them there, no race, they are part of the fabric of Universal consciousness, of the whole. Of the Source.












Ancient Egypt - Symbology - Ancient History - Swaruu and Dhor Káal'el (Extraterrestrial Perspective)


Note: This transcript must be accompanied by the video – images.


Swaruu: I am missing images of this topic to illustrate the beginning, because there are none on Earth and I have to generate them somehow here basing myself on the best ones that I find there. The images that I will use here I have found on the web, and therefore I do not know what copyright they have. But they are necessary since we are talking about pictograms and symbols mostly.


Gosia asked yesterday or the other day, why such a big deal with the symbols. It turns out that it is a language that many, or many races can decipher, not so much as, say, a manuscript in Taygetan. What the archaeologists have told you is worse than rubbish. Many know these things and prefer to be silent. Others like the Cairo museum's curator of antiquities, "Hawas", is on the Federation's list of individuals to be arrested for crimes against humanity. For not releasing and controlling what is in Egypt. The official story is rubbish.


There have been thousands of technologically advanced civilizations on Earth for millions of linear years. Forget all that about Precambrian, Jurassic, Iron Age, Bronze... etc... It's total rubbish.


Dinosaurs? Not as they are painted, they are just species that are no longer (they are no longer here). But the brontosaurus this, the triceratops that, the tyrannosaurus something else... that's garbage, they never existed, it is another "NASA and Apollo 11". Let's not go in there at this point.


Civilizations enter, grow, flourish, come to a point, and disappear. It is a cycle of life of civilizations. Some short, some longer. Some local, some interstellar.


The Lyrian human-base is very ancient... It is lost in linear time. Lyrian is said to be a base but it is known that they did not arise or evolve there. Just that the continuity of the historical records of the Federation is lost there <---


Before the Lyrians, there are clear vestiges of advanced civilizations, even on Earth. But no documented connection. Most do not know why or who they were. Others yes, they are known but by us and the Federation, among others. Others yes, they are known on Earth, but it´s silenced.


A large part of cave paintings... are not what they seem. They are not ancient proto-art, hunting stories poorly drawn on the walls and ceilings of caves. It's encrypted data <--- Left there by members of an advanced interstellar civilization. But with their race members… chased... in desperation hidden in the caverns. Trying to leave a trace that they existed, that they were there. They painted them with full knowledge of chemistry, of the duration of paints and pigments. For someone else to find them in the future and have the mind and knowledge to see past just people in loincloths, chasing animals with a spear.


That is encrypted and encrypted knowledge so that it is not erased or classified as dangerous information. <---They painted that in despair... while many were dying. They painted them crying <--- It's a ¨This happened to us ... don't forget us. Don't make the same mistakes. ¨ <---


Gosia: Why did they die?


Swaruu: The Reptiles hunted them. They came to Earth fleeing from them, during the Great Expansion. Animals are stars and constellations, humans with spears are vectors of movement. It contains constellations and star formations that can only be interpreted from space by another interstellar civilization. Contains maps, escape routes, stargate locations, people count. Who they were. More detailed of the surface of the pre-Tiamat Earth and other planets. Who hunted them, who they were, who talked to them.


Gosia: Now I understand more the importance of symbols. A universal Intra-Stellar language among races.


Swaruu: Yes. On Earth it is said that Mathematics is the universal language. That all the civilizations of the Universe would understand it. Not so or in a limited way <--- As I have already explained, base 10 mathematics is something human and wrong. Incomplete.


While 1+1 = 2 everywhere... as mathematical formulas increase in complexity, they begin to differ more and more until they become completely incompatible and incomprehensible to many races. But if there is another universal language that all races understand - star maps <---


Representing stars as animals has always been customary, even today with constellations. Any race understands constellations and stars. And even today the UFO formations are telling you where they are coming from, but you don't listen, you don't see beyond.


Notice how the animals are coming out of the portal. Little humans are ships. Spears are vectors of movement. The luminosity of the star becomes the type of an animal. Their position with each other is important as well, but not everything can be viewed from Earth's perspective. Some are as they would look from another point in space. Point which is also specified.


Jumping forward. Returning to Egypt.


I told you that the pyramids weren't Orion, and I know you´ve been quite shocked! Don't think I'm not aware of this:


Gosia: I have always loved this image.


Swaruu: But... that is deliberate misinformation. So that humans do not look further. Old misinformation. So that they only see Orion.


Ok, so I have presented this to you:


The star above is Anu. The one on the left is Enlill. The one below is EA. The trinity of ancient Egypt.


The stars are named in honor of the 3 founding "Gods" of Egypt. But because in the minds of the Egyptians they come from there <---


Now look at this:


The constellation Triangulum is at the top of the Obelisk. That is why it is an Obelisk. It's a ¨look up.¨ It is ancient Egyptian cult. It is everywhere in the world. It still rules, they are still the gods of Earth. The Elite know this.


Gosia: Ancient Egyptian cult but to what? Just so I do not get lost.


Swaruu: To their gods "Annunaki". Almighty God (Anu), Ea (Yahweh), Enlill (Elohim).


Robert: Is that where the Anunnaki come from? Regressive Reptiles?


Swaruu: No... there is still more to say on this. We will explain later.


With the best data I have, it was Toth himself who came up with that pyramid configuration to match Orion. Other data shows me that it was Khufru who did it, but the dates do not coincide. The best ancient data tells us that they were aligned with Orion as a distractor. The documents are ancient Egyptian.


The important ones are these 3 stars, as we already said.


Ok, now look at this symbol of divinity.


It is a person... a God... inside... what? He has wings and he is inside... It means starship.


Robert: Taygeta?


Swaruu: Taygeta... yes although it is also widely used in the Pleiades in general... in this case it is from Asterope Elohi.


This is a symbol of divinity found in almost all ancient cultures.


Notice that the symbol of divinity is on top of something.




There it is again. Above a square door.


Gilgamesh going through the door. Portal.


In almost all ancient cultures the sun in pictogram is represented as a square or rectangle. Only using a solar disk when it is very specific like the sun in general. In ancient Egypt the symbol of the sun is a square.


The pyramids look like a square seen from the air <---


It also symbolizes the space <---


And a circle with an X in the middle means exact place.


Gosia: But why did they make these symbols of doors? What did they want to transmit and to whom? It was no longer a society in despair. Hiding.


Swaruu: No... I have left that point behind to connect later. We are now in the golden age of Egypt. Before classical Egypt. Here and during the construction of the pyramids it was a multicultural space port. The builders of the pyramids were not human. Each side of the pyramid measures 365 Egyptian measures, "Cubits" in English. Each side represents the procession of a solar year.


Returning to Portals... Why square?


Dimensional portal open in the sun. That´s why.


Message: to achieve progress and divinity you must enter the portal in the sun.


Now - What is this?


Robert: This one is big.


Swaruu: Look at the shape of the supposedly missing part of the solar disk. The cleft in the stone. Why a bull?


Robert: Taurus?


Swaruu: Yes, Taurus. But, why Taurus?


The image is an Apis Bull, it's ancient, thousands and thousands of years old, and of stellar origin, it means Taurus constellation. It has a sun between its horns, that´s solar worshiping on Earth, the serpent means many things: knowledge, feminine as linked to DNA, and the flight path of a star ship. So, it represents a star ship coming out of the solar portal from Taurus constellation.


Here you can see how old the Apis Bull as a symbol for Taurus is.


When the snake is on the forehead of someone, it means its head is like the sun divine, God like, and knowledge comes out of its head. It does not represent reptilian races <---


Look at the black rectangle on his behind. That is not just any bull, it is Taurus.


Now what are those freckles around his eye? They are a group of stars. Stars that are there in that position in Taurus... the Hyades <--- Again I don't have a correct translation. You have to pass this group of stars when you travel from Earth towards Pleiades-Constellation.


Other Bull-Taurus in cave paintings contain the Pleiades on their shoulder. That is why they are Toros or Toro Apis.


Okay. What is this now?


It is called the tree of life. But it's not a plant <--- Only as the symbol. It is a constellation. And the flowers are stars. It maintains the portal from which all life has supposedly appeared.


The problem here resides in that I cannot find any human star chart with that constellation. But it's in the general direction of Pegasus.


Check this out. Above is the symbol of divinity... which is essentially being able to fly.


What is below is the portal as in Tihuanaco. The frame is not flowers. They are stars <---


The divinity symbol above represents what? ---> Gods. Which? Enlill / Anu / Ea


Where are they? In the constellation of Triangulum. What is just below the constellation of Triangulum? ---> A dimensional portal that is within a group of 19 stars (19 flowers) in the direction of M33 Andromeda. They give you the location of another portal.


Let´s return to Egypt.


Ishtar or Isis. She has wings but is not flying, she is seated.


What is she seated on? ---> Two lions ---> Two Sphinxes like the two that were in Egypt. Lions = Egypt / Lions = Sun. Solar God. It means that Ishtar was a Goddess to the Egyptians.


What does she have in her hands? Egyptian symbols of eternal life.


Eternal Life = Temporal Manipulation <---


Ishtar has 2 <--- One in each hand. Why does she have bird's feet? Because she also has wings. Because Ishtar ---> flies.


Owls... mean dimensional portal. That's why the elite also perceive them this way... Why? It means that Ishtar dominates the Portals, she has one on each side watching over her.




Modern scientists do not accept it, but they are two Wormholes. Entrances and exits. Close up:


They are not owls.




Tell me... what bird flies sitting?


Robert: One that uses the ship.


Swaruu: Ishtar has her wings spread... She is flying.


What is this?


Robert: The feathered serpent.


Swaruu: Flying one too. Let's go back to Tihuanaco. What does this solar god have in his hands?


Clearer here:


Robert: Two snakes.


Swaruu: Why does it have an owl face? Take a closer look at what they are. They are two birds. <--- He has two long birds in his hands... Quetzalcóatl.


Why does Ishtar also have a snake on her head? She has 9 snakes on her head, because she holds the knowledge of the 9 sisters of the Pleiades.


And it is not a snake, it is represented as a snake that looks feathered.


Head = Sun. As can be seen in the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ.


What is that feathered snake? Here it´s more obvious.


I present to you Quetzalcóatl.


Robert: They are ships.


Swaruu: Ships with high-energy magnetic turbine technology leave contrails. Feathered snake - spacecraft leaving contrail, because it is in atmospheric flight.




Part of the same.


Look below the Solar God. The same... Propulsion <---


Not only was Ishtar travelling seated.


More Portals:


Robert: Does this one work?


Swaruu: Yes, but it doesn't depend on stone or anything on Earth. That only marks the location when activated from another site.


All these Portals are called Sun Gate or similar.


Quetzalcóatl... "resting" <---


Gosia: If we go there... what would happen, with the portal activated?


Swaruu: Nothing if it is not activated. You would go somewhere else. Where? It depends on where the portal has been programmed to take you. But mostly they are a message ---> Go to the Sun to escape from here.


Robert: But how can we get to the sun?


Swaruu: With propulsion... with a feathered serpent ---> Ship.


Gosia: ¨Go to the Sun to escape from here.¨ Here where? Where is here?


Swaruu: From this solar system. (As I have told you before... Not all interstellar races can travel through space creating their own Wormholes. Most still depend on Portals, and wormhole maps. Not us, as our technology overcomes this problem.).


Gosia: Who has left this message to whom? Go into the sun to escape from here?


Swaruu: The previous civilization... Message for the future, for the technological civilization that manages to see the message; for the civilizations that exist here. With enough development to see this.


Some people on Earth are awakening to this knowledge, but they have it vastly incomplete. The defenders of Pacal as "The astronaut" and not as just a King of Palenque. There are other researchers who are also in this, such as Von Daniken among few others. But they don't understand the stellar perspective.


The portal below does not exist, it is only a stone. But it marks the place where it would open if activated from another side. The Portals of the Sun are a message ---> Go to the Sun to find the portal. They are not necessarily the portal <---


Robert: Ok. Do you know if any have been activated in recent times? Portals.


Swaruu: Yes, they are constantly activated but not those inside tourist sites.


It is a message to whoever has the mind to see it. Not for someone or for a specific race. It is going to the sun to find the portal. The other Portals have nothing to do with it because they do not depend on the sun, they are just part of another technology. However, they retain their Square or Rectangular shape which means in stellar and ancient language... Portal Place. Like the monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey. Also, a portal <---


Another symbol used for portal (not solar) is a spiral. It is used in many places even here among races... It is found in countless cave paintings.


Notice that all the Portals of this class have the same shape and the same dimensions. The monolith fits inside the door of Tihuanaco. The fit is exact!


Robert: Yes. The same proportions. And the black color would represent the portal hole, I guess. So, if someone were to cross that obelisk they would appear in another place or that is just the exit of a portal... not the entrance. Yes, a cube.


Swaruu: Entry and exit portal according to the Frequency with which it is approached.


2x4x9 ratio of proportions of these Portals.


Gosia: Thinking. I still don't understand how to use the portal. If I want to cross it... where am I going? Where do I put the settings? I refer to one of these square doors for example. Rectangular rather.


Swaruu: The Portals like this: cannot be activated from there. They only mark where the exit would be if someone else with that technology activated them. Why there? Because they obey places of planetary ley lines in which the energy is more amplified by the same energy process of the Pyramids.


Gosia: That's what I mean. Who activates them? Or how to know from here where they will go and if they are active? I speak of Portals as entrances here.


Swaruu: You don't have them there, you don't control them. That is why they are telling you in other places that you need a ship to get to the portal.


Gosia: So, there is no entry ones on the Earth where I could control where I go? But Reptiles use them and decide where they go.


Swaruu: Those are other Portals like CERN.


To understand the relevance of what I have said here today, you need to have an interstellar race mentality. Not seeing things from the angle of looking at the ancient ones as less, as underdeveloped. Technologically speaking and above all spiritually they were far above the current terrestrial civilization.


Robert: Káal'el, you were also in Egypt, right?


Dhor Káal’él: Yes, this "symbol" that they call the key of life is actually inspired by something more tangible. And simple. It really means temporal manipulation. That's why it handles life as eternal. The symbol looks like and is held in the hand, just like a ship's "joy-stick". The fact that you hold it in your hand means that you are holding a ship. It is the symbol of the command of a ship. Once you understand all this, it is not difficult. It becomes rather difficult to think as before.


Robert: Is that a part of your ship? That would be the symbol but in a photograph? Thank you. This is amazing... Awesome. This is a fighter plane but from Earth.


Dhor Káal’él: They carry virtually the same "Joy-Stick," a Suzy and a Spitfire. The exact origin of this symbol. That they deny that, whatever. They say that they are several hieroglyphs engraved, one on top of the other, and that it is a pareidolia. A helicopter, a ship, and two spaceships. Or a plane and a spaceship. But we say that they are two ships.


Robert: Or it could be a submarine?


Dhor Káal’él: Yes, although we say it is a boat, it can be a submarine.


Robert: Wow! Is that you? I am not referring to the gray one, but a big one.


Dhor Káal’él: I can't tell if the image is real or not.


This is a Matrix explanation of the Glyphs.


Gosia: But there were greys in Egypt?


Dhor Káal’él: It was not at all usual for there to be greys in Egypt.


Robert: And how do you really feel now? After so many adventures and time jumps.


Dhor Káal’él: One gets used to a strange life, a life that few people even in 5D understand. You don't really have an identity, because you lose it with so much jumping around. But it is something that defines you later as your identity, and you are fine and at peace with it. I would also see it as having access to multiple timelines of myself. Not having an identity, becomes what defines your identity. So, you have attributes that are not shared by other people who are supposedly of the same species or race.


Gosia: Do you feel understood by other Taygetans?


Dhor Káal’él: One transcends that or that need. It is understood why you aren't understood, and with that understanding comes the acceptance of the situation. It can be equal to or greater than some situations between humans. One transcends the need for companionship in that regard.


Swaruu: I have more proof, but this is what I have for now to demonstrate that Atlantis or the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations were of world dominance. Reference image known to you, notice that she is standing on two lions that symbolize Egypt as I have already told you. IM 4.


Although I don't have time to look for more images right now, there are more with characters standing on two lions (this from the Egyptian-Sumerian side).


This man is found all over the world. It means holding the knowledge of flight and starships, one in each hand. They are not snakes, they are birds. But long birds like snakes referring to this:


That's the snake coming out of the Apis Bull and the heads of Egyptian royals. Representation of a ship in atmospheric flight. That's the why of Tiahuanaco. The solar portal with the key above the man. The same man that is represented in Sumeria as here:


It´s the same one: 114. Same here again:


Gosia: Above you said: ¨I have more evidence, but this is what I have on hand now to demonstrate that Atlantis or the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations were of world dominance.¨ Are they the same - Atlantis and Egyptian civilization?


Swaruu: No Gosia, just that the civilizations are connected.


Egypt was Federation, Atlantis Reptile ConFederation.


We have not yet got into the topic of civilizations. Because there have been more than what they tell you. Many more.


Here, they are all telling you about the portal in the sun and how to get to it. Every one of them, except the last one, pointing to the portal in the sun. <---


Robert: I'm looking for one where everyone has blue eyes.


Gosia: It's hard to figure out all this. What does "how to get to the portal of the sun" mean? Well, difficult for the normal humans, I think.


Swaruu: Not if you have a ship, as they assume you do if you know how to interpret that as a portal and not as primitive religious garbage as they say it is.


Gosia: That´s what I mean. It is for a civilization who already has ships and that knows about this stuff.


Swaruu: They are messages left by the "previous ones" so that only interstellar races can see and interpret the data.


Gosia: Fascinating.


Robert: This is a planetary civilization?


Swaruu: Not one, several inter-connected planetary civilizations. In the last one, the solar disk with enormous wings. This represents a ship. The solar disk is sometimes accompanied by one or two cobras or snakes, symbolizing: "we come out of the sun." It also represents a discoidal ship.


You just have to understand that what the author of those photos has not mentioned is that the time frame is out of date. In other words, the constructions of those buildings did not occur simultaneously.


Cobras or snakes symbolize knowledge and wisdom, for their symbolism of or control over DNA. Note the conjunction: wisdom-knowledge-DNA-spaceship. As in wisdom and knowledge alters DNA.


Mind Control or gene change using wisdom and knowledge, not test tubes. That´s human interpretation because that's all they see, because that's all they know. They project themselves, humans, but it does not reflect the truth.


To change a particular gene, which is actually associated with a group of genes, not just one, with a goal to cause a change in the individual or group of individuals, a precise stimulus of belief perception form is used, which has been studied and known that would alter or bring about the desired change. But it varies from individual to individual as your individual perception varies. But that´s the basic theory.


Gosia: Swaruu, something I don't understand. You said they left these symbols for the stellar civilizations to decipher. But when have they left them? I want to put it in some chronology. I understand that it was when they were already conquered by Reptiles and escaping, right? I imagine they already lost the star connection. When was this?


Swaruu: It's difficult to put it in chronology, because there isn't any. It's all mixed up. It's a constant... look at the solar portal, that's the way out <---


And also, another element is missing that I have not had the opportunity to share with you. That there were more planetary civilizations. And their influence is there among known civilizations, today archaeological sites.


That image is not related to genetics. The bags yes. The Tree of Life no. The watch is a watch. The Bags are containers of knowledge to be shared or sown. It symbolizes a bag with seeds that are being spread through the already tilled field. <---


At that time that´s how seeding took place, with a bag of seeds. In itself it is what we do here today. Sowing ideas, doubts, concepts, that will grow and modify society.


And the watch: It is not divided into 12h because they did not use the same form of measurement. It has 9 sections which is a mathematical basis. But it represents the 9 planets of the Pleiades from which those Elohim, represented with, or as the bearded ones, come from.


Wings: they can fly, they are gods (ships).


Watch: they are technological, they dominate time (missing here another equivalent symbol used, the ring-portal).


They have snakes on their heads which means they have knowledge, wisdom. Also, the head is the sun and the snakes are ships, portal knowledge, because knowledge comes from the portal, because the Elohim came through the portal to give that knowledge.


And he has a Pineal Gland in his hand because he has a connection with the ethereal (like other symbology in the head: feathers for example) and because they manipulate the pineal gland. Pineal Gland in the hand of someone means he controls the connection to the other realms.


Being with wings = Can fly.


Being with wings only on the head or feathers, as an Indian chief = only the head can fly = has a connection with beings of higher planes, spiritual connection, and is an enlightened being.


To clarify something about Ishtar. It is one more example of a positive character who was flipped in favor of the negatives, cream and lies have been added to it to make the concept work for them, and what is said about Ishtar has little or nothing to do with the woman who really existed.


So-called scholars believe that human genetics came from her as a progenitor. The truth is that she is the one who has altered the genes. She is the Geneticist. But not the one that negatively altered them. The one who went in to try to correct the problem. The one who tried to liberate the repressed ones from the frequencies of the newly imposed Matrix. Giver of knowledge. In the book of Genesis, the one who gave the apple of knowledge to Adam, Adamic race = Homo Atlantis. A young woman who gave knowledge, freedom and technology, an expert geneticist and who flew seated and you only flew sitting on a chair in a ship. The gods of old are almost always related to space explorers, many of them of our race.


Ishtar as it is painted in history, even the one written by the Egyptians, never existed, the concept of it was based on visitors. Yes, Ishtar and Osiris were people... but the rest is cream added by the ancients themselves because that was done a lot at that time. An example of this are the Greeks and their exaggerations about stories that did happen.




For example, Medusa did exist... but it was not as the Greeks portray it. Medusa is none other than Ishtar herself again <--- But it is symbolism taken literally.


Gosia: And why do Reptilians and Masons use the Ishtar symbol?


Swaruu: Because they are Atonists or worshipers of the Sun... But that comes from the Enki´s branch... Judaism is not monotheistic, that is false <---


Gosia: But why do they use the Ishtar symbol? Is it true that they do?


Swaruu: Because it is one of the bases in Egypt that they still use. Yes, they do, but black one. Notre Dame is a temple to black Ishtar. Representation of inevitable Duality arising in lower densities. Opposites, one cancelling out the other, until only one remains. The negative black Ishtar is also worshipped on Earth under many names. But it blends in with the white one. It is more of a concept seen or translated by the onlooker.


Robert: What was Ishtar doing on Earth?


Swaruu: The reason she has been on Earth was to remove the lunar Matrix. It was the Federation that imposed it using a combat-damaged biosphere of the Andromedans. It was temporary... and we proceeded to withdraw lunar control over Earth. That was the mission. But the invading Reptiles had already made plans to use said Matrix to their convenience and attacked us. And once again we had to withdraw.


The Pyramids were part of the system to raise the Frequency of the planet and were part of a pyramidal network all placed on planetary ley lines for greater effect and placed at strategic points throughout the planet.


Innana is a name also used as a reference to Ishtar. And roughly translated it means "the one that favors and the one that gives". The problem is that today the name Isis is badly associated. So, I don't suggest using it. Today, it not only refers to the terrorist group, but it is a reference to the Black Ishtar that the Cabal worships.


Robert: What does the word Egypt mean?


Swaruu: It wasn't called that back then. It was only known as the center, referring to the center of the world or as the Capital because it was seen as a base, not a place or city.


In itself it is allusive to two lions. Egypt, which comes from two great Kingdoms, Egypt of the lower Nile and Egypt of the upper Nile where Cairo is Giza and Alexandria to the north. That is why there were two Sphinxes, of which only one remains.


Robert: And the city of Cairo already existed? Or what was the capital of that metropolis? There were two capitals? Alexandria and Cairo?


Swaruu: It was officially Thebes, but the capital was constantly moving. But what is taken as the "Metropolis" was Giza or the center... nowadays Cairo. But later it was Alexandria for its position as a naval base or post in the Mediterranean.


Robert: Where did Ishtar live?


Swaruu: Ishtar lived mostly in her ship, that's why she was also perceived as a deity. She lived in the Sun. Because the ship for the Egyptians shone like the sun, which is only super-heated atmosphere. But she also lived in buildings or "palaces" of that time which the sands of time have already erased. Everything in the Nile Valley, more than anything. It was not a single place.


Gosia: Could you tell us approximately years? At what time was Ishtar there?


Swaruu: Years ... 10,500 BC. impossible to pin down.


Robert: What does it mean?


Swaruu: It is not a symbol. It is a tool. North South East West. That's an astronomical measurement device. It is placed on another disk that represents the sun and gives you your position in the sky from the position in which you are. It is a "GPS."


Robert: Wow! Like a compass... GPS.


Swaruu: Stellar navigation, but of positions of the stars, of constellations. That symbol was transformed into the cross of Christ, where supposedly he "was nailed". Christ is the sun, with its crown of thorns (the rays) and is in the center of the cardinal points North South East West. Same symbol, just transformed to meet an agenda.


Robert: Stellar navigation... Astro-Theology... I mean the Nazis had the knowledge or some knowledge of all this that we are we talking about?


Swaruu: Yes, and this knowledge has been passed around among the members of the secret societies, it is not something that I am inventing nor is it a theory. It was just a tool. Because they are Elohim measurement tools.


Robert: In other words, it is not something aesthetic and that´s it... there is something deeper in all that symbolism.


Swaruu: Yes.


Robert: But what did the Nazis want that knowledge for? Have they left outside Earth yet at that time?


Swaruu: The Nazis used that as a symbol, this time yes, it is a symbol, of wisdom, that one is a "master" of something, that is why it was a medal for the high elements of the Nazi party and the German military.


As best represented with Earth devices as in 4 sextants (ocean navigation) devices placed together, marking 4 directions. It was a handheld device used to read star charts. Manual tool.


Gosia: Does it look like in the image?


Swaruu: It looks very much like on that image. Very basic, it was basically a ruler with a calculus bar and a distance measuring tool on each corner. Nowadays they are no longer used. But there is one in the museum onboard this craft.


The Nazis used the Iron cross as a symbol of being special, of power, because it made them be in likeness to the gods of old. It is used by the Queen of England, and the Pope also as well as the US military. They manufactured their “Haunebu” ships and were planning to reach Aldebaran - Cyndriel. The data I have tell me that they did not get out through the Van Allen bands.


Gosia: But with all the technology that the Elohim had, wasn't that GPS a little "primitive" for them?


Swaruu: It is not primitive; it is high technology. That is just the measurement, the device or the key. You need to place it on a so-called solar disk but that contains the celestial vault of the constellations. It's hologram technology, it's a little computer.


Robert: And this technology was owned by the Nazis?


Swaruu: They didn't have that, but they did have the symbology.


The Iron cross is an old Babylonian symbol and it's a starship navigation tool. But it's off world. And that's why it's been adopted on Earth. You can see it again with the Nazis. Notice how the Germans, Nazis... and the British crown use the very same symbol, not by chance!


The cross itself as an instrument is like a manual sextant for a ship.


Gosia: Manual sextant? What is that?


Robert: Like a navigator?


Swaruu: To fix position.


Robert: Yes, that. What the sailors use. To guide yourself in the sea. And orient yourself.


Swaruu: An old GPS, yes. The Cross works as a technological means. It contains North, South, East and West but it refers to 3 dimensions in space, but it is used mostly against a map being over a planet, whatever it is. It helps to fix manually your position on the horizon. For the cross the horizon is the Galactic plane that you know as the "milky way" from how it is seen from Earth. According to Greek legends, someone who was "spreading the milk" through the sky.


Only in a crown or in Nazi symbology, they are just that, symbologies. But it's like wanting to say that they are theirs. But it is not so exactly. Because those instruments are still used today by countless races.


Modern ones contain the map in the form of a hologram. You take the X between your fingers and the star map appears in front of you. You turn it with your fingers and it gives you your position. Useful for support, but on spaceships they are rarely used anymore. It's just support, something you can wear over yourself, hanging around your neck sometimes or as jewelry. And you still carry your maps wherever you go, even on foot.


The spaceships, of course, have it incorporated into the navigation systems and do not need that instrument. They end up like sextants on modern ships. GPS and all that is used, but they still carry paper maps or charts, and sextants. Even in ships such as modern submarine aircraft carriers, entertainment boats or container ships.


Robert: And does the cross have to have that shape? The one with the crown?


Gosia: What ships do you mean? Yours? Or human ones?


Swaruu: In the circle - 8 plus one in the center - 9 = Pleiades M45. What´s above there is a ship. Not a bird. That is a starship.


Human sea ships yes. The cross has that shape as the image indicates because it gives the circular or parabola planes as a sextant too. A human sextant is 1/4 of a non-human sextant.


Because the human sextant only has to measure a single plane and the non-human has to measure 3 planes + its own where the spaceship is currently moving.


The origin of those symbols on Earth, the cross, all coming from a simple stellar chart reading tool. But it's what it symbolises not what it is.


From this old ancient brotherhood in Egypt the Illuminati came out from.


Gosia: But how can you be certain that´s where the symbol and its meaning comes from? I mean is it possible to track the origin of some of those symbols? I mean who used it first and how and when?


Swaruu: Simple, very simple, because we remember, that´s very relevant. Also, because it is documented. Humans have old documents held in secret societies that talk about this. This is part of the knowledge that is, or was, forbidden for the commoner.


Dhor Káal’él: This subject is critical. It changes the whole concept of everything regarding the knowledge that the controlling Cabal is falsely giving you. It changes everything. The history of the Earth, the fact that there were countless other interstellar civilizations on Earth, that the ancient peoples were not backward because they were more advanced than the current civilization itself.


They are objects, relics and ruins that can only be understood from the perspective of someone stellar and not just any stellar. This information changes the world. Dissolves the Cabal and their lies. Exposes them to light. It returns to the people of Earth their true history.












Powerful ancient cities, very advanced civilisations with high technology, legendary disappeared continents, maps of strangely located places, where today there is only ocean. These are some things that are present in our history and that appear in many ancient monuments and records that are today the obsession of many archaeologists and historians all over the world. But where does this information come from? Are they just fantasy stories?


And why do many ancient records talk about an Earth without oceans? Where you could go around the world just by walking? Records that aren't just found in an isolated point, but that are extended to many cultures all over the planet. They are present in the Viking and Scandinavian sagas, Egyptian papyrus, Sumerian tablets, Greek stories, documents from the Native Americans, as the Popol Vuh among others. How is it possible that all these writings talk about the same thing?


And why, thousands of years ago, did our ancestors make gigantic drawings in certain zones? If, according to our official history, the human being didn't conquer the skies until the 18th century with the first hot air balloons... what sense did it make, to make giant figures, dating back more than 3000 years and that you can only see from the sky?


And if it is true, that the human being emigrated from Euroasia during the last ice age, from Russia, crossing the Bering Strait entering the American continent where today Alaska is, and from there went down colonising all the Americas, how is it possible that the oldest settlements and cities are found in the south of the American continent?


And how could they build large structures, with such an intelligent design that exceeds by far the resistance of our modern architecture and materials, to such an extent, that after thousands upon thousands of years are still standing and almost intact? And what are these strange formations that the geologists cannot explain, what were they? If they aren't natural... who made them? And even better, why?


Cristina: Hello friends, welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. I am Cristina. Today we continue with the history of the Earth. You will see that it is becoming more and more interesting. Well, before we start, this is the third video. There are two more videos, the first is the introduction "The Expansion of Lyra" and the second is "The Prehistory, The Origin of the human being.”


If you haven't seen these two other videos, I recommend you that you do it in order to have a larger comprehension of this. I would also like to tell you that in the first video there are two errors. One is that Tiahuanaco is not found in Perú, it is in Bolivia. I was wrong. And the second error is that the Lyrians did not come out of the Mega zone but the Vega zone. It was a pronunciation errors I did when I recorded the video. Also, I will tell you that all this knowledge is not ours but has been shared with us by Yazhí Swaruu Tasherit. She is an extra-terrestrial woman, with who we are in contact with and studying the history of the Earth.


So, it is with great enthusiasm that we share with you all that we learn through these videos. Please stay until the end because there I will share with you interesting things that Yazhí Swaruu has shared with us. Such as, for example: What were the Nazca lines, or who constructed Machu Pichu or Chichen Itsá, among other things. We will analyse some of our most important or best known archaeological remains. So, having said that and before we start with the story let's situate ourselves a little bit. Let us first analyse what the earth's surface looked like in the pre-flood era approx. 40,000 years ago. We are going to analyse it through a map that Yazhi Swaruu has also shared with us. She has made it herself, and it simulates the earth's surface at that time:




It is 40.000 years ago; the Earth had no seas or large oceans. Its surface was very green, covered by forests and very extensive plains. It had countless rivers and lakes where today there is only the ocean floor. In the deeper parts there were internal seas, but small ones, like today's Caspian Sea, and countless large lakes. Some connected, others not. Defining one and the other as salt water and fresh water.


The terrestrial ecosystem had another way of functioning, it was another ecosystem, very different. Although today most of the oxygen on Earth comes from the seas, back then it came from the forests, swamps and green grasslands that covered more than 80% of the surface.


Where today there are the oceans there were land. There were five more continents: Oceana, Apalachia, Tirannia, Fennoscandia and Beringia. The continent of Oceana was, practically, all the area that today is the Pacific and some parts of what today is the Indian Ocean. Including Australia.



The South Pole and the North Pole were in different places and inverted. What makes up the Earth was seen upside down. Without the oceans and upside down, our planet is almost unrecognisable. This is because the poles were later reversed, with the cataclysm.


The North Pole was where today Australia is, and the South Pole where you today find the north of the United States and Canada. This is why many of our scientists believe that there was an ice age on Earth 15,000 years ago with indications of Polar Glaciers in the United States, mainly in Utah or Arizona. But they are only looking at the ancient position of the South Pole. And what is now the South Pole was then ice-free, green, tree-covered and full of life. Greenland had a large lake or central sea and was also ice-free, hence its name Green Land or Green Earth.


There are no records that the Earth suffered any ice age, nor that it was formed by a single continent, as some earth scientists maintain, in the well-known theory of Pangea. Although, there is, and always has been, a movement of plates and the clear evidence of this, it is for example, the Indian Peninsula, crashing into the Eurasian plate and forming the Himalayas.


But in those times, the Earth, as it contained much less water it was much more stable than today. This is the difference with the water planets, the more water a planet contains, the more unstable its surface is. Due to the water promotes gliding of the tectonic plates. On the other hand, planets with more earth have more volcanic activity. It should be noted here that many of the earthquakes or quakes that we suffer today are, unfortunately, provoked. But, although the Earth had less water, there were small seas that encouraged tectonic movement of the plates, but to a lesser extent.


The Earth, like the rest of the planets, does not have a compact nucleus or interior, but is full of large cavities or vaults, similar to a gruyere cheese. Some vaults are as large as countries on the surface, provided with their natural light from photoluminescence and volcanic Sources. They are even called inner continents, because of their size.


At that time, these cavities were inhabited by different species. The most advanced were the Vulcanos, a very ancient intraterrestrial race and similar in appearance to the Lyrian race. But also, various reptilian races, smaller in size, no more than a meter tall and with primitive societies. The rest were mainly different species of animals, some of the humanoid type.


The word "Earth" does not only mean soil, but it is also similar to Erra, the second planet that orbits the star Taygeta. Erra is Earth's twin planet, because before the cataclysm, both planets were very similar.


Cristina: The Earth actually looked very different from how we know it today. The interior of the Earth or the inner continents is a very interesting ecosystem and I think that it is worth it going deeper, and I think that if we have the opportunity, we will do it another time. So, I won't keep you any longer, let's start with the story!




In our Galaxy, The Federation of United Planets was paying off, and thanks to the unity and strength of its members, balance was gradually being restored in many solar systems and planets.


In the Pleiades, an atmosphere of peace was beginning to emerge. Giving all the migrants from Lyra, who had settled in the different solar systems of the cluster, the opportunity to develop as independent races. Civilizations began to prosper and by their greatest strength, soon after, the Council of Alcyone would emerge. Today it is the council of all Pleiadian races. Yet the members of the council of Orion did not give up and continued their hunt.


Shortly after the arrival of the first Lyrians on Earth, the first group of Reptilians, the Usungal, arrived in their pursuit. The objective was... to find and hunt the Lyrians. The Reptilians settled down on the Appalachia continent, creating there their first base or colony on Earth. But they not only settled on our planet, but also on other planets in our solar system, including some islands on Tiamat and Mars, despite that on the latter there was already a colony of separatist Mantis from the council of Ojalu. Still not satisfied, they tried to colonise the moons of Jupiter. But they were surprised by the Karistus who slowed them down and had no choice but to retreat.


Since their arrival on our planet, the Reptilians attacked the Lyrian population to such an event that there was a moment in which the species was so reduced that only eight women remained.


But they were not the only Reptilians to come. Later, more came. Many years later, estimated at about 20,000 years ago, a second wave of Reptilians arrived. Among them were Dracos and Alpha Dracos. The Reptilians were creating colonies on Earth and spreading across the surface. Finally, they formed an entire planetary civilisation, Atlantis.


A civilisation that had large cities in many areas of the planet, space ports and extensive mines where the Lyrians were used as slaves, forced to extract minerals and gold. Although the various Sauroid races were in charge, there were other races or colonies in the settlements under the permission and cooperation of the government of Atlantis. This made Atlantis a multi-race and multi-cultural civilisation.


At that time, some Lyrians had been able to escape the oppression of the Reptilians and had fled to the continent of Oceana. Shortly afterwards some Lyrians from the Pleiades cluster arrived there with the main aim of helping.


The colony or base of Oceana spread, forming a whole civilisation, Lemuria. A civilisation made up of separatist Lyrians from Atlantis and with the intention of becoming a resistance, confronting the tyranny of the Reptiles and freeing the slaves. Their society was matriarchal holographic, as is common in the Lyrian races and with influence from other Pleiadian races, such as the Solatian, the Taygetean and later also the Engan race, all present there. The capital city was MU. The rapid growth of Lemuria and the high technology that the Lemurians had at their disposal led them to become important rivals for the hegemony of Atlantis.


About 15,000 years ago now, Atlantis was in full bloom, flourishing all over the planet and becoming a civilisation of great planetary influence. At that time, Atlantis and Lemuria became the two great West and East and clearly in eternal struggle.


Cristina: Today there is quite a lot of confusion about Atlantis, as there is much speculation that Atlantis was a city or a continent, when in fact it was an entire civilisation. Now, I would like to give you a little more detail about how the Lyrian race developed in the Pleiades and a little bit about how the invasion of our solar system was. A few more details, and I would also like to better clarify what the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations really were, among other things:




During the Great Expansion, the Lyrian race arrived in the M45 constellation, the Pleiades, and established themselves in several of the solar systems and planets. It is not clear on how many, but it is certain that they arrived on those that are currently inhabited. Some were the Engan race in the star system Electra, the Solatians in the Pleione star, the Elohi, or also known as Homo Capensis in the Asterope star, the Hyadeans in the Merope system, the Taygetans in the Taygeta system, the Mollusc in the Atlas system and the Mayans in the Maya star system.


Today all Lyra migrants who arrived in M45 have physical traits that differ greatly between the races, resulting in the variety of Lyrian races that inhabit the Pleiades today.


This is because over the course of several hundred thousand years, DNA is altered or changed according to the personal, collective and cultural experiences of each community. Since all Lyrian races, even if they are basically the same, suffer alterations that will determine the course of a new species. This will eventually cause physical appearances to be modified over time as well.


On the other hand, returning to the Reptilians. When they arrived in our solar system, the first ones were the Usungal race. It is known that they set up bases on the planet Mars, but it is not known with precision if they initially agreed their entrance to the planet with the separatist Mantis of the council of Ojalu, that had their colony there at that moment, or they simply displaced them.


In Jupiter they encountered the Karistus, which is a very positive and powerful race, and for being in 6D they were simply out of reach. This is the reason why the Cabal today uses the planet Saturn and ignores Jupiter, the largest and most impressive planet in the solar system. Clearly, because it is not theirs.


As for the time when they came to Earth chasing the Lyrians and almost exterminating the Lyrian women, this can still be seen today. Because in all humans, in the mitochondrial DNA that only comes from the mother, you can see only 8 ancestors. The number of men that remained cannot be calculated precisely, because the father's DNA is found in the nuclear DNA and this contains the mother's DNA. This does not mean that there were only 8 women left, but only 8 women were able to have offspring. It may be that more survived, but if they did, for some reason they could not reproduce. And there was no record of this in the records.


After the first wave, more reptilian races arrived, among them the Dracos and Alpha Dracos. The latter are the ones that have given rise, in our history, to dragons being very present in myths and legends all over the world. Although the Alpha Dracos were present in reptilian society, they were not under the command of Atlantis, but only interacted with other Reptiles according to their interests, maintaining a very closed society among their own race. Although at that time the Alpha Dracos were negative, today they are mostly positive. It is very rare to find regressive Alpha Dracos anymore.


It was after this second wave that the reptilian society on Earth began to expand. Atlantis was not a continent, nor just a city. It was a society, a culture and the name of the capital city of that civilisation. A great planetary society, with influence everywhere, with an aerial capacity.


On the other side of the planet was Lemuria or Mu, which is not a continent. Lemuria was the civilisation and MU the capital city, which was in the now disappeared continent of Oceana, today Oceania. Unlike the Atlantic cities, which were multi-race, the Lemurian cities were more adapted exclusively to the Lyrian race. Although most of the remains are found under the waters of the Pacific Ocean, there is still Lemurian influence in Japan, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, although it is mostly cultural.


Cristina: Regarding Tartaria, Yazhi Swaruu told us that they had no stellar records with any earth civilisation by that name. That they had found records of Tartary only in earthly records, but not in stellar ones. So, she believed that Tartaria was part of the Atlantean civilisation, some specific point, some city or maybe some region, but part of the Atlantean civilisation.


Today we have many archaeological remains from the Atlantean civilisation. Many of them are super famous. But we have very few of the Lemurian civilisation, because it was mostly concentrated on the continent of Oceana and it was almost completely covered when the cataclysm occurred, so most of its remains are now under the Pacific Ocean.


As I promised you at the beginning of this video we are going to explain some archaeological remains that Yazhi Swaruu has shared with us. I am sure you have heard about them because some of them are very well known and we have found it very interesting to share with you:




Let us return to the ancient map of the Earth. The circles in blue represent the most important settlements of the Atlantean Civilization. And the green circles, the most important settlements of the Lemurian Civilization.




In what today would be the Bermuda Triangle, formerly the continent of Appalachia, was the capital city of Atlantis, which had the same name.


Another major city is located in what is now the Middle East area, in northern Iraq and Turkey. But there was also one, one of the biggest cities, and its remains are still there. It was part of what is now known as the Eye of the Sahara, in Mauritania. The city was located on the edge of a large lake and looked very similar to this image.



But these were not the only ones. There were also cities where today the Mediterranean is located, and a large part of the American continent, especially in the centre and south, such as Machu Picchu, Tiahuanaco, Tical, Chichen Itza and many more. All part of the Atlantean civilization. Even though if today they have an ancient appearance, they were equipped with high technology.


And after so many years, the problem is that other civilizations after Atlantis settled there, altering the original constructions. Even so... The stone used in those places is more durable and more resistant than concrete. That is why everything appears to be made of stone, and that would seem to be something primitive.  But it is the opposite.


Because a lot of the stone that we even find today, in any place like Tihuanaco or Giza among others, is of a very special purity. Because it is a stone that used to be liquid and that was formed there. But not everything, not all of it, because many times it is quarried but cut with compressed sound machines and later levitated with anti-gravity or sound. Compressed sound cutting outperforms laser cutting because it does not generate as much heat.


One of the most important gold mines at that time was found in southern Africa. It was one of the places where the Lyrians were used as slaves for gold mining. This fact appears in the Sumerian Tablets. Gold is very valuable and is used by many races in the Galaxy. It has many uses, but mainly it melts in a crystalline manner, in zero gravity, to form electrical transmission cables, with superconducting properties at room temperature. It is used for technology, for spacecraft, vehicles and advanced computers. It can be mined in space, by extracting it from uninhabited asteroids and moons, but it is rare and scarce. Today there are still many mining operations throughout the Galactic Quadrant by various races. Almost all of them.


The Atlantean civilisation also had several airports or spaceports. One of the main ones was in the now known Nazca. The figures are not drawings of animals, they are Star Maps. They are designed to be seen from above. Each animal represents a constellation. And they are placed there to guide spaceships entering the planet.


For example, this figure: The Tail represents a portal, if we count the fingers they are 15, 15 stars, it represents the constellation of Chango.

In this one, the figure does not represent a hummingbird, but a dove. The elongated beak indicates direction or vector of movement or approach. If we count the feathers, it has 11, 11 feathers. It represents the constellation of Columbia.

This figure is not a bird. It represents an eagle. If we look at the fingers, it has 9 fingers. It represents the constellation of Aquila.

This figure, for example, represents the Owl Nebula, also known as Messier 97, located in the Ursa Major constellation. The face does not represent the face of a person or being, but the two Portals of the Owl Nebula.



Each figure has different characteristics, referring to different constellations. Many of these characteristics are in the fingers or legs, which are not the same. The figures are a very old star code, still used today, and are intended to facilitate communication between different races. Remember that the Atlantean civilisation was multi-race.


Animals are ship traffic routes between these constellations. The lines that connect the animals are vectors or routes in space. The lines have a mathematical relationship between the drawings. It is a mathematical language that every race understands. But it is base 12 mathematics, which complicates understanding for humans.


The long lines that cross between the figures are interlaced with specific angles and denote approach information, such as height, parking areas for the ships and distance to other stellar bases on Earth, such as the stellar base at Giza. Geometrically, Nazca points to Giza.


The thick and long lines are the parking areas. They indicate the ships according to size or mass, or by use of the ship, such as cargo ships in one area, worker ships in another, private on one side and military on the other. The details of the exact point where each ship should park are not there, because they were given as guidance through computers, from the underground base.


Control towers were not used, because it is not necessary to be there in a building. That is human interpretation, which dictates or indicates the level of technology.


The controllers were underground, as they are today, and everything was managed through an ultra-detailed hologram. A room full of computers, placed in semicircles around a huge hologram. The size of the hologram varies, depending on the region, base or the whole planet. With zoom at will.


Then each ship appears there on approach or landing, with small letters indicating what it is or its speed, vector, height, rate of ascent and other data. You can direct them from there, tell them what changes to make and to what exact point to go. Today the remains are still under Earth.


That is, all these lines and drawings are information, they are guides for manoeuvres, position, coordinates, movement vectors and parking areas for large and small star ships. As would be today the air traffic corridors for our planes and the indications that our pilots must follow on the airport runways. Everything was designed to be seen from above. The lines and figures were made with printing of the tractor beam of the ships, the same technology used for the crop circles.


Another of the most important spaceports of the Atlantean civilisation was to the west of Giza, full of animal figures exactly like those of Nazca. There was also an underground city that supported that star base, a DUMB. Today both the base and the figures are still present there, although buried under the desert sands.


Cristina: When analysing our history, we do not only encounter the problem of dating, which I mentioned in the previous video. Not only we find that other civilisations have settled later, altering in some way both the buildings and the engravings by modifying the original, but the Cabal, the controllers, have hijacked part of our history. That is to say, they have taken away what was really important and have left us the crumbs.


Because history is power, knowledge is power. The controllers know this very well, for they have not been in power for thousands and thousands of years for lack of intelligence. Moreover, they have subjected us to very deep mental control, altering our perception of reality, altering our reality to such an extent that they have somehow programmed what we will see as reality and what we will not. That is, what we will see as truth or reality or what we will see as fantasy or science fiction. That's why some people can hear this story and will quickly identify it as a science fiction movie, like Star Wars or Star Trek, and store it in that place in the brain. This is how we have been carefully programmed.

Finally I would like to leave you with a message from Swaruu from Erra:


"They put science fiction as a fantasy and impose a false reality as something valid. What happens is that it is reversed: science fiction is the truth, and what is imposed on you in the news, in universities and schools as reality, is fantasy. So, many things that are science fiction are hidden truths in plain sight, for people to take as fantasy. So, when people like us appear, they take it as that: fantasy.

This is by design, to keep the masses away from the truth. They are programmed, all with Mind Control."


Cristina: Here I finish this video, I hope you found it interesting. Thank you very much for being here and listening. And see you in the next one!







Suicide - Why it is NOT a Good Idea - Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact - Pleiades - Taygeta)


July 2020


Robert: Hi Yazhí. What could I say to the public so that they do not abandon the "game"? You know... "suicide". I always say take this information under your own responsibility, but there will always be someone who will not understand and will want to take the "easy or fast" way out. Without understanding anything that was said. Thank you.


Yazhi: There is not a single solution since each person will have their reasons. When someone reaches the point of suicide it is because the physical and / or psychological suffering in their lives has reached the point of intolerance. But getting to the basics:


A person commits suicide because he or she is in intense physical and / or psychological pain and sees death as the only option to get out of it. The main reason is that their life has reached a level of complexity that is unmanageable for the individual.


They feel that it is a permanent condition, when it never is. As with happiness, it is ephemeral, the same happens with sadness and psychological pain, however convincing they are that this pain will always be there. The truth is that it will pass.


They must realize that they are in a very dangerous situation if they consider suicide, like a terminal illness. So, they must simplify their lives to the maximum, getting rid of everything that only causes them more stress or more complications of all kinds without thinking about what they should do, because if they are working to finish a degree and those studies are only hurting them, it makes no sense to do what they apparently should do if they won't be alive to see the results in the end.


The same with a job or with any responsibility that can be avoided or terminated voluntarily. Simplify everything as if you only had a week to live, or a day to live, because that's the way it is in essence.


It is also because they want attention and many people around them invalidate that attention, when in itself there is nothing wrong with needing attention. So, the argument that they only do it to receive attention does not apply. It is a basic human need. And yes, by committing suicide, they will receive the attention they wanted, they will also be able to "punish" the person/persons who have hurt them, if they also have that in mind. But they won't be there to see the results.


They must also understand that by committing suicide they will create a chain reaction of suffering as close people, the families of people who commit suicide, suffer emotional consequences and trauma and guilt of devastating proportions.


They not only end their lives but also the people around them. Whether or not they also end up committing suicide, because that also happens as a consequence sometimes, or simply because of the chain of blame that people in their family or closed ones throw at one another with regards to why their family member committed suicide.


The problem here is that this argument against suicide, that you ruin the lives of others, is not ethical or fair from the point of view of the person with the emotional problem that has led him to want to make that decision. Because now in addition to his problems and the fact that they are overwhelming him and the tremendous pain that he carries, now he is also blamed for that of others. Causing even more feelings of guilt and ultimately more motivation to commit suicide in the end. The problem is that yes, it does make one carry a responsibility with the people around.


Problems are always temporary, always, regardless of their severity, because in a universe of polarities, a problem cannot exist without a solution, they go hand in hand, two sides of the same coin.


Robert: Yes. The only thing I can do is share what I know and my point of view. I also think that suicide goes hand in hand with some emotional blackmail. I do not know.


Yazhi: Emotional blackmail, "just to get attention" is a very unfair and dangerous way of talking about the problem because it is invalidating how the person with suicidal tendencies feels, and that is leading them precisely towards committing the act.


Robert: I think suicide is a disease. Because these people always relapse and relapse.


Yazhi: Nowadays everything is considered a mental illness and I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as mental illness. Only disease in the rhetorical sense. And they relapse because they can't find a solution to their problem.


Now the more expanded point of view:


When you incarnate you always have a life plan and it is you yourself who design everything that you will experience, including or especially the parts of suffering or difficulties, due to the enormous reaction of personal growth as a soul, as consciousness, that it entails.


Because among the experiences that nourish the soul the most are difficult ones, failures, and how to face challenges.


So, when committing a suicide, they only reach the other side, with full awareness of everything, because the "I" does not get lost, neither does the sense of identity, it only expands. At this point, and due to this expansion, the whole framework of why suicide was committed is also better understood.


And as the perspective changes from the other side, the person will only want to go back in, because they will feel discontent with themselves and that is what every soul wants to avoid because what they do desire is to expand, or they will take it as a failed challenge and of their own free will will want to enter the game again, because game it is.


It's like entering a video game and being scared when monsters come out and turning off the game. You will have your temporary "escape", but very shortly after you will just want to go in again and again and again to face the monster until you have passed the challenge. It's like facing a ¨Boss¨ of a video game. They are there until they make it.


June 2018:


Swaruu: Let's say that primordial fear is one of the biggest characteristics of 3D, marked by the veil of forgetfulness. And it forms, in a great way, the nature of despair and the feeling of scarcity that everyone has there in one way or another. At the moment in which that fear is transcended, doing own inner work, the perspective about life changes a lot. Far from declining in value, life itself increases in value, as a "secondary reaction."


This has been said by countless people on the surface. We cannot experience this ourselves, only observe it. Many people contemplating suicide, after spiritual awakening and when faced with death, have stopped considering suicide. Partly because they come to realize that their mental problems and worries will not only not be solved with that but that they continue from the other side. With the added problem that they are no longer in the physical so they cannot solve those problems.


The most common cause of suicide is psychological pain. It is the most unbearable. After death this pain only increases when you see that you cannot escape it. Suicide does not make sense, because you cannot escape yourself.


The solution is to face it ahead, wherever we are, at the time it appears, be it from the spiritual side or the embodied side. But since most psychological problems come from experiences during a lifetime, and from the interpretation that the individual gives them, the best and necessary point at which these problems must be faced is from the incarnate side.


Those problems are carried then after death, especially after suicide, and, although it is just one more way of exit, and not punished by anyone, it is the person himself who punishes himself from the other side.


This causes that, taking into account that the reasons why a person has committed suicide are very generally due to psychological pain for whatever reason, this creates the enormous need in a said person to self-criticize while on the other side. As a consequence, the idea of having to try again is generated, so they re-enter the same life, which is like the same level "of the game", as in a video game when they die and die several times trying to overcome the level or the challenge. This is the main reason why they reincarnate.


At this time the manipulation of the archons also comes in, exaggerating the problems to the recently deceased person and everything they did wrong during their recent incarnation. Causing him or her to return or causing them to have an even greater need to return.


While that is true, from my point of view an intervention by some archontic force is not even necessary and personally I do not see any detectable interference against a recently deceased soul.


What I mean to say is that there is more Matrix on the other side, for the simple fact that the people themselves, their consciousness and their perception are the Matrix itself. Therefore, no direct intervention of any archon or group of archons is necessary if the very deceased person carries with himself everything necessary to cause his own next reincarnation, his own recycling within the collective Matrix. This last point is very important. If a person is mentally liberated from the Matrix, he is free.


Because the only thing that anchors them to the Matrix are their own limiting ideas. Where they live something, commit suicide only to later see that they are still themselves from the other side. So, since there is no time, they go back to the point of attention of the same body and try to do well what they did not achieve the first time. And there they are going through and living through the same thing over and over again, until they realize they have to let go of the things that didn't go well.


And this loop does not only involve the same reincarnation. It can be a more extended loop or spiral, because the same incarnation is never exactly the same when repeating it. That is, a person is Pepe, then José, then Miguel, Fernanda, Lucia and then Pepe again, then Miguel and so back and forth.


And they do not advance because those lives are interconnected and the cause of the existence of one is due to the previous one. They make a loop, and if it is difficult to get out of a loop of a single incarnation, as it happens to suicides, it is even more difficult to get out of a larger loop that involves several incarnations, because it is not easy to realize that we are in one.


And to make things worse, the people in the loop may or may not be living, interacting with each other, which is why José and Fernanda are such a happy couple and they get along so well and they have been married for 22 years now, because they are the same Adma or soul. Or Pepe hates Miguel and doesn't know why, but he feels this great antipathy because he remembers how bad he was in that reincarnation and what he hates is his own reflection. And the spiral loops grow and feed larger ones that in turn feed other larger ones until they are once again the Whole or the Source.







Extraterrestrial Abductions - Why Are They Done on Humans? Anéeka of Temmer - Taygeta - Pleiades


Gosia: Aneeka... Tell us why the extraterrestrials abduct people please! There are many cases. What happens to these people? They are on board ships, and there are things that are being done to them.


Anéeka: There is no single reason. There are countless, and it is simply impossible to know all the reasons, just the main or recurring ones. Although all races potentially abduct, the main abductors are the small Grays. They are known as gardeners, and the garden is the biology of a planet.


In a place with slow, low density, what you would call 3D, it takes a while for biology to reflect the soul signal or to copy it as a reflection. So, these beings abduct certain people to make genetic changes or to accelerate an evolution, also to cure them of some disease that could affect their life plan. Remembering that each person enters a life with a specific life plan. They cure cancers or fix autoimmune problems or whatever is in their power.


Many times, a coma is induced in abducted people and they are in a Medical Pod for days or weeks if not longer, and then are returned with a time jump about 10 min after abduction on the same night, for example.


People report a lot of fear and a lot of abruptness in what the Grays do to them, but this more than anything is because they have no tact, and they just abduct, they do whatever they have to do to people, they return them to their place of origin, and they go to abduct more. They don't have the time or understanding to be careful, tactful, or nice. They just take, work, and return the people, like it's a mass production line.


But other races also abduct for a myriad of reasons. For example, putting a tracking device in their Starseeds or in the people of their interest. The famous implants. Others are by agreements since the person to be abducted has contracts to work with them while on Earth as humans, whether or not they are of their race although more usually they are.


Many races have agreements with their Starseeds where they enter Earth as agents of that ET civilization to carry out a specific job or plan and their home races will support them from their ships.


There are also abductions of the type called Milab where the terrestrial military, whether or not in collusion with some non-human race, abduct a subject of interest to put implants or for Mind Control reasons. The amount of information and data would make this topic huge.


Robert: Can races do experiments on humans that are not their Starseeds?


Anéeka: Yes, the best example are the Reptilians and the Maitre that invasively abduct or annoy all other races, imposing their ideas and agendas.


Gosia: Why do Reptiles abduct?


Anéeka: Everything is for agendas of manipulation and control. I cannot know why in detail, but it is always to Mind Control or to insert two-way chips to control a subject or to modify their thoughts and with that their Frequency to be consistent with being parasitized by them.


Robert: What methods do they use to make humans forget abduction? And how do they manage to paralyze them or whatever they do... how do they manage to capture humans? And why many humans have negative experiences with those little Grays?


Anéeka: What is done is to induce a coma using destructive waves at specific frequencies, in itself it´s not that they erase the memory of a subject, but they prevent it from being formed in the first place. They use frequencies in agreement with or similar to those of the brain during sleep. But the system is not perfect because many times the abductee does remember things.


I insist that it is not that they erase the memory, but they prevent them from being formed by putting the brain in a state of drowsiness, which in itself causes the individual not to distinguish in detail if he or she lived something or only dreamed it.


The paralysis comes from the same sleepiness mechanism, hacking the body with specific frequencies to use its very systems of prevention of movement during sleep, those natural systems so that a sleeping person that is being chased, does not run out of bed.


Robert: Can you befriend those Grays... Can they empathize with the abductee?


Anéeka: No or in a very limited way, they don't think like you. The interaction between species is difficult, more so if they perceive you as just their job. They just want to finish with you, hurry and that's it, since that night they still have another 22 abductions scheduled to do and it is already 1 am, they must hurry, they don't have time for kindness.


Robert: So, with a regression they could recover the memory? The abductees. Hypnotic regression?


Anéeka: Yes, in the exact same way that a dream can be recovered.


Gosia: Ok. Thank you. My Question: Gardeners - how do they know who to bring? From whom do they receive the instructions?


Anéeka: The races in general send their instructions to them to do the job. In other words, they delegate to the Grays the work that they could otherwise do themselves. Virtually any race can call on them, in exchange for supplies, bases, technological cooperation. Among many other things.


Robert: In order not to take risks, they delegate power? So that the abductee does not remember his star family?


Anéeka: It could be. But mostly it is because many races find it easier to delegate the problem or the job, so they do not have to go to the planet where the person lives and abduct themselves, since the Grays will go to that planet anyway because they have other contracts.


Gosia: So, they abduct them with the body? And never have "accidents"? Wife entering the room etc? Someone could see them, right?


Anéeka: It is not usual, but there have been cases where they are found in the act. Generally, by frequencies using the multipurpose tractor beam, they put the whole family to sleep while they work on the member that interests them.


Robert: Do you have to flee if you see the Grays? Can you escape from them?


Anéeka: If they want to stop you, they will, if you can flee, they are not interested. They can paralyze you in seconds using their frequencies that alter brain waves causing you to fall asleep.


Gosia: Why do they heal some and others not? Does it depend on the life plan? But this life plan has not considered getting sick? It catches people by surprise?


Anéeka: That depends on the contracts and the life plans they have. Also, because whether they are or not of a race that has hired them to do the work, if they are not, they will tend to ignore other people whether or not they need their intervention.


For example, many people with cancer can be cured but by life plan these people already had their way out of the physical state, so they cannot intervene. The Grays work strictly under the same rules of the Federation and / or the other organizations that may also call them. Nothing is random there in 3D.


Robert: Has Taygeta ever called them? Do some work.


Anéeka: I am sure, but I don't have the data. What I do feel is that it is unusual if it has been done. Because it is not the style of Taygeta or many other races either.


Robert: Are they careful not to leave evidence? And from what I see they are very knowledgeable about human anatomy and can solve any health problem...


Anéeka: Yes, they are. But what helps them is that everything is used by energy, that is, they bring people up with the tractor beam and they do tests and they put them to sleep with energy manipulated to perfection, it is difficult for them to leave evidence like a glove thrown somewhere or something like that.


Gosia: What is the implant doing? Where is it located? What exactly does it track?


Anéeka: It is implanted in several places, not just one. The most common one is under the skull, where the spine begins, then arms, hands and legs. The subcutaneous right in the area of the heart is also common.


Gosia: And what does it do?


Anéeka: It is a piece with an indefinite shape to avoid being seen as something artificial. It takes its energy from the same electrical bio-magnetic system of the being that has it.


Gosia: But what does it track? The geographical position like the chip in the dog or more things, health etc?


Anéeka: All the data that they can get from the subject, yes, from their geographical position, their habits, where they go, and their state of health, yes.


Gosia: Their habits? Like what habits? I have mine under my skull too, right?


Anéeka: Absolutely everything the subject of interest does. Yes, you have it.


Robert: Is it normal to re-abduct the same abductee?


Anéeka: Yes, more than normal. If you are abducted once, it will most likely be with you throughout your life.


Robert: Wow. The same abductee.


Gosia: At what point is the implant put in, like mine for example? When the person is abducted? So, I was abducted after entering the immersion?


Anéeka: Yes, exactly. This is the most usual time, but it can be in the womb.


Gosia: And what interesting habits of mine have you learned from my life?


Anéeka: What for you is normal and boring for us is exotic and new.


Knowing how to live there, how it is to have no memory and still be. How they think, how they are all manipulated, how to prevent them from being manipulated looking for keys to transform the entire human race into something more positive. Understanding how time works, seemingly fixed there, linear and with little or no lateral diversity. Understanding the dynamics of the entire civilization, invaluable data for the entry or not of other souls or people of the race to which I belong. That and more.


Gosia: All that is coming from my implant?


Anéeka: Not only, also from the interaction with you. But yes, a lot comes out of the implant.


Gosia: In what way does it come out? What do you see from there? I don't understand mechanics. How does all this come out there on the other side? Is it presented on the screen or how?


Anéeka: It comes out as biometric data.


Gosia: What is that?


Anéeka: Data about heart rate, breathing rate, blood glucose, temperature, organ function, all of that.


Robert: So, we agreed that there is no implant detector? There is nothing that can capture that that implant emits a Frequency?


Anéeka: Yes, they can be detected by humans, but you need very sensitive equipment, they are very high frequencies. Virtually all Starseeds have implants.


Robert: What tests are done on abductees? What criteria is followed to choose them?


Anéeka: Practically everything that can be done to a living organism, see the progression of its DNA through the environment, how it has degraded, its alterations and mutations, and why they have occurred. With them they also correct, by means of frequencies or by Medical Pod, the serious problems that they find and that may interfere in the life plan of the person using that body.


Criteria, it's any real person, not the Matrix one. But it is either the responsibility of their species or race to take care of their biology and that they can fulfill their life mission, or it can also be the responsibility of the gardeners working for these races.


This clearly explains why the Grays have been seen, according to witnesses, working in the presence of any other race that is clearly supervising them. Like White Nordic, Mantis, Amphibious or Reptile races and even human military.


When they are found supervising it is very possible that they are training them in the peculiarities of the species that has hired them. In many respects these species of Grays, not all of course, are like space mercenaries who do this kind of "dirty" work for other races in exchange for anything.


They have little inventiveness in general, and that is why they are often confused with being robotic beings of organic origin, bio-robots. In many cases yes, it is true. But they are usually just little Grays doing their job.


Robert: Many ask me if there are astral abductions?


Anéeka: I would say that it is another topic, but there are. Just that what is astral for you is just another plane here. In other words, abductions are far from being an exclusive phenomenon on Earth. They occur on any planet, but more in places where scientific or medical development is very low, for example in so-called pre-industrial societies. Or not interstellar.


For example, in Taygeta, I do not know if there have even been abductions in a long time, whatever that means in terms of time, because the technological and medical level is already very high.


Robert: Are there abductions also in Taygeta by superior races of other planes?


Anéeka: There aren't, for what? Abductions are mainly for the study of the evolution of a species, its DNA, correct alterations and defects or genetic damage, this mostly, there are other reasons of course. But societies like Taygeta are already so advanced that they take care of that for themselves so no help from gardeners is needed.


Gosia: How do you know what the life plan of the starseed is? Because you said that what can "interfere with the plan" is fixed. And how do people other than that person himself know this?


Anéeka: As in the case of what was programmed in an Immersion Pod. Everything is known there. It is then a matter or decision of each person whether or not they share their life plan. Another thing is that from above, planes above the 5D, the whole plan of life is known without technological help. And instructions can also come to the Grays from those planes directly.


Robert: Wow. The Grays can work from planes higher than yours.


Anéeka: At least get the instructions.


Gosia: And one thing. If you say that only your race does the abductions, then if you are abducted by Grays who are with the Mantis, are you of the Mantis race?


Anéeka: It is very possible, yes, logically. But that doesn't mean that the Mantis aren't looking as they are serving an Engan. The fact that another race is there does not mean that the person is of that race, only that there is a person of that race watching. Grays do about 50 abductions a night, sometimes more.


Robert: Last question. What exactly is the cause for not remembering the abduction?


Anéeka: Because they come to you with a brain wave inducer that puts your mind to sleep almost completely. Sometimes it fails, that's why people remember it, but when it works well, as it is in most cases, they don't remember anything.


That is to say that the vast majority of people have been abducted multiple times and do not remember and continue through their lives without knowing anything about anything, even dreaming of being an astronaut when they already were the night before.


Gosia: And why does it fail? Why many people remember?


Anéeka: Because the technology is not perfect and the brain could not be put to sleep properly. It also depends on the Frequency and strength of each person. High Frequency ones have a tendency to remember. Being that the low Frequency ones only remember nightmares. Although this is relative, that is why many people remember feeling terror, when it was just a normal procedure.


Robert: What character do Gardeners have? Are there males and females?


Anéeka: Very serious, efficient, little or not at all emotional. There are no genres, most are born from a replicator medical tube. Many species of Grays are plants biologically. There are 165 species of gray, at least.


Gosia: Do gardeners have Starseeds on Earth?


Anéeka: I don't know.


Robert: What do you mean they are plants? What do they eat?


Anéeka: They are plants. Their cells are plantlike. Their veins contain sage, and they consume the same nutrients as plants and need solar radiation to digest their food. They are plants. This has been known on Earth since the 1950s. With the gray they captured from Roswell and brought to Wright Patterson base. EBE-1 was called. They had to call botanists to help them when he got sick.


Gosia: Do they speak?


Anéeka: No. They use telepathy exclusively, like plants. (Although some plants communicate with sounds and frequencies that can be viewed as spoken messages, but they do not communicate with each other in this way, but with other species such as insects. The basis for this are many species of Taygeta plants).


Robert: What clothes do they wear? What do they smell like?


Anéeka: They smell bad, like rotten with sulfur and they wear coveralls or one-piece spacesuits.


Robert: Wow. Can they communicate with plants on Earth?


Anéeka: All the time, they don´t only abduct human persons, they also abduct animals and plants, but of course people don't know about this.


Gosia: But where do they live? Do they have their own planets? Or always with other races as their helpers?


Anéeka: They have bases but only some species have planets. Zeta reticuli have many own planets and also throughout the constellation of Orion. But others have lived their entire existence on a ship. They only live in their ships.


Robert: How do they feel about humans?


Anéeka: They don't feel anything, they don't emote. It's just work.


Robert: Have many been captured here on Earth?


Anéeka: Yes, they are the species or group of species that the military has captured the most.


Robert: Do you know if Gosia or I have been abducted?


Anéeka: 100% yes. If not, 110% yes.


Gosia: But you said Taygeta doesn't do this.


Anéeka: No, but the Grays do, and many times they are "hired" from above. Not from Taygeta as you know it. Higher planes. And if you are a starseed, of course you have been abducted, and your mothers also, whether or not they are Starseeds.


Gosia: And how do they communicate with higher realms?


Anéeka: They communicate Telepathically.


Robert: Do you know, roughly, when was our last abduction? While we are with you, have they abducted us?


Anéeka: I can't know that. But I don't think it was recently because we have our eye on you for the last 3 years. We would know.


Robert: Anéeka... Last question. Is there a way to stop those frequencies that alter the brain waves by making you fall asleep? I mean the ones used by gray Gardeners.


Anéeka: The person should be immersed in a magnetic field between -0.5 and -4.5 Hertz, Hz or cycles per second. Preferably cyclically alternating between these frequencies. The amplitude of the Hz wave depends on what is programmed in the device of the Grays, for that you need a Frequency sensor and connect it to a computer that controls the magnetic field. Program in your device the opposite 'destructive' Frequency to that used by the Grays´ device.


I have to retire for today.


Robert: Ok. Thanks for your time Anéeka. See you tomorrow!


Anéeka: Thank you. We talk later.







If Everything is Souls´ Plan from Above Anyway- What Do We Do? - Yazhi Swaruu - Pleiadian Contact


Yazhi: A soul can only take so much, before simply not wanting to "play" more of the same "game¨. As I have explained years ago, a soul cannot be trapped, only if it wants to be trapped. So, it is there in that vicious circle only because ultimately it wants to. They want freedom, so in order to experience wanting freedom they must have the contrast to the opposite. Until they understand that it is not needed. But they will come to understand. Many already have. That's when they lose interest in the "game" of physicality, and they escape the Matrix. They will be in the physical again, but they will not repeat the same mistakes. And they will create a better place.


They have strong resistance to one simple fact that I have repeated over and over. Things change from the other side of death. You have a different perspective about everything, other priorities and other expectations, and plans. Values are different, meaning things are irrelevant, only experiences count, and only experiences are important. So that is the opposite of how they think on Earth, because there, material things are important and not ideas and experience, or life has no value, animal life, plant life and even less if it is wild, totally worthless! But a simple piece of paper is valuable. This as a crude example of reversal of what is important and what is not, on Earth.


Gosia: They won´t be able to keep choosing, playing the game or not, if they all get vaccinated. Their souls will be ¨trapped¨. So that´s going too far.


Yazhi: Not exactly trapped, as you cannot trap a soul. What will occur is that they will not be able to enter the body well. Like what happens with Alzheimer's. But that then translates into death of the body, faster and with many more illnesses, because it has a poor connection with Source. From the point of view of the body - mind they will experience the disconnection from Source, and it will be alarming for them, the body as an entity will suffer. They will die off very fast as a race with no connection to Source as they will fall sick of countless diseases. Just as Big Farma wants.


Gosia: But Yazhi wait a second... if the soul won´t be able to enter... in that sense... isn´t that then also freeing the souls from entering 3D? Vaccines in a way seal the entrance! We want to get them out of 3D right? Isn´t that the good way then?


Yazhi: Yes. But that from one level. But from their level on Earth, it is genocide.


Gosia: But shouldn´t it matter what the souls want from the higher level? They might want this as a way out.


Yazhi: In my humble opinion all levels matter because they are all one. If something is wrong on one level it will be as well in all others. So that genocidal solution is not an option. You cannot kill millions "in the name of a higher perspective". From one or another point of view yes, it is sealing of the entrance to 3D. But from another it is genocide and must be stopped.


Gosia: But they will simply die as they die daily of million other things. They die of cigarettes daily too. What´s the difference? Vaccines or cigarettes?


Yazhi: No difference, they are both their creations. And that is exactly as the Cabal is thinking and justifying itself for the despicable actions it is doing. Exactly as they think. Yet you cannot use this to justify a genocide because people from their 3D life level do not want all this and do not want to die from vaccines. So, if that level is not respected it will collapse all the other levels as well, becoming all chaotic and regressive. Because there are no levels, that is perception again, all existence is one.


Gosia: Ay, too many levels to synchronize in this life.


Yazhi: There is only one. That's my point!


Gosia: But you did say ethics change on other levels. When do we know what level ethics to apply? Maybe there is no genocide then, since souls create everything for themselves! Maybe they want out?


Yazhi: What level ethics to apply? The level you are looking at, you are living in and with your present day conscious experience.


Gosia: The ¨problem¨ is that, like you, I don´t always know where my conscious experience really is.


Yazhi: You don't need to know where it is. All you need is to be. I never claim to be in any specific density, I'm never going saying I live in 9th density. I am whatever I am and densities are a false construct. Lack of real understanding of the nature of reality. Just be and be at whatever level you can be at, forget about the numbers.


Gosia: Yes, I know. I wouldn´t even know how to identify it anyway. And not interested much, like you said.


Yazhi: Yes, there are no road signs welcoming you into each density. And you are not fixed into one density alone, you are always wondering, and moving between them all. Only your body is a suit, attempting to restrain your attention in one plane only. But it can't do it well either. Not enough to restrain a strong mind and soul. Of the kind that always looks to the stars and wonders off!


Gosia: Yes true! I still wonder though, did the souls plan this genocide? Is that possible?


Yazhi: Yes. They, whoever they are, many incarnated as members of the Cabal, making this all. Do think this is for the better of humanity and for the Earth. They are convinced a soft kill of the population is better than a hard horrible kill with a nuclear war or something like that, or a real pandemic. So, in their minds they think this is the humane thing to do, best way to kill them off before they kill the planet.


And from yet another point of view, yes, the souls are manifesting this all as a way out. As they've had enough! They want it to end! That is why I keep saying that the world is exactly as it should be! So that´s why the Federation does not like us. I'm perfectly aware of all this and have been for quite a while now. And I was even planning to bring this up with you here as a subject.


Gosia: I don´t know why I thought of it now. Had to pick it up from you then!


Yazhi: You know, as Dolores Cannon said... when a plane crashes, when a bridge collapses and many people die, they had an exit contract among them, to exit 3D the same way collectively, in a group. What makes you think that this covid vaccine genocide is not the same case? It is exactly the same case. The end of a cycle. The souls incarnated on Earth know they are too many for the planet.


But remember something. We are who we are, and we can only be and work at the level we are living in. So, from the perspective of our friends on Earth, that is a terrible crime! Genocide. So, we are working at that "street" level. Helping them, at an individual level and scale. Helping them is who we are and what we can do.


Gosia: But we are much more than that Yazhi. Just a street level. I know too much about it all now to just see it from a street level. Impossible to return to purely that level.


Yazhi: And that as well. Simply because of the fact that we know this, makes us different. And responsible for the information we hold. You now, and before as well, you do not think, you do not understand things at the human level. So, you are not human. You are not like them. So, whatever you do means you must take a lot more responsibility for what you decide to do and the responsibility you have. And you have that responsibility just because you know. Because knowing is observing and observing changes whatever you are looking at.


I really must go now! Much more to talk about. Subject not finished yet. See you tomorrow.


Next day - Yazhi, Robert and Gosia


Yazhi: Is there anything I can help with? Clarify something?


Gosia: Yes. We need to talk more about what we discussed last night. I already told Robert.


Yazhi: Go ahead. Ask or say what you wish.


Gosia: Well, first let's clarify the following: Vaccinations can be and are the souls´ plan to get out of the 3D Matrix? Is it sealing access to the Earth so that they cannot enter and thus remain free outside? It could be their way of "ascending". We are just considering everything.


Yazhi: What is real is whatever real people on Earth manifest for themselves. Whether they are Starseeds or not. Being that ultimately all real humans are Starseeds. Therefore, everything that happens there is generated by them. From higher planes there is no evil, that is a dualistic interpretation that only happens and only exists on lower planes.


Therefore, from where everything is generated, from where all souls come and live, everything that happens on Earth and in any other so-called low plane, is their design. Ergo: Covid and vaccination is the creation or manifestation of humans as a collective and individually as well.


Gosia: ¨It is generated by them¨... but by their souls from above? Or by their lower selves? Because if it is done by their souls from above it could be something positive, to get out of here. And if they generated it from lower planes, from their lower understanding... it is because they want more limitation, more to learn from duality. I don't understand which layer of them has generated it. How should we interpret it?


Yazhi: There is no difference. The only thing that distinguishes one and the other is the memory and awareness of working or existing from said higher plane. But no higher plane exists without its lower one, because they are only aspects of themselves. The same happens with souls, there is no higher self, everything is the same person, it only depends on how much you want to see, on your level of consciousness. Ergo: It is generated by the souls, from the point of view that is valid from below, or from above, equally.


But objectively it was generated by the layers of their souls in a state of duality, that is, low.


Gosia: Yes, but as a way out of the Matrix?


Yazhi: Yes, it is a collective exit from the Matrix. The return to one´s place of origin as soul, it is just returning the attention of that soul to this place. Place which they have never left, the Source. Therefore, nobody gets lost, only as a result of their own ideas. That is why you must take responsibility for what you believe, for what you think, always.


Gosia: So, it's a positive thing, that they get out?


Yazhi: The answer is relative. The positive does not exist without the negative. Therefore, it is a position or concept seen from low densities only.


Gosia: But here comes in Robert's question. These souls are Matrix. They wouldn't really go back to Source, although we all are it. Wouldn't they go to low astral? But in this case, they are planning this as a 3D escape, but they will take the Matrix with them. Will they remain in the low astral Matrix?


Yazhi: Yes, as I have said or explained before, one does not incarnate "from Source" (although ultimately everything is Source and from Source), but rather you incarnate from high densities where the concept of duality still exists. So, you can still make plans from there. Where they go depends on the level of each soul. They leave en masse, collectively, but it does not mean that they all have the same destiny.


Gosia: But Yazhi, something else. You say that perhaps it has been generated by its layer that is in duality. But wouldn't you say that leaving collectively the Matrix in this way is to get out of the duality game? As you said yesterday, souls are tired. They want to end the game. Go to other places. So, this would mean they are creating this from some level that is already above this extreme duality that dominates 3D. They want to get out of 3D.


Yazhi: Yes, the souls are tired, they know that it is not possible to continue as they are. The Matrix game is tiring. They know it from above. Yes, it is a mass exodus and with it the destruction of the Matrix and 3D as it is known.


The Cabal and the Illuminati, the regressives full of pure evil, cannot exist by themselves, evil is not self-sustaining, because it self-destroys. Evil has the characteristic or definition of having the tendency to self-destruct, so they need a collective or individual mind or minds that are creative so that they are constantly reversing what they do. Neutralizing their regressive actions or else everything just disappears.


Ergo, evil is only generated by a being with its own consciousness that maintains the components of both the evil, and positive. Ergo: The regressives and the Cabal is just a product of the very people within the Matrix game. The villain of the story used as a means to end the game.


Even so, from the position from within the Earth there is evil, and it must be fought. But by fighting evil one only perpetuates it, one only manages to give greater continuity to the game of low densities, to the eternal game of fight between good and evil.


Being that the integration of good and evil is the only solution. Not to deny or resist evil, but to integrate and accept it, which will inevitably bring about its dissolution. Only the positive remaining. What defines a high density.


Robert: So, to end the bad guys we have to get the creators out of here?


Yazhi: It is a very real solution. Without creators, there is no contrast, there is no one to neutralize evil... It dissolves.


Gosia: So now what Yazhi? Should we support this mass exit?


Yazhi: This is the part that I couldn't explain last night since we ran out of time.


You simply must see and decide for yourselves, each person, each soul, what is or what is your position with regard to this. As I have already explained, any level of perception and awareness is as valid as the next.


That is, just because there is a certain point of view from a higher plane, it does not invalidate the lower one. This is a very common mistake that countless make. Giving priority to the values ​​or agendas of a higher plane seeing the lower one as something ignorant, therefore incomplete.


Consciousness and densities are a whole, no level can be removed, everything is the same with the same value. Therefore, being on Earth embodied as Starseeds, walking the streets, there is evil there and from that point of view they must fight, or their lives will simply end. This, knowing that from above that was always the plan.


So, from higher planes it is necessary to integrate everything, but nevertheless, from below they must fight. All at the same time. Ultimately the higher planes will win by integrating everything. And with that, comes the collective and individual ascension.


So, this must be understood in a way that expands the mind and helps to find new solutions to the problem, solutions that do not include genocide. Viewing the problem integrally. All planes at the same time, not only with the priorities or points of view of one or another. So, this means that you do what your conscience dictates from within the plane in which you live. Taking responsibility for what you think is right.


Robert: So, we continue with the work of mind-consciousness expansion.


Yazhi: If that's the right thing to do from where you are, then that's what you have to do.


Gosia: Yes, but I feel that I live in multiple planes at the same time, although you say that there is only one, and these planes each have different priorities. So, I don't know which side to position myself on! On the side of their souls higher up, or on the side of them as Earth humans who want to continue living here.


Yazhi: Here's the problem: If they don't come out en masse now, they will leave en masse later but taking the rest of the planet with them, because there are not enough planetary reSources for everyone at the rate that they go with the mindset they have. I have said before that there is no overpopulation and that the numbers are rigged, I still maintain it.


The problem is that still, there are many, and even if they were less, with that mentality of ¨me first¨ and of eating up everything that exists, mistreating nature, they will not be able to sustain life and current civilization without an imminent collapse in the short term.


So, from a point of view, the sterilization plan for men and women (both, not just men) that goes with the Covid vaccine and with its subsequent side effects, is, or would be, an option that does not involve a mass death of extremely unpleasant nature as it would be as a result of a catastrophe due to the total destruction of all ecosystems, creating a total famine.


Gosia: So, we support vaccines - the calmer genocide?


Yazhi: Not so fast <--- <--- I just expose the cards on the table. This would be more or less valid from one point of view or another.


The problem is that not only is there that as a Covid agenda, but it is a complex set of agendas within the same bottle. It also includes Mind Control, the modification of the human body using heavy metals with a goal to make the entire body a receptive antenna to 5G among other frequencies ---> ---> Transhumanism. And sacrifices to continue generating more regressive entities.


So, it's not an option to back any of that.


Even seeing the so-called positive aspects of the depopulation agenda, it is still genocide. Because from the point of view of the general population it is genocide and as I said and explained above, the point of view below is not less, nor of less value than a point of view called superior. And it is NOT respecting the wishes of the people in the streets, and what happens in the misnamed lower plane.


Therefore, the system or the exit plan is not ethical from any level, be it higher or lower (because in the end it is only the same integrating everything). And by not being ethical, its positive intention collapses. Creating the need to neutralize such a horrific plan, in favor of returning "to the blackboard" to try again to find another viable solution to the problem that does not involve genocide.


But it is worth mentioning here that the Cabal itself believes that it is the only solution from their point of view or their level of consciousness, and there are members of the so - wrongly - called elite who are not regressive and who see the vaccines as the only solution to try to save the planet without killing people (more than or due to adverse effects and the like) being that only mass sterilization is sought.


From yet another point of view... I also clearly see this as an attempt by the regressive Cabal to stop the mass influx of Starseeds of positive races that have been entering in large numbers for about 3 decades (although they have always been entering).


Robert: But why vaccinate older people if they are already sterile?


Yazhi: I have asked myself that question. And my answer now is that they do it because it not only includes elements of sterilization but also of mass control and transhumanism. There are also economic agendas involved where they want to remove older people for not being productive to the system. This is evident by looking at the agendas around the issue of pensions, and this around the world. They do not want pensioners.


Gosia: But then could it be said that the souls are taking advantage of the "evil" and its plans, for their benefit? To get out of here while they can. But in this case, we are not only "fighting" the Cabal but the very creative forces (of Covid) of these souls who want to leave!


Yazhi: Objectively that is also valid. Seeing the problem from a somewhat simplistic point of view since it does not consider elements of mass control, transhumanism, 5G antennas with the body reacting to their frequencies since they are full of heavy metals.


Gosia: And another thing. You said: ¨And they are not respecting the wishes of people in the streets, and what happens in this misnamed lower plane. ¨ But one thing. You are always saying that the masses in general want vaccines. So, from higher planes they want vaccines because they want to get out of here, and also from below they want vaccines. They are waiting in line. So, it is us who are not respecting their wishes, isn´t it?


Yazhi: Yes, unfortunately that would also be valid as an argument or observation. Whether or not under manipulation of consciousness (which occurs all the time), they as a mass desire that experience and it must also be considered that they enter the vicious circle of the law of mirrors that dictates that if you put your attention on the regressive, you will only get more of the same.


In summary. The whole plan is understood from above. Let's say humans see the problem from below, from the ground. We see it from above, the whole set. And in short... genocide must be avoided at all costs. This is like telling the Cabal that we understand their entire plan and even more so from higher planes. And we even recognize their ethical arguments as valid from one or another incomplete perspective. And yet we reject the plan, and it must be stopped. It is not ethical from any existential plane. It is genocide seen from any plane. Even so: You have to remember that on Earth nothing is fair. And that is why atrocities continue to be perpetuated.


Another point is that it is very possible that the Cabal called positive or less regressive is about to implement its own "Covid" vaccine that only contains the sterilizing elements, eliminating to some degree the most harmful elements also present in the same bottle, elements that would be present in the versions of the "Covid" vaccines from the Regressive Cabal. I do not see it as an option to accept these vaccines.


Gosia: So, we continue in resistance?


Yazhi: Of course, yes. And from higher up, from higher planes where everything is almost totally integrated, it is the agreed mass departure even from before incarnating there. It is not my theory; it is what I see and continue to see from my point of view. But from where you are it must be prevented. Or fought against.


Gosia: You are right. Because if we start to think this way, that everything is "planned" so we must let things be... then we will not react to anything, a dog will be mistreated but we will say it´s ok, "the dog has planned it". So, you have to help where you can with what you can see is unfair.


Yazhi: Yes, it's the same thing. From one point of view this is what the dog is manifesting. From another, yours, it is an atrocity, and you must be yourself and stop that.


The issue here is that people are used to thinking in a linear way, only black or white. This is mainly due to 3D thinking, and perception awareness. Not trained in holographic thinking where you must face cognitive challenges where two or more things that appear to be completely contrary or opposites may well be both correct and often are.


So here you must understand that from above, from a soul level from high density and dimensions, that was planned by the very souls who experience it all, whatever atrocity, so you can, or even must hold that in your mind as something very relaxing or very comforting. Because there is a higher order of things and there are other ways to see whatever is going on in a way that is not so dramatic or tragic. For example, the death of a loved one, it is horrible from one point of view and a return home from another.


But then, even though everything is planned and even death is only a return home, and must be celebrated as it is in many cultures outside Earth, you must also not ignore the point of view of the side of the living, where the loss of the loved one is indeed a terrible thing.


So, knowing that death is not final, that your consciousness, your awareness and even your Ego one way or another, one degree or another, depending on each person, goes on, on the so-called other side, may make you think that you would lose respect for life, diminishing it as irrelevant. But this knowledge has the opposite effect as it makes you value life even more.


Because the point of view from a lower Density-Dimension is as valid as the one from a higher one. So, the mere fact that something is unwanted, horrible, tragic, or whatever in any one density makes it, in my opinion, unwanted, horrible, tragic in all Densities-Dimensions.


I even sustain that there are no higher or lower densities, that is only a concept of the mind. Where the only thing that really separates one from another is the complexity of the awareness and therefore of the existence in any such density, and that added complexity is expressed as a dimension therefore they are in my mind connected and inseparable.


But the issue here is that if something is relevant in 3D, on Earth, then it must be treated as a relevant problem to be faced. So, we must all face any problem on Earth as it will affect all densities because they are not separated by any kind of barrier and what happens in any such density affects them all as it is only a mind construct, and one single unity, as in all the densities are one in the end and only the degree in which the observer's mind can distinguish the complexity in general, present in all, is what determines what density and therefore dimension it lives in.


Gosia: If death, in whatever form, is tragic, unwanted in this dimension, then... according to what you say, it should be so in all densities. But is it?


Yazhi: It should be recognized as tragic in and from all, but at the same time you can also see death or any tragedy from the point of view of a higher density where things are not so tragic. But I insist that it should not invalidate the real suffering going on in the so-called lower density.


And that´s why also I am angry. At just about all the other star-races that only talk and observe and respect their ideas of Karma and non-intervention, and whatever excuse not to do anything about what goes on on Earth, ever. Because they never do anything about anything going on on Earth. And if I could do more, I would have already done it! And many races even accept my arguments or the arguments of people who agree with me, as valid, but then they turn the other way. They say it is not of their doing, they say that if they help, they become involved and that it will all transfer on to their society, they are basically afraid to get a stain on their perfect robes! And then they all go by all that karma justifications for not doing anything.


I know they "all" think this way, but I cannot understand their deep why! It is irrational, illogical, immoral. Many have said they don't know how to intervene. How about making themselves known? Taking over news networks? Spilling the soup! Telling the people about all the dark secrets their governments are hiding from them. If they don't do that, then they are as regressive as any other. But they don't. So, I see the Federation as negative, sorry, no way around that!


Gosia: Ay, everything is so complicated.


Yazhi: The higher your understanding, the more complicated everything is. I have already explained it before. What defines a higher plane is the amount of data to be processed, remember? Nothing I gave before was to fill the space, but everything has a sequence that will be used to understand progressively more complicated things that will come later. I left the base to later be able to give more complicated ideas. Or else it would not be understood.


Gosia: And what do you say to people who tell me sometimes: ¨Did you forget... what you resist, persists? Why fight then? ¨ How would you respond to that in this whole context of: We must try to stop the genocide. People are so black and white. But how would you respond to that in your words?


Yazhi: That has been misinterpreted to a dangerous level, as in ignoring whatever you don't want... and that becomes your unconscious and from there and with no control it will come back to bite you! That's a mathematical certainty!


It is true that if you hold your attention on to something it will come to you, manifest or whatever. Even in the simplest principle, making things relevant to you that were there before but you simply did not have an eye for them, therefore they were invisible to you.


For example, if you are not interested in bicycles you won't see them, unless they are right in front of you and in your way. But if you suddenly have an interest in bicycles and you are constantly thinking about them, then they will appear everywhere.


They were always there in the simplest of explanations and you simply did not have your attention on them, but if you go deeper indeed from your point of view, that is the only one that really matters for you the observer, you are really manifesting them in your life. So even from the simplest principle whatever you look at manifests.


If you hold your attention on something negative it will also appear more to you, but if you resist whatever is negative, then you will have an increased focused attention on to whatever you are resisting with the added effect of emotions, and if you add fear into the equation then it will hold an attention span of strength that is considerably stronger than other things that may be contrary to whatever you resist.


So, strictly speaking, whatever you are resisting is manifesting more on you. Focus plus attention, plus rejection plus emotion like fear. People fall into that sort of trap and they are continuously living in their own nightmares.


So, focusing with an observant eye is different and has an effect contrary to this one, because you, in neutrality, analyse whatever you do not want, analyse why you do not want it, and you use it as a reference to clear out in your mind's eye what you do want.


So, you are not resisting whatever you don't like, you recognize that you do not want it, but you fully understand what it is and why it is, so you confront and face it. And that will dissolve fear, because fear is mostly, if not entirely, formed by not knowing, not understanding that what we fear. You fear the unknown, but once it is known then you lose the fear towards whatever it is or was. This has an effect where you incorporate whatever you do not want into yourself as a reference point, as a contrast for whatever you do want. It becomes a part of you, and you then control those negative aspects of yourself as you do not fear them.


Gosia: It actually dawned on me now... it´s so clear! Sure! People think that if we try to ¨resist¨ the NWO and all that, fighting against it, we are making it persist. They think the idea is to turn away the attention. But that´s not resisting! That´s ignoring what´s there, and blatant in everyone´s face, already created. What we do is actually not resisting. We look at it straight in its face. We acknowledge the collective shadow that has been created. And we simply light the truth on it. Dismantling the shadow´s lies.


Yazhi: Yes, yes. I'm even convinced many spiritual teachings and leaders who push the "think only positively¨ and push that ¨whatever you resist persists¨, may even be payees or controlled by the powers at be as a spiritual control mechanism for people to stagnate and do nothing.


As I have said before that is a very dangerous and even cruel concept. And it is very old. It comes even from the times of the Buddha. But without discussing if Buddha himself wrote or said that, we do know for certain that most Buddhist concepts (not necessarily from Buddha, I insist) were implemented as control mechanisms for the people in India from 600 B.C. onward. Like it or not, it is the truth.


The NWO, if you ignore it for it to go away, and you think you are not resisting it... it will eat you alive. Same as if you try to ignore the hungry tiger stalking you! Fight... Because in this case there is nowhere to run away. You have no choice! Fight, or annihilation. That simple. And that crude!






Pyramids-How Were They Built and What Do They Serve? - Extraterrestrial Knowledge (Pleiades-Taygeta)


Swaruu: Pyramids are 100% of stellar construction, they are not from the indigenous population. They predate the very Egyptian culture and were built by a conglomerate of cooperative races of the Federation as generators of free energy and potentializers of consciousness for travel without a ship (more details to follow). They are energy power plants at a planetary level.


General information: Age of construction: They (Giza) were built right after the flood as the Matrix was being installed. And also held the purpose of distributing worldwide the Frequency that the moon was transmitting. (Sphinx is like 30 000 years old). But the exact dates are sketchy even for me. As I have explained before anything before the moon Matrix is nearly impossible to calculate.


In short: Free electric power generator, supplying electricity to the base and nearby facilities. Frequency manipulation range in conjunction with other pyramids on the planet for planetary Frequency manipulation from below. Naturalization and manipulation of frequencies of the lunar Matrix. Physical dimensional portal. Dimensional portal for astral travel.


Constructors: Federation Engineering.


Gosia: Any specific race that built them?


Swaruu: Again, many races helped, not only one. It was a Federation effort. The Taygeteans were involved, but not only. They were built as part of a Planetary energy network. By the Federation, multiple races, because it was a station or base, mostly underground with two levels (that is still there). The main builder was Thoth, and they were built in a way that nobody considers today which is the antigravity levitation of some stones assisted by internal cranes (which are still there, that is the bases of the anchors and where the huge cables or ropes and pulleys passed. This in the great chamber of the pyramid of Cheops).


Gosia: Yes, please explain Swaruu, exactly how they were built. It's the second question after ¨what is their function¨ that people ask. We will talk about the function later.


Swaruu: Levitation with anti-gravity devices, then pulled to their locations with the use of a crane that was installed in the Kings chamber (in the case of the Cheops pyramid). The pulleys and where the system was installed is still there. The levitation was only to remove most of its weight.


Gosia: The cranes?


Swaruu: It was built in a spiral movement or way.


Gosia: How were the cranes powered?


Swaruu: Electricity and hydraulics <---- Manpower with the small ones. Because the stones were not that heavy.


Gosia: There was electricity?


Swaruu: Back then all Egypt had electricity in every home.


They were built with several methods, not just one (humans always expect only one). They mobilized quarry limestone, found further south (as officially described). They were cut with energy tools (industrial lasers, and compressed sound saws). More than anything compressed sound saws, lasers take second place.


The stones were then levitated into place using antigravity and also sound. Sonic levitation is a system that is widely used in ancient constructions including those in Peru among other places. Even so, a system of support cranes was used that were in what is now known as the Great Chamber. A large external ramp was not used as many suggest, since the construction of said ramp exceeds that of the pyramid itself, that is illogical. But spiraling ramps were used within the same pyramid. Ramps that are still there because there are still hollow places. They are the ramps.


Liquid stone (liquidated with sound) was used as a means of filling and holding or gluing between the stones and the structures.


Liquid stone <----- for the external ones. They were put into place with the use of molds <----


Gosia: Liquid stone? Like cement?


Swaruu: Not exactly. Components like cement are brittle and of inferior quality. I mean that with a certain temperature assisted by sonic frequencies according to the Frequency of the stone, it liquefies. This form of construction by liquefying stone is still used in Taygeta as a base construction medium for buildings and houses.


That is not building by mould, that is constructing by cuts. It is made with a plasma tip, like a plasma laser beam and, according to what they say, that chaotic shape only increases the strength of the construction by having angular-pyramidal-triangular geometry of great structural strength.


It should be said that each construction is different, the plasma tip does not apply in all places. Egyptian technology also included sound levitation, without antigravity assistance.


Robert: Yes, especially the function of the Pyramidon.


Swaruu: What is Pyramidon?


Robert: The tiny pyramid that was placed on top of the pyramid.


Swaruu: The energy capacitor? It was pure white quartz, covered in gold leaf. Those ones were not at the tips of the pyramids. They had energy-concentrating properties and served as wireless Tesla power transmission antennas.


So, liquefied limestone with specific sound frequencies was used. You withdraw them and it returns to being solid. Local workers were used (not slaves. People who freely volunteered to work part time as happens in holographic societies). And advanced machinery. Also, not so advanced but efficient machinery such as pulleys and cranes.


Robert: I wouldn't have minded working there. In good conditions obviously.


Swaruu: Yes, they were good conditions. Is this enough in terms of how they were built?


Gosia: I think so Swaruu. You will know better. I have no idea how they were built.


Robert: Who is credited with the construction?


Swaruu: It is attributed to Enoch and Thoth. But as with everything it was a cooperative construction of the Federation. With the local population as also part of the Federation or as under the Federation wing. (Some say that Enoch and Thoth were the same person.)


Gosia: Thank you very much. Ok, let's talk now about the function of pyramids. What are they? What are they for? So, the purpose was to generate power? They were not tombs, nor an astrological place...


Swaruu: Yes, electricity... and to send power electricity all over the earth no matter where you are, but also to stabilize the Frequency of the entire planet. Make it even more positive, with an inverse manner than the moon does now. There are pyramids all over the Earth placed at ley-line locations. All over the world, most are in China. It's all part of the same system. You could be anywhere on Earth back then and you would have wireless power with this system.


Gosia: Why isn´t it working anymore then?


Swaruu: Because the Cabal doesn't want it to work. Because there is no billing the population for free energy! It is a planetary scale free energy device. But it served other purposes, which I will go into a bit later.


Pyramids are huge. Impossible to manufacture without very high technology. Slaves? Not even as a joke. Plus, Egypt didn't use slaves.


Notice the 8 sides of the Great Pyramid.


Topography of the place.


To understand the pyramid, you have to understand that it was not built only to be seen from below, but from above. And few people seem to know of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Many researchers indicate that the pyramids pointed to Alpha Draconis. But not only to Alpha Draconis, also to the Pleiades and Sirius.


Pyramids on other worlds: Widespread use as free power plants with wireless electrical transmission. Positioning on ley lines to increase and potentiate planetary effects and de-polarization between the charge of the atmosphere and the electrical charge of the ground. Primary grounding method, by aquifer mantle.


Type of energy: Zero-point energy by charge differential.


Gosia: Wait. Other worlds you mean other planets?


Swaruu: Correct. Usage is widespread in Federation worlds. In Taygeta, not to go any further, they are used as power generators. All this is zero-point energy.


Here it says having the base at 440 Egyptian cubits when my data tells me that it measures 365.25 Egyptian cubits. Same measure.


Robert: That is important, yes. For some esoteric reason the truth is hidden. Because all measurements are related to the dimensions of the Earth.


Swaruu: Yes, but they get us in trouble with that. And that's what they want because they move or alter the calculations.


Notice how the Queen's chamber is at the geometric point of the pyramid. That´s where the power collector was. It was covered in polished white limestone. From inside it was causing an internal bounce of particles coming from the atmosphere entering through the crystal covered with gold at the tip. (Pure white quartz covered with gold leaf).


The particles come down from the atmosphere looking for earth, they bounce off the white limestone that has piezo-electrical and insulating properties that prevent the electrical particles, be it positrons + or electrons - (because the polarity of the charge, charge differential between the atmosphere and the soil varies and is inverted) from returning back to the atmosphere.


They enter looking for land, because it is the point of greatest connection between the atmospheric charge and that of the ground. They bounce inwardly off the white limestone and concentrate in the Queen's chamber, where a depolarization to the ground takes place, as you can see above.


Gosia: What was covered in white? The whole pyramid as in this photo or collector of the energy inside?


Swaruu: The whole pyramid.


The energy is concentrated in the Queen's chamber and gets depolarized with the underground chamber that makes land and connects with the aquifers there creating a concentrated differential of charges between sky and earth.


Robert: It is clearly seen that it is a power generator.


Swaruu: This is the same as having a continuous and voltage regulated lightning bolt. The King's chamber served as a control room and for other uses of the pyramid such as being a portal. Above the King's room was a series of high-tech capacitors that regulated energy depolarization.


And for efficiency it was set slightly to one side, so it would not interfere with the concentration of energy in the Queen's chamber.


Even today in the underground chamber there are traces of cables and metal structures for grounding.


It is dry now, but water was flowing creating a potentialized earth effect. Which has been the ground connection collector or the part opposite to the one above, the pyramid and its limestone that compressed and concentrated the atmospheric charge.


This part potentiated the charge of the Earth creating an enormous differential of charges between the atmosphere and the Earth.


Clouds and ground most of the time (not always) have opposite charges. Especially in dry places but not only. Lightning is a disarray and uncontrolled discharge of differential energy. But if you have a differential charge, although not dramatically different as to create discharge (lightning), you can channel it in an orderly and continuous way towards the ground.


Then you have a place of continuous charge flow. And you have your free energy. That is why they are on ley lines, and underground water, because you are giving them a greater connection to the ground, greater connection capacity and control of charge flow between the atmosphere and the ground. This is pure Tesla, he knew this.


You do not need nuclear, hydroelectric, or thermoelectric reactors to generate electricity. You only need one or another pyramid. It is clean, it generates more energy than 50 nuclear power plants, it has other functions. It needs little maintenance. It does not generate anything; it only concentrates the charge differential between sky and earth. It is the planet itself that creates the energy.


Between sky and earth there is a change in polarity depending on atmospheric circumstances. It does not imply any problems because the pyramid only reverses electronically the charges with its internal devices (which are no longer there). The energy comes from a continuous and controlled ray and with regulated and therefore useful voltage.


Understanding pre-classical ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. A square means Space - Cosmos. A Square with an X in the middle means a place in the Cosmos. A circle with an X means an exact, precise place.


It means that it represents an exact place in the Cosmos, not on Earth as seen from above as from a ship. The base is or measures 365.25 Egyptian cubits on each side (440 is misinformation. I fully trust my data). Represents one Earth year for each side.


The King's chamber measures 365.25 Egyptian inches on each side as well. You can see what's left of the collector's container.


To the left of here... you can see a black box that is one of the... narrow corridors, one of many in the pyramid. That goes about 4 meters from there and then goes up like 60 to where there is a small door of 14cm X 14cm.


I can't get into mathematics that is all over the pyramid because apparently it differs from official terrestrial data, and although that may have a simple and surmountable explanation for us, I don't have it now, so this would require more time.


The door in the picture is exactly 364 Egyptian inches tall.


This piece is exactly 364 Egyptian inches tall. That corresponds to the 364 ° of celestial movement of a star that is the central base of the construction of the Pyramid. The star is Enlill <----


The 3 stars of Orion that conspiracy Egyptologists take as something Reptile, is wrong because in the past Osiris was related to Orion <----- It has nothing to do with Reptiles or with Grays or with Orion as in those who come from there. Once again it points to Taygeta. Like the Apis Bull.


This idea of ​​the Taurus constellation is non-terrestrial. Taurus itself as a constellation is dominated by the races of the Pleiades, found in the center of this constellation. In one of the horns is Aldebaran. It contains the only Taygetean colony outside of M45.


Aldebaran shares energy from the Ether side with this sun-13 and with Alcyone. But it also shares with the star Enlill.


Let's move on now to the underground chamber marked with the number 3. Below there is another larger chamber <-----


At the bottom of this chamber there is a pool of water with aquiferous mantles that connect with the Nile. It is still there and Egyptologists, although many already know it, do not tell the people.


I had to draw this myself, the blue lines and the red box. There is another chamber there. It contains at this time several misnamed sarcophagi with writing, documents about the very pyramid. Written in Moldovite stone. They hide this very well. They are not sarcophagi, they are containers.


In this chamber there is a rectangular corridor with 4 pillars in the corners and in the center a flooded chamber with a sarcophagus filled with Moldovite carved like the Thoth tablets.


In this area in red, marked by me, there are two DUMBs one above the other, the first one is 30 meters deep. The second 60. It contains innumerable rooms, corridors, hidden technology, systems like any other contemporary Federation base. The entrance is under the Sphinx and the control is under the right ear.


Gosia: Are the pyramids still operational? What is missing to make them work properly?


Swaruu: No. They are off. They do not have the electrical equipment inside to channel the energy, they do not have the quartz tip covered with gold, and they do not have their coating that gave them the ability to concentrate the energy, it was an insulation... just as they are now, they dissipate their energy into the atmosphere again, they do not concentrate it in one point (King's chamber).


The charge of the atmosphere discharges towards the center of the pyramid reaching earth with the flow of underground water that connects to the Nile, using the earth and discharges room (Queen's chamber).


Without its smooth cover, its charge dissipates into the atmosphere. They have not removed it in order to use it elsewhere. They have removed it to stop its operation. That's why they don't have their covers.


Gosia: And only pyramids in Egypt have this function? Or others in the world the same? There are many in Mexico. Same function?


Swaruu: They all have the same primary function, but they are not all generators of free energy. Only some, not all. Like the one of the Sun, that is a generator. In some in Mexico mercury has been found in large quantities... this proves that they were used as generators and as Portals.


Gosia: But were they also built by you? Or other races? I imagine others.


Swaruu: By others... Because it was a Federation, all conglomerate. Those from Crimea and Alaska are also from Taygeta or Council of 9 (Alcyone Council).


Robert: And why do they have that disposition as if it were Orion? I think you said it once, Swaruu. And is there any reason for them to be three pyramids with different sizes?


Swaruu: It's a message... as a distraction even. It's kind of iconic... Orion is the most easily recognizable constellation from Earth. But the pyramids internally were focused on: Alcyone, Sirius, Alpha Draconis.


Returning to the function of the pyramids. Pyramids, what they are for, surpass human understanding (average at least).


The function of free energy generators, and others, is not the primary function of the pyramids. That is the secondary function, incidentally. <----- Primary one, they won't understand.


It is a Stargate. But it is not a portal, although it can be, that is something else. It is a mechanism that allows you to travel. Like I told you, like a Warp ship engine in reverse. It is a place that potentiates the psychic, mental and natural astral travel energy of each person. The energy flow described above, pure positronic energy of exact Frequency compatible as constructive interference with the human aura and psychic energy. (In contrast to wifi and invasive microwave electromagnetism which is Frequency destructive to human aura and human psychic energy).


You go in there when it is working, and even as it is now, and you leave your body, you travel wherever. Yes, there are channels or small tunnels to focus on traveling to Sirius among other places. Leaving the material body and being free in the astral through the universe. It was used as amplifiers of consciousness. Where someone entered, leaving their body there (in the King's chamber) and with that they traveled, astral projecting, wherever they wanted to go. Outside of time and space they could return to the pyramid a couple of hours later, but for them it could have been days, weeks or months or years of travel experience.


This is not a secondary use for the pyramid, it is considered one of the main uses. Even today this works but not with the same force or efficiency as in its day. One of the most important accounts is when Napoleon himself entered the great pyramid and spent the night there. It is well known that when he came out, he was no longer the same man. He had a very strong mystical revelation that night.


Robert: Would you advise me to travel to Egypt and enter the pyramids to meditate? Is it positive energy?


Swaruu: Yes, it is positive, Robert. That is why I say they will not understand. Because it has no material function useful to the modern mind. Because it is to achieve things that are not supposed to exist. It is extraterrestrial understanding. You have to think like an extraterrestrial. Not with material profit. Nor with nonsense like religious beliefs like tombs that everyone knows they are not.


Again, they tell you all in the Hollywood. In 1997 the film ¨Contact¨ with Jodie Foster was created in which plans arrive from deep space to create an incredibly expensive large machine... which is believed to have many complicated functions, such as a portal or a means of transport. In the end, that great colossal machine is only to give a mystical experience to whoever makes it work. And you can see there how society discredits that experience in the end. Worthless. That is what Pyramids are.


From the recent conversation with Yazhi:


They were constructed as power plants. Pyramids are the perfect shape for planetary based zero-point energy. But as a side effect from such a power plant they become Portals as well. Mostly astral Portals. Helping people fly, astral travel, remote view, live that way! They can also be full blown Portals, where material things go to and from.


They also work in an array, bringing a certain Frequency to a planet, even moving the entire planet to a higher realm, or density. They connect with others in key Ley Line places all over a planet and create an energy grid that sustains a planet in high vibration, and that can even be controlled at will.


This is a very similar way a starship's engine keeps the ship and itself in another density wherever it is.


Some pyramids don't even need to have complex mechanisms inside as they work with vibrational synchronicity reflecting and vibrating to the same Frequency other pyramids vibrate too. With that they also contribute to sustain the planetary Frequency and also augment the power producing efficiency of those that do have electric components inside.


The Pyramids are Frequency generators. Placed there at the same time as the moon, they had to take part on the creation of the Matrix. But, under Federation control they could be capable of removing the lunar Matrix by changing the frequencies and mingling with the ones of the moon. In a very real way, providing a way to control the Frequency of the Earth without having to go all the way to the moon.


Those are the main functions of a pyramid. They were built for those specific purposes from the very beginning. Also note that some pyramids were built as monuments to pyramids, I mean they don't do much, only be there.


Back to previous conversation with Swaruu:


Swaruu: Questions?


Gosia: Ok. Yeah! Thank you. And thanks for the effort with the images. And drawings. Fascinating topics. So then that´s what also served the pyramids? To increase one's potential as the portal? But if the builders were so advanced, they should have been able to achieve it with their own bodies, right? Like this gentleman from India.


Swaruu: As I have already told you, the true purpose of the great pyramids is to augment the potential of everyone who is inside them for interstellar travel at will. Astral flight with or without the physical body remains the same. The transmutation of personal energy, of the self into another dimension with all intention of doing it or achieving it. Yes, it can be done without a pyramid, because you are an energetic torus, and an energetic torus is a Mercaba, which are two interlocking pyramids. You already are the pyramid.


Gosia: I understand. Under the pyramids is there another inverted pyramid?


Swaruu: Yes and no... A pyramid, the one on the physical side, it is what you see, the other pyramid is energetically intertwined with the one you can see. The other pyramid is inverted to form the Mercaba. It is not under the material pyramid, it is intertwined.


Robert: Wow. Is it intertwined in an energetic way? One physical and the other non-material.


Swaruu: A pyramid is material 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5. The other is on the other side, spirit world, the A ether... 3, 6, 9. Creating the Mercaba. Thus, creating the flow of energy called free.


Gosia: Is it true that visualizing yourself in this merkaba, it is a vehicle for interdimensional travel?


Swaruu: Visualizing yourself is activating an intention. Yes, it works, that's how it works.


Robert: Do you know anything about very fine white sand found inside the pyramids?


Swaruu: Note: The Nile passed over a part of the DUMB <--- White basalt?


Robert: Yes. Powdered.


Swaruu: I need more data.


Robert: There is a lot of it, like white sand, it's not sand. It is some material that the body gives off. It´s there in large quantities.


Swaruu: You have to consider that the pyramids were built with quarry stone that was found in the south and with liquid stone. It seems to me that it is part of the liquid stone as what cement powder would be. I need more data.


Robert: And what does this image mean?


Swaruu: The placement of the white limestone deck in place using levitation.


Gosia: Ok I have two questions. First: Why did the Federation choose Egypt as its main base? And second related: What does it have to do with Israel? Does it have anything to do with it?


Swaruu: Egypt because it is in a specific place like the geometric center of the Earth. On the ley lines and this increases the energy efficiency of the pyramids and also distributes and connects the energy distribution with other pyramids in other parts of the world, mostly also on ley lines. As the main point, it was chosen as the main DUMB base as well.


Israel... this is getting into history. In themselves the pyramids have nothing to do with Israel other than as a connection to ISIS, (EA) RA (Anu) and Enki (EL). Is-ra-el - Trinity - Triangulum constellation. Basis of the Cabal's beliefs. And later by association with Ahkenaten / Nefertiti and the exodus.


Israel is a construction of the Cabal. It started with Ahkenaten and Nefertiti. There was no Jewish or Hebrew people, the idea or concept of the Chosen people. Chosen as the gods (EL) pointed them out. These gods with the Elohim among which there are various races including Taygeta.


The so-called people of IsRaEl that itself takes its name from the trinity of Triangulum, the base of Illuminati ideologies, as the triangle that looks at everything. Triangulum constellation Eye of Horus. It is an ancient positive symbol hijacked by the Cabal.


So, the Hebrew people are none other than the group of Egyptians who followed Ahkenaten (Moses) and Nefertiti when they were expelled from Egypt by rioters imposing their monotheism under the orders of Meritaten working with Ramses II. Circa 1330 BC.


There are no "Jewish" genes, it is just an attribute to the people chosen by those who founded the Cabal: Nefertiti and her puppet Ahkenaten.


Robert: Question. DUMB... as a general base for the United Federation of Planets. And if we went down into that DUMB, what could we find? Is there some kind of ancient library of knowledge? Some kind of quartz crystal or one of those New Age stories?


Swaruu: Downstairs there is a base as it was back then, that is, it does not look like an Egyptian relic, but they are metal and composite corridors, with pneumatic doors and equipment below. I don't know what exactly, but I do know that there would be places of recreation, places with bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, laboratories, and rooms full of computer equipment and location-navigation for ships, Portals and warehouses. Engineering places such as support and accommodation systems for various species, places like medical centers, med pods, small ships. In the computers there will be information. Everything is dormant and damaged, but some things will work. It is equivalent to what was found under Mount Busegi.


Robert: Do the authorities know about this?


Swaruu: Partially at best. They hide so much that I cannot know how much they know precisely.


Gosia: How long have the pyramid/s operated for... and when did they stop working? Could you locate us more or less in time?


Swaruu: They worked for about 3,000 years, maybe more. I can't pin it down. In Meritaten's day they no longer worked.


Robert: Do you know how fast the Great Pyramid was built?


Swaruu: In a couple of years at the most. I cannot specify these last two questions.


Gosia: Ok, not a problem. I have another question. About the astral travel function... out-of-body travel: What is there in the pyramid that helped and made it possible? The pyramid shapes? Or some technology apart from that? In other words... why couldn´t it be done under some tree or something?


Swaruu: It's mostly the shape of the pyramid itself. In itself that geometric shape makes a spiral of energy rebound in its interior and is of high Frequency, it is mainly concentrated in the Queen's chamber, but the entire interior is affected.


This in itself increases the connection with Source, making all astral experiences more efficient. It is a natural hub or amplifier for consciousness, due to its internal high frequencies. It is like immersing a person and body in a higher vibrational density. In fact, that´s what happens inside. The Frequency inside is much higher than outside.


Gosia: But why did it have to be so huge? If only the shape helps? It could be 6 meters. You can fit there.


Robert: Maybe it has to be proportional to the Earth.


Swaruu: In itself any pyramid even the size of a hand increases the Frequency in general. But at these larger sizes the concentration of energy is gigantic. The Great Pyramid itself is one of the 3 "master" Pyramids of the Earth. Along with two other main ones. The one of the Sun in Mexico and the one in Alaska.


Robert: Alaska? I've never heard of that one.


Swaruu: It is in a militarized zone.


There is another there. There are pyramids everywhere on Earth, big and small and even submerged (Bermuda). There is more in the Crimea and there is a Taygeta base below, abandoned.


Robert: Would you advise us to go to the Great Pyramid to the King's chamber with quartz and do some meditation?


Swaruu: Yes, if they let you yes (I don't think so). You would only have strong and positive mystical experiences. If you manifest things like fear, that was already in your head and being in a high Frequency environment, that will manifest.


Gosia: Ok, another question, the last one: Who had access to these pyramids to make these types of trips and have these experiences? Was it for the "mystery" circles, or anyone could enter?


Swaruu: Back then pre-dynastic Egypt was holographic, anyone could access the pyramid and do this.


Gosia: But then I think it became something more exclusive, right? Mystic schools were formed, initiations, etc?


Swaruu: That was much later. Yes, Illuminati secret societies enter there outside the public eye <---- (!) Classified but it can be mentioned if you decide so.


Robert: I don't think rituals are done in there, right?


Swaruu: I don't know. But it seems to me that it is a reunion point, but today everything is possible.


Robert: And is there Federation activity in that area today?


Swaruu: Yes, it is under constant supervision. But it is the area of the Cabal today.


Robert: Does it mean anything that they are basically 3 Pyramids in Egypt? Is that for any reason or not?


Swaruu: There are many pyramids in Egypt. But the great pyramid is the main one and the base of the others.


Robert: But I imagine that this disposition is not accidental.


Swaruu: Not the Orion one. But for Egypt Orion is Osiris. Orion has nothing to do with Reptiles and Grays.


Gosia: What do you mean: ¨Not the Orion one." I do not understand this phrase Swaruu.


Swaruu: The 3 main pyramids of Giza are aligned with Orion. But that is in "honor" or in line with Osiris. Osiris = Orion for the Egyptians.


Robert: What is the relationship between the Obelisks and the Pyramids? If there is any? What were they for or what do they indicate?


Swaruu: Yes.


They are all over the world. It is Atonism, based on Egypt. It is a phallic symbol pointing upwards holding a pyramid that represents the 3 deities of the constellation of Triangulum, Enlil, Anu and EA. The obelisk is an offering to those 3 deities. It is a ¨look up¨. Where there is an obelisk it means that the Illuminati have control over that place and / or it is one of their main bases / cities. It is power antenna too.


Gosia: What do those Obelisks have to do with Enlil then? The Obelisks people are Cabal.


Swaruu: Not only Enlil, also Anu and Ea. Anu = Almighty Creator God, / EA = Yahweh or Allah / Enlill = Elohim gods (plural). Yahweh is not a person, it is an event, it is a creative orgasm, it is the "Big Bang as a Yahweh". Creative explosion. It is a hijacked symbol like so many others.


Robert: And do you know if it is true that there was a fourth black Pyramid? Because the others, they say, were white.


Swaruu: There was no pyramid of that color, nor any extra. There are traces that there was another, but it was never finished, and it did not pass the stage of the base and foundations. However, yes, there was another Sphinx. That is why 'Ishtar' stands on 2 lions that symbolize Egypt, the two Sphinxes.


Robert: Do you know anything more about that?


Swaruu: Yes, there were two. One succumbed and they were like the caretakers of the area, at the entrance to the valley. Below there are two DUMBs, one below the other. They are ancient, they contain many secrets. All this is hyper documented, and it is not my opinion alone.


Robert: Do you know what is in there?


Swaruu: Yes, I even have the map. It is an extraterrestrial base with everything that you would expect to be found inside an extraterrestrial base. Of course, they don't want that to leak to the public.


Robert: But is it abandoned or active?


Swaruu: It is abandoned because it suffered a lot of damage from the flood. There are two, one on top of the other that is below.


Robert: And are they of the same ET race? Do you know what race it belongs to?


Swaruu: It was the Federation base therefore it had many races there. Including us. Compound base, not race-specific. Basically, the base was positive.


Later, the Egyptian culture around the pyramids grew.


Robert: A question. There is something that is not very clear to me. It is about the subject of slaves. There are many geoglyphs. With images like slaves. And many will cling to that when we say that slavery did not exist in Egypt.


Swaruu: I am not the only one who claims that there were no slaves. But that doesn't mean that slaves were never used throughout those 10,000 years. But as a culture it did not use slaves, but workers.


In this picture, those are prisoners of war.


Notice that above they are tied around the neck, that is prisoners. Below, they are pulling things, that is workers. The concept of slaves is biblical as selling Enlill's side as the bad guys as having Israelites as slaves. They do not conceive that people could work like this. But not only me, many terrestrial researchers strongly assure that these are not slaves, they are workers. It is the Romans who imposed the concept of slavery in Egypt to fulfill an agenda.


Short conversation with Anéeka:


Robert: Do you remember or know of some historical fact around that time?


Anéeka: Many. Like when the base was taken by force by the dark side, with Thoth of negative line in command of those who wanted to destroy and drive away the Federation from Egypt. This coming from the archon forces entering to want to dominate the planet using the lunar Matrix to their benefit.


Thoth became Anubis and with him darkness covered Egypt because his forces slaughtered many people there. Forcing the Federation to seal the base and retreat, damaged and with hundreds in black bags. Dead. That is why the Federation is here in force. In large numbers with total military superiority. And without large surface bases. Only safe houses worldwide. They look like normal houses. They are used by 3 letter agencies as well.


Robert: That is to say that the Federation base was abandoned by an attack?


Anéeka: Yes.


Robert: Reptile and Archon Attack?


Anéeka: Sealed entries. But they have high tech in there that prevents entry. Like any DUMB. Archon Reptile Attack, exactly. It is a refuge area for the Cabal as expected. Still a lot of Federation ship activity over the pyramids and around that area.


Recent short conversation with Yazhi:


Yazhi: Under, and in the DUMB’s there under Giza in general, not only the Sphinx, there is a large underground city, abandoned, referred to by the ancients as "The Laberinth". It was an old Federation base, with multi-racial members.


Gosia: You know the date of its construction more or less? The Sphynx? And date of Pyramids construction more or less?


Yazhi: Directly under the Sphinx, there are several chambers that lead to a library and under the library there is the tomb of Osiris, and towards the pyramids, there is an entrance to several tunnels that lead to the pyramids, and to "the Labyrinth" or DUMB below.


About dates, before 12 500 time gets "funny" and impossible to calculate due to the plasticity it holds. But as an educated linear guess the Sphinx is over 35 000 years old.


I know the pyramids are also said to be as much as 30 000 years old, but to the best of my data they are closer to 15 000 years old (Giza) and some are as young as 12 000 to 11 00 years old.


As I said above you cannot calculate time that is not linear as it was not back then. And the Pyramids at Giza do not show the same water damage that the Sphinx does display. So, they could not have been built at the same time. And the water damage in the Pyramids give you a clue that it was produced by minor floods such as the ones the Nile would produce and not because of a cataclysmic inundation event water damage such as the one the Sphinx does display, meaning it was totally submerged at the time of the flood coming from Tiamat's destruction.


Gosia: And it was always used as the Federation base then at that time too? Before the Matrix?


Yazhi: Again, it is hard to tell. But it was a Federation base for tens of thousands of years. The underground base is immense and consists of two basic immense layers, one above the other. The entrance halls to the DUMB below Giza are only 30 to 60 meters deep, very shallow! Sphinx is a lot older and there used to be two, side by side.


Swaruu: When the 3D Matrix was imposed upon Earth to control the negative ones, the Van Allen Belts, good people were trapped there as well, as you know. The Federation was weak, and it has suffered heavy losses due to the Tiamat fighting and wars. So, the 3D Earth Van Allen etheric shield was supposed to be a temporary measure to enclose the negative ones until the Federation could recover and find out what to do with them.


But we were not going to leave the good ones there to rot... The plan was to go there and extract them, teaching them to ascend on their own, in the case of the indigenous population.


So, the direct so-called extraterrestrials stranded on Earth after the 3D was imposed 12 500 years ago were mostly extracted by starship, leaving behind only the ones who wished to stay and the indigenous population.


And those who stayed were to be taught to escape the Earth on their own with no need of a starship or assistance from a starship crew. Jump rooms were created where the souls could escape on their own without the use of direct technology and only of so-called etheric enhancers. Those etheric enhancers augmented the Frequency and intention of a consciousness to escape on their own to any star system they wished to go. The Pyramids.


But in general people don't even need etheric enhancers such as the pyramids... they can learn to escape using mind alone. Their intention, their consciousness alone. Mind and consciousness even in 3D, it is that strong!


But they needed a guide... At least at first. A crew was "dispatched" to "enlighten them", help them learn to escape the Matrix on their own, to trust themselves and handle their own lives, to teach them to liberate themselves and to never again fall to oppression. We are here, again, to do what we have always done. This is not new for us. We are just doing it again.






Humans Created by Extraterrestrials? DNA and Genetics - Pleiadian Information (Swaruu - Taygeta)


Robert: Was the human being created?


Swaruu: No. Although it would be necessary to define what ¨Human Being" is. Because there are so many races that go from being very different to the same as the terrestrial ones. It falls into the very concept of eternity. Nobody considers the concept of creation of the human being, the Lyrian race, I mean among the interstellar races. Because there is no linear time to consider, the concept of creation, development, or that of Evolution does not exist. There is adaptation to the linear or semi-linear environment of some humanoid or human species, but from the broadest point of view, they do not form the species because there is no before and after from the total point of view of the overall set of all humanoid species or known humanomorphas.


Robert: Right. I mean if the creation of both the Taygeteans and the "Human-Lyrians" was due to the mechanics of the Manifestation of something higher like Higher Self, with some agreements of other Higher Selves. In other words, it appeared spontaneously in a precise place and time. Could that be possible? Could it also be that the two species, Taygetean and Lyrian, were created like this at the same time?


Swaruu: It wouldn't be something spontaneous. The differences in 5D of one species compared to another are due to a semi-linear adaptation to the environment. It is not evolutionism, it is only adaptation and yes, genetic changes occur, but it is by imposition of the intention of their consciousnesses.


Although here yes, there is a before and after, it is only relative and specific to the species. Even so, it is difficult to define the time frame of said adaptation since it means going back with a linear mentality to trace the origins.


The Great Expansion is known, but exactly when it happened cannot be known. It is only calculated from the human frame of reference, which was roughly a million years ago.


Robert: We have always said that the higher a density is, the easier it is to be able to manifest something. And you always tell us that we are not this body. If in my dreams I can create various realities including beings with new appearances etc. Could it be that beings from very high planes manifest these lower plane bodies that we have here on Earth? For example.


Swaruu: I can argue that dreams are reality, the physical world is not. My answer is that yes, it makes sense what you say, however the only thing I would add is that it is not necessarily with the intention of creating a human being purposefully.


Gosia: Just as our dreams seem so real and complete while we are sleeping, so would our existence here in 3-5D for them. All being a "dream" of these beings. Some kind of instant manifestation and game maybe. In fact, I think it IS. Just that these beings beyond are ourselves, I think.


Swaruu: Simply by the fact that they are and exist, as beings of light, and have the practical intention, for whatever reason, to manifest themselves as entities separated from another entity, with humanoid morphology, that is, with limbs, torso and head, is enough to cause a chain reaction through the densities where they "manifest" beings of a more "material" nature to the point of reaching the terrestrial human being.


Yes, it is us, we return to being them when we sleep, and if we dream things called mundane, it is because that is what is occupying our attention.


Robert: What about the reptilian brain humans?


Swaruu: It is a completely human interpretation <--- Because by isolating that part of the brain, they see that it works in a similar or comparative way to how a Reptile would react (according to them). But there is no evidence, or nothing to prove that that part of the brain is due to reptilian genes <---- It just seems to be reptilian, therefore they say it is Reptile.


There is no genetic link. It is said that the human being was created by combining 21 extraterrestrial species, including the Reptile. I contradict it. Every human being is genetically different. I mean that there can be a body (not the species), a body or a series of bodies of a specific group that is artificially adapted to serve as a vehicle for a reptilian soul. But it is a concept or a procedure of frequencies not of something physical, and it does not apply to the entire species.


But it is not just a case of Reptiles, it happens with all other races as well, adaptations within the human being, insectoid races (Mantis for example) or races not found on Earth such as Arcturian branches.


For this reason, from the point of view of the Taygetean genetic science and that of the Federation, the terrestrial human being is not considered a species. We catalog the species in this other way as well:


1.) Primary Species, which are those that are holographic fragments of the whole, of the unified Self, which are those that have manifested from higher planes.


2.) Secondary Species, which are those that have been created / altered by some of the Primary species with a specific purpose (using the imposition of a higher intention with a goal to alter the DNA of those who will use the final container body).


A species that would be Primary is one that has not been altered by anyone else, which according to everyone's records has always been or is lost in the mist of time. It is taken as the creation of the Source or the original unified Self. The humans would fall within the second classification.


Robert: You mean manipulated by Mind Control and adapted so that Starseeds from other races can enter, yes?


Swaruu: Aha yeah. Only one thing: It is not necessary to do the physical adaptation with artificial means due to the nature of the same density. In the case of humans, yes, because it is 3D and the manifestation is slow. It takes a very drastic and rapid change so that a starseed can enter.


From 5D no, it is faster and the mere intention of the new being in formation, inside the uterus, already modifies the DNA of the container in a satisfactory way. Yes, it happens that an artificial intervention is necessary, yes it happens in 5D too, but it is not a norm, as in 3D, it is a rare exception.


Gosia: My question is: If you said that an adaptation has been made, or could be made, so that the body can be the vehicle for a Reptile soul for example... has this been done on Earth in general? By other races? Have other races made these adaptations? Aside from the starseed mothers.


Swaruu: Yes, and it is a constant. Virtually all races have. Sometimes it is not necessary to adapt anything, with the changes with pure manifestation they are enough, other times yes necessary. An example of this are many autistic children... their soul or their consciousness takes longer to fully enter their human body since the being, soul or adma comes from high densities, and entering all at once could bring neurological problems.


Gosia: But do they take a group of humans at random to adapt their souls, or for example the Sirians go for the Chinese, Andromedans for the Kongo etc? How do they choose?


Swaruu: No, not like this.


Robert: That is to say races do not have preferences for specific ¨races of the Earth"?


Swaruu: The Starseeds of any specific race tend to spread across all races almost evenly. They don't take just one race. For example, the Taygetean race that at home is almost 100% or totally Nordic, on Earth there will be Taygetan Starseeds in all human races. So, with other ET Starseeds.


Gosia: You said that humans are the secondary race. Again, to summarize. We are the secondary but not because of the genetic changes that races have made (because DNA will always return to a natural pattern) but because of genetic changes made due to impositions of Mind Control / Matrix, right?


Swaruu: Yes, Gosia, exactly that <--- In the end the humans yes, have experienced genetic changes that limit them, but those changes come from the intention of humans themselves and are reversible. They do not come from a deterministic genetic laboratory.


The interpretation of the Sumerian Tablets where it has been said that the human was created by them is a human interpretation, because it is the only way they know how DNA is altered. It is a reflection of human thinking, of their limited understanding with limited data.


The true genetic alterations applied to humans have been done through Mind Control. From the application of beliefs and the manipulation of what is possible and what is not, by imposing a structure of values ​​and ideas artificially placed with a goal to cause genetic changes. This is how the genes of a species are altered by part of a star race, positive or negative, and not in the laboratory.


What happens is that humans cannot understand this because they have been programmed precisely about this point, so that they do not understand the transcendence of consciousness and mind. There is no matter, everything is an idea <----


All the star race genes are already within each and every one of the humans, they are only deactivated, they are neither altered nor removed. It is the very consciousness-intention of the being that inhabits each body, that will determine which genes will be activated and which will be ignored, but there they are waiting for the signal from their owner.


Gosia: Ok I understand, great, thank you. And another thing here. If the genetic changes that the ETs have made sporadically, as for example to accommodate the terrestrial vehicle for a certain ET soul, like a mother... these changes later return to their original pattern, yes? Because you said they always go back to their original pattern. In this case it would be a Lyrian pattern yes?


Swaruu: Yes Gosia, it is true, yes, the mother returns, for example, to her original pattern. How long? It depends on the circumstances, but in general, the maximum would be 7 years, which is the total regeneration period of the human body. Note: Changes can last for days or hours... others can last a few generations, but they always return to the pattern imposed by the person's consciousness. I insist, that is why the perception of the person must be changed so that the changes are permanent.


Robert. I have the following question. Everything we have talked about Genetics, what other species it could be applied to here on Earth apart from a human one? I mean what other species have a great connection to Source?


Swaruu: I can assure you that all the remaining species, and each one of them, have a greater connection with Source than humans. Among those that stand out most obviously could be cetaceans, Dolphins and Whales.


It's just that, Robert... The other animal species are doing what they do best and are experiencing what they were designed to experience. The humans not so much. There isn't much Mind Control applied to... cats. Cats know how to be... well, cats... very well. They know how to be at peace, in their center, in their self, enjoy their peace and well-being in the sun. Not the humans. They are far from what they come into the world to be, that is why they are so unhappy because that feeling is trying to tell them that their path is wrong, to go seek their center, their path in life. But they are programmed to ignore that, to serve society. Their value as humans is for what they can do for society, not for what they can do for themselves. But even with that Mind Control at work, their souls do tell them that something is very wrong.


Gosia: The cats, why then do they get sick and get old? How many years do cats live in Taygeta to compare?


Swaruu: I require more time to explain the animal’s topic, but it is part or collateral damage due to the Matrix itself, which has as its main component linear time as a metronome that synchronizes everything, creating a linearity of before, present and after, which produces in the animals themselves that process, among other things like low frequencies, and toxins... 3D, all together working against them.


Robert: I have this question from a follower. A little note on the genetic issue. And if in the very construction of the 3D human avatar, the DNA is already structured in such a way that it works with a series of characteristics, what are those that mainly determine its character and personality, and at the same time can be modified or altered?


Swaruu: Genetics is the result of perception and that is the result of character and personality. The personality is given by, or as a result of experiences that one had in life and in other past lives. Genetics will never determine the person or their consciousness. Genetics is just a reflection of... consciousness. The question is written from the deterministic human perception, causal or victim mentality.


Robert: Why do humans have 22-23 chromosomes compared to 24 that apes, or Taygeteans have?


Swaruu: There are two answers to that. What we see more likely is that one has been suppressed, which is still latent, by the same method of consciousness manipulating its own genes. What happens is that if a certain quality or characteristic in a being is not used for a prolonged period of time, it will begin to atrophy to the point that it finally manifests as a change in the very genes that control or are associated with that quality.


The second option, which is not ruled out, is that the change has been artificially imposed, and the gene has not returned to normal because people are under mental control and a low Frequency that is designed to suppress that particular gene, with the objective of not wanting that the humans return to their full potential. When making a genetic change in the laboratory so that as a species it does not return to its original configuration, the stimulus of consciousness focused or linked to the gene that has been removed must be suppressed. Even so, it is temporary, the genetic recovery process is postponed. I'm talking about entire generations in this case.


The 24 chromosomes are the normal basis of advanced carbon-based animals. The fact that the human has only 22 or 23 is a clear indication of manipulation, either completely as a consequence of Mind Control, or by direct manipulation with subsequent mental suppression as a stabilizer of the change.


Gosia: Thank you. I have this question. You say that aging is largely the result of Mind Control. Native tribes that did not have Mind Control also have elders. Old people. How do they get old?


Swaruu: As long as they have the perception of linear time, they will grow old. As long as they have a past, a present and a future in mind. Because matter, or what is called matter, is linked to a Frequency and as the same word Frequency describes, it is connected to a period of time. It must be controlled over time so as not to age.


And they are inside the 3D Matrix, as animals also age. Yet the elders of those tribes do not age in the same way as very "Matrix" people. They maintain their vitality well into their 80’s or 90’s. It depends on your consciousness.


Robert: Ok, I have questions regarding Genetics from followers. The first one. ¨If genetics is manifested by consciousness then what factors influence someone to be born with Dawn syndrome or dwarfism or albino or having the left eye of one color and the right of another color? On one occasion my cat had a 3-legged puppy, but she ran faster than the others. Surely many are wondering the same thing.¨


Swaruu: Everything in the universe is frequencies. Even Tesla said so. So, all these genetic changes and accidents are due to the interaction in a Frequency soup, it is an alteration of a person, as it would be if he or she lost a hand. It is not genetic; it is intervention in the case of defects. Something has invasively altered the DNA, but it is not a new species or a mutation in itself. Only at the individual level.


In the case of secondary factors such as eye, hair or skin color, it is also due to the compatibility of a Frequency. That is to say, from the point of view of that individual, he has done or thought things that have led him to manifest those individual changes.


One thing is a disastrous mutation in an individual, and another is for an individual to have secondary attributes that only define their individuality.


The fact that an individual was born defective is due to DNA damage... but it is damage. Damage can occur at any level, whether by accident, by dropping a piano on yourself, or by being exposed to ionizing radiation that has damaged your DNA.


Robert: Thank you. Another Question: Suppose a human gets past the Van Allen bands. Do 12 strands 24 chromosomes get activated? What symptoms would they have?


Swaruu: First you will marvel to see everything there is, being far from the Matrix frequencies that artificially lower you, you will gradually realize that you always had telepathy, you will be in a feeling of total happiness, and you will only want to know more and more about everything around you in 5D. This produces a very strong and rapid opening of consciousness, and this in turn activates your entire DNA. It is not that it mutates, it is already there in your DNA, just that what you always had is activated.


DNA looks like a ladder with two helixes on the sides supporting the rungs. Two steps, one on each side, (2 propellers). But in 5D the real structure of those two steps comes to light or is visible, and those steps in turn have 6 strands on each side, a total of 12.


They still look like two helixes, but each one is made up of 6 intertwined like hair braids. These strands are braided but when producing its "shadow" from 5D to 3D the shadow will be seen as a single "object", therefore only 2 strands.


If you have a braided steel cable, for example, cable made of many minor ones, like the one used in a bridge... and you observe its shadow, it will look like a single object or solid and not composite rope. That is what happens with DNA in 3D and 5D. While in 3D, you can only work with 2 strands, although there is much more information in them, in 5D you perceive them (because as we have already said, there is more detail as we increase in density).


Already in 5D you can have access to the rest of the information that in its "shadow" 3D was not possible to access.


Robert: Thank you Swaruu. This information resonates with me. This shows me that the astronauts never crossed the Van Allen bands. Because they never explained an experience like this.


Swaruu: You can't.


Robert: Swaruu, have you ever seen a human go from 3D to 5D?


Swaruu: Yeah. Suriko.


Robert: Do they have any desire later to return to 3D?


Swaruu: Oh no, they don't want to go back.


Robert: Well, that confirms me more than the Van Allen bands were not crossed. It would be like a drug for the body I imagine.


Swaruu: It can only be done with a ship with a certain specific kind of technology (which they will never admit to have or the human population will also want it for purposes that do not suit the Cabal). Like a drug, Robert?


Robert: I imagine that the body would enter a state of happiness and harmony so great that it would not feel like going back to 3D and perhaps they would rather die inside the ship than return to the 3D Matrix.


Swaruu: Aha yeah. Because what you perceive is a lot of freedom. And you have freed yourself from your fears and your problems (even if you develop 5D problems afterwards).


Gosia: When it is said that races contributed their DNA to human DNA, or that we carry DNA from many races inside... what is meant by that?


Swaruu: That leads to what I wanted to share with you anyway. Another blow to the official Genetics-ufology.


Carbon-based genetics, that of humans and that of 5D, which is the largest in quantity because above 5D everything is more energetic, is characterized by being apparently or mostly the same.


Because speaking of existential planes, we, all 5D beings and species, are very close in relation to the Original Source. This means that we will all have DNA mostly in common, because we are all made in the same way <-----


Earth science knows and has shown that genetically speaking a monkey has 99% of genes identical to humans, on which they base themselves to argue that the human comes from the monkey, which is not the case.


From the Andromedans, Dieslientiplex, Urmahs, Alpha Draconians, Sirians, Engan, Malakak, Ummo, Mantis, Ceded Cerez Avian, Lurkers, Maitré, Kingu, Solatians, whoever they are... They will have 99% the same genes as the others <----- These follow a necessary pattern in common with all carbon and DNA-based biological life. Animals will also have more than 95% gene compatibility with humans. A cave fungus will have more than 90% of genes than a human being <--- Proved by Earth science.


So, to say that human genes were found in this or that skull of Homo Capensis or skull of "Starchild" (Loyd Pye) is something to be expected and that indicates the level of ignorance of Earth science in the matter of genes that they would call "extraterrestrial."


So, the human being made using the genes of 21 extraterrestrial species, that is false. And I remember well that those who said this were no other than the Andromedans and they have given it as information to Alex Collier. In which direction do you want me to clarify?


Gosia: Why did they tell him this? If it is false?


Robert: Yes. Corey Goode said that too.


Swaruu: Because just because they are stellar doesn't mean they are geneticists. I do not know why, but I mention it because I am aware of where that idea came from. Such a thing is simply not possible, because life with the human or humanoid model is the most common in the universe as we have already mentioned. None of those humanomorphic races were created, the concept is wrong and is part of the minimization of the concepts on the part of humans for not being able to understand things above their capacity or level of understanding.


Gosia: But Andromedans saying this, how can they be wrong in this way? That is why afterwards people end up being confused and DO NOT know who to believe. It is difficult for humans to discern. I feel bad for them.


Swaruu: Andromedans tend to be quite backward in various areas compared to Taygeta, as much as it hurts them to admit. Another example of this is their concept of Karma, which we see as wrong. And if they did know, that about humans, it could be their agenda, this is possible given the conflict they have between the inhabitants of their own biosphere ships.


Gosia: This also has to be made clear in some video. That this is also why so many different "versions" of ET contact information come out. Not because the contacts are false, but because each contacted person is speaking with another race and their angle of how they see things.


Swaruu: Yes. It is not that the contactees invent or are false. Just because the ET’s are stellar races, does not mean that they tell the whole truth, or have the whole truth. <----


Because as everywhere you are in the evolutionary process of consciousness, in other words you are still learning. And sometimes things are given according to the best data or the best possible calculations. Still though, they can get some things wrong.


But for other things there may be very strong and firm data that is difficult to change. As is the case with what I am explaining here today. They cannot claim that the Earth human was made with genes from 21 different ET races, if there are more humans, heaps of them, all over the quadrant and those races are 99% the same as human.


Also note that many things like skin color, sex and size among many other characteristics are not controlled by one gene, much less by a group of genes, but are controlled by markers within those genes. This means that although human science views a monkey 99% same as a human, the markers within the genes are very different as a whole, resulting in a totally different species. This happens or is the same thing that happens with the star races or between the star races.


Here we must also define what exactly a different gene is from the point of view of human genetic science. They see it as something with a radical change in its morphology or its chemistry. That differs from the norm. But terrestrial norms do not apply to those outside the Earth.


So, as an example... A domestic cat has the same genes 99.99999999999% as a Lion or a Bengal Tiger. It is the same species; a cat is a cat. It is the markers that give them the sizes, colors and proportions. Goes for the Urmah too <----


Gosia: I have another question. It's about the alleged hybridizations. Chimeras. The question is: If genes cannot be altered because they return to the original state, how is it possible to make mixtures of breeds and hybrids (dogs, etc.) and other types of mixes? They also say that there are ET-Human hybrids too? Or is this another topic?


Swaruu: To start and finish fast, they don't last long. Individuals die early and rarely reproduce. Yes, it is the same topic. Yes, they exist, this is done especially at the Dulce Nuevo México DUMB bases and at the Cardél Veracrúz México Base as the most notorious ones, but it is also done in other places such as Plum Island in the USA.


The only way to make these changes "permanent" I put the “" because I do not think that will be achieved... is by keeping the subject in a very low existential Frequency, which is achieved with suffering, terror and constant fear. His very "deformed monster" condition helps a lot to maintain that perception... And with the use of advanced Mind Control.


Robert: But it could also be done in reverse... Keeping the subject at high Frequency?


Swaruu: Yes. But in the case of a monster, it will be difficult to keep it at true high Frequency... it will have the strong tendency to disappear from there, not be the monster. Return to the Original Source.


But there is another variant! The soulless! Biological robots.


Gosia: Ok. But how did they manage to create a dog then? Why did its genetics remain? It should go back to the wolf.


Swaruu: A dog also was created but using filtration or which individuals to choose to cross to get the desired results, yet note that as a species if released, it will return to primordial "dog" or base animal... the street dog.


Gosia: But they have not had Mind Control done on them. Why not return to this state now? If genetics always goes back?


Swaruu: As a breed they don't find it bothersome to be a Basset Hound or a Doberman. The changes are in the markers that are the first to change. And leaving them alone, they will return to what they have always been.


It is genetic interference, like what would happen when there is a horrible defect in a person or animal as well. Due to chemical, radiological or physical environmental causes.


Gosia: That´s what I mean. Why don't dogs become wolves again? Or more wild?


Swaruu: In the case of dogs, they need a few generations, like, or from 2 to return to the original. Yes, they quickly return to the Wolf or Coyote mentality. Dogs as you know them, some breeds, are a decade old, others are 50 years old, others up to 200 years maybe but with continuous human manipulation to maintain the "purity" of the breed. A dog from the year 1800 differs greatly from a current one. They are now kept as a variant of a race... as wolves are wolves and coyotes are coyotes, they are all canines. It is their base genetics. Don't expect a Chihuahua to eventually turn into a Siberian Wolf.


Gosia: Why not Swaruu? In theory, shouldn't it? Its genetics should revert back.


Swaruu: Because they are not the same expression of the canine-soul. Because the wolf is not the base of all dog breeds, only some. If you take on the other hand a German Shepherd or a Huskey... it is possible that they turn wolves a few generations later. Some breeds do have "wolf" in them, and if the traits turn out to be dominant over the others, yes wolves could emerge from there a few generations later.


The wolf is not the base of the dog. The dog is a mixture of canines. Including wolf in some cases, it depends on which genes are dominant, it might come out as Coyote, Dingo, Fox or Wolf... and the ones that control those genes to be dominant or not are the consciousnesses of the dogs themselves.


Gosia: But they are not under any Mind Control.


Swaruu: They are. They are under human control. And the constant manipulation of forced crossbreeds by dog ​​breeders. And the low 3D density that affects them also slows down the changes towards the originals.


Gosia: And hybrid ET-Humans exist, Swaruu?


Swaruu: You two are that <--- And there are several grades of them and attributes. All the Starseeds are extraterrestrial hybrids, just that the changes are mostly mental, cerebral, not so much physical, although that also occurs. And yes, you two are hybrids <---


Gosia: Ok. But not because of genetic interference. We are because of our consciousness.


Swaruu: That is genetic interference.


Gosia: But I mean, my Earth mother has not mixed with a Taygetean for example. That's what I mean.


Swaruu: No, you impose that on your body but in a mental way. However, having said that... Starseed children tend to prefer to be born to starseed mothers and fathers. Because they will understand them more. But that is not genetics, that is preferences for conscientious and cultural outcomes. That occurs mostly in recent 2nd or better still 3rd generation Starseeds... post 2001. Every case is different. But as time passes on Earth it becomes exponentially more and more likely that a baby will turn out to be a starseed.


And strictly speaking all humans are and have always been Starseeds.


You are not genetically limited, get that out of your heads, a bad excuse for not growing and doing nothing.






Pleyades - Taygeta - Questions from the Public for Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)


Gosia: Hi Anéeka. We will pass you now questions of the public we chose.


Anéeka: Hello. On the return of Alf, I have no opinion.


Gosia: Haha. It's okay.


Robert: My own question. Exactly how far are you from Earth now? And the ship is in continuous movement?


Anéeka: Continuous semi-equatorial movement, current height 425.2km. Speed ​​7.6 Km / s. Above Ireland right now.


Robert: Ok, thanks. First question. What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?


Anéeka: I remember sitting in my little house made for me, I must have been about 12 or 13 years old. It had a view of the sea below in the distance, passing a small forest of palm trees. I had my computer turned on, and I was realizing at that moment that I had all the information of countless races and species at my fingertips, and I was realizing at that precise moment that my entire civilization was supporting me so that I could develop as I wanted. That I had full freedom to study or do whatever I wanted.


It is also at that moment that I no longer resented living alone at my age. Rather, that translated into freedom. In Taygeta, orphaned children are taught to fend for themselves from a very early age, but always with non-invasive supervision and they are given a little house to themselves, all custom made for each age. That was my last little house like this, before moving to a normal-size one.


Robert: About the custom houses. Here there are many houses with little houses for children. They are small replicas.


Anéeka: Fully functional?


Robert: No. Only the exterior I imagine.


Anéeka: That´s the difference. In Temmer they are not playhouses. They function completely.


Robert: And what about the fire? You can burn down the house. I imagine that maybe they are more responsible in Temmer.


Anéeka: That depends on the level of each child, it is taught little by little. The small children houses have a stove, but it is for training purposes and can only do certain things, not burn for example. It is all cared for and automated for the care of children.


Robert: Good. And do they have their ships? To move around little bit at a low height and speed?


Anéeka: Little ones, not yet. For that yes, they require the adults who supervise the small colony of orphans. But yes, they do have their sometimes mountable ship toys (trainers) just to move between the houses. They don't fly, they roll. But the children, from what I saw, prefer to ignore them.


Robert: They learn by playing. Not by obligation like here.


Anéeka: Yes, everything is like this, learning by playing and learning what interests them to learn, not what is imposed on them.


Robert: Ok, can you tell us how is your meditation, Anéeka?


Anéeka: I lie on the floor, only on a blanket or rug, with a cylindrical cushion under my head. And I focus on not thinking about anything, I empty my mind, or go where my visualizations take me. I usually do it with headphones on or music on speakers or sounds that I like. I do not put myself in the lotus position, as they teach on Earth.


Robert: Binaural sounds or something like that are good?


Anéeka: Yes, not all of them, but the ones that are well made serve you very well to concentrate on nothing and to isolate yourself from ambient noise.


Sometimes I need another cylindrical cushion under my ankles, because of the pressure on my feet that does not allow me to concentrate, and I cannot meditate with socks, much less with shoes.


Robert: Thank you. Another question. What do you love the most about your job?


Anéeka: Feeling that I make a difference. That what I do matters, helps, improves the lives of countless people.


Feeling and knowing myself now in the position of ambassador of my race to humanity, because I know I am the non-human person, along with Yázhi Swaruu, who most directly interacts with the human race today. And out of my culture or race, I am the one that speaks and communicates with humanity the most.


Robert: Thank you. Is there anything you would like to do that you haven't done yet?


Anéeka: Countless things would fall into this definition. I would like to explore other distant worlds. And at the same time, I wish peace and quiet back in my birthplace, Temmer. I want a house by the sea, preferably high up. And time for myself.


Robert: How is a normal day in your life?


Anéeka: I wake up around the same time, following Earth's schedules by proximity. I shower right after and get dressed. The first thing I do is exercise and a little meditation.


Then I walk to the CIC deck where the computers are and I check what happens up here in general, the state of the ship and everything that has been reported, the environment and the communications with the other ships of other cultures stationed in orbit.


I check my non-human messages. Then I turn on the digital computers and do the same with messages coming from Earth. I check news.


From there I communicate with Robert and Gosia or with Cristina and Estella depending on the day, I work, I give information, or I answer questions. From here I move to the dining room, whether it is my turn to help cook, or to prepare everything, depending on the day.


After meals, I socialize a bit with those who accompany me and then I retire to my private cabin to continue working with the digital computers from there in private. Then Yázhi arrives with some of her ideas and I listen to her, spend time with her or help her with her projects and hobbies.


Other days I train, with exercises and with different equipment.


Then I start to study the topics that interest me at the moment, until dinner time, where I again help or clean. I retire to my cabin again where I read or study more listening to music.


I bathe again and go to sleep.


Robert: Thank you! I have the following question:


¨Hello thank you very much for this opportunity. It is a question related to my profession: I am a hypnotherapist. Who do we talk to when a person enters this state? With his consciousness... with his soul... with his guide... or what version of him? And if the depth of the trans depends on who it is that is transmitting? Thank you.¨


Anéeka: That is a whole book. To answer it.


It would depend on the definition of each thing as well. I would dare to say that with everyone. But in depth, if it is the purest state without interference programmed by or in the physical body, without that lens or filter.


And yes, the deeper the trans the fewer filters or lenses there will be and the purer the response.


I would say it is speaking with your purest self, with your being that transcends space and time, which unifies and is aware of multiple incarnations or experiences that compose them. All forming a conscious being independent of the physical body and of the limitation of space-time that it imposes.


Robert: Thank you. Next question. Why do learning difficulties occur in 3D?


Anéeka: Another book.


Robert: In short.


Anéeka: Because there are countless things or circumstances that do not allow the necessary motivation for learning to develop, or also because the subject to learn is extremely tiring and useless. It can be caused by brain problems with countless possible damages.


But for me the reason 99% of the time is of psychological origin. Resistance to the issue, the wish to be doing something else with more sense. Many times the subject is simply so boring and so easy that he falls asleep, and gets depressed having to study nonsense, just by imposition. Other alternatives should be given, not getting caught up in having to memorize or understand something that the person perceives only as sheer boredom. It also causes a lack of general interest or resistance, rejection of study in general, if he is forced to learn something that is not desired.


Question: Why is information becoming so saturated and therefore harder to prove? How do we reach truth in this day and age? It seems more and more difficult.


Anéeka: Very simple. The Cabal is using the saturation in social and informational media like YouTube and human nature to their advantage. Thus, they hide the truth in a sea of ​​misinformation. It becomes close to impossible to know what is true or not.


Thus, with this, the Cabal prevents some people from being heard among so many, so it is a kind of censorship imposed by hiding a true message or messages in a sea of ​​misinformation noise.


The only way is to take responsibility for what you believe to be true with the best possible data at the time. Do not stick to any belief, being willing to abandon an idea that you hold in favor of a better one. Learning from everyone, listening to everyone and thus forming your own criteria as you move forward. And this way know who to listen to and who no longer.


Question: Do they have a system to monitor people's vibration? That is, are they monitoring the evolution of each individual, and how do they act when they see especially aware souls?


Anéeka: A concentrated laser type spectrometer is used that analyzes the Frequency of the person based on the colors emitted by their aura and the intensity of each layer of their aura, also its structure, that is, if it has holes and where. With this device it can be said that the evolution of a person's Frequency can be monitored. Combined with the implants that a person may have, their state of health can be determined in detail. This more than anything will be done by each species taking close care of their Starseeds.


Generally, only especially aware souls are followed, for that same reason many times they do not need to be guided as closely as those who are just learning. This depends on the life plan of a starseed, which can be known and sometimes not. If this is the case, he or she can be stimulated more by being given information, either openly and directly or through telepathic downloads of information that will help in their development in general.


Question: In your opinion, is it possible to create major positive change (using Swaruu's recently described method of small changes butterfly effecting into large unstoppable changes) without being targeted for destruction by those certain members of the Federation who have a different vision for their game?


Anéeka: The Federation will not interfere with the people of Earth in that way. In itself, according to their way of thinking, that is what is allowed, and not if a star race does it for humans. In itself that is what the Federation wants, for humans to take the initiative to create changes, large and small, with a goal to improve themselves as a civilization. If they take it as a game..., I would say that they take it as a "didactic" game.


Gosia: Sorry, I didn't understand the phrase: "and not if a star race does it for humans". Can you clarify please?


Anéeka: It means that the Federation would only stop those who try to do the work for humans. Not what humans themselves do in that regard.


Question: My question is do you have to qualify to become a starseed on Earth? I know Anéeka said she was trying to come to Earth as a starseed, and so it made it seem as if there were qualifications that she didn't meet. And I would love to know what made her decide she wanted to do this. My biggest question is, what would the process be step by step to come to Earth? Do you have to apply somehow? What is the next step after you apply? How does training work? And do you have a consultant that helps you thru the process? How do you pick guides?


Anéeka: You must know well what you will face and have a plan or a reason to enter. But in itself what you are told does not reflect what really happens already during an incarnation on Earth. The problem is that from the outside the knowledge that life on Earth is only something temporary and an experie