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20180929-Taygeta-#3-Extraterrestrial Message from Taygeta Pleiades Prime Directive

20180902-Taygeta-#2-Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta)

20180902-Taygeta-#1-Extraterrestrial Message-Taygeta (Pleiades) Who Are We


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Moving through Ether - Stellar Navigation 2 (PART 6) (Extraterrestrial Technology)


I have a basic concept, and it is a little bit difficult to explain. How, from a location, the ether, you can arrive at all locations in the physical world, including all points in time of those locations - in the physical world.


If you are in the ether, as from the ether you manifest everything that is, it then becomes just a point of view, which in this case is a point of view equivalent to a frequency. You only change your point of view-frequency from the ether and you're already where and when you wanted. No need to travel or move. Just change the frequency you have with the ship's engines, to be compatible with seeing or being on another frequency ----> which in turn is a place with a specific point in time.


Everything exists as an overlay, and a temporary place and position is perceived only when there is a frequency energy compatibility. It is comparable to being in a dark room ... there are objects in that room that can only be seen with a certain light filter. So you turn your flashlight on with a blue light. You can only see things that are not blue because those that are will disappear from your sight. But if you change the frequency of light, and you put a red filter on your flashlight, then you can see the things that were previously invisible to your eyes, because they are blue. And at the same time you will no longer be able to see the things that are red, which were previously visible to you when you had the blue filter on.


When a place has a frequency; by matching that frequency it becomes that very same frequency, indistinguishable from it.


When you transmit a frequency of whatever, say 102 Mh ... and with something else you transmit 102 Mhz, it only becomes more of the same. They are indistinguishable from each other.


The toroid frequency of a ship is just like the blue or the red filter of our flashlight. We can only see or experience a place in space or time through the frequency filter that the toroid is.


We just turn on our blue filter, and we perceive being in the Pleiades-Erra. With the engines we change it to the red filter, and suddenly we perceive being on Earth. Nothing has changed, it is only our perception that modifies what we see.


You have a radio or a stereo system to listen to music. You tune in to 102.5 FM and listen to Richard Wagner, then turn the knob and tune in to 92.4 FM and listen to pop-music. The two things were already there, in the same space. It is only the filter of your attention that allows you to listen to either Wagner or pop-music. As if your stereo-radio device was your ship. But the device itself does not move, it doesn't go anywhere.


The ship has an exact frequency map in its computer. At will it envelops itself in a high-energy toroid, through the principle of dominant frequencies. The exact energetic frequency of the toroid is imposed on the very ship and all that is within it, controlled by the computer. It changes its exact frequency to make it compatible with the place of destination, at the expense of ceasing to be compatible with the frequency of the place of origin.


Time is only an energetic - frequency variant of a place. In itself, in isolation, time is stopped. It is only with the presence of a consciousness from that instant, which is a frequency in itself, that the scene begins to be animated with a sequence of events.


So, all the nano-second instants that have never existed within the Universe, continue to exist as frequencies within a field that is infinite and includes everything. This field is the ether. Every moment in time is like a still-photograph in time, events detained as in frames of a film reel. They are isolated still images, without meaning, without sequence, only some very similar to others. All is within the ether, without time, they are only fixed, eternal positions that make up the whole, which is the source, the unified I, the ether.


As a film reel, it is not animated. It takes someone with perception to come and animate each detached image, to give them meaning, sequence and velocity.


Swaruu: Each sheet of paper is a place in space time. It is fixed. There is no time, it just is. Traveling by ship to a particular position is simply to be compatible with one or another sheet of paper. From your arrival to that particular sheet, is from where you begin perceiving the animation.


This means that it is not a problem for a ship to travel from point A to point B, nor is it a problem to travel from one date to another. It is the same in space and time. This is called supra-luminar flight, and exceeds light speed by amount of incalculable factors as it is an instant process or "jump," regardless of distances or dates in the world or the physical side of the Universe.


In itself it is not so difficult to understand once these things are comprehended. You only need a detailed frequency map, and a device that changes and changes your frequency with precision.


Gosia: Swaruu, you speak of the observer, and how he or she animates everything with the perception. But the question still burns in me ... where does the OBSERVATION itself come from? This something that we are, OBSERVING and animating everything. How does the process of observing get produced, of the consciousness itself with the ability to observe? Self awareness?


Swaruu: The very process of being aware, awareness, having knowledge of your very existence ... bestows a process that implies contrast in one way or another. If it is the whole, everything is present in the whole. Therefore it would include all existing points in time and space, therefore there would be no temporal animation or any perception of the course of time. Because everything is contained in the source of everything, which in this case I call ether. At the moment that there is a perception of separation from the whole, as a holographic fragment of the whole, there is a perception between what one is and what one is not. This is the basis of the perception of the animation of time, from the point of view of a particular observer-consciousness point.


The perception of apparent separation from the whole. Being aware of what one is - and of what is not part of oneself, is the basis of time itself. And as I have described before, the speed of time will depend on the amount of data that a consciousness can process in its awareness being that the more data the faster the time is perceived. As an example of this, a young child perceives time as something much slower than an adult, because he is processing less data than the adult.


However, by further accelerating the amount of data perceptible by the awareness a point is reached where a unification of temporal perception occurs, creating a new illusion of presence in a density, illusion because thats what density is. You change of one density to a higher one, where more data is processed, more awareness, more perception. However, if you compare it in one way or another with the speed of awareness of the first comparative point, you will find that there is a very pronounced time slip, as in the case between Temmer, Erra and the Earth, that is 4.6 days on the Earth for one day in Temmer or Erra. However, the perception of the duration of a day in one place or another is basically the same.


It is only the perception, say the average of the collective "Matrix" formed by the individual consciousnesses that exist in a specific place, plane or density, and of which we cannot have a perception that one lives faster or slower for the duration of a unit of time, if we do not compare it directly with another specific place. In this case the Earth vs. Temmer, for example.


Gosia: And what produced the apparent separation from the whole that you mention?


Swaruu: It is said that the original source, the whole, was fragmented because it was the only way to continue expanding, which is the only thing that all organisms with consciousness desire.


But why? Or how does it happen exactly?


If the great Ether, original source, universe or whatever it is called, is everything and understands everything, that everything is part of the same in a unified way, leaving nothing behind, all inclusive, then it would also necessarily include the concept of having apparently isolated points. They are fragments of the whole. In this way it could be explained that simply by its nature of containing everything and absolutely everything, the Ether must include the consciousnesses and their perceptions of being limited, of being or not being something more. The emergence of duality, the I am versus the I am not. The fragmentation process is therefore just the mandatory part of the Ether itself.


Gosia: Thank you. I understand.


Robert:  A question. So logically, if we want to visit Earth in 5d, it will have totally different "coordinates" to 3d Earth, right?


Swaruu: That's the way it is, right! So, 5D Earth already exists and has always existed. It is not perceived by the perception of the consciousnesses that inhabit it. It depends then on the people to raise, or not, their frequency of perception. And neither I nor anyone from outside can do it for you. And once again, although the masses criticize me: It is the job of the humans and only of them to work on themselves and collectively to be able to perceive an already existing 5D Earth.


I have already described how and why, by modifying the frequency of the ship through its toroid, it jumps from one place to another. A ship only has to match its frequencies with those of the destination and it is already the destination because a frequency that is equivalent to another is only more of the same frequency. It does not differ. This is energetic law.


A large ship, fighter or higher, I speak of those of Taygeta, works by combining three forms of flight, through two means of propulsion, gravitational, action-reaction, as well as high energy toroid for supra-luminar flight. It is used as deemed necessary, depending on the maneuver.


For example, when a fighter ship or higher enters the atmosphere, say when approaching a port, in Temmer, it will do so using gravitational engines almost exclusively, as they turn out to be the least invasive for the population below, especially when speaking of descent towards the surface and doing landing maneuvers of a large ship like this, 2000 metres long (seven nose-to-tail aircraft carriers) and 20 million tons of steel and titanium.


Needless to say, it is a delicate maneuver. As a child, I remember well watching a large ship similar to this coming down from the clouds, removing the clouds, moving slowly down to the port. Smaller ships escorted her on both sides, making sure that everything went well. When it descended I could see the area of the engines in the back. A large hole on the side with a large piece missing, some gas coming out of the huge hole, as if a cosmic shark had torn a piece from the engine area. The ship was going down for repairs. Even so, with all the damage and all, it came down with its own power, thanks to multiple propulsion systems.


Typically, a ship will take off from the surface using gravitational engines. Already in height, around 20,000 metres or more, it turns on the large plasma jets. With them it leaves the atmosphere and speeds up to around 40,000 or 50,000 km / sec, where the toroid is switched on and the ship jumps to hyper space (to the ether).


When descending from hyperspace, the toroid is switched off and the ship descends from about 100,000 to 50,000 km / sec. by starting either the plasma jet front engines, retro-rocket style, or using gravitational engines to slow the ship down.


Some ships do not need that, such as the Suzy class ships. They can jump into hyperspace completely detained, and return from it already completely stopped. In the same way, the Suzy Class ships have a cutting-edge technology that separates them from other classes of ships, even from Taygeta, making them the most advanced. It is considered secret technology or "TOP SECRET" as it is called on Earth, although the fact of them existing is not secret. It is only how it is achieved: Being able to jump into hyperspace from an unmobile position, and from there operate without moving anywhere, still detecting its original surroundings. While in this flight mode, static hyperspace, they are invulnerable.


From that flight mode they can be present anywhere, gather intelligence, extract personnel from the surface, go through walls, because hard matter does not stop them, or even carry out attacks with their weapons, all being undetectable and invulnerable.


This technology is considered as a deterrent or persuasion, where the mere presence of a "Suzy" changes the scenario in Taygeta's favour. But it is known that this technology exists, and that Taygeta has it, but nobody else. With that, Suzy class ships being extremely dangerous. So far, other races have not been able to replicate them.






Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian (Part 2): Dhor Kal'el - Extraterrestrial Contact


Robert:  What knowledge should you have to be a pilot? Or can anyone be it? Just take a course and off you go, or what kind of preparations do you need? And if there is a program, is it difficult or not, or in a nutshell, can anyone be a pilot?


Dhor Kall:  In addition to having good health, passing the physical, you need to have a high sense of direction. You must have spatial comprehension skills, I mean volume, not outer space only. Pretty advanced math skills. Understanding both stellar maps of distances, and stellar maps by frequencies. Have mechanical and engineering skills. Have studies and training in the field of astro-physics. Have a high ethical value, high enough to have to break your own ethics if necessary. Understanding of xenolinguistics and politics between different races. Have advanced knowledge of both planetary and spatial history and other races, and know how they have related to each other before. Have high knowledge in electricity and electronics. Have strong mind and spirit, necessary to endure or work under great pressure with everything working against you. Knowing that as a fighter pilot you work mostly alone, or in small numbers, which means that with any damage to the ship we should be able to repair it ourselves, without help.


Knowledge of duplication of pieces. And accept the responsibility to represent, mostly alone, your entire society. Knowing that the image of your species or race depends on you and only you. Have the inner strength to trust that your decisions are appropriate when everything depends on you and only you.


Being able to work alone, for long periods of time, in small vessels. Know how to survive on planets far away from yours. Accept the strong risk, and most likely that you'll never come home.


Robert:  Wow, what a reply. Thank you! Another one would be the following: Have you fought body to body with a reptilian? Have you had to go into a battle sometime? This question is to estimate your strength.


Dhor Kall:  I have fought ship to ship countless times.


Robert:  Which is your favourite ship?


Dhor Kall:  The two "Suzy" class ships complement each other equally. They are small, but not too much. They have all the power that anyone would want, are fast and agile and the lines are especially beautiful. Cutting-edge technology, not yet surpassed by our best engineers. They are reliable, very resistant, and their AI is also state of the art. And they are heavily armed, in addition to being low maintenance or self-maintenance.


Robert:  Ok. What is your opinion on the Star Wars? Does it hold up to reality?


Dhor Kall:  The context of Star Wars is extremely basic with extremely basic plots that are boring. However, they represent the Orion wars, which are still being fought. The invasion of an absolute monarchy (Draco-reptiles) that impose their empire and their law against other races that in themselves are weaker physically (but have survived based on developed intellect).


The context of ships entering and leaving planets constantly, of characters going up to their private ships to travel and do their things on another planet, is totally real. The context of a galactic economy is false. But you can see there the use or concept of "The Force" with its positive and dark sides. That is true.


The concept of rebels, alliances between planets to confront the invaders, Jedis (D'jedi is the correct and existing term) as experts in multiple things, in every way possible, working mostly alone at great personal risk, only based on concepts of ethics and with the confidence that they will know what is right at all times. And in many cases sacrificing their future, and their lives. This is completely true, and is testimony that Lucas knows much more about whats going on than what is apparent.


Robert:  In fiction there is reality. Another question from our subscribers:


What is seen from inside the ship looking out when it goes from subluminar speed (lower than light speed) to supraluminar speed (faster than light speed)? That is: How is the passage of the jump to the ether to reach the travel destination?


Dhor Kall:  You feel a momentary blow of the engines to the fullest, followed by a feeling of great acceleration. (This can be turned off by setting the inertia cancellers to the maximum). Outside you can see for a moment, and only for a moment, as the light of all the stars suddenly move backwards, followed by total blackness outside the ship. During the faster than light travel you can occasionally see bright flashes that move backwards at high speed. When decreasing from the light speed you hear the motors decrease in revolutions per minute. And if the inertia cancellers are not at maximum a sudden deceleration can be felt, followed by the appearance of light flashes moving backwards, and in the places corresponding to each flash the stars appear again - as they are normally known. This is followed by the AI announcement the ship's position within the vector frequency map, and the velocity. Finally, information about the proximity of other ships in the area is given.


Something to clarify: The flashes of light that are seen passing backwards from a ship when going faster than light are not stars or nothing external fairy. The ship has nothing to do with the exterior or space. They are electrostatic charges between the hull and the high energy toroid. Stars only look like lines backwards for a very brief moment during acceleration or during deceleration.


Robert:  Wow! Yes, I remember this description from Swaruu. Next question: Why do UFOs crash or fall? There are cases of UFOs defeated by airplanes, but how can that happen despite superior technology?


Dhor Kall:  Depending on the technology of each ship, because they are not UFOs, they are ships. They are already identified on Earth as spaceships.


The shoot downs, because they are more than isolated failures or crashes, occur because they are shot with scalar energy weapons. This is energy of variable frequencies in the form of a shotgun of frequencies. This blinds the ship's sensors that tell the computer what gravitational flow frequency is outside the ship. Without the corresponding precise data, the computer cannot make the necessary calculations for the motors so that they can cancel the gravity, resulting in a loss of support and a crash against the surface.


A Taygetan ship has not only anti-gravity engines, but also engines with plasma jet that alone can keep a ship in flight even if its gravitational sensors have been blinded. This renders being shot down impossible (I speak of large interstellar ships, fighters and higher, not the small discoidal ones that work exclusively with gravitational engines). They are shot down because the negatives know enough about their operation to be able to blind the sensors that are the key to knock down ships of most species using that kind of technology.


Robert:  Incredible, thank you. I get it. What kind of protection mechanisms for external attacks do the ships have?


Dhor Kall:  The same energy toroid that surrounds the ship serves as a shield and usually the large plasma jet engines. It is in itself high energy that is a hard shell of high voltage elecromagnetic frequencies, that repels everything. Everything is energy and everything is frequencies. If there is a concentration of energy that surrounds a ship of a sufficiently high frequency, the other energies below it will not be able to enter the shield.


They also have sonic weapons that creates a large explosion of compressed sound on the perimeter of a ship parked on the surface or in atmospheric flight, destroying everything in a radius from a few meters to some 2 or 3 kilometers around.


They also have a very advanced system that reverses the arrival vector, which is the direction of arrival, of any type of threat or something with mass being fired like a bullet or a missile, or something of energy like plasma or energy weapons, towards whatever that sent it.


Robert:  Thank you. The following question is similar to an earlier one. Your ship is of the Suzy-class. What are its shape and dimensions?


Dhor Kall:  My ship is the third of the Suzy class that is constructed. It measures exactly the same as the initial Suzy, which belongs to Swaruu. The hull is 90 meters, plus 3 meters of plasma cannons, 4 in the nose. It is 30 meters wide wing tip to wing tip. It has the same electric blue colour, with black details. The emblem is the same, Angel Suzy. However, my ship is wider in the nose, looking a little heavier in front. The vertical stabilizers in the back are more prominent than in Swaruu's Suzy. Few differences. Both have the ability to engage in flight to form a single ship, using the ventral hatch.


Swaruu's ship produces 5 Trillion Electron Volt power, TEV, and mine only 3 Trillion Electron Volts, which is the factory output power, since Swaruu has modified her ship for greater power. Two zero point energy reactors. Two plasma engines.


Robert:  Ok. The next question we already know the answer to, but the audience does not. Can you pilot it alone?


Dhor Kall:  What type of question is this? Being a fighter ship, she can fly on her own with her pilot or can even fly alone.


Robert:  Ha ha, I understand. Next. Have you had incidents with military or civil pilots? Have they seen you?


Dhor Kall:  Countless sightings with pilots and civil and military aircraft. NORAD already knows me, as they do many here. Countless times they tried to catch up with me. I just speed up and that's it, problem gone. Nothing worth describing.


Robert:  Interesting. Next question: From the ship, can you see the entrances of the DUMBs?


Dhor Kall:  Not directly. They hide them well, it is easier to see them from the surface. But we know where they are because our sensors can see under the surface even to great debths. More than anything using magnetic maps.


Robert:  Ok. Do you interact with the Black Knights?


Dhor Kall:  Not much, we only greet them. I identify myself when this happens. They talk among themselves to inform that a Taygetan fighter in atmospheric flight is in progress. But the relation is of a cordial cooperation.


Robert:  Ok. If your ship is detected in the atmosphere, how do you defend yourself?


Dhor Kall:  Multiple options. What I use the most is simply to go into faster than light flight mode, but static, static warp. I then simply am not in the same reality as my attackers, but I have absolutely not moved and can continue with whatever there is to do. Or I can accelerate faster than they are able to. Or I can play with them, jumping right behind the human fighters, to see how they twist with their evasive manouvers.


Robert:  Wow! And can you make your ship partially invisible? For example, can you make the upper half of the ship invisible and see the outer space?


Dhor Kall:  From inside the ship? The cabin has this capability, but only the bridge area. At the back, only through the side windows.


Robert:  To achieve the ship's invisibility do you alter the frequency of the ship or the material that forms it?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, the frequency of the ship's matter is altered in relation to the external that surrounds it. This happens in warp flight or simply with the shields that are also what causes that which wraps the ship for flight beyond light speed. Or we simply make the light curve around the hull using special frequencies in the same shields. It is the easiest way.


Robert:  Thank you. How do we identify if we see the "ship/plane"?


Dhor Kall:  I don't understand the question.


Robert:  How can we identify if it is a ship or a plane in which you travel Kal'el?


Dhor Kall:  I never travel in a plane. It is always my ship. I only use human electronic boards to make my ship appear as a private plane in order to be left alone. We have onboard complete equipment authorized by the civil aviation (FAA) or the military aviation (IFF) at our convenience. From the ground it is not possible to distinguish if it is an ET ship or airplane, unless the form of the hull can be seen, since both use white and red strobes. Human aircraft usually have a green or blue light or strobe on the tip of the right wing and a red one on the left. Nonhuman ships don't usually observe this, or don't use it. As a rule.


Robert:  So when we are out at night your ship could pass for a plane?


Dhor Kall:  Yes.


Robert:  If you have cloaking technology on your ships, should I understand that our radars are already so powerful that your invisibility is no longer useful? I mean the need you have to talk to the sky controllers. If the ship is not seen on the radars, it is not necessary to speak with the controllers.


Dhor Kall:  It's not like that. Your radars cannot see our ships and we can be completely invisible. The reason I impersonate a plane and even talking to the air traffic controllers, is because I can have the ship in normal flight mode, slowly, and in being so I can connect to the Internet using the signal provided for civil aircraft. I ask for a flight plan, I state the type of plane I have, Bombardier Challenger 350, and they assign me a flight corridor, vector height and speed and vector change points. Then, with my ship, I fly at the exact speed and in the corridor assigned by the air traffic controllers, and then on their radars I appear as a specific plane. My ship can program the exact radar signal or return radar signal, equivalent to a Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft. That way both the civilian and military leave me alone. In stealth flight mode, or flight as an "Unidentified Flying Object," I could not connect to the Internet and would have fighter planes behind me shortly after, as has happened recently.


Gosia: A question that someone has also asked. Is it safe for you to reveal the process, even saying what plane you are flying, to the public? Now they will know what to look for. Bombardier Challenger 350.


Dhor Kall:  Yes I've thought about it. What happens is that the skepticism is such that they would not find me even in sharing this. However, I am not sharing the exact registration of the plane I use, I can only say that it starts with the letter G, it is registered in Great Britain and I am omitting the exact, more delicate process, which must remain secret, of how I make the tower see me as taking off from somewhere and landing somewhere else as they would expect.


Gosia: Ok. It is just that we don't want problems for you.


Dhor Kall:  I have chosen this type of aircraft, Bombardier Challenger 350, because its radar return signal is similar to that of a Suzy class ship. Even so, I modified it electronically until it became the same. This is done with systems called ECM or Electronic Counter Measures, or electronic countermeasures, using human pilot and flight terminology. Also my supposed aircraft, Bombardier Challenger 350, is equipped with all its registration, owner, service history, serial number of the manufacturer Bombardier, valid FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) licenses, Automatic Black Box, instrument flight systems attached to the human control towers, and military IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) systems. All in full detail even the amount of gallons of Gas Aircraft it has in the tanks.


It also comes with telemetry to the human tower so they can see my human flight instruments, such as flight speed, compass vector, altitude, radar data from the plane and everything needed in full detail. Turning my Suzy Class ship virtually the same as or indistinguishable from a Bombardier Challenger 350, unless it is directly visible to the naked eye. But even then we have more tricks:


These ships, as happens with the moon, can put a high-definition hologram around the hull making it look like an airplane to the naked eye. This is normal for ships and is done all the time. The fact that you see a plane is no guarantee that it is. We can impersonate anything. A couple of years ago there was a video on YouTube, Aneka told me, in which you could see an A-320 plane stopped in the air completely and then disappear as a UFO.


Robert:  Is that to say that somehow you can impersonate any plane that exists, but it doesn't really exist? Wow! With registration and an owner that doesn't really exist?


Dhor Kall:  My Bombardier Challenger 350 doesn't exist. This is my camouflage.


Robert:  Ok. Is it the same with all the documentation?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, the license plate, owner and everything else do not exist. It is a ghost. Documented and even with telemetry simulated in detail. Even for instrument approximation. Absolute detail. Sometimes the tower will ask a plane the telemetry to have you tell them what the radar sees, especially about the weather to complement the data they need for other planes. I give them that data from my radar without any problem. The tower, if they wish to, can see the amount of RPM of the Air Gas pumps and the fuel consumption rate of my Jet engines. Of course it is Suzy's computer who is simulating everything perfectly.


Robert:  I get it. Wow. Thank you. We turn to the next question. How do we distinguish the positive from the negative ships?


Dhor Kall:  Leaving technology aside ... If they bestow a feeling of fear to those who see them, they are negative. If they attract and cause wonder and well-being, euphoria for having seen it, they are positive. And nobody uses TR3B or TR4. If you see them, it's from the cabal. By the shape it would be difficult. Triangular shapes are generally negative, but Dieslientiplex have triangle ships. Cylindrical ships are usually reptilians, but not only. Discoidal ships can be anyone.


Gosia: But fear can come from your own psyche, no? Fear of the unknown for example. Robert and his friend have seen a ship and she was afraid and he wasn't.


Dhor Kall:  Yes, it is from your own psyche. If Robert was not afraid, the ship was positive for him, but not for her, as she was surely submerged in the matrix. In her case or from her point of view the positive ships are annoying and invasive, because she is matrix.


Robert:  What are your usual missions as a federation pilot?


Dhor Kall:  Federation fighter pilot. The same missions as those of a human fighter pilot. But in comparison to the human missions of only a few hours duration, those of a Taygetan fighter pilot can last and usually last a lifetime. With sub-missions of course.


Robert:  Why do ships stop over common houses?


Dhor Kall:  There must be someone interesting inside. A starseed. An objective. Many reasons.


Robert:  Ok. Last question: Are the ships biological, telepathic or with metallic commands? Does your ship require reloading on a mothership in the vicinity?


Dhor Kall:  There are biological ships, they exist. My race doesn't like them. They are like 6D densities usually. The one who knows in detail about how and who use these biological ships is Swaruu. They are uncommon. The ship itself does not require recharging/reloading anything from a mothership. Or a few times but it is not energy, more than anything they are supplies or isolated spare parts. We have a parts replicator on board.


Robert:  Thank you Dhor Kaalel. I think we will finish for today. I learnt a lot and I am very grateful.


Dhor Kaalel: We finish? I hope it was ok. And I thank you also. Until next time!






AfterLife of Animals: What Happens when our Pets Die? (Extraterrestrial Message)


Gosia: And the animals ... also know that they enter 3D when they enter here? Do they do it consciously? Knowing that they will suffer here?


Swaruu: Good question, I haven't been an animal for a long time. We can only assume that it is the same since they are people.


Gosia: If they are people like you say, then they have to know something.


Swaruu: That is correct.


Gosia: You know ... all my life I knew that old age and diseases like that are not normal ... I never had problems with death but with suffering of the old age and physical suffering in general. As if I knew that you don't have to live like this. That you can live differently. As if it was a memory. And now that I know you, I understand that yes, it was my subconscious memory. Although I know that things happen there too.


Swaruu: Yes. Here things work differently, even for animals.


Gosia: And a question. How long do cats live there, for example?


Swaruu: Again, it is almost impossible to determine that. But they live much longer. And also, with animals, as with everything, time is relative. So, for you 10 years with your dog, it's a short time. But from his perspective, it is an entire incarnation. Small cycles from your perspective, not theirs. From my perspective, you live small cycles. Everything is relative.


Gosia: Yes I know. I get it.


Swaruu: Here with the help of ships, jumping, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that some cats here are over 1000 years old.


Gosia: And one thing. What the animals die there from? If diseases are cured. DO they DECIDE TO DIE? Like you? In their dreams or something? Apart from acidents and things like that.


Swaruu: Yes. What happens here, is not so much that the body fails and thus progresses towards decay until death as it happens on Earth. .


Gosia: YES! That exactly always seemed abnormal to me here! As if I refuse to accept that this is normal. I always felt that. Now I understand why!


Swaruu: Here the problem is more energetic. An internal fatigue. A boredom with life. The routine ends, not seeing sense in continuing.


Many people who know about death, such as Dolores Canon, will say that you should not do that, give animals euthanasia, because a person, in this case a dog, comes to experience that. For growth, and that by speeding up his exit, his death, you only interfere with his life plan. Even causing him to reincarnate to live it again. Even so, I am not in favor of letting someone suffer like this. In natural life, in the wild, they do not reach that point of deterioration. It is human hand there.


Gosia: I am not in favor of letting animals suffer until death.


Swaruu: Me neither. I have not thought of it this way as Dolores Cannon says.


Gosia: Do you think she could be right?


Swaruu: Yes Gosia she is right. I do not doubt it. Even so, it doesn't mean that helping him not to suffer ... is wrong. And it is true that in the wild they do not get there, but the fact is that it is domestic, and came to experience being a domestic dog. But, it also opens up the possibility that by being domestic, his life plan is precisely that his end be left in the hands of those who love the animal. Not his.


Gosia: GOOD POINT! This makes perfect sense. The animal knew it was going to be domestic. It means: it will have owners. And they will decide things.


Swaruu: What Dolores says is perfectly valid. But the opposite does not have to be invalid.


Gosia: I will stick to your last conclusion.


Dhor Kalel: How is Ringo?


Gosia: In the Source. So I hope. Thank you for asking


Dhor Kalel: So it happened. I'm terribly sorry. But it was best for him.


Gosia: I just put him to sleep 2 hours ago.


Dhor Kalel: Horribly recently. Late at night. It just happened.


Gosiunia: I went to the hospital with Robert. And he was really bad. Not walking, barely opening eyes, trembling, making sounds....


Dhor Kalel: Did he still recognise you?


Gosia: I want to believe that part of his soul did on some level.


Dhor Kalel: If I would have been in his place. I would have wanted you to set me free. I mean it!


Gosia: Yes?? I was there with him holding his head in my hands and trying to tell him telepathically to go as far as possible from 3D while he left.


Dhor Kalel: In that state you no longer care for life. You want and need to go.


Gosia: Yes. I know. Thanks for saying that.


Dhor Kalel: Animals don't see death as tragically as humans do, or people in general. All they know is that they suffer. And they want out of it.


Gosia: I am so glad you are saying it.


Dhor Kalel: It was the right thing to do.


Gosia: I know. Its still a horrible experience.


Dhor Kalel: I know it is. I'm no stranger to death. You will carry that all your life. But it is part of what makes who you are.


Gosia: Yes, I feel I strangely absorbed this experience into me. It became part of me. Integrated, Swaruu would say. Its all strange this, life, death, life, death.


Dhor Kalel: Life and death, life and death, you go round and round. But it is still terrible for whom you leave behind. Let him go. Let him go... but don't fight it if you can't! You will love another dog, again.


Gosia: Where do you think he went now? To the Source? How do I know he is not trapped in the astral realms somewhere?


Dhor Kalel: The whole concept of traps in the astral is false. Swaruu was doing her best to convey that message.


Gosia: I know. BUT she did say many souls stay on the astral plane. Some dont even know they are dead. They move around there. Do animals too? I didnt mean trapped by some archons, but by his own ideas perhaps?


Dhor Kalel: But those are souls who choose to stay in the astral because they are attached to life. Mostly victims of violent deaths. But it is in their consciousness, in their minds, not because anything outside of them is preventing them from returning to source. Ringo, clearly wanted to go home.


Gosia: You think? He had no traumas in the last years, no violence no. Just love.


Dhor Kalel: I think animals are free of those soul trap concepts. That is human. No one else out here manage that concept. That's why he will go to source, or is in source. As love is all you take with you. They are just more people, with another shell.


Gosia: That would be so great. We were talking about it with Robert. If astral realms are full of animals too. You know what else I would love to have?


Dhor Kalel: Tell me


Gosia: A technology to LOCATE the dead souls....where they are...like a sort of machine that could track Ringos signal...and find out where he is. I know it doesnt exist but it would be so nice to have. At the same time I understand there is no time...and its not linear. So its impossible from the Source perspective.


Dhor Kalel: That would be impossible as he would be everywhere. A soul is not in this realm. So the concept of non-locality applies to them.


Gosia: I do understand, but maybe his signal is already incarnated somewhere else.. I dont know. It would be nice to know.


Dhor Kalel: There is no time, and it is not linear. So that already happened from your point of view. So if it already happened, it means he is somewhere out there. And in that case locality applies. Then you need a machine who can track something that may be unique of his essence. Then you come up with a machine that can measure the frequency of a soul, because it emits light, called aura. Then you end up with a spectrometer, like the one you know. Then you find out that as time is not linear he would be alive simultaneously as when he died. The concept of a mirror is born. We can deepen it at some point.


Gosia: Oh wow. Let me reread this. Yes, we touched on mirrors some time ago but I understood they would look the same? So I guess in case of Ringo, another animal perhaps could be located, but wouldnt look like


Ringo, right?


Dhor Kalel: There are all kinds or mirrors, there could be 2 people in one timeline who look exactly the same. Yet they are not the same person inside, not the same soul. And we also have cases, much more common of people who do not look alike and are the same soul. Some are even male-female. It might be Ringo as he is, perhaps younger. Or an entirely different animal. Most probably dog. Perhaps some rich French ladies poodle!


Gosia: Wow. Ok, I have the final question. Do they take the love with them? Does my love enrich his soul? Did it become a part of him in some way?


Dhor Kalel: Your love is part of his experience incarnated. Therefore your love is part of his soul and of what he is. He is made of your love.


Gosia: His receiving our love is part of who he is now? Wow. Thats so beautiful. I am so glad.


Dhor Kalel: Of course.


Gosia: So we are all made out of different loves we received throughout incarnations?


Swaruu: Love is love, only different because you see it as such from one or another point of attention. But we are all made of love and integration.


Gosia: What if we received suffering? That became part of us too right? Everything I suppose.


Dhor Kalel: It makes you appreciate love even more, during an incarnation. Love and fear are opposites, not love and suffering, not love and hatred.


Gosia: I like that, I understand. And while in Source, does he remember me? Swaruu used to say that we do carry memories and our identities.


Dhor Kalel: Of course he does remember you. But not in a way like it is in the past. He is with you now. In his present. As it is all there is for him. Concept of past love is yours, from your point. Not his. You suffer without him. He does not suffer the same way. He feels he is with you now and with everyone and with everything he loves. Everything is now for him.


Gosia: Oh wow! I think I got that! And he is also simultaneously in the Source and in some other incarnation, thats another possibility no?


Dhor Kalel: From source you are all your incarnations at once.


Gosia: Hmm.... You said, he is with me now ....but from where? Being in the Source?


Dhor Kalel: You are in source as well, you have never left source. The love you have for him is what he is getting as your presence in source as it does not come from your body, it comes from your divine self, in source. He is with you now. It is only the souls who want to be apart from source, have attachments that deliberately feel separation, being dead. The ones you call the lost souls. That's exactly why while incarnated we are fragments of our real true complete self, called our higher self. Only from above and only when we have a point of comparison, like having been alive and then dead, do we notice and feel that we are complete.


Gosia: Ok....trying to feel what you mean. I think I am getting it. Still my lineal mind kicks in. Hence the questions. What a one convoluted system of things..this life.


Dhor Kalel: In essence it feels a lot simpler from here. Understanding these concepts.


Gosia: I can imagine. From here, its so much harder in a way to grasp some concepts... just soul fragments...in their illusory separation...trying to figure one another out, to find the truth out.


Dhor Kalel: The idea of being there is not to find out. As you already know. So, as with so many things, it is contrast between knowing and not knowing, what you are after during an incarnation experience.


Gosia: Amazing. I love that! That brings a relief to the troubled mind that tries to comprehend it all. Because some concepts, the contrasts, are hard for us to absorb experientally. The concept of being here and IN the source at the same time for example....although understood on the mental level and accepted...still, if not empirically experienced and remembered (happens in dreams ok but we dont remember), its harder to absorb it as full understanding.


Dhor Kalel: Yes, but that comes from the idea and point of view of someone incarnated. Then locality plays a role here. When in fact, Source is all over you, you are immersed in it. Source is the source of everything, hence its name. The concept of non-locality applies to source. You are source. Locality from the physical side and non locality from the ether side.


Gosia: I know. Thats why its not easy to fathom the idea that I AM NOW WITH RINGO and him being with me. Cause my fragment is in Gosia now and has no conscious access to that level where my soul is with Ringo now.


Dhor Kalel: You are not with him, but he is with you.


Gosia: Why I am not with him but he is with me?


Swaruu: Because you feel time in a linear way so you feel like he is not with you, while he is outside time so he feels he is with you. Your love is source, so as he is also source, they blend.


Gosia: But as time doesnt exist...can we truly say he is outside time now? Just because him as Ringo left the body? He could very well be living somewhere as a fox now with his focus of attention there. And in that sense, he wouldnt be with me. Right?


Swaruu: That could be right as well. Generally speaking that's why there is only one soul per realm, soul as in fragment of a bigger soul. When there are two bodies in the same realm and one soul, and one of the bodies dies, it will only jump in consciousness to the living one. This is very notorious with identical twins!


Gosia: Ok thank you for explaining it all. I really appreciate all of you inquiring about Ringo. Its so nice. Thank you. I dont want to burden you with this too much though as I know dogs death is not much comparing to so many other tragedies that could be happening right now. I will be ok. I cried a lot there but now I am better. Just trying to understand where he is.


Swaruu: A death is a death of a loved one. Dog, cat, human, it is all the same. The passing away of a loved one! We understand.






Death and Afterlife: More Questions (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message)


Question: Where do the "Dead" of 5D go? Is there a transition or something like here on Earth with the 4d?


Swaruu: In Taygeta, for example, or in any 5D world, living there creates attachments too and so yes, there is something like ... low astral world for 5D worlds ... what we call or wrongly call 6D. Yes . But as it happens on Earth, it depends on each person.


They are at the source or our astral. For them there they have physicality, although from our point of view they do not. It is the matter of frequencies, having it high enough to reach theirs and obtain a positive link. We can meditate and reach that state, or in lucid dreams talk with deceased people knowing that we are asleep and even talk about it with them.


Question: What is the difference between the low Astral and the high Astral?


Swaruu: They only refer to positions in theory within the ideas of each group of people. Because when you agree on something, it becomes an agreement. But they are only manifesting a place in an infinite number of astral places. There are agreements about a positive world of love and peace, for example. Because that whats generated for themselves. But as such nothing exists as places. Everything is within each person, generated by their own consciousness. So there is no physical world. Everything is astral. Everything is an idea. Personal or collective.


Question: What is better to bury or incinerate?


Swaruu: It depends on the viewpoint. Because on Earth where the money is used, it is more expensive to bury than to incinerate. But from the holographic point of view... One should be returned to Earth, buried deep in the Earth, in nature and without a coffin, only wrapped in a sheet of cotton or other degradable material.


Question: MY HUSBAND ALWAYS has DREAMS with HIS DEAD STEP FATHER THAT ATTACKS HIM. To dream that you are attacked by a dead relative, what is that?


Swaruu: For me it means you have a problem with the stepfather that has not yet been solved. Or that that dead person has a problem with the one living and is trying to communicate something. It depends on what is this "attack" because it might not be an aggression but only the mundane interpretation of the living person. It may also be that a negative entity is bothering you, it happens all the time, and takes the stepfather's form to augment the fear of the living person. It suggests that the stepfather was something negative for that person. He 's still afraid of his stepfather. It manifests itself in dreams as a personification of something negative. As with all these entities, the only way is to face them, to arm yourself with courage and to face them in the dream or however you can. Otherwise it will continue.


But I insist that it could only be an entity that is using the stepfather's trauma to cause him fear and consume his loosh, vital energy. If he were afraid of the Clowns ... this entity would appear as a clown ... if it was spiders ... spider it would be. But as you fear stepfather ... then it is the stepfather. Or it is only the stepfather from the other side trying to communicate with him, because he still cannot be at peace, perhaps because of how disastrous he was with the living person in life.


Question: What happens to deceased children, those who die whether due to illness, accident, natural death etc. Do they pass directly to another density skipping over the 4D? Or will it depend on the 3D matrix load you have? What about those who were not born or died at the birth? Religiously speaking, belief indicates that they are angels and pass directly into the arms of God. And giving the connotation and analogy of the video, that baby goes straight to the source and above 4D. No?


Swaruu: Here is a problem that those who listen will not like. A small child is only small in body, but the soul is very old and has multiple attachments of thousands of years or more. So, once dead the child is just one more deceased soul with the same problems as any other. The fact it is a child is only a condition of the age of the body. But not of the soul. So it depends on what each child is and has, their interests and attachments conditioned by countless previous lives.


Gosia: What happens with babies when they die? Do they manifest themselves at the astral as well? But they cant walk like other dead people.


A baby is just a body, the soul may or may not be very old and with its own attachments and history. The brain is only the translator. And a babies brain, or even a child's brain will not interface completely with the "signal" of the soul until it's about 7 years of age. This means that it's not entirely "there" yet. The baby will manifest as it remembers and interprets itself to be, based on the previous experience.


Gosia: Previous you mean before being a baby?


Swaruu: Previous life and afterlife self concept.


Gosia: So it might manifest in the astral with another body yes? Previous one?


Swaruu: The one or as it prefers to manifest itself. Including what others expect to see. This is why children may manifest themselves as a child ghost, but there are records of children going back to see their family, parents wearing an adult astral body. They do recognize them, though amazingly!


Even with near death experiences. As I have said what they find when they die depend exclusively on what they wish to see and what they expect to see. And this is backed up by data of leading researchers in the field of near death experiences. Where they have found that the classical tunnel of light is something seen nearly exclusively in the west. And it differs a lot in other cultures on Earth, for example in the Japanese culture the near death experiencer will find a river and the challenge is to get across it. In African culture, they need to wait for their relatives to come for them. This part is interesting as the visitations of the relatives are a constant in all cultures. Many times preceding death, weeks before where the terminally ill will report dead relatives coming to them sitting on their beds and comforting them and promising to make their transition easier by accompanying them during the process. This is also a sign for them of an announced death, and can occur as far back as 2 years before the death process of the individual. With a drastic change of personality and interests in the to be dead.


Question: And whats with the Archons that induce human beings to bad practices? Where are they, in 4D??


Swaruu: They are in another matrix created by them, it is not the same place so to speak as where the disembodied ones are, although they do have access there. By places I mean here as created by many people in the astral by agreements. It's not that they are in one place or another. They are in their own world . Because they know this and manipulate it for their convenience while maintaining mental control first over the living population and then over the deceased ones.


Question: The spirits from the Earth can ascend to 5th density?


Swaruu: From their individual perspective they manifest themselves as they want or desire according to their own ideas. Many are still perceived with a body and that is why they do not "leave." They cannot ascend to 5th density just because of their own limiting ideas. If they do not have them (which many do not have) yes they can access the 5th or above. As I have always said, the only reason they are limited is because of their idea that they are limited.


Question: Another question about euthanasia on earth and euthanasia in your civilization. How do you see it ?


Swaruu: Death is not taken as something necessarily bad, it is not taken as something tragic when the individual decides to leave, that it is time.


It is known that the person will return (if desired). Even still, eutanasia in Taygeta is rare, what happens is that an individual who reaches the end of his days, does not get sick decrepit and suffering because our technology already overcame those problems, they are solved.


When you die naturally in Taygeta it is of your own free will. As we can use the law of attraction to dominate our lives, when we want to leave we die in peace and during our sleep. (This discarding accidents and the like that do occur). On earth, euthanasia is a more complicated issue than in Taygeta because of other factors non-existent in Pleiades.


If an individual wishes to leave openly and is suffering, we do not see why his true and sincere desire cannot be fulfilled. But ... on the other hand we also know that many individuals embody seeking as part of their experience there on earth the expansion that will give them the experience of having lived through despite everything and until the last consequences and giving someone the eutanasia you can truncate part of his incarnation plan.


In my opinion and applying my knowledge on timelines, I see this as an argument with little truth. The individual and preventing suffering is paramount to me. Remember also that there is no death as such and that the individual will have other opportunities.


Question: Why do some dead peoples souls getstuck there leaching on sometimes to the living people, and not simply reincarnate?


Swaruu: I've heard that some human souls may leach on to someone living because they share a common interest, especially when doing drugs, drinking or smoking. But may be also because they share a common interest like in architecture, music or painting. Where it's called "Inspiration" as coming from the spirits. Whispering ideas to the artists. So an attachement is not necessarilly bad, just because it's an attachement. And why do they stay there instead of reincarnating? Because they don't know they can, or they don't want to.


And remember that the higher the density the faster the ideas manifest. That is why many spirits are perceived with a body as if nothing had happened. Because they are very attached to the idea that they exist because they have a body.


Gosia: You said some stay there and they can't "go out" ... they form clans etc. But havent they also had thousands of incarnations before? And they will have them later. So in what way do they stay there, ... if in theory they have many lives. Not only that one.


Swaruu: Why do they stay there? Simple, because they want and they want that because it is the only thing they know.


Gosia: But they had lives before. They know other alternatives.


Swaruu: Yes, but since they are still in the 3D Matrix, even when dead ... they still only remember whatever they remember as if they were alive. Some leave. But most have big attachments. And that is what anchors them there. They are still in 3D.


Gosia: Ah, their memory is not activated. Because they haven't left to 5d yet. I get it.


And why instead of incarnating in 3d in a person "alive" again ... do they stay there? Those who know they are dead. For example they leech off the energy from the children, as you said, why? Why not simply incarnate?


Swaruu: Because they are very attached and do not want to retire. To rest. They only want to stay there, they are fulfilled by being like this ... parasites.


Gosia: But at some point they incarnate, because we all have many lives, don't we?


Swaruu: At some point they will incarnate yes.


Gosia: And what do YOU do with the dead?


Swaruu: They are wrapped in linen or cotton, with organic ropes and buried deep in the earth in nature.


Robert:  WHEN WE reincarnate do WE KEEP SOME PHYSICAL features OF THE PREVIOUS BODY?


Swaruu: What happens is that this is because of attachments and ideas that remain, so many people incarnate with the wound that killed them in the previous life as a strange area of ​​skin or an area without color or a spot or a cranial deformation, things like that. But they are ideas, reflected memory. As there was a lot of attention in the mortal wounds in the last moments you incarnated with the idea of ​​having that ... that was not healed because it was mortal. So it manifests in the new body.




Swaruu: It depends on each case, things happen according to the attachment of the twins in life, with each other. If they separated a lot they will be two souls, two sister consciousnesses. If they are very attached to the level of non stop looking for each other all the time and with strong attachments to each other, then they will become one soul. It also happens with lovers.


Question: Why are we afraid of death?


Swaruu: The Catholic or Christian church accepted reincarnation until the middle ages, near the year 800. That is where the high clergy, Vatican decided to modify the concepts around reincarnation because they were exploiting the people in a horribly intense way and in every way, and ordinary people were committing suicide in large numbers. So they implemented the concepts of non-reincarnation and extreme punishment for those who do it. As "unsavable capital sin", after which they go straight to hell.


Also, as you can imagine, the fact that people think there is only one life puts them in terrible stress and fear, which is what the controllers always want. We can also trace the historical framework of the fear of death with the birth of materialism. Although it has its roots in ancient Greece, it is born mainly during Newtonian mechanics where the universe is equaled to matter. It has 3 primary characteristics:








3.- determinism.


With this concept, mind and consciousness are the result of matter, in this case as a result of both chemical and electrical neuronal processes. Other realities are ruled out.


The problem is that what is not within the framework of Newtonian materialism / Descartes, cannot be verified with the scientific method. It is here that science as it is on earth is considered by us among other races as religion more, because yes it is dogmatic.


The problem of the dogmatic scientific religion goes beyond just not being able to verify what is not within the 3d but also accepting theories that also have no scientific validity based on their own verification and acceptance rules. An example of this is Darwinism, evolution of species. Or Einstein's relativity. Both theories that are the basis of the Matrix society, neither meet the standards established by the same earth science. They are unproven theories but are taken as fixed rules.


So after this big introduction, the fear of death and that there is nothing after dying, that we return to nothingness, to the dark, to unconsciousness, destruction of the ego ... it is just a belief without any scientific validity.


The fear of death also comes logically from not remembering, the veil of oblivion that happens only on earth. Negatives have used that feature of 3d to generate more fear. For many races such as Centauri for example that are 100% genetically equal to terrestrial humans, it is impossible to deny the existence of reincarnation and the life or existence of consciousness in the "between-world" or the " between-life."


Again, it is almost impossible to verify this for the 3d. Being the job of each person to seek and assemble all the pieces and take the responsibility for deciding what they will believe.


The people in the 3d, many if not most of them, are still strongly functioning within 2D ideas and duality. People in the evolutionary state of the somewhat primitive soul will only think of 3 things:


Those 3 things are:


1.- Can that be eaten?


2.- Can that eat me?


3.- can I mate with that?


This keeps most people in 3d in a state of constant alarm, of fear, of feeling that everything is after them and that they must survive to pass their genes to the next generation.


It is your job to decide what to believe. But it is a completely general consensus from 4d, 5d and above that death does not exist. Only of the body and it is very easy to leave the body. It is said that it is like getting out of a car.


Even in or during severe accidents when the level or threshold of pain exceeds a certain point established by the same person before incarnating, his consciousness will leave the body and he will only see the "horrible car accident" from the outside as a spectator.




Swaruu: You cannot persuade anyone, you can only offer them the information or your point of view. It will be up to them to listen to you or not or if their own criteria are formed in part by what you have offered. On the other hand, I see it as inevitable to ascend if you have the full intention of ascending. It is not an exam, nor is there anyone who decides for you whether you have ascended or not. Only you decide that. Only each person individually. So from personal expectation ... you always ascend.


Robert:  But the Van Allen Bands? How do you cross them after death, ascending?


Swaruu: People thinking in 3D mentality and perception will automatically be under that frequency. Yet the ones who are awake will have the intention to go, and that is a higher frequency, enough to leave the Earth. The higher the perception the higher the frequency, they are inseparable. So the more you know and integrate into your self, the higher you are as a soul frequency.


In another way you are not a soul separated from source, no one is, but the lower 3D frequency soup keeps that connection to source at a minimum, 'like' isolated, or like a low power, weak signal. The higher your awareness, the higher the frequency, because all there is in other dimensions or densities is there all the time you are just not able to sense them, to be aware of them, you need more perception.


As an experiment try looking at an old movie you saw long ago, everything is still there as it always has been as how it was when you saw it the first time, but this time with added and heightened awareness as you have it today you will see it in a different way, noticing not only more detail but parts of the plot that you simply didn't, or couldn't, see before.


It's a matter of frequencies. If you are a match to something you will get that. Once you manage to understand this then you overcome it and transcend it. With the body, van allen bands can only be crossed with a ship that can handle and modify their internal frequencies to become invulnerable to that radiation frequency. A soul must also raise its frequency enough to escape. Transcend duality and the idea of ​​separation, leave the ego behind and embrace the self, the source. Even so, a soul is not inside a body but works through a body like a drone does. So you are and you have always been on higher planes. You have always been free, you only have the illusion of being trapped in your own creation.


You must transcend the fear of death because you only go level up with it. There is nothing there neither does it hurt so much. There is only a limited amount of pain that you can endure before leaving the body. There is no death as such. It is only to overcome the limitation of a small range of frequencies which you call your present incarnation, but it is connected to so many others in so many places that from the expanded point of view it is quite limited and small.








Life After Death: Where do we Go when we Die? (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Swaruu Explains)


The basis of everything is the law of mirrors or the law of attraction. You are and you see what your frequency dictates and you are your frequency, you don't have a frequency, you are it.


When you die, what remains is only your frequency without the part of the solid physical manifestation we call the body. So when you die you see what you wish to see. Because in higher planes everything manifests faster. Progressively faster. But in afterlife or in the high astral world, where it is said that souls go to rest, everything manifests immediately, because it is the source. You are one with the source, you are the source. You are at the source.


But the concept of going to the source is like displacement, like going from one place to another. The source is everywhere, everything is the source and, as has been said before, each person, each consciousness or soul only sees what it perceives, what is in its consciousness, its perception, which is dictated by its unique frequency which in turn is the result of what you have seen, where you have had your attention. Your experiences and your interactions with other people that have only been a reflection of you again.


So each soul is the source. By right.


When a person dies, they will see and experience exactly what they expect to see. They will find just that. As it is already said and already known in other places, if someone believes in Jesus, Jesus will be found. If he believes in Alah, Alah will find, if he believes in Bishnu, Bishn will find. You believe in Cosmic Cat, the cat you will find.


So, there can be NO archon traps waiting to force souls to re-incarnate. That is only found because that is what they expect to see. Then heaven or hell is the result of guilt or what a person firmly believes he deserves. And it is the very person that is generating that. So everything is due to the mental control or perception that each soul has.


But this is easily overcome with the knowledge that you are going wherever you have to go by right. It is the idea of ​​blame, of Karma, which is nothing more than a religious belief that forces souls to return.


You cannot be separated from the source because one is the source and the source is everywhere.


In itself, the whole world outside you is illusory. Everything is within you. Everything you want to see, experience, your reality, universal laws, scientific laws, everything, is a great illusion. What you look for you find. So fighting for which god is the true one, fighting whether or not there is a god and how this god is, what is the most important particle, the primordial, is meaningless.


Everything is perception, so everything is true. Or everything is a lie except one thing. Who observes, yourself. Your soul, that is the only unquestionably real thing. Free your mind and you will free yourself from all Matrix.


Gosia: Wow. Awesome Swaruu. I get it. I have a question. You said that after we die we are going to the


Source, but also that it is a High Astral. So what is it? Or is it the same? Because the Astral would be something like 4d. But the Source is the Source. It transcends everything, doesn't it?


Swaruu: I only use familiar words but it's something I have to clarify.


That place isnt any frequency, it is everything. It is all frequencies together, when you access the all, when you are able to be everything. Being everything, being aware and conscious of everything that exists and what has always existed, all equally easy to access. Past, present and future are mixed, converge into the same. That is the Original Source. And there you are and there you go when you die.


Unlike other people I have total memory of that "place." It is everything, whatever you want you are, everything you think you manifest immediately, you are everything. Everything is at your fingertips. You are literally an omnipotent being. There you understand that it was you and only you who created everything, and I mean the whole infinite in creation, infinite in space, and infinite in time.


Although you do not, or never want to get out of there, that also fulfills itself, because you have never left there. You have only chosen to experience only a small part at a time. A life, an incarnation with an apparent linearity of animated events in a line. Because from the source everything is, at the same time, without time. And the without time, being everything, also includes the linear.


It is a feeling of love and infinite and total integration, which envelops you like a warm blanket in winter. A total realization that it is you who has done everything, that you are integration and love. No good, no evil ... everything is you ... only unimportant contrasts, only valid from points of view limited to certain experiences that you understand from there ... and overcome, exceed ... Look for more. You always look for more ... you understand at that moment that you are everything. And that its ok... that you are by definition the creative source ... therefore indestructible.


And that's why you dare to incarnate again. Because you know you can't get lost. It is only your own game. And that the things that other people experience, the concept of other people ... such as stormy lives, executions, suffering, torture, is something that you are not experiencing, therefore just a concept.


While this seems like you are ignoring the suffering of others, it is only valid from the point of view limited to 3D or 5D mostly. I repeat it is valid to worry about the idea of ​​"other people" preventing their suffering and pain. But I speak here from the most expanded point of view possible.


Do not manifest that, but to know what not to manifest you have to know what to manifest and vice versa. That is why there is the concept of pain, of suffering. But it is not necessary from above. Because you include everything and you understand it.


We are all literally the source. We are all the same person experiencing multiple incarnations simultaneously and outside of time. It is only linear as perceived from within an incarnation. There is no past, there is no future. Everything is or everything is your ideas. You incarnate in a dinosaur or a gray alien of the future ... and you have done it and you are and you are embodied as such and more ... infinitely more simultaneously. Everything is a sea of ​​consciousness, that is you.


From that point of view and to illustrate things with a bit of intentional limitation here for reasons of explanatory clarity ... You want a challenge, that's why you incarnate ...being the original source is the maximum, literally and infinitely the maximum. It is the very concept of GOD. But you want a challenge ... and you return to where you wish to be ... you make your plan, you start to think what it would be good to experience. Like programming a video game. You make your "map" of life, your characters, what will happen, the outcome. Everything .... and from there you decide that by frequencies you will forget. From forgetting all to just a little as the Taygeteans who remember a lot but also forget. And you enter your own game, your incarnation and live what you have designed.


But only you have done it. From this point of view there is not even mental control on the part of archons or reptiles or space slugs. Because it is also you who has manifested them and you are them too. So when entering each soul knows what it is doing. From the Original Source because it is the original source. So it is part of the game. Humans are literally manifesting Reptilians, Pleiadians, devils, fairies, Cabal, Rothschilds, Rockefeller's, Queens, those who eat children, pedophilia, chocolate ice creams.


That is why there are no victims from above. But from the point of view below there are. Everything is included. Everything is real and at the same time nothing is. Only you. When you die you will see what you want to see. Therefore, there are ghosts, fleshless beings, vampiric entities that stick to your aura. Everything.


When someone dies with a lot of attachment to the body, more than normal as in a violent death, he does not know that he has died. And as from the original source that is ... everything manifests ... so a body manifests as the one he had in life (called the astral body). Then he goes through the streets of the city where he lived (for example) and does not realize that he is dead. He perceives himself with clothes, shoes, everything. And since he has obsessions, he often experiences the same situation over and over again.


That is why dead people begin to create alliances and an entire astral sub-world, when they realize they are dead. They live and re-live the same traumatic situation because from that plane they all manifest it. The result is a low astral world where the physical world is copied almost perfectly. Only manifested as with strange changes or deformations by the memory of the dead one who is manifesting them. Like the bathroom door too small to pass through when they have to go, and they continue like that over and over again. It is a caricature world of physical 3D, I refer to 4D.


But in itself there is not even a density gradient as we have told you. Everything is the same, only graduated by the perception of each "fragment" of the original source or soul. That's why gradients don't fit with 3D 4D or 5D with 6D. There are no gradients. Everything is a whole. EVERYTHING is the source. And there are only points of perception of each soul-consciousness.


How low astral worlds are generated ... , with ghosts hovering around cemeteries and haunted houses, depends on each soul, and happy worlds are also generated, "Heavens" Valhal'a "Voltavor ... whatever they call it. It is generated.


Robert:  But it is still valid that to access there it is necessary to have the high frequency? Or just being there already you have a high frequency?


Swaruu: It's part of what helps you focus on something you want, leaving behind what you don't want. But it is your intention that matters. Your focus. Don't just think about which frequency is higher than the other. It is not in itself a "radio" although as an example at first it was useful.


Gosia: Thank you, I really like the above, especially the part of how the astral world is generated with the dead people there. Wow Super clear. I have 4 questions. Going back to the beginning. You said that frequency is the result of where attention was directed. But where your attention is is not also dictated by your frequency? It's a bit like what came first: chicken or egg.


Swaruu: You are everything. Frequency and point of attention. What is observed and who observes. You are the chicken and the egg. Simultaneously. There is nothing but you, including the dog's fleas and what the dog has done on the sidewalk.


Gosia: Exactly! I understand this better this way. I do not see the separation.


Swaruu: It's my point here. There is no separation. It's only you. You cannot harm anyone without harming yourself. Even so, you have to defend yourself as part of the game or point of attention, below.


Gosia: So it's not that something "dictates" something else. Because this has been said at the beginning. "Your perception is a result of that ... later that dictates the following etc." Everything simply IS at the same time. No?


Swaruu: That's right. Therefore from above, from the point of integration ... there is no mind control. It is only part of the experience. Like dogs with curly tail.


Gosia: Ok. Thank you. You said that when someone believes in something, they will see it when they die. Jesus, Cosmic Cat, Alah. For how long will that be seen? At some point in the past you said that when we die we manifest our beliefs but then they will fade away.


Swaruu: It is not a matter of time since it is irrelevant. The perception of animation of linear events that you call time is different in the astral. It depends on the attachments of each fragment of yourself that you call soul. Sometimes it would "take" (Earth time) several incarnations. Where you enter a life believing in Jesus ... and die, see Jesus who tells you that you must go down to pay Karma, and you re-enter ... hundreds of times, thousands maybe ... until on your own, you, that soul, that fragment understands that it is only he who is generating everything.


Gosia: But is there something that "releases" this soul from seeing Jesus at the end or will this soul be with


Jesus forever, so to speak? And what factor would contribute to the soul finally leaving the attachment to that concept? Does it do it on its own? There in the afterlife, he also continues to expand spiritually and contemplating the existence? Can the soul reach this conclusion from there without incarnating? Or do you have to enter the incarnation again?


Swaruu: From the most expanded point of view from the moment you hold the concept that there is a soul that is still trapped in a religious belief or of any kind ... it becomes an eternal concept. From that more expanded point of view that soul will be trapped in it for an eternity. Forever.


But even so, following the line of events at the point of attention of that soul of a nun, for example, when re-incarnating, she would no longer be the nun, now she is the religious one, then she is the lady who goes to church on Sundays, then the believer ... then the one who believes a little, then the skeptic, then the agnostic, then the atheist ... then the one who finds the spirituality ... and then the liberated one. But this is from the linear point of view of said Nun's experience. Her various incarnations. But if we focus the attention point on the variant of that soul, the atheist, the nun and the religious and all the others still exist. That's why I mean it will stay that way forever.


Gosia: But can it be liberated from the Source level itself? Get to a mystical experience from there that liberates it? Without having to incarnate?


Swaruu: It would have to make a quantum leap from Nun to Spiritual. Possible. Difficult but possible and it has been done. Notice how on earth it is believed that the spiritual is equal to the religious when I take it here as opposite poles.


Gosia: This leads me to another question. Here the Catholic people "pray" for souls of the dead. Does this work in any way? To help free these souls? Do our intentions get there?


Swaruu: The dead ones are there. It is true what they say they go to their own funeral. It is because it is the point of greatest attention for that consciousness that has disembodied. So, yes, they hear the prayers, and the cries of the family. But from the point of view of perception of the newly disembodied or dead ... those prayers only serve to further strengthen their perceptions when they die. Convincing them to see or look for Jesus, for example. So if the dead man was doubtful with the prayers they are "showing him the way" so to speak. But it is the way that suits the churches. Those who wish to control souls.


But if a person is very spiritual and knows what he is and has firm control over what he believes, and that is in being free, he will listen to the prayers ... and will be with the family. But he will go where he should go, freely. He will see what he wants ignoring the prayers. That is why the prayers in the funerals are so ... repetitive, as mantras, because that is what they are. To put ideas into the dead mans "head", with " because he no longer has one. They are Mantras. But I insist that a person, free consciousness ... is immune to this if his believing relatives pray.


Robert:  That is to say, it is even worse to pray for the "dead" since the "dead" are confused disoriented. I get it. If you have the knowledge, you will ignore the prayers.


Swaruu: If the dead person is confused, as he usually is, praying will help him find his way. YES. Because he listens. But it is up to the living to help him where they want the dead to go or see. That is why it is dangerous. Those who were not guided will be trapped in their same infinite loops where they will not know what to do and will remain obsessed with whatever has their attention.


Gosia: You said they go to their own burials. Those who are more attached to 3D isnt it? Because if not, you are at the Source and experience other things.


Swaruu: It may happen that they do not go to their own funeral, although it usually is the case.


Robert:  And what would family members have to do instead of praying? If they can do something?


Swaruu: Talk to the dead. That he is free and forgiven for whatever he has done, for his failures in life. This is freeing Karma.


Gosia: You can "pray" not religiously but spiritually. Leading them to follow where they want to go. Beyond. Light, Source, whatever. No religious characters right?


Swaruu: Sure! That's a good idea. Therefore, talk to the dead because they listen. In fact, you are there surrounded by disembodied ones all the time. They walk the same streets some know they are dead, others do not.


Gosia: And you have to speak out loud? Or do they listen mentally?


Swaruu: Both. But to listen mentally you need awakened ones. And most of the dead do not have a very high consciousness, because they are the same ones as in life. So they themselves manifest not being able to listen to you mentally. Speaking to them out loud works best with these basic souls.


Gosia: I imagine it works the same with animals?


Swaruu: Animals or not, it is the same being a dog, cat or flea. It is part of the experience. Like being a man or a woman. It is all at once.


Gosia: Should we go to the cemetery? To speak to them out loud? Is it necessary?


Swaruu: Yes because although souls listen from wherever... there are more of them there in the cemeteries for their own reasons. They manifest themselves there. But a very close person... will closely follow their loved ones. So speaking to them from anywhere is enough. Especially with the recently deceased.


Gosia: How do you know if they are here still or not, and if you need to talk to them?


Swaruu: You feel it. The need. But it is something that is also done for oneself. Not only for the dead. You connect with yourself and it reaches your deceased person.


Robert:  Do the "dead" have telepathy with the incarnated ones?


Swaruu: Some yes and some no. That is the problem, it is not that they do not "have it" because we all have telepathy. But because of their own beliefs, they just don't have it. That is why it is necessary to speak to them aloud.


Gosia: And if they aren't there anyway? They won't listen, right? If I die I don't want to waste my time in my grave or listening to people.


Swaruu: That's right. But as there is no time, a portion or an "echo" of you will remain in 3D. Because everything that has always been will be, from the point of view of the Ether, of the source. But you will no longer have that point of attention the same as the Nun has evolved to be spiritual. Although the Nun still exists. All that exists is our echo.


Gosia: Fascinating. And I have this question. In the end how are these souls liberated, the ones who do not know they are dead? They do not incarnate right? They stay there?


Swaruu: They also evolve like the nun. With or without physical body. And at the same time they stay there, yes. All is. Nothing ceases to be, nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, everything is already. It's just what you want to see and in what sequence. There is evolution everywhere as long as you perceive and control with your intention to have an experience of progressive linear events which we call time. In the case of the ghost that every night again and again passes dragging its chains through the same hallway of an old abandoned house ... so it will continue forever. Even so from his point of view, something should change and not present the same obsession. But it happens when traumatic experiences are very strong. Like dying in dark dungeons after torture. There is so much attention to that that is repeated eternally with the soul in eternal suffering. There are also more extreme concepts of multiple deaths for the same soul ... which is to slowly kill a person, but before they die they transfer their soul to a clone, they will torture them to death again and pass it to the next clone. They will torture him again. They do it in rituals, and on earth. They sentence people who have failed those of the Deep Cabal ... they call Mega Death. They are sentenced to 5 or 8 or the number of deaths from torture that the judges dictate to them.


Gosia: Oh no! Not only that the soul has suffered torture but now after death it will suffer forever trapped? Poor soul !!! And a question: Could you explain this part: There is evolution everywhere as long as you perceive and control with your intention to have an experience of progressive linear events which we call time. I capture it but I would still like to confirm my intuition.


Swaruu: It's that Gosia, every evolution confers the concept that something is and progresses towards something else. Bigger expanded or whatever. Generally by the accumulation of knowledge and awareness. That is why it is linked to a temporal progression. But this time is only from the point of view of the person or soul in question. As the equivalent to SIT time of a ship, this is SIT time of a soul.


Gosia: And where the dead are, don't they have this concept and this experience? They do not evolve? They lack this concept? Why can't they free themselves from there?


Swaruu: They are wherever they think of manifesting whatever they want to themselves. From the most expanded point of view... many souls are trapped ... from the concept of souls themselves they only experience their own evolution or progression of personal SIT time. Then from that point of view ... nobody gets lost and nobody gets trapped.


Gosia: Ok. Could you go to the cemetery and talk to the dead in GROUP to free them en masse?


Swaruu: Oh yes ... but remember that being dead doesnt mean they will be receptive to you. It's the same as saying I go downtown to the central square of the city to stand on a box with a megaphone and talk to those who pass there to free them. They are as closed as the living. Because they are people. They same ones too.


Robert:  But the dead are happy in that Astral .... Do they get used to being there?


Swaruu: Yes, some live there ... they are, they choose to be there. Others are immensely unhappy. They form clans, groups, alliances, families. As with the living. Yes, you can make a YouTube channel for the dead ... it doesn't matter. Seriously. This will reach more dead ones than if you just stand on a box with a megaphone in the square.


Robert:  So somehow they are aware that they already live a parallel reality.


Swaruu: There is an infinite amount of parallel realities, but let's say that one is the most strongly linked to what is perceived as the material or real 3D world. Time is drawing to an end. We have to finish.


Gosia: One more question! The dead see each other? Eat? Can they touch themselves?


Swaruu: Yes, as stated above, they form alliances and clans and everything. But as with everything, they can only see what is within their frequency-perception range.


Gosia: Do they eat?


Swaruu: In their perception some yes, others no.


Gosia: Can they be extracted? Do they talk with ETs?


Swaruu: There they manifest everything they can think of. Everything.


Gosia: Have you extracted some?


Swaruu: Not that I know of.


Gosia: I DO NOT want to go there! To this world.


Swaruu: Then you won't go. Whats the problem? Knowing this frees you because you already know what NOT to do.


Gosia: And if you don't believe in reincarnation but heaven? You never reincarnate?


Swaruu: Heaven you will find, to suit you. But yes, you will reincarnate because from the heaven by definition it also opens up more possibilities for the awareness. It is part of the collective manifestation of Catholicism. They must go their own way. And you yours.


Gosia: Yes. And at least its important for the people to know that they are the ones with the creative power. I think this is the most important message here. You believe what you believe but at least you know that YOU are creating it and that YOU choose your path. Even after death. Maybe soon I will go to the cemetery. I really want to. I will talk to the dead.


Swaruu: Ok, but when you leave, order them not to follow you. Because they do that. And no children to the cemetery because they stick to them 10X more. Children in cemetery never ever. They are very vulnerable. Their aura is not yet well developed. The dead ones stick to them envious of their vitality and their life force in general. Many know they are dead. They are very jelous and resentful of the children, because their vitality charge is full.


Gosia: Ok Swaruu. This topic was very interesting, and very important. Talk to you soon! And thanks.


Swaruu: Thank you. See you tomorrow.






Without going into political aspects or reasons already discussed elsewhere, I will only give what is seen from the non-human side.


Everything indicates that they have begun to exploit the population more, to go against their rights on all fronts. And this causes mass social unrest. They not only want to exploit the people with more taxes, more hours of work, and abuses of all kinds, but their main objective is social discontent. The problem is not regional, it is global and there are controllers who, from behind the cameras, without anyone knowing who they are, are managing the entire population of the world. Social Engineering. For a while, an area of ​​the world seems to be at peace and when it is, it becomes a target to be the next one with the social problems.


At first it seems that events in Latin American countries are not connected, but they are coordinated from above, they are the same event and they arise for the same cause whose objective is to destabilize countries and the entire area, in order to promote the need of establishing a totalitarian police state the goal of which is to finally establish the New World Order. Once again it is the already known: fabricating of a cause to sell the solution they want.


From here what we have found is that a specialized group paid by the Cabal, with money from the Rockefellers, summons the population to make peaceful protests. Promoting them as peaceful so that the greatest number of people attend. In order to then implement or release paid agitators to turn a demonstration violent.


While I do not doubt that some demonstrations begin genuinely as organized by the general public, for these agitators it will not matter because they will still use it against people in the same way as if they had been the ones who organized the march from the beginning.


When they manage to destabilize or start a social movement in one country they will move to the next one in their agenda. In this case Chile ---> Bolivia ---> Colombia. Without neglecting the similar problems of and in other countries in the region.


We have found that they are the same group. They just jump from one place to another. Like the same group that causes the false flags. The Attack of Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon. Brussels, Madrid, London, Paris, Copenhagen. Same strategy. Everything is or comes from the same group that operates worldwide and is under the orders of the Cabal. The group is large, and is part of the black operations of the Cabal. Operated mostly by the CIA and by Mi6 and Mossad. With the Jesuits behind. We have found army units of the countries in question that operate against this insurgency, but they are mostly silent and in many cases ordered to withdraw by their same government that is a puppet of the Cabal. They have plans to move to Central America and Mexico where cells are already in operation in all these countries.


My recommendation is that, taking into account that there is no evidence that going out to the streets to demonstrate, whether or not peacefully, is of use, DO NOT go out to demonstrate. Think of the ways to perform other forms of civil resistance. Without exposing yourselves as individuals.


Another reason not to take to the streets in demonstrations of any kind is because the politicians and especially the Controllers who caused them use these as a census to see the degree of the social discontent and what sectors are the most affected with the social engineering as the objective.


People, humans, are very likely to believe or have a false perception that they are safe in a group, as in a large demonstration. Security in numbers. It's not like that. They will tend to listen to the troublemakers who will give demagogic, eloquently spoken, reasons to encourage them to take to the streets to demand their rights. This is exactly what those in power want. It should be very clear that if there is social unrest in the streets, there will be the perfect excuse for them to take away even more rights and for them to use force against the civilian population. There are other forms of civil resistance. Do not play into their power games. Turn your back on them and dont open doors to let them attack.





Live Sessions with Dhor Kal'el - Extraterrestrial Taygetean Pleiadian Pilot in the Orbit of Earth


Gosia: To get into the Supraluminar Flight mode... that is NOT moving in distance... does the ship need to gain velocity?


Dhor Kall:  No. We gain velocity for other reasons, but the ship may jump from zero speed. The velocity is for other reasons. Like to coordinate with other ships or to move away from high traffic areas, especially when descending from light speed.


Gosia: When descending from Supraluminar speed you need velocity?


Dhor Kall:  No. We descend with speed, because we are jumping out of over light speed still far away from the destination area. We do not jump out of super luminar speed right at the destination because it is most probably a high traffic area and we may cause a crash. So we jump out of super luminar speeds far from the destination in deep space and then we coast with propulsion to the destination using plasma drives. So we can navigate other ships safely and not crash.


Gosia: From nearly all the UFO sightings I have seen (personally and on videos) the craft always seem to be glowing in their entirety, not just their headlights, etc like human craft. Why is this? Why does the entire craft light up?


Dhor Kall:  The craft or the ship is inside a high energy electromagnetic bubble. It super heats the atmosphere to a hot plasma. The color of the glow depends mostly on temperature factors and on the frequency output of the energy bubble.


Gosia: Which ET race has the most advanced technology? Are you able to control weather/ climate in you planets?


Dhor Kall:  It depends on how we would describe "advanced" it is hard to decide the meaning. But in general among 5D races similar to Taygetans, we are among the highest in technological achievements in nearly all if not all subcategories.


Weather is controlled, in most advanced planets. Yet we are not invasive with nature and more than weather control we have weather management, that means, that in the case of a hurricane, for example, we can calm it down or change it's course into the open sea where it will cause no damage. We generally leave the planet and it's temper alone. Respecting the free will of a planet.


Gosia: Are our friends from Taygeta travelling to other timelines, as well as locations, and parallel timelines too?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, but only the Sand Clock elite squadron members and ships! Not the bulk of the fleet.


Gosia: What type of propulsion system do you use in space and in our atmosphere??


Dhor Kall:  Gravity manipulation and Plasma jet. Plasma drives are more efficient even than gravity manipulation. In outer space, total immersion frequency controlled toroids generated by counter rotating electromagnetic plasma engines.


Gosia: Are craft even needed at "higher" dimensions [frequencies] than 3rd dimension for navigation, or they are just preferred technology for some type of convenience or entertainment? At what dimension level are craft not even used / needed [i.e., some kind of self- teleportation via full personal frequency alignment]?


Dhor Kall:  At higher than 6th density, ships are useless. You can travel with mind alone. You can travel with mind alone form any density, with practice. When someone says that they can manifest a ship with mind alone... that entity needs no ship and is only manifesting the ship to be understood by lower density beings.


Gosia: Do the ET's time travel every planet to catalogue its history and future?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, all the time, and by countless races.


Gosia: Will Earth ever reduce her gravity to 0.8G?


Dhor Kall:  Probably not. Earth will stay at 1.0 G




Dhor Kall:  Any human could control a craft at will if the craft is cleared to be operated by such human. A ship can be designated to any one.


Gosia: Can you explain us what are weird loud sounds about clouds ..they were heard around 4th and 5th November all around the Earth even in my country and nothing was visible... just loud sound... people are scared.


Dhor Kall:


1.) that can be a large ship near the people hearing the noise.


2.) It can be tunneling underground, making DUMBS, (Deep Underground Bases).


3.) Haarp frequency using the cell phone towers in order to transmit low energy frequency noises to lower the populations frequency scaring them un purpose.


Don't listen to that, listen to nice music. It's only noise.


Gosia: If humans can direct crafts, are there any conditions like certain higher frequencies?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, you would need to be in 5D to even be in a ship, but the ship could go down to 3D for the human and then in 5D assign the craft to be controlled by such a human.


Gosia: Dale, you mentioned that Dhor Kaalel cloaked his fighter jet into appearing as a commercial plane travelling at 90,000 feet. Commercial planes fly at approx 35,000 feet so the plane would stand out as being different. A security risk for Dhor Kaalel.


Dhor Kall:  At 90 000 we cannot pass for a comercial or with a private aircraft. For that we cannot go over 36 000 feet ASL. The cloak is only as a radar signature, not a real hologram as in looking like a private aircraft. Only as seen on the radars.


Gosia: What happens if, while in the Ether, someone decides to leave the ship and then leaves the ship's toroid?


Dhor Kall:  The person would die!




Dhor Kall:  Low Orbit 490 km high




Dhor Kall:  Deactivating Nuclear weapons. We have and we will if necessary. It is usually not our job to do so. It is an Antarian / Centaury Job.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, we have been lost in outer space, and it becomes a problem. When a ship gets lost in space it also gets lost in time as a ship at over light speeds is also essentially time jumping as well. When a ship gets lost that way, it rarely goes back home. You go back home, but an alternative home. Not the exact place from where you came from.




Dhor Kall:  We can see the cites especially at night, it is a beautiful blue green and white ball, almost perfectly round.




Dhor Kall:  Time has no beginning, so that becomes an impossibility! No end as well.




Dhor Kall:  Flight modes : Manual. Mental and automatic flight mode.




Dhor Kall:  To the other side of this galaxy. Hard to calculate.




Dhor Kall:  Yes we can read aura frequencies from a craft in space. We use an advanced spectrometer.


Gosia: WHILE IN THE anti grav TOROID HOVERING, IS THE CRAFT INFLUENCED BY ANYTHING WHATSOEVER from the outside enviornment, OR IS it totally ISOLATED from the surrounding physics??


Dhor Kall:  It can be influenced by external frequencies or we can completely isolate the craft. This only moving the frequency settings of the energy toroid that envelops the craft.




Dhor Kall:  Weapons, mostly plasma canon missiles and high power lasers. We use kinetic weapons as well. Also compressed sound weapons and directed energy weapons as well. We use a karma based weapon where what ever is shot at us goes back in equal power to the sender.


Gosia: Have you traveled to other galaxies? The sensation of the internal time of the ship... if the answer is positive... how long was it?


Dhor Kall:  Going to another Galaxy has a perceived time of like a 10 hour flight SIT time.


Gosia: How does stellar navigation relate to use in the human body?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, see your body as a ship. It works the same way.


Gosia: WHAT RACE PROVIDED HAARP TECH TO THE USA? Was it an octopus / hydra looking race?


Dhor Kall:  HAARP, cannot answer. Classified. Can start a problem


Gosia: When you travel super luminal between Taygeta to Earth - how long does it feel to take for the crew.


Dhor Kall:  Travel from Taygeta to Earth SIT time in a large cruiser is 7 hours. SIT time in a fighter ship: 1h40 min.




Dhor Kall:  I've seen so many incredible things it would be hard to describe one. Travelling through a nebula is wonderful, it is a luminous cloud full of colors dancing around.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, we replicate parts of the ship, spare parts, and tools at will. With a 3D printer, an advanced 3d printer based on energy.


Gosia: Webcams of planets.....what is it that we are really seeing?


Dhor Kall:  You are seeing satellite based cameras or simply CGI made images from Nasa or Walt Disney <--- NOT a JOKE.


Gosia: Did you find o meet yourself in other timeline?


Dhor Kall:  Yes I have met myself in another timeline several times. We sit and have a nice chat. We talk shop and we share anything that could be useful to each one of us, we synchronize ships as well, the contents of the memory banks of each ship.


Gosia: You get lost in space even if you put another frequency you have already mapped?


Dhor Kall:  We get lost because a frequency in a map is not a fixed one. It shifts with time according to whatever is happening in each one. So the computers must compensate with advanced algorithms. When they fail due to the added complexity, then a ship may get lost. The more you jump you increase the probability of a miss calculation.


Gosia: Can a space ship change its SIZE to very SMALL traveling INSIDE a HUMAN?


Dhor Kall:  Not as you are imagining, no. Why would you want to?! We can manipulate the inside of a human body to fix something.


Gosia: Do the laws of nature change from galaxy to galaxy?


Dhor Kall:  Not from galaxy to galaxy, more like, density to density, they do. But they do change from the point of view of each consciousness.


Gosia: The technology of the Taygeta ships would also allow you to enter the volcanoes without problems and go underwater at any depth?


Dhor Kall:  Dive in water, yes we have, but not usually. Last time was in 2017 off the coast of Somalia. It can enter volcanoes as well. But the ship must be at another frequency, not in 3D. But aware of 3D. Project at the Coast of Somalia: Stopping a Reptilian ship full of human contraband to be led off planet..using the portal off the Yemen coast. Needle nose Reptilian craft.


Gosia: Can you go to sleep while in the orbit or is there always at least one person who is awake?


Dhor Kall:  Crew rotates in 2 shifts.


Gosia: Hello Dhor! Did you lose your timeline as well because of time travel ? If yes where are you gonna go?


Dhor Kall:  I did loose my original timeline. And as I did, then I will stay here as I'm needed.




Dhor Kall:  Mother Earth is changing density and it is going round and round in one of the arms of the galaxy but it's not going anywhere else.


Gosia: So how do we visualise (manifest) a toroidal energy field around our little space ships we call our body and alter the frequency. Do we need to build a machine or can we do it with proper meditation, mantras, feelings etc?


Dhor Kall:  You can do so with mantras, music, clear intentions, imagination. You can with your mind!




Dhor Kall:  Negative, we do not use androids. We only use robotics, to help in engineering jobs, but they are not anthropomorphic


Gosia: In the SupraLuminar flight, how to avoid overlaying? In other words, how can we know that, when we reach a point in space-time destination, we will not appear in a swamp, in the crater of an erupting volcano, or crossing a concrete wall, especially in destination points that have not been previously explored?


Dhor Kall:  Overlaying: It may be a problem. So a ship will come out of light speed far from a planet and then navigate to the destination using propulsion. In any case we change density slowly as when entering a volcano. Changing the density slowly to position the ship in the correct spot not to land on someone's BBque. Or bathtub!




Dhor Kall:  Many colors. Outside we do use drive lights, usually white or red. Inside we use white-yellow lights and at night we may use red to simulate night as you do in a submarine. The drive lights can be seen as from an aircraft's lights, but we do not use the red to the left and green-blue to the right.




Dhor Kall:  No i'm not alone now, I'm inside a large cruiser with about 30 people in it. One human in the ship ----> Suriko, age 16, Japanese girl. She works in navigation in the bridge.




Dhor Kall:  Personal Time can be stopped and even reversed. As a collective timeline, no it cannot. Unless you make everyone in the timeline agree on perception. In that case yes. This would be the case of an entire crew of a ship as each person is in itself a timeline and a collective timeline is the sum of all.




Dhor Kall:  Yes we can know who is a Tayegetan starseed in the chat and there is one identified right now: She is 1911 / 2000. There may be more, but we have found one of "us" as a starseed in the Chat right now. May be more--- I insist one is identified now.


Gosia: Technology Question : What is the easiest way to create electro anti gravitic drive at home ?


Dhor Kall:  Using a well made Rodin Coil




Dhor Kall:  Toroids ARE basic Sacred geometry YES Based on Merkaba energy Mathematics !




Dhor Kall:  Yes, of course there are intelligent musical instruments, and there are normal ones as well, not everything here is high tech. We love low tech.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, we do listen to music while we travel! We love to listen to music, we love music.




Dhor Kall:  Space not safe here, ship always on watch and on Alert Condition 3.


Gosia: Can we physically travel to alternate worlds and visit ourselves?


Dhor Kall:  Yes we can and we do that all the time !!!! Many ethical and metaphysics problems come out of that!


Gosia: Is stellar navigation also possible for children?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, why not? I know a little 13 year old girl who traveled several timelines and landed here.




Dhor Kall:  Yes.


Gosia: Plasma motor engineering ...what produces the thrust?


Dhor Kall:  In Plasma mode the high energy compresses in the core of the engine only leaving one way out and that is backwards. The electron flow is so big, so huge that it does create thrust at a very high level. In general it is compressed and electron flow in Many TEV Trillion Electron Volts. In short a huge controlled electromagnetic explosion, creating a flux backwards, making the ship move forwards. This in under light speed as over light speed it is not propulsion. Space isnot empty therefore it does promote action - reaction.


Gosia: Can the 4th dimension be explained by seeing the object molecularly? Mathematically speaking?


Dhor Kall:  That as a 4th dimension (not density) it can be represented by an adequate mathematical model.




Dhor Kall:  The ships are made of Polymorphic titanium alloys. This means the ship can heal itself if damage is received. It is titanium - similar, not exactly titanium as it is the best material to describe the material. It is a dust that takes its shape when a frequency is activated through it. And the shape is controlled by the computer.




Dhor Kall:  I'm sorry that's Classified. But I can say it is based on the fact that thought and imagination in 3D is reality in another density, so we do look at energetic "mirrors". We can also read frequency based on what the aura is emitting using the advanced spectrometer.




Dhor Kall:  Time? Depends on the ship, but it may take years to build one, like 2 to 10 years of construction. Some parts of a ship are made by frequency management. This means that the ship exists in a hologram as it was designed in and with a computer, and then the computer itself imposes the frequency on the hull of the ship activating and aligning the polymorphic alloy in the shape of dust. So the ship is built from the inside out. Making the engine and central computer first, because the engine itself and the computer also are involved in the construction of the hull as the polymorphic alloy will go forming the hull and the inside and everything as we go.


Then the crew and workers fill the ship with cables and things like furniture, and everything needed inside but the hull and ship itself will be made by itself, by the computer using the engines. We only need to feed the computer with the polymorphic alloy. The polymorphic alloy will folow the hologram energy output of the engine.


Gosia: How long does it take to train to fly a ship?


Dhor Kall:  Depending on the job, time is difficult to calculate here. Say like 2 years for a normal ship. 4 years to 6 years for a fighter.


Gosia: Do u use helmets?


Dhor Kall:  Yes we do use helmets, but not always. I have a white one right here behind me. This helmet is used to fly Fighter Craft like Suzy.


Gosia: Which beings use fireball crafts?


Dhor Kall:  Fireball crafts may be too many things. I cannot define it. It could be a ball lightening too.




Dhor Kall:  There is an Academy, that's right! We learn many things in the Academy, including navigation yes.


Gosia: Is it a magnetic like quality that holds the dust together and repairs the ship?


Dhor Kall:  Not exactly magnetic, but it is related. It is more like managing the harmonics of a frequency that controls the dust. So once activated, the dust is harder than solid steel. But in essence that IS magnetism, of a very high order.




Dhor Kall:  Not I, but in theory I could. I know a guy that has made more than one spacecraft by hand: Khila.




Dhor Kall:  Long answer as it is made of many complex systems, from the artificial gravity, to the pressurization systems temperature management, and air quality. Artificial gravity also cleans and ionizes the air inside and that makes it nice and breathable. It is all computer controlled with several redundant systems back to back. In the case of the artificial gravity there are 4 of them. The air is made on the ship combining oxygen and nitrogen as well as the water. Long answer.


Gosia: What is your itinary around earth? How do you plan?


Dhor Kall:  We sit down in a council and we decide the best course of action.


Gosia: Do you also use electricity?


Dhor Kall:  Just about everything here is electric, or magnetic. Some pneumatic systems like on the doors, and hydraulic systems like in the frontal access ramp.


Gosia: What was the most difficult test in the academy ?


Dhor Kall:  Time line management using mathematical models.


Gosia: When you travel in your ships, you generate massive power to travel faster than light. Human with soul can travel also. What power amount/type does human need? What meditation is needed?


Dhor Kall:  I don't know the exact power needed for a human only calculated as with Mass. But your mind and heart CAN make the entire body travel as it has been seen in some places in India, Nepal and Japan among other places. What meditation? Not so much which one. It is a concentration problem, or concentration is needed, real intention.




Dhor Kall:  Not explored parts os Space - YES. Sand clock pilots do exactly that. That's why we have the higher "getting lost" rate of all.


Gosia: SIT time, Ships Internal Time, is the same for large or small ships? And what dictates the difference?


Dhor Kall:  It depends on the crew, not the ship. The ship does not matter. Only the perception of the crew.


Because it's perception, not something mechanical.


Gosia: Do you need to be secured in the seats?


Dhor Kall:  It is not necessary. But in small ships it is necessary because the experience of the acceleration of the ship is sought. By putting inertia suppressors not at 100% but 98% where a brutal acceleration is still felt. But it's because it's nice.




Dhor Kall:  It depends on the consciousness of the crew. Yes, the SIT time can vary between jumps even between the same destinations. I repeat the internal SIT time is only crew perception. The jump itself, the trip, is instantaneous.


Gosia: Could a ship go through a wall, based on the same principle used by the tractor beam?


Dhor Kall:  Right. YES, it can cross a wall, or a planet. That is precisely why space debris, asteroids and rocks that can be found in deep space are NOT a problem for speed ships. The fact that the ship changes to another frequency makes it not present in the "reality" of the stones and the "walls" passing through without problems.


Gosia: Inside the ship can the energy toroid of the person's body be activated to be in the astral?


Dhor Kall:  YES, you can have astral trips inside a ship at speed. Of course you can without problems.


Gosia: How many supraluminal jumps can a ship do one after another?


Dhor Kall:  Any. Indefinitely. No problem. They do not require charging energy.


Gosia: Do they travel throughout the universe, only this galaxy or are there prohibited or not recommended areas?


Dhor Kall:  Yes. There are restricted areas because of the negative races, there are also not recommended areas or without star maps. The ships mostly travel through this quadrant of the Galaxy, where we are. But the ships have gone to other galaxies but being in an uncartographed area, yes they can be lost and it happened.


Gosia: What would be the crew's awareness factors that condition the duration of a trip?


Dhor Kall:  Your own frequency, your mood. It's as simple as that.


Gosia: Do trips and jumps make changes in your body physically?


Dhor Kall:  In the long run yes they make changes to you. They can alter your DNA, but in the long run. Because your perception of reality modifies you and that changes your DNA in turn.


Gosia: Do you suffer from a kind of jet lag on ​​interstellar travel?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, it can give you Jet-Lag but it depends on your destination and the "time" of the day of your destination and how it compares to the "time" you have or had at your origin.


Gosia: From inside the ship what do you see or what is there when you enter the ether?


Dhor Kall:  It looks all black outside. But there are also flashes that go to the back as seen in Star Trek but maybe not so many. They are NOT stars, they are discharges between the toroid and the hull of the ship. Ionization in the hull.


Gosia: If a ship is lost, can't it go back "home" by jumping to EThER?


Dhor Kall:  It jumps to the ether but from there, although the "distance" is the same from there for all destinations, you cannot return to your origin if you don't have the destination frequency.


Gosia: But you do have destination: home. Your house, right? Why can't you go back there then? You know the frequency of your home.


Dhor Kall:  If you jump and jump and jump again and change the time modes ... you can get lost because you don't just need the position of the destination as a frequency. The time frequencies are altered, not only those of space because a frequency of the destination is not something fixed. It changes over time. If you dont know how it changes, you get lost. You need to be able to anticipate changes with your computer. But if the computer loses the mathematical sequence of the map, you no longer reach your destination but wherever your computer has miscalculated. And it can be lost due to different factors, mostly with time jumps.


Gosia: When a ship is lost, do they look for it?


Dhor Kall:  There is no way to search where it is. Or only with very limited information.


Gosia: Does the trip to the ether, emotionally speaking, amplify your feeling of oneness with the source or are your emotions positively altered in some way?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, you feel a positive alteration, such as exaltation. Like to be near a waterfall. It is positive and pleasant.


Gosia: Dhor, good evening. Can you access the location of any of your other "I" through a time jump and bring him to your ship with the tractor beam? Is this situation possible?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, it is possible and it has been done. With its subsequent moral and ethical problems.


Gosia: Is the stellar navigation technology of the Taygeteans the same as that of the Andromedans?


Dhor Kall:  Negative. Although the basic principles are the same, each race has its own solutions and principles. I am only talking for Taygeta.


Gosia: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN with A SHIP IN THE Ether If you shut off the ENGINES?


Dhor Kall:  The ship descends from supra-luminal speed and stays in sub-luminal mode and in impulse speed mode. Nothing bad happens. But if it is interstellar space the ship can be stranded if it is a malfunction. And sometimes you need to ask for assistance.


Gosia: How much terrestrial time does a basic training require to physically handle a supraluminal jump in perception?


Dhor Kall:  It depends on the person, but if you have basic concepts, I don't think it's very long. It is not difficult. It has already been seen with extracted humans. They take it well.


Gosia: Can a ship detect a star seed, or its only the crew who can do it?


Dhor Kall:  The ship can too. Its positive advanced AI. Yes, it can and it does.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, you can, with Mounes technology, which in itself is a gravitational manipulation. As we have said gravity is a flow within ether. So if the flow within the ether is manipulated, communication is possible and instantaneous. No problem. A ship can communicate well even within the ether. Muones.


Gosia: Is it necessary to perform some spiritual exercise to carry out these supraluminar trips?


Dhor Kall:  It is not necessary.




Dhor Kall:  From a point of view yes, the ships advance in technology. From another and since the ships make time trips, many times a ship that was built in 2015 as Suzy, may have been found multiple times in the past. Because they jump in time. In itself yes, the technology of ships advances, looking at it from the point of view of linear time in Taygeta. But it is not as frequent as those advances on earth can be seen. The advances have already reached a level of perfection where progress is slow. The ships are almost perfect. The advances are irrelevant.


Gosia: Does a ship acquire self-awareness?


Dhor Kall:  Yes. Its AI is integral and holographic, based on nano particle accelerators. Yes, they acquire self-awareness.


Gosia: Do you have an artificial time measurement on the ship?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, we can measure the SIT time but it only works inside the ship.


Gosia: If humans join the crew on the supraluminal flight, will they feel the same time passage of SIT as the rest?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, they would feel the same because the frequency of other people interferes with theirs under the principle of the dominant frequency that dictates that if there is someone different inside the same ship, he or she will perceive it in the same way as the rest of the crew. The perception on the trips is very calm. It is not complicated from here. Very relaxed flights.


Gosia: Do you use jumps to the ether as a combat strategy?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, jumps to the ether are used as a combat maneuver. That is taught in the academy. And with that, you jump back from the ether into normal space but behind the enemy ship in attack position.


Gosia: Does your consciousness resemble that of the ship?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, the ship acquires the frequency of its owner, uses its AI to amplify the pilot's consciousness.


Gosia: Is it possible to handle the ship with the mind or with the mind become the ship?


Dhor Kall:  Yes, the ship has manual mode or mental mode. You just have to think what you want and the ship answers you. You do not have to use controls. But you can also fly the ship with pedals and joy stick as a plane. In fact, the ships use joy stick, pedals and a "collective" lever as a human helicopter. Collective in your left hand and joystick in your right hand. Or just leave it to the ship, you think what you want and she does what is necessary. Yes, with the mind you become the ship.


Mind to computer interface is always done especially in smaller fighter ships, not so much so in big, or large cruisers. All ships communicate telepathically with their pilots and crew. Not only for navigation purposes, but even for entertainment, temperature and ventilation settings, lighting door control and any thing ... when inside a ship.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, a ship works just like the human or biological toroid, exactly the same. With your intention and with practice yes, you can travel without a ship, some people on earth have done it. This has been seen mainly in India and Nepal. Japan too. A lot of meditation practice. But it is possible and it is done. And it is advised to try. It is liberating. It can be done without the body, astral travel, or with the body (it takes more practice, taking the physical body).




Dhor Kall:  It doesn't need maintenance like energy in the engines. But it does require maintenance of other systems because yes, they are subject to wearing off or need lubricants, or have consumables to replace, such as filters, oils and hydraulic fluid. Consumables such as oxygen or food (although oxygen is mostly generated on board)


Gosia: How do you keep food on the ship?


Dhor Kall:  How do you keep food? In refrigeration like you. Or live like having agricultural spaces on board. The food grows on board. Especially in large ships. In the small ones like Suzy we are required to load them with food since there is nowhere to grow crops or plants.


Gosia: Can you jump from the ether to the inner earth labyrinths to capture the Reptiles?


Dhor Kall:  Yes and it has been done. It's how special forces like Hashmallim proceed. That is done precisely.


Gosia: Why do you need controls on the ship, if it can go alone? What do you use manual mode for?


Dhor Kall:  Why do we need controls? Because mental mode may fail and controls may be necessary. And because it's very fun to fly with the controls.


Gosia: Ok. Can humans make jumps, with the frequency belt on, to go to Erra and return to Earth on the same day?


Dhor Kall:  The belt is necessary when you are at a high density and go down to a place with low density. But if you have a low physical frequency like 3D ... and you travel to a higher frequency like 5D, it is NOT necessary to wear a belt since the body goes with the perception of the traveler's consciousness. It is a pleasant feeling because the frequency of the traveler's body rises.


Gosia: WHEN will the HUMANITY BE ABLE TO MAKE star trips?


Dhor Kall:  The manipulative Cabal needs to be controlled first. There is no reason you can't do it today. It's just that the technology is hidden.


Gosia: How do you generate or store water? Thank you!


Dhor Kall:  Water is water and it is not compressible. Water is generated on board combining hydrogen and oxygen (which is generated in other ways). Already made water is stored in conventional deposits or tanks on edge.




Dhor Kall:  The ships approach the sun all the time. It is not a thermonuclear ball. It is an energy ball. The suns are used as portals for many ships. Not only can you approach a sun ... but the suns are high traffic areas for ships. The Sun is a large energy toroid. It is an exit point of the toroid and the black hole the entry point. This is the basic answer. Suns and black holes go hand in hand as two sides of the same coin. Areas of high gravitational flow within the ether.


Gosia: Hi Dhor! Who else can travel to space? Apart from the pilots ... How much training is needed to make interstellar trips?


Dhor Kall:  Any passengers can be carried onboard without problems. Passengers without preparation.




Dhor Kall:  Yes, the 3D does leak here... but more than anything because we have our attention there in the 3d. Remember that existential frequency is a perception and it is something internal and particular to each person. Yes it does affect us. More than anything if the ship is under the Van Allen bands. But the ship has its own toroid so inside it is still 5D.


Gosia: When will the earth's anti-gravity navigation technologies be released?


Dhor Kall:  I don't know. It depends on removing the negatives and the cabal. The answers and the technology is already there. You just need to release it.


Gosia: Does the ship's toroid protect the ship and the crew from the sun's radiation, when using it as a portal?


Dhor Kall:  Yes exactly. It protects from solar radiation or any other kind.


Gosia: What happens when you enter the Sun? How does it look or feel?


Dhor Kall:  You go through a very bright threshold but you already have a hole detected in the surface through which you will enter. Once inside it feels like a supra-luminal flight. Black and with discharges, because you are inside a so-called Wormhole and suddenly you go out to normal space, clean and full of stars.




Dhor Kall:  In ship no or apparently no.


Gosia: What does apparently mean?


Dhor Kall:  Because I feel that yes, it can be done but I have no proof.


Gosia: If you didn't have SIT time, Internal Ship Time, what would happen to the crew?


Dhor Kall:  Nothing. The SIT time varies from person to person. It doesn't depend on anything outside of the person. If a crew shares the same perception of the duration of a trip, it is only by agreements between them. SIT time depends on the consciousness of the crew, not the ship. Every flight beyond the speed of light in supra-luminal mode, is instantaneous, it makes no difference to fly from Spain to Andorra or from Spain to M33 Andromeda. This by the principle of Non-Locality of the ether. (Non-human science).


Gosia: Can the planets be cloaked too?


Dhor Kall:  Yes you can cloak a planet. Visually especially, but in the end it will come out because there is an extensive energy signal, it is measured by the presence of gravity. It can be done, but there is little purpose in doing so. Because in itself you will also have to cover up all the mathematically calculable signal that gives away the presence of a planet. As I said above, that refers to the predictable presence of a great concentration of gravity. Whether it is seen or not, or if it is invisible to these or other instruments, does not matter taking into the account gravitational sensors such as those that all the ships use all the time during normal navigation.


Gosia: Is the ISS orbiting the Earth really or is that made from some Hollywood studio?


Dhor Kall:  There is this thing going around that was used for several experiments, but it is currently empty and what they put as videos from the ISS is nothing more than Hollywood garbage done either in a water tank and / or in a studio with Wire harnesses to suspend "astronauts", Astro-nots, and green screens behind.


Gosia: What technology have we recovered (humans) from reverse engineering?


Dhor Kall:  The list is long. Many things.


Materials and alloys.

Composite materials.

Microprocessor Technology

Transistor and digital technology.

General nano-technology and nano-technological manipulation.

Frequency handling and manipulation.

Electromagnetic controlled fields.

Diverse technologies of low non-human technology.

Velcro -Some kinds of closures.

Radar absorbent paint.

Replication Technology.

Genetic technology.

Genetic manipulation and mapping.

DVD Technology - CD.

Targeted weapons.

Energy Weapons.

Non-revolving phase radars.

Gravity Cancellation Technology.

Inertia cancellation technology.

Medical technology, medicines.

Medical technology with coordination with nano-technology applied to medicine.

MedPod Technology.

Invisibility to radar.


The list goes on and on.


This only what I remember and what I have in mind right now.


Not everything can be replicated, or copied, many things and many materials are so advanced that they escape the understanding of Earth science and terrestrial engineering to the extent that retro-engineering is impossible to apply.


Gosia: You know how in the Matrix movie, you could download different skills. Can you also do it? Or the training has to be direct ... physical?


Dhor Kall:  Yes you can do it with technology or without technology. As you said in one video, we learn languages ​​and many other things from each other here using only telepathy by downloading the information in block to our minds, sharing in block the errors and everything unfortunately. Also with technological means of total immersion with the help of advanced and high-power holographic computers.


Gosia: But for example can you learn Tekwondo by putting some cables on and downloading this ability? Like in the Matrix movie?


Dhor Kall:  Learning martial arts would be done with total immersion, as in the movie, but you don't need to put anything behind your head. Everything is with stimulation and frequencies. Our technology exceeds that of the Matrix movie by far.


Gosia: But in this movie Trinity downloaded how to fly a helicopter in a few seconds. This is quite advanced. And without having to train, immersion or not.


Dhor Kall:  Yes, but remember something here. That from Neo's point of view it was only like 5 seconds during which Trinity downloads and learns how to fly a helicopter. But for Trinity, she could have spent 3 weeks of practice inside the immersion before returning to her body standing there on the roof of the building, dressed in black and with eyes going white. Always remember the time plasticity of 5D.




Dhor Kall:  They are there for many reasons. Sometimes a ship may experience malfunctions, or simply needs to fly like an airplane in the atmosphere. So it retains some of the functions of an airplane, but without the flaps or ailerons slats, and rudders. They are not wings themselves, they are a general form of the hull and the tips of the "wings" would have gravity cancellers or gravity manipulators and not being close to the center of gravity (physical as mass) of the device they give an angle of rotation more efficient and faster than if the ship had a defined shape as a cylinder or as a disk. (And they exist).


Another point is that at least in Taygeta, we combine art with design, even in ships. So making a table-shaped ship does not confer any challenge.






Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian (Part 1): Dhor Kal'el - Extraterrestrial Contact


Gosia: Good evening Kal'l, and thank you for granting us this interview. Also thanks for the audio chat last week.


Dhor Kall:  Thanks to you. In perspective, how do you see what I did?


Gosia: The audio? Great!


What you did, Kal'l, was very brave and we thank you dearly for it. You gave us more strenght. We are your friends, and not only contacts or media on Earth. And we have seen it as a HELLO on your part. A very special hello.


Dhor Kall:  Very well then. Thanks.


Gosia: Can we start the interview? There are lots of questions and we'll split it in two parts. I will do the first part, which will be more general, and Robert will do the second more technical part.


Dhor Kall:  Yes. I am ready.


Gosia: Kal'l, how old, in Earth years, are you?


Dhor Kall:  I don't know how to respond this question.


Gosia: Reply from your perspective, the way you would like. In itself that too is a form of response.


Dhor Kall:  I have even less chronological control over my age than Swaruu. I appear to be around 21 - 25, but in reality I am several thousand years old, 10000. I know it is not the "politically correct" answer.


Gosia: How do you know that you are that age more or less? How do you arrive at this conclusion from 5D perspective?


Dhor Kall:  Only by the sum of what I have lived, as calculations via the time jumps. It ends up being impossible to calculate my age. It is the same problem as with Swaruu.


Gosia: I see. Someone gave me this question: I would very much appreciate if you can ask the taygetan pilot if he could describe himself physically from the head to toe.


Dhor Kall:  In what direction?


Gosia: It is up to you.


Dhor Kall:  Very well. I have no numbers or measurements as reference, but I wear soft boots with grey soles, that are around 32 centimetres long. They have traditional or common laces. I wear black trousers of thick cloth, but they are comfortable. I have a shirt of the same colour, with a grey t-shirt inside.


The shirt is part of the uniform. I wear a Pleiades emblem on my right shoulder, and a sand clock emblem on the left. In front of me I have the angel Suzy, that you already know. The shirt has long sleeves with two buttons on the sleeves and velcro closures in front. There are one-piece uniforms too, but I am not wearing one at the moment.


I have dark blond, long, wavy hair, that falls approximately 10 centimetres below the shoulders. I have very voluminous hair. I have bushy eyebrows, a big forehead, a straight nose.


My beard is short and blond, with a touch of red in the front. My eyes are dark blue, sea colour. My height is 198 centimetres barefeet, or two metres with the boots. I weigh 95 kilograms.


Gosia: I see. What is the Pleiades emblem like?


Dhor Kall:  The nine stars, black background, stars in electric blue with a thin cross of long lines, just above Taygeta. The emblem is made of fabric, but they exist as holograms too.


Gosia: Do all the men wear the same clothing, or are you free to dress as you wish?


Dhor Kall:  Here, when we are not doing anything official, or during operations, we can dress as we wish.


Gosia: Why nine stars? Don't they say that is is "the seven sisters?" Where did the nine come from?


Dhor Kall:  There are seven sisters, and their parents: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celeano and Alcyone.


Their parents: Atlas and Pleione.


Gosia: Thanks! I will go quickly with the questions as there are many. Someone asks: What type of sports do you practice in the Pleiades? The men.


Dhor Kall:  More than anything, what you call general athleticism.


Gosia: What are you referring to?


Dhor Kall:  Developing the body to the maximum, in multiple disciplines. Running, marathon, weights, climbing. Martial arts too. Kenjutsu. My friend here would add racing competitions. I don't just mean racing as in running, I mean racing with small ships.


The rules indicate that they must be constructed inhouse, by the pilots themselves. They cannot exceed ten metres of height, equivalent to human measurements.


Gosia: Alright, thanks! Besides sports, how do Taygetan men have fun?


Dhor Kall:  Studying and the desire to exceed in every aspect consumes almost all our time.


Studying and expanding of our knowledge, exploring, be it normal or with technology, is our entertainment. There are few get-togethers with friends and family also.


Gosia: But do you also dance, listen to music, do arts, go to the beach, do more mundane things like that?


Dhor Kall:  Yes. Here we combine studies and the personal advancement with entertainment.


Gosia: I understand. And now I will pass on more towards you personally. What do you like to do for entertainment? What are your hobbies, besides being a pilot?


Dhor Kall:  Personally I spend a lot of time absorbing all information I can on ever possible subject. I read or work with the holographic computer to learn, it depends on what draws my attention on a particular day.


Also, I spend a lot of time thinking of technological designs and how to better existing mechanisms, with regards to engineering.


But for me, what moves me the most, is general knowledge. Of any subject.


Gosia: In 10 000 years you still feel you are learning? Aren't you tired of absorbing information?


Dhor Kall:  I only observe a progressive need to learn more.


Gosia: Interesting. This question repeats a lot: Why did Kal'l come to Earth? To enjoy himself, to help or to learn? What is Kal'l's job in his crew and on our planet?


Dhor Kall:  My work is the same as Swaruu's: Prepare the population for the total withdrawal of the artificial 3D matrix. I want the same as Swaruu, to prepare you so that you no longer depend on external guides. To prepare you to understand that it is you yourself you long to find, spiritually.


Gosia: Do you have other knowledge besides being a pilot?


Dhor Kall:  What I have accumulated during my life. Any subject.


Gosia: Something in particular?


Dhor Kall:  The same idea as Swaruu. Not to favour any knowledge or subject, since everything is equally connected.


Gosia: You, as a masculine essence, how do you see the men on Earth? What are their virtues and what are their defects?


Dhor Kall:  I see that they are confused in their male identity. They are programmed to see themselves as defective women. That just by being a man they cause problems, or that they are the very cause of the social problems. They confuse "being strong" with "being a gross barbarian."


Fortunately I am not talking about all men, but they are losing the concept of being a strong protector who knows what he is and accepts himself this way.


And I accept that what I have said is related to control agendas.


Gosia: Defective women? Could you please elaborate this point, Kal'l? I didnt quite understand.


Dhor Kall:  All the media have, by an agenda of depopulation, made us believe that everything feminine is good and all masculine is bad. It is an association of the masculine with the soldier or bully concept.


You cannot disqualify any gender. One has to complement each other side by side. They have implanted a guilt in the minds of the men, just for being men. The man is looked upon as something outdated, gone out of fashion. Even weak.


Gosia: It is an interesting point of view from a stellar person. The next question: Do you think that despite of belonging to a matriarchal society with an abundant number of women, they take men into consideration when there are important decisions to be made?


Dhor Kall:  Totally. A matriarchal society is not synonymous with disqualifying the men. We have our place, as it would be expected.


Even though it is easy to feel a clear feminine presence all over, including here, it only provides us a greater identity. It lets us better see the strong contrast. It strengthens our identity. And women have a very clear gender identity as well.


As I have said before, there is a lot of estrogen here. But I say it as something positive, and they are excellent leaders. This permits us as men to dedicate ourselves to other more important things than politics. In itself we see that as a feminine ability, as it requires great communication abilities.


In addition to logically taking my role here for granted I add that in contrast to Earth, here I can be myself, develop myself honestly towards my own person. It makes my personal identity very clear.


Gosia: You said: This allows us to dedicate ourselves to other things more important than politics. What an interesting point of view. What are those more important things, according to you?


Dhor Kall:  Expanding my mind, my knowledge, without worrying about the tireless political chatter that comes from having a command post.


We don't feel women command us. Rather, we feel like the women have lifted a weight off of us, a responsibility, since they are the ones who for the most part are in charge of everything. But if I or any other man wishes to have a commanding role, we are accepted as equals.


Gosia: What other things do you like about your work?


Dhor Kall:  The feeling of absolute freedom and agility given by piloting a fighter ship. To feel that I help and achieve to positively affect many people.


Gosia: What scares you?


Dhor Kall:  Nothing scares me.


Gosia: Good. Ok, next. Do we need some kind of specific preparation to enable ourselves to have an ET contact? What would you recommend?


Dhor Kall:  The key is not to have attachments to belief systems. Seeing and understanding everything equally, whether or not different theories or information contradict ours. Knowing how to throw away an idea, in favour of a better one.


To learn to not depend on any external validation. Focus on the value of your own judgement, as it is true.


Gosia: And what is your point of view about the awakening of humans? What feelings do you have towards humans?


Dhor Kall:  I have learnt to respect you, and to understand your points of view. I understand that not all can understand more complex aspects of the ascension of the consciousness. I don't like your attitude of litigation and fighting between equals. These kinds of conflicts indicate a great internal insecurity.


Gosia: As a military, wouldn't you have liked to take and liberate the Earth in a military fashion without so much unnecessary diplomacy that only prolongs the inevitable?


Dhor Kall:  A military outcome is not convenient, because it is precisely what the controllers or the regressive's want. The awakening must happen little by little, being the same humans who personally and collectively dictate their ascension speed.


Even so, much work still remains in the military field, to control the regressive's who in an invasive manner try to hinder the advance of the human race.


This means that there really is no isolated pacific option. It is a coordinated military action with a view to protect the population. It is a defensive military situation, and every military person knows that defensive scenarios are among the most difficult.


Gosia: A great answer. Continuing with questions from our followers, this one is interesting: I would like to ask our friend if they considered what would happen to Taygeta, after the awakening of the Earth. We were told the Taygetean population is small, and now I am certain that there are many humans who wish to incarnate there.


Would that affect them, or perhaps the population would increase, would that benefit them?


Dhor Kall:  In itself, that many humans would like to incarnate in Taygeta, is something positive. Those who make it will be those who truly are compatible in frequency. As Swaruu has explained, everything is frequencies.


There will no problem of overpopulation as Taygeta already has negative birth rates. They will be welcome.


Gosia: What ideas can you give in order to eliminate the scarcity beliefs in the mental programming that we carry in our subconscious, to replace it with beliefs of abundance?


Dhor Kall:  You cannot go at the problem from an isolated scarcity mindset. It is resolved as a whole, as one advances in the consciousness awakening, more than anything in a personal manner. The mentality change occurs automatically when you understand why the (old) mentality occurs or occurred in the first place.


To be consciously aware of the problem is a good start. But it must be tackled together with everything else that comes with the awakening. It is resolved by moving forward in comprehension of reality in every way.


Gosia: Thank you. I am curious about how you will respond to the next question. Are the women from Taygeta as complicated as those of Earth?


Dhor Kall:  I understand Earth women as I do the women from Taygeta, but they are very different in their mentality.


As it happens with the Earth men, the women are confused in the same manner by the mental control that is imposed on the population.


The mentality of the Terrestrial woman is that of a hurry, very centered around the biological clock. The Taygetan woman is very focused in that respect. The Earth woman is always in a hurry about everything, but this does not differ from the masculine mentality there. I mean that she is in a hurry comparing to a Taygetean woman.


In terms of the mentality I see Earth women very scattered. And I see the women of Taygeta very focused, with clear and sharp thinking.


The problems of Earth women that I have mentioned come hand in hand with all the other problems on Earth and its society, hence it is understandable. And it will be resolved.


Gosia: You said that you understand women from Taygeta just as the women from Earth. Where does this comprehension of Earth women come from?


Dhor Kall:  By understanding the problem, you understand those suffering from it.


Gosia: An interesting answer. I will have to contemplate it. And I will add my own question here: Are taygetan men as bad communicators as they are here on Earth? (I am generalizing of course)


Dhor Kall:  Women have generally always been better at communication, including personal aspects. Or feelings.


But the Taygetan man too is great in showing and communicating feelings and emotions. Generalizing. I know that he is much better than the human man, generalizing.


Gosia: How good. And you are romantic too, from what I have heard. From your perspective, is this true?


Dhor Kall:  The Taygetan man is definitely more expressive with regards to feelings and how to show them. Especially towards the woman he loves. The feelings and the emotions are seen as something "not so masculine" on Earth, and therefore a weakness.


On Taygeta it is not like that. You are taught to understand and embrace the emotions, not to control them, but to integrate them as an inseparable part of our being.


And they dont get out of control because in understanding the emotions and where they come from, or what generates them, brings them in harmony.


For the Taygetan man emotions and the feelings are not just not frowned upon, but they define the Taygetan man and are part of his strenght and what defines him as a man.


Gosia: I love this! Very good. For now the Taygetan man looks to me how I envision the ideal man, ha ha. I think I have little time left here on Earth.


Dhor Kall:  What did you expect then?


Gosia: Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, I believe less. I am referring to my ideas of Pleiadians before meeting you all. I continue. Here is an easy question Kal'l. What kind of Earth music do you like?


Dhor Kall:  From Earth I like instrumental music, classical music and also strong music or music to dance. I have the same taste as Aneka and Swaruu. And I only speak for myself, not for others.


Gosia: Ok, great. I too have similar tastes. Three more questions. What do you like about humans?


Dhor Kall:  I like that despite of everything negative that goes on, you move forward, finding reasons to laugh even with the simplest things. That you can create incredible things with what you can find lying around on the floor. Art made out of trash and music of any kind.


That even in the worst moments you move forward with an inner feeling that what you see in life is not everything. You move forward even with bad health, or after having lost everything. It is this inner strength I admire.


Gosia: Yes, you have captured it so well. It is precisely what I feel and what I admire about humans. We have a great determination and with the little we have we go on, creating wonderful art, smiling, moving forward. Generalizing. And this is why I go on supporting them. Thanks for capturing it so well and for appreciating the humans for all this. Two more questions! This one is repeated very much: Have you ever incarnated on Earth?


Dhor Kall:  It depends on the definition of incarnating. But in itself the correct answer is no. I have passed as a human, I have been down there, I have lived down there more than once and in more than one place. But I have never incarnated.


Gosia: Why did you come down to Earth?


Dhor Kall:  To understand from "below" what happens there, even if it is only limited. Just to dare. To face it.


Gosia: Interesting. I have the last question and I pass you over to Robert for technical questions that we have collected. How can we have a personal contact with you, and the ETs? Do you have an advise?


Dhor Kall:  It is a bit difficult to answer this. I just want to say that here we are around 10 people who speak a human language, and there (on Earth) you are many thousands. More than anything thats the reason. It is simply not possible to respond to everyone.


Furthermore, study profoundly the Taygetan contacts from all times, and be receptive. Be in constant contact with stellar information related to the contact with the surface. In itself there are problems of lack of personnel and it is practically impossible to have contact with so many.


Gosia: I see. Ok Kal'l, your responses are very clear, direct and profound at the same time. Thank you! I am sure that people will love to get to know you a bit better. I'll pass you on to Robert now.


Dhor Kall:  Thank you. Greetings to all.






ETHER - Teachings of Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Communication)


Intelligence has many definitions. They say that a chicken is less intelligent than a dog. Or a bird than a cat. But it turns out that by being a bird you have all the intelligence you need, and likewise for the cat, chicken or dog.


You do not need to understand quantum physics to be intelligent, because there is no need for a hummingbird to know the string theory. But in itself, by accumulating knowledge and integrating it consciously, intelligence does develop. It goes hand in hand, one thing does not happen without the other.


We can describe it as music, because it is. It is a sequence with a time frame between each pulse of energy. Each pulse reaches the same point before it collapses. So an energy concentration point is maintained that does not go back to be only potential again. If this point is a particle of hard matter, then if we put together more same ones they join together to form more complex molecules and then objects ... planets, suns.


An object, let us say a pencil ... it has that form because it has a complicated system, dance or harmonic frequency group of a frequency that sustains them as an object. A car ... more complex harmonics. Of billions of billions of variables or pulsations of energy keeping at that specific point all the molecules to form "car". But in itself there is no matter. It does not exist. It is just another form that comes out or emanates from the standing waves within the ether.


The amount of calculations is enormous. Everything is artificially generated with pulsations and micro pulsations of electromagnetic energy. For example, inside a Taygetan computer, instead of chips, traditional silica, microprocessors or transistors, there are series of several million nano particle accelerators. In themselves they affect the field that generates the tunes or the sequence of pulsations (harmonics) that dictates the formation points of the standing waves that will form the object. Computers here do not only do mathematical calculations, they mostly draw or use probabilities within a quantum field.


And what controls the harmonics of a frequency ... if it is artificial, it is the quantum micro accelerators, and naturally it is the very thought of a conscious being that determines the order and sequence of the harmonics. Forming the law of mirrors or the law of attraction. Consciousness, your memories, your mind, your soul, all that you are is the ether itself. It is not in the body. It's just a translator that you developed yourself. You are a wave, with a crest and valley like in the sea, the sea is the ether, where everything comes from, the other waves with their crests and valleys are the other people.


You are part of the same but maintaining your individuality. You are born, you grow and live ... and you die ... but you are still there. You form another wave, and then another. All there is is ether. The rest is just ideas, a dream created in the great mind that is the whole. The rhythm of these waves, your position between them, the frequency and distance between them are the harmonics ... and together they form the sea ... and a seemingly solid reality. But it is only apparent. You are ether dreaming being a person ... indestructible and timeless ... eternal, without beginning or end.


Your table is only solid because the molecular magnetic charges that compose it repel against those of your hand. But it is only energy in an eternal dance following what the supreme consciousness that you represent as a wave in the great sea of the ether dictates.


What does not receive creative attention will become potential energy again, where it came from. An abandoned car, an abandoned house ... is destroyed and becomes something useful from the point of view of the closest creative consciousnesses that can use that potential energy. If you don't need it anymore, that house will be eaten by termites, and the forest will reclaim that area again. Only the toughest things remain, or it is those that take longer to become potential energy, because they are the ones that received the most creative energy in the first place ... stone walls still stand because in themselves they also contain the consciousness and presence of the minerals there, which are consciousness. But in the end, all will return to being only potential energy, by losing the attention of who created them.


The more attention an object received ... the longer it will dissipate that energy, but it will dissipate sooner or later, if someone doesn't pay attention to it. Harmonics of a frequency ... ordered pulsations of thoughts of a creative consciousness. In precise mathematical order, numbers between trillions of billions per object.


You created your world ... you understand why you created it that way or not.


There's nothing to worry about ever ... You're just dreaming.


Harmonics from the scientific perspective are only electromagnetic pulsations in perfect mathematical order, obeying toroidal formulas. Everything is a toroid, all matter comes from the toroid ... From an atom, molecule, apple, car, your toothbrush, to Earth, Sun and Galaxy. Everything is based on the same precise and even predictable mathematical principles once they are understood.


That is why the earth cannot be flat. It simply could not have manifested, could not exist.


What a holographic quantum computer achieves or does is to emulate or copy a brain. The brain also calculates probabilities within a quantum field. Between the seemingly material world ... and the etheric side, where you really reside, who you are.


The computer only copies it ... and captures it with greater electromagnetic intensity, in terms of voltages, amperes, joules, Ergs ... and other measures. Accelerating the process of manifestation.


It is the same from a ship in supra-luminar flight. Its high-energy toroid of controlled frequencies with extreme accuracy and precision makes it incompatible energetically and in terms of its harmonics that keep it as "existing" with its place of origin. It jumps into the ether, becoming the ship's potential energy contained in an artificial bubble that still contains all the information of the harmonics of its frequencies, that in turn maintain the energy in the form of "ship and its occupants." To change the harmonics of their frequencies artificially again ... become compatible with the destination.


There is no movement through space, there is no displacement, and there are no distances to travel, since from the ether everything is, and everything that exists, the entire universe, is all contained superimposed within the ether. By description: everything that exists occupies the same space, intertwined as a fabric.


You only change where you are compatible according to your harmonics, frequencies and vibrations. And where you are compatible, it is where you are.


Gosia: And why do the molecules of the hand repel against those of the table? Where does this come from? Did we program it this way from higher planes too, in order to "interact" with ourselves? Me with the table? To have fun this way?


Swaruu: Because they have different harmonics of a frequency, and one is invasve for the other. That effect of repulsion is what creates the "law" of matter that says that two objects with mass cannot share the same place. If you change density, that does happen. Which explains why certain beings or certain technology, such as a tractor beam, can pass through the walls.


Gosia: But why are they different, the harmonics of a frequency? How did this difference occur?


Swaruu: First, because one harmonic or group of harmonics defines the shape of the potential energy as your hand, and another group with other harmonics define that potential energy as a table. The difference causes the molecules to repel, creating the illusion that your hand cannot move through the table because it is solid.


In itself, there is another difficult critical point to explain but of the maximum importance here. From the ether there are no distances, no time, and everything that exists in the universe from the material point of view, no matter what the density or plane, is contained within the ether without any distance one from another. They are all only superimposed there. And you can only see a place or a position in time of a place by the frequency, or the perception range of frequencies that the observer has.


The ether is the supreme creator consciousness of everything. The original source. The sum of all seemingly external individual consciousnesses, in the form of holographic fragments of the whole, which contain all the form and qualities and characteristics of the original. That intelligence is you. And all of us, as seemingly separate entities, are just the same.


Gosia: Don't you feel that the ether is still "only" the medium for something even more beyond? And that this something could be working through the ether, I perceive. I feel that there could be something further beyond even the ether itself. I don't know how to explain it but I sense it. Maybe the ether is everything but like a "bridge" with the manifested world. I'm just getting this from my distant intuitive perception now. Philosophizing and thinking. I do not say it is so.


Swaruu: The ether includes everything, and all planes and every moment on all planes, by definition it only is, and it cannot be a means to anything else since it is all inclusive. If there were more it would just be more ether. For the ether to be only an organism or person-consciousness on another plane that in itself was only one of more consciousnesses that in turn were unified to form something even bigger, a supra-ether, this would be a contradiction in terms given that the ether being all inclusive and infinite would also include a more expanded ether. The ether has to be everything. Whatever you add to it is only more ether and it is the perception of the one who adds that defines it as something extra that is not ether. The infinite cannot contain anything beyond the infinite. It's just more infinite.


Gosia: I get it. But I feel there are more things here yet to explore. Difficult to explain in words. Although I don't know what it is.


Swaruu: Those other things to explore are isolated parts within the infinite ether itself.


Gosia: You think? Yes, it could be!


Swaruu: If it is an isolated part, it is only a part of the whole, of the ether.


Gosia: Although I still feel that the "ALL" that we feel the ether is... it can also be a part of some "game" beyond. Perhaps. One day I will find out. I feel that all this never ends. Whenever we think we have reached the ALL, it is not the end. There are more things to understand about that very the ALL. Is it possible that beyond the ALL there is something that the ALL does not include?


Swaruu: Gosia, that can only be more ether. The same concept of "beyond" only includes more of the infinite. If you have something infinite, the ALL, it is just infinite. Whatever you add is included in the infinite.


Gosia: The ALL seems too small for me haha. One day I will do an expedition there. Beyond the ALL. To the borders of infinity.


Swaruu: Infinity cannot, by definition, have borders. And the ether is not small. It is only the mind that cannot comprehend the concept of something that includes everything and is everything, simultaneously. The infinite is as large as the holographic part of the ether that tries to perceive it. A person.


The problem here is that it is not something that is a theory, as one would think on Earth. This is the how and the why a ship can travel instantly thousands upon thousands of light years, and also why it can go anywhere in time. It is something already empirical for the interstellar races.


Gosia: Yes. What also amazes me is your technological ability to operate the ether as consciousness itself does. Creating matter, inserting objects etc. How did you get to this point of technological advancement? How did you get to develop all this technology?


Swaruu: Calculating probabilities within a quantum field. It is thousands and thousands of years of technology. And something else happens. This technology comes to us, or reached us from other races - and our race. By hoops or circles in the same time where strictly speaking, from the point of view of a time line which we perceive, there is no one who created that technology. It comes from the ether, because it was imported from another side, that in turn comes from another side.


Example: If you have a creative idea ... lets use E = MC2. Einstein receives the formula given by another Einstein, and that Einstein travels to the past and gives it to himself. Who came up with the formula? There is no creative process or creative effort. But there it is.


Gosia: Is this what really happens?


Swaruu: A Taygetean ship appeared and said it came from the future ... and the person on the ship teaches those present to make another ship ... But as it is Taygeta, those people will grow and in turn give that technology to their descendants, and these to theirs ... until one day it occurs to someone to go back to the past to sow that technology. Where did it come from?


Gosia: Well, where did it come from, Swaruu?


Swaruu: The ether already contains all the possibilities, it already contains all possible situations. It contains all the technology that there might be. There is no one who created it because it comes from the ether. This defeats the matrix concept of having to work to deserve. This means that you can be and have it all if you only learn one thing. Manipulate frequencies with your mind.


And manipulating frequencies with your mind is the same thing that a starship does, only that with great voltage and force in order of several TEVs, it does it very fast. Because from the ether the ship accesses the whole and can have at your disposal everything that is contained in the ether.


Gosia: But how are frequencies manipulated with the mind? What is the process exactly? I already imagine some "techniques" but what is the exact process from your point of view?


Swaruu: Inner work, facing shadows. Why?


This is why: If you are 1000 points, your present consciousness, with which you want things and with which you think, is only 20 (2%) of everything you are as a person, holographic fragment of the source, apparently isolated from other people - who are only alternate versions of yourself.


The 980 points are your subconscious and your unconscious. It is contained in your physical body as a direct program of interpretation of the main container of your unconscious: your astral body (contained in a physical body that is nothing more than a seemingly limited solid part of your astral body, they are the same). So you say, I want to manifest a cake, and you say that with 2% of who you are, because the remaining 98% are spent rambling and constantly contradicting.


Why is this?


Because there is a contradiction or a separation between the astral body and the physical body, because it is artificially separated, even though it is the same. This physical separation IS the matrix, with its limiting frequencies preserving the apparent difference between the physical hard matter and the etheric, or astral body.


As Carl Jung said: Everything you repress will come back later as "destiny."


This is because there is a great trauma in the human being as a secondary proto-species. This trauma has created a separation, due to the need to repress the unwanted and unmanageable for the human mind. It is said on Earth that the trauma is or was caused by the cataclysms of the Earth, the great flood and then the subsequent change of magnetic poles. To me it is something more simple and painfully obvious: It is the invasive artificial separation between the physical body and the astral and etheric body caused by: the imposition of the lunar matrix 12,500 years ago.


Because it creates a clear separation between knowing oneself as something physical, hard matter, and at the same time knowing inwardly to be something eternal, indestructible and etheric. Physical body, hard matter versus spirit and eternal soul. That is the great trauma.


The Ego is what results from the destruction of the I <--- Carl Jung.


This is what destroyed the I. The I is the unification between the spirit and the body that is nothing more than a projection of limited frequency-perception range. The Unified Self is the quantum Self. The one who is unified.


We need interior work, to face fears and traumas. To accept negativity, hate and all the negative that we all possess. To integrate it into our being. To equally accept our dark sides, as they too define us, and do not worry, as the negative parts, when faced with love and acceptance, dissolve only leaving behind the unified, the I, the quantum I. What you really are. Complete and without fragments. Love is not the highest frequency, far from it. The highest frequency is INTEGRATION.






Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 5): Extraterrestrial Warp Drive Flight Mode


So far we have described the spaceship flight in gravity cancellation mode or gravitational engines. We have also described how plasma turbine, rocket or electromagnetic jet action engines work. These two methods are used as means of propulsion to move the ship from point A to point B. But as I said before, to be able to cross gigantic interstellar distances something more "exotic" is needed.


Jet engines of electromagnetic plasma expel the hot plasma backwards, moving the spacecraft forward in the same way that it would be to expel gas by combustion of hydrogen or solid aluminium, among other fuels, as used in the Earth's rockets. But this electromagnetic plasma has a specific frequency contrary to common combustion gas. And this specific frequency is controlled by varying the speed of the turbines and their interaction with one another, between their isolated layers inside each motor. (Speed ​​differential between turbines).


A typical spacecraft turbine consists of a series of double cylindrical drums. That is, each drum consists of an outer and an inner one that rotates in the opposite direction to the external drum. Each drum is made of non-conductive composite material and resistant to temperatures of more than 4000 . As a reference, the sun's temperature is officially 5600 C. This non-conductive material contains a special magnetic liquid that is superconducting at elevated temperatures. As is known already, the materials are superconductors generally at low temperatures, not at high temperatures. On Earth the most similar material to this one would be the Enriched Mercury, also known as Red Mercury.


It is centrifuged at between 10,000 and 100,000 RPM revolutions per minute inside the counter-rotating turbines and it produces a plasma vortex that explodes in the geometric core of the turbine. The plasma exits at a specific frequency controlled by variations between the speeds of each layer of the turbines and the relation between internal and external counter-rotating ones. These variations are controlled by the computer that controls the engines.


Nucleus or motor of a toroid. Showing the dynamics of energy flow inside it. The nucleus of a toroid is the one that generates the magnetic energy. And it is the engine of a ship too. Magnetic impulse motors of counter-rotating turbines described above produce that energy. The high-energy electromagnetic plasma when coming out from the back (below in the image) connects with the front of a ship outside and around the ship by wrapping it in a toroid where energy re-enters the motors using both superconducting cables of a very thick caliber (in the case of Suzy there are 8 front cables around the hull and about one meter thick) and also mostly using the hull of the ship itself that connect the flow of the ship's nose to the nuclueus of the toroid that is the core of the engines that produce it.


When one of these engines is in rocket mode, only the plasma comes out and the ship moves forward, like a jet plane, a reaction plane.


but now for the supra-luminar flight this happens:


When a ship is in jet flight mode only plasma comes out, and the ship moves forward:


But if we activate the connection between the nose of the ship with the back we close an electromagnetic circuit.


As the electromagnetic plasma of the motors is being expelled towards the back at a controlled frequency and according to the entrance of the nose of the ship, all with basic toroidal mathematics, the toroid is closed, or a high-energy toroid produced by the engines is generated.


Basic equations for an energy Toroid.


Volume of a Toroid. This is on Earth, this is toroidal high energy electromagnetism, basic formulas. I can give more but I am having a hard time seeing which ones are relevant, many are too complicated to publish or too simple.


What the toroid does (we can return to the toroid itself later), we have a basic energy law at work here: The law of dominant frequencies. It says that any frequency stronger than another or others will turn the weakest ones into itself, will assimilate them. The energetic toroid of a ship, will enclose the ship itself that emits it and everything that is inside it, in a bubble where its existential vibration frequency, call it density as in 3D or 5D ... will be the exact equivalent to that emitted by the engine.


The last paragraph is the critical part. So, by modifying the output frequency of the motors, you will modify the existential frequency of the ship and of everything inside it. This means that you can at will have the density you want to decimal accuracy. As everything is frequencies in this universe, as we have said before, all you need is to have a frequency equivalent to destination to be in the destination. If your destination is 7,83724 hz, and with your ship, you match 7,83724 hz ... then you will be at your destination. Because 7.83724 = 7.83724.


To explain it again. In order for a ship to jump into hyper-space, the flow of plasma energy that the motors take from the nose of the ship toward the engine or engines behind is "activated" closing the electromagnetic circuit and thereby producing or activating the toroid that wraps the ship. The exact magnetic frequency of the toroid is manipulated by altering the speed relation and relation between themselves of the distinct and individual counter-rotating turbines inside the ship's engines that are producing the plasma and magnetic energy.


The output frequency of the toroid by the principle of dominant frequencies will also change the frequency of the ship itself that produces it, of the interior of the ship with everything inside it as well. As I described earlier in Mechanics of Manifestation and Star Navigation II with a map of stellar frequencies, (not with a map of physical positions and distances between places) you can navigate a ship or jump from destination to destination.


The computer tells the engines what exact frequency to generate and with that, it wraps the entire ship in that same frequency equivalent to that of the destination. And when equivalent to that of the destination, the ship ceases to 'exist' in its place of origin ... It jumps to the ether (inside its toroid since it is from the ether that manifests everything) and by its frequency being equivalent to its destination, descend from the ether right into it, thereby completing the trip or jump.


It can be said that the ship manifests its destination, does not travel to its destination, because this mode of travelling is not propulsion, that is to say the ship is not moving, it only changes frequency to that of the destination. This is equivalent to travelling at factors far superior to those of light, and the trip itself is instantaneous regardless of the distance between the origin and the destination.


Lets return to the ether to explain why. From the ether there are no distances, everything is intertwined in the same space, everything exists in the same space only separated by a veil of perception. That veil is the limit that all consciousnesses have, their range of perception-awareness. The ether has no volume, nor distances within itself. This complicates the description, but to understand it let's say everything is in the same space.


Its high-energy toroid of frequencies controlled with extreme accuracy and precision makes it incompatible energetically, and with regards to its harmonics that keep it as "existent", with its place of origin.


It jumps into the ether, with this the ship becoming potential energy contained in an artificial bubble that still contains all the information of the harmonics of its frequencies that maintain the energy in the form of a "ship and its occupants". In order to then, modifying the harmonics of their frequencies artificially ... become compatible with the destination. And remember, starship engine harmonics are exactly the same as spirit and consciousness, emulated with nano-particle accelerators mimicking neurons like the ones on a biological being with a soul.


There is no movement through space, there is no displacement, and there are no distances to travel through since, from the ether, everything is, and everything that exists, the entire universe, is all contained within the ether superimposed ... By description: everything that exists is occupying the same space, intertwined as in a fabric.


You only change where you are compatible according to your harmonics, which are frequencies and vibrations. And where you are compatible ... is where you are.


There are no distances from the ether. Everything just is, because everything is an idea, everything is a frequency from there. It does not matter Pleyades, or the Earth or Aldebaran. You think, where you want to go, the ship interprets it, augments your desires, and here you are. There is no journey in itself, all distance from the ether is traversed instantly. It is only perceived as a linear period of time from the interior perception of the ship, but that is only an illusion more created by the mind of its occupants.


You copy or recreate it, and you are again at any point in time and space. There is no difference to travel back to yesterday, than to 100,000 BC. There is no difference for the Supraluminar flight to travel from Florida to Los Angeles than from Florida to the Andromeda Galaxy.






1. Frequency manipulation using the principle of destructive interference with the principle of total toroidal immersion.


As a description of this, it is as if the Earth and its frequencies were like a cork in water, the moon and its limiters are what keeps the cork under water and a constant and strong energy is needed to maintain it, because the earth, like the cork, has a strong tendency to want to reach the surface, of water or 5D as a surface.


Earth desires to be in 5D which is its natural frequency. In 3D she is separated from her own as an organism, she fights to get out of that energy cocoon, from the Van Allen bands, that limit her - from an artificial space station called Moon.


The matrix is also:


2. Artificial projection of things that do not really exist.


Once certain frequencies have been suppressed by the destructive interference method (1), the moon projects in a hologram manner, superimposing images onto the surface. These images are generated from the computer on the moon and it reads what it needs to create, remove or modify, literally by reading the mind of the human collective and each individual. As an artificial alteration, and limited artificially, of the law of attraction, which is a universal law.


Gosia: So the stars I see in the night sky are part of the hologram or are they real?


Everything that is outside the planet is 5D and is real. It is as if the Earth were a fishbowl, the inhabitants the fish. They cannot leave, but they can see, through the glass that separates them (Van Allen bands), the room where the fish tank is located. The room where the fish tank is located would be 5D normal density, and inside the fish tank it would be 3D.


As point 2, or superimposition of non-real images, the clearest example is the hologram that protects the moon itself. It does not have the shape that you see, nor does it have a surface of earth or rocks as such. It is a smooth and clear technological sphere that obviously looks artificial. This is the Star Wars reference of the "Death Star," which is the Moon.


Question from Dani: Why did the Federation set up a hologram?


Porque no puedes perpetuar la ilusin de separacin con una bola metlica as flotando enfrente de los habitantes. Si por eso lo usaron a su favor, no previeron muchas cosas. Es que si ven esa bola arriba... Sabrn que no estan solos, y empezarn a cuestionarse el porqu de las cosas. La idea era mantenerlos aislados completamente, pero no los Lyrianos los Reptiles, los Lyrianos es como dao colateral, aceptable en el momento (error lo se). Porque la idea como es el 3D es mantenerlos lejos de todo contacto y comunicacin, que olviden <--- lo que son , lo que ellos son, los Reptiles, para reformarlos.


Pero no han sido ellos, eso es lo triste. As como los reptiles usaron la Matrix 3D para controlar a los humanos la idea era usar la Matrix 3D para controlar a los reptiles. Si porque algunos si recuerdan, pero no todos. Aun siguen o seguan buscando material y reliquias, por eso los Nazi se interesaban en cosas como el Arca de la Alianza. Para que sirve el 3D? Para los reptiles. Para meter a la humanidad en una realidad falsa para poder controlar y guiar su percepcin. Pero la Matrix 3D inicialmente fue diseada para cambiar y manipular la percepcin de los reptiles. El propsito de la Matrix 3D era reformar a los reptiles. Pero fall todo. Los reptiles son muy inteligentes y lograron voltear eso a su favor. Todo en gran parte porque la Federacin no reaccion a tiempo. Mandaron una misin para monitorear y sacar a los Lyrianos, para mover y manipular los Reptiles. Hicieron una base en la Tierra en un punto energtico, el ms importante. En donde se pusieron enormes generadores de energa libre para ir cambiando la Matrix para bien y acabar con el problema...Egipto. Ahora estan apagadas. La misin fallo porque hubo intervencin de facciones Reptiles negativas que por su lado tambin intentaban apoderarse de la Matrix.. (Y lo lograron). Esto se ve reflejado en la lucha entre Osiris y Seth. Las fuerzas negativas superaron a las positivas. Fallando la misin. Jamas preveimos eso.


Swaruu: Now we must recognize that a hologram, or a holographic image, is not just something intangible and distorted and impossible to manipulate. The way that a holographic image may appear solid depends on two things, on the energy that is applied in the projection and on the frequency synchronization of said projection with regards to the rest of the scene where said holographic image will be projected.


Being of a high energy, the projection from within can be perceived as a hard and real object. But what is really perceived is the effect of electromagnetic repulsion between the projected energy and the molecules of the original scene. It is the same to the touch.This principle also applies to touch screens in the Taygetan ships, where objects within the screens not only have three-dimensional appearance, but can be touched, textured and can be taken and moved with the fingers within the frame limited by the screen itself or by the place of interaction designated to the holographic projection.


So, from within the 3D world framework, things appear as real - when in themselves they are only a computerized holographic projection. Now, it is also necessary to mention that even in 5D, what is touched or perceived with the senses is also only an electromagnetic interaction of repulsion / attraction between the objects there, which in themselves are only potential energy, to which each individual transfers a meaning with their consciousness.


By applying this principle, objects can be inserted at will within the influence frame of the hologram, in this case the lunar projector's influence frame within the energy toroid of the Van Allen bands.


Okay. Lets move to step 3 of the lunar interference.


3. It is the heart of the matrix. The other two points are only supportive to this third one.


The other two points are not enough to generate the matrix. They are, we can say, the medium in which the true matrix will unfold. They are like the canvas. Now comes the painting and the creative part that generates the Matrix.


The moon transmits very localized specific frequencies that interfere with and guide the receivers, who are the people within it, in order to limit and guide the thoughts that they may have. This is done with frequency control (more recently), and with direct, mostly telepathic intervention, from the controllers.


This, coupled with a mind control, generates the experience which is what we call Matrix itself.


But this means that each person within the matrix, who is not or especially if he or she is not aware of it, is by definition the matrix itself.


The matrix reads and copies the intention of consciousness and it forms into something tangible. But again, it is also only perception. In itself nothing "material" exists. All your thoughts and especially your feelings are being read by the Matrix.







Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 4): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades


Most important points from part 3:


At the moment when the ship alters its frequency and its harmonics and changes them to those of the destination using the frequency map, it ceases to be energetically compatible with its place of origin and becomes compatible with its destination.


A Taygeta ship uses 3 ways to move:


1. Gravitational manipulation


2. High energy electromagnetic plasma rocket


3. Total immersion of the ship


To manipulate gravity or to generate artificial gravity, what we must do is first detect the base frequency of the gravitational flow of the specific region and with it create an electromagnetic flow of opposite values.


A gravitational generator is basically the same as that used for the tractor beam.


If a ship is wrapped in its electromagnetic toroid, with a change in density compared to the external one the shape of the hull becomes irrelevant.


Many ships are not moving in an observable density from 3D.




Swaruu: Having said that, our skies are full of ships in interstellar and interplanetary transit every day.


First the basis of rocket engine. They look complicated but in themselves they are very simple and easy to understand as you will see in the following image.


*Images are not supported**


It works by basically combining in equal or adequate amount a propellant or fuel usually hydrogen, hot pink pipes with an oxidant that is a combustion booster, which is basically liquid oxygen, light blue pipes. The hot gas parts in the yellow scheme are mostly the cooling system for the outlet pipe system or else it will melt.


The fuel and the oxidant combine to produce a continuous explosion where the expanding gases can only exit in one direction producing a thrust forward under the action-reaction principle. That is still used today and is the basis of all rockets from the Germans of world war II, the Titan, Saturn to the modern ones.


On earth there is something called plasma rocket engine. It is in the development stage and that is why I speak of normal rockets first, because the so-called Earth's plasma rocket engine has little or nothing to do with that of a Taygetean ship or that of other star races.


Earth's electromagnetic plasma motor
(all images provided by Swaruu)


*Images are not supported**









The system is rather easy to understand too. The most notorious and total difference between a terrestrial plasma engine and that of Taygeta is that the terrestrial one still needs a propellant or fuel. The hot combustion gas between the liquid oxygen oxidant and the hydrogen propellant fuel passes through a series of very powerful electromagnets, that basically order the molecules of the expanding gasses, creating not only more complete combustion, but also greater efficiency in the exit order of the molecules of the hot exiting combustion gases, thereby producing more thrust with lower fuel consumption.


The high-powered magnets make the little molecules of the exit gases move in an orderly manner, one after another in a near-perfect sequence, as compared to the way molecules exit and normal rocket engine, where they are all mixed and banging with one another, come with higher density ratio, others with incomplete combustion, slowing down the exit process from the nozzle and with it reducing the usable thrust power of the engine itself.


*Images are not supported**


Normal jet engine. 
They do not breathe air nor use any type of fuel.


*Images are not supported**


This is a turbojet. 
The fan passes air through the engine and over the engine, helping with the thrust, cooling it and also ordering the exiting hot gases of the engine itself.


*Images are not supported**


Other systems that I briefly mention that are being developed on earth are the Ionic impulse motors.


We're the unidirectional focused output of electrons by its charge differential with the rare part of the motor creates an action reaction effect. These engines are still in development, but they waste time since the output power will always be limited. The best ionic impulse motors on earth right now more than anything in the JPL under development, are large very expensive devices, which have managed to generate more or less enough power to displace a sheet of paper. (No kidding; A hamster on a spinning wheel generates about 100 times more power than that thing.)


Electromagnetic plasma engine of Taygetean ships


The electrical energy generated by the Zero-point energy reactors of the ship passes through a series of what we could compare to electric coils for lack of a better name, which greatly amplify its voltage and amperage.


From there they pass to the back of the magnetic impulse motors, to the part where the augmented electric power of several TeVs (trillions of electron Volt) is injected into a series of several turbines, put in series one behind the other, always in pairs which turn counterclockwise to their companion. Counter-rotating turbines. These turbines are composed of non-magnetic material with a degree of resistance and tolerance to centrifugal forces and high temperatures and inside they are filled with high-pressure liquid material. This liquid is superconductor comparable to the enriched mercury mentioned above, but of greater efficiency and chemical and molecular stability.


Electricity at large voltages and high amperage enter these turbines through the part that we could translate as a distribution center, and when entering the counter-rotating turbines the electromagnetic effect of so much electrical energy will create an energy vortex in the turbine nucleus or geometric center.


This electromagnetic vortex concentrates in its nucleus an enormous amount of magnetism and charged electron-particles and it's only motor exit is toward the back, towards the outlet or exhaust nozzle. With this creating a reaction action thrust with a gigantic useful nominal energy power index.


While this theory sounds simple enough, for the electromagnetic plasma to enter that state, it is necessary to control the precise and exact magnetic frequencies of each series or each counter-rotating turbine. This is controlled by a computer, of course, and these frequencies are also specific harmonics of a frequency in order to concentrate all electromagnetic energy at a single point of the engine. Without this control of specific frequencies, the resulting plasma would be chaotic, and even though it would still produce a lot of thrust, its frequency or total harmonic engine exit we will later need for the flight beyond the speed of light or supra-luminar (warp) flight limiting said engine to thrust propulsion of limited speed.


In summary


The electrical energy is generated in the reactor. It is passed through high-tech coils that greatly increase its power, and then it is injected into a series of counter-rotating turbines that distribute or convert that energy to electromagnetic plasma of computer-controlled frequencies which produce a huge thrust without the need to use any fuel or additional propellant.


These types of engines are widely used in almost all ships, except for very small ones. Since it is more practical to use gravitational engines only. These engines are what produce a very distinctive electric-white, blue rocket flame.


Gosia: Super nice, I love this color. If we saw them they would look like this blueish?


*Images are not supported**


Swaruu: Yes, that is the color: you see, as you know even if it's in science fiction everything is there on earth or almost everything.


Gosia: Suzy, your ship has these engines for its size?


Swaruu: Yes. Suzy is already of a larger size, 93 meters, that makes it necessary to use this class of engines in addition to the gravitational ones. Suzy has two magnetic drive counter-rotating turbine engines fed by two zero-point energy crystal core reactors with a nominal output of 5 TeV, combined 2.5 TeV 2.


These engines are quite elaborate, being that here I only describe their theory of operation. They also need elaborate cryogenization systems for both the huge internal power transmission cables as well as the cooling system of the engines themselves especially the exhaust nozzles that are hollow and filled with radiator-shaped internal pipes, through which special liquid passes (comparable by reference to liquid nitrogen) that keeps the entire system at a stable temperature, since the engine exit temperature just outside the exhaust nozzles can reach 3,000 Celsius or 3/5 of the official sun temperature (for reference only, because it is not so. The Sun is not a thermonuclear ball as you are told.)


These engines are what produced that distinctive roaring noise you heard when talking to Kalel. What could be interpreted as the sound of the wind or the ship passing through the atmosphere, is really the sound of the plasma pressing backwards. The ship being loaded inside its shield toroid, does not touch the atmospheric air that only slips through the hull. Thanks to this, the ship has no atmospheric friction or hull heating for the same reason.


However, since the atmosphere is in close proximity to this class of high-power magnetic charges, an ionization of the hull can usually occur (not always), producing a distinctive color or brightness of the UFOs.




An airplane has thrust or power from either jet engines or propeller engines, and what stabilizes and guides it in flight is the manipulation of the air, that passes through the area, by means of moving parts called control surfaces of a wing, spoilers, flaps, slats rudders and ailerons.


But in space you cannot use the ailerons. Nor are they useful at high speeds even in atmospheric flight.


In a Taygeta the spacecraft, magnetic impulse engines produce propulsion energy, and are combined with the use of gravitational manipulation engines in order to maneuver or steer a ship. To make it change course.


Although small rocket engines could be used for the same effect, it is more practical to use gravitational engines as a means of maneuver control for a ship. They replace the control surfaces, ailerons and flaps, which would have the wings of an airplane, for example, and can be used in both atmospheric and space flight alike.


In addition to the two main engines, a large Fighter Ship like a Suzy class has magnetic impulse motors on the sides, that are retractable. These serve to accelerate take-off by towing or moving heavy load in a non-gravitational kinetic manner. Two on each side.


Gosia: Yes, I imagine to maneuver more precisely or exactly more precise maneuvers.


Swaruu: Yes, as a jet harrier would and as a consequence a bit of a fuss namely a lot of rocket roller and noise over 130 dB and a lot of dirt dust and debris lifted and thrown around.


End of electromagnetic plasma impulse engines in sub-luminar mode.


Gosia: Is it the end of the chapter?


Swaruu: Yes. But now we need the third flight mode: Supra-luminar (warp), which also involves these same engines.


Most important points:


The most notorious and total difference between a terrestrial plasma engine and that of Taygeta is that the terrestrial one still needs a propellant or or fuel.


The electromagnetic vortex concentrates in its nucleus an enormous amount of magnetism and charged electron-particles and its only motor exit is toward the back, with this creating a reaction action thrust with a gigantic useful/nominal energy power index.


These types of engines are widely used in almost all ships, except for very small ones, since it is more practical to use gravitational engines only.


What could be interpreted as the sound of the wind or the ship passing through the atmosphere, is really the sound of the plasma pressing backwards.


Although small rocket engines could be used for the same effect, it is more practical to use gravitational engines as a means of maneuver control for a ship.






Global Warming, Climate Change, Greta Thumberg? Swaruu (Taygeta-Pleiades) Responds


Swaruu: There is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change. It obeys changes in the earth's cycles, factors such as the Sun, or large industrial pollution, including agriculture, HAARPP, geo-engineering. The undeniable part. As in pollution, destruction of ecosystems. That's why I said that this is pollution and destruction NOT Climate Change. I connect Climate Change to what I would call environmental pollution and destruction of Ecosystems.


The term Climate Change is already an agenda of control over the human population. It CANNOT be used as a synonym for environmental destruction. The concept of the destruction of ecosystems is mixed with Climate Change, because the destruction of the Amazon for example will bring less rain to that area, but the clouds are still loaded with ocean water, and that water will fall elsewhere not prepared causing a flood.


Climate Change as an agenda, with the causes attributed to it, is totally FALSE and it is another strategy to implement Agenda 21. Strictly speaking. There is NO Global Warming. As many renowned scientists have already managed to debunk Global Warming, the Cabal has changed that name to Climate Change to continue with exactly the same agenda. Global Warming and Climate Change ... are the same agenda.


There is no RISE in the Earths temperature, coastal cities will NOT be flooded ... there will be NO pole shift. CO2 does NOT cause a greenhouse effect, it is what plants need to process their nutrients and the sun in the process of photosynthesis.


Gosia: Arent the temperatures going up though? I see it in many places. In Poland, temperaters are drastically higher than before, in Sweden there was no snow in February when I went there and the local people told me that there was much more snow before, the businesses that depend on snow are worried.


Swaruu: No Gosia. These are natural fluctuations that have always been around. You feel warmer in Poland at the expense of colder temperatures in Santiago in Chile. Then colder in Poland and hotter in Santiago in Chile. And so everywhere, the Earth is complex, a change of temperatures cannot be determined only by the readings of a couple of places.


Also the ice caps at the poles are bigger and thicker than before ... Big icebergs are sold in the media as dangerous that separate from the Antarctic continental plate and that is proof that melting will increase the water level of the oceans. This is not so, that is completely natural and has always been that way.


Gosia: But I still dont understand. People in Sweden in winter told me that there was much more snow there before. My Huskies excursion has been canceled because there was not enough snow and people there were worried.


Swaruu: I don't doubt it, it can last for many years. However, the people of Manitoba and Wisconsin reported snow and ice at the end of April. The Earth is not something fixed, it has natural variants. There will not always be the same weather in the same place. There will be several years of warm winters in places followed by severe winters. It has always been this way for thousands of years.


Gosia: So all this is because of natural cycles?


Swaruu: Yes. Earth fluctuations, movements of sea currents, complex factors. Its just that, since the weather is controlled in part by HAARP artificially, much of this is also manipulated. But not all. Control of the weather on the part of the Cabal is not total, they just manipulate it. They cannot create a Hurricane from nothing. But they can feed a small one so that it grows and they can also direct it. As with a hurricane ... the earth's cycles can cause a drought somewhere and with the HAARP they can make it worse.


Gosia: And one thing. Is the weather warming or cooling then? I mean natural cycles?


Swaruu: None, it only fluctuates naturally in one place then in another. It is perception and the media and politicians use it for their agendas, nothing is happening. No global warming, no melting of the ice caps and everyone swimming in London and New York, no impending glaciations or changes of polarity of the Earth ... or Nibiru, or solar flashes that cook everything. Enough of that psychology of fear fear fear.


Gosia: And positronic energies that come and make everything ascend have to do with this?


Swaruu: Partly yes ... that's where I include solar factors, or sun activity. Which, as you already know, does not work alone ... but is a frequency relay station for energy waves from the center of the Galaxy. Solar wind relays and increases the positronic waves that come from the center of the Galaxy. But what comes out of the sun is not harmful, that is fear fear fear. Nothing is happening to the sun.


Robert: And is anything happening to the center of the Earth? To its core?


Swaruu: It also has energy variations that react like the solar ones, but since it is inside the toroid of the Van Allen Bands, it does not have the same influence as other planets do, the nucleus is also suppressed. However, as we talk about energy of a very high nature, it still has the connection despite the bands.


The Earth is not completely hollow, as you know, but it does have large internal cavities the size of continents. Or comparable to underground continents.


Robert: And all that about the famous Ozone layer?


Swaruu: That is another lie.


Greta Thunberg


Swaruu: The Federation knows the case well. The Cabal is using it. It is full of symbolism. Even the hairstyle is the same as that of the Nazi young girls. Honorary Doctorate .. Nobel Peace Prize ... Those things are not distributed to anyone, only to members of the Cabal. That girl has a whole team behind that advises her even with the hairstyle the clothes of an innocent girl and what to say.


Gosia: But what agenda exactly is it?


Swaruu: Sell climate change, sell Carbon bonds, increase taxes on people, etc ... make them feel guilty about everything to delegate power. (yes they are the cause but at a deeper level, I don't contradict myself).


It is so that normal people feel responsible and accept new norms, taxes and regulations that hurt them with a view to impose the New World Order. Increasingly high fuel prices when there is no shortage of hydrocarbons and other matters. It is creating a problem to sell the solution.


In Summary there is NO Climate Change. Climate Change with those words cannot be used as something that can be accepted to be happening or we will only be supporting the control agenda. Words are important. Climate Change as what they say .. It does NOT exist. It is agenda to eliminate humans. What DOES exist is pollution and destruction of Ecosystems.






Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 3): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)


Continuing with the information contained in Stellar Navigation 1 I will not describe the nature of the maps again, rather I will continue from there.


Since everything is frequencies and all frequencies manifest matter using standing waves and nodes as a consequence of their harmonics, a spacecraft uses the same method of insertion into a new place, called destiny, as the way we use to manifest a solid object using our tractor beam. This is to watch and mathematically understand not only the exact frequency of the destination, but also its frequency harmonics as well. For a spaceship to manifest itself in its destiny, what we must do is to equal the frequency and its harmonics of the matter of which our ship is composed with those of the destination so that its energy matrix and all its components accept it as part of its harmonics and this acceptance is equivalent to it being inserted there in the destination, the ship manifesting in the destination.


A ship at rest at its starting point will have a specific frequency and in energetic harmony with its surroundings. At the moment when the ship alters its frequency and its harmonics and changes them to those of the destination using the frequency map, or stellar frequency map , it ceases to be energetically compatible with its place of origin and becomes compatible with its destination.


This is the energy-frequency jump that we call quantum leap, supra-luminar flight, Warp flight, or hyper space. It is indeed a leap from a material-origin place into the ether and from the ether back to another material-destination place.


As I described in Stellar Navigation 1, we can perceive or understand our stellar map of frequencies by replacing places and objects such as planets and star systems with their numerical energy-frequency values. As I have explained before, large-mass objects obtain a high numerical frequency value and small objects have a low numerical frequency value, being that seemingly empty places such as deep space do not receive a frequency equivalent to zero, but a low frequency - energy nomenclature because space is not empty but is the medium in which the gravitational waves that will form the objects when they have a correct and sustained harmonic are transmitted.


Come with me .. accompany me to the engineering levels of a starship!


Each race has its ships, its tricks and its ways of making them and of overcoming or achieving the same. I know the functioning and variants of several interstellar races or species, but I will focus on Taygeta's not only because it is mine, and it is what I have here with me, but also because it is one of the most advanced. Not all races use the same engines or the same methods.


A Taygeta ship uses 3 ways to move. 2 are considered as propulsion modes and the third one is a manifestation based on frequency manipulation on the part of the same ship.


The first is well known to all initiates in the UFO topic:


1.- Gravitational manipulation


The second is by reaction action, as a jet or as a rocket.


2.- Jet or high energy electromagnetic plasma rocket


The third is the most interesting and is the one that favors the flight at higher than light speeds (And it is not considered as propulsion as the first two aspects)


3.- Total immersion of the ship itself in a high energy frequencies toroid controlled precisely from a computer, manipulation of the Ether.


Gravitational manipulation


What is gravity?


Gravity is nothing more than an energy flow within a potential energy medium called Ether that obeys a specific frequency. It is not easily measurable from an existential low frequency plane, such as the Earth's 3D and what can be perceived are only its effects as something that attracts large or small objects. So gravity is a specific frequency magnetic flux.


If it is a specific magnetic frequency, it would be specific to each place since the dynamics of energy interaction between objects, planets, suns, moons, for example, specific to each place is unrepeatable. Gravity is directly coupled with the frequency of transformation of the potential energy to a solid object with mass being that the amount of gravity that an object receives is directly proportional to its mass.


So to manipulate gravity or to generate artificial gravity, what we must do is first detect the base frequency of the gravitational flow of that specific point or region and with it create an electromagnetic flow of opposite values ​​that neutralize it using the destructive frequency principle .


This is if the gravitational flow of a place is 7.83 HZ then we must generate the opposite -7.83 HZ which is equivalent to zero gravity (0) or canceled gravity potential. If you have a frequency of 7.83 HZ and you generate -7.84 HZ you have a gravity percentage of +0.01 over the gravitational base frequency to be canceled, which is equivalent to your object or ship going up slowly. If your base is 7.83 but you generate -7.82 then your ship goes down slowly. You just have to manipulate the frequencies that your engines generate in order to maneuver your ship or to cancel the gravity of a place.


For that we can use precise instrumentation such as magnetic interferometers. Where we pass a specific and stable electric current known through a series of superconducting coils that have together another superconducting coil isolated by a non-conductive means of about 30 manometers.The quantum jump of each electron between both superconducting coils will be directly affected by the presence of high-energy magnetic fields equivalent to gravity. The differences in electron flow between the two poles of the interferometer due to the presence and influence of gravity on their electrons determine by computer the gravitational frequency to which the sensor is exposed.


The computer will make the necessary calculations and with them it will make a control algorithm over the motors that in turn will change or adjust their output frequency according to the instructions and the need of each moment.


Gravitational generators


They are very similar to the base generators for the tractor beam, they are basically the same, only larger. They are placed in key places of a ship along the hull and all work interwoven because they cooperate with one anther to give a total effect that envelops the entire ship.


However, unlike the supra-luminar total immersion toroid that we will see later, these small gravitational generators can alter the values ​​of electromagnetic-gravitational flow over a location, locations or specific areas of a ship.


As I described above, a gravitational generator can cancel the effect of gravity or manipulate it only by playing with its output frequencies. So if all the generators are balanced the ship remains static in flight. But if we alter the value of the front generators so that the earth's gravity affects more the nose of the ship and not the tail, we will make it lean forward. We alter the values ​​of a wing and the ship leans to that side. Gravitational generators work or act as control surfaces such as ailerons and flaps in a traditional aircraft.


Gravitational generators can alter their values ​​on the whole so that a ship moves in the desired direction, creating a gravitational gradient ahead of it. The ship literally falls in the desired direction.


I have some schematic images, they are from your Web but they can serve. They are downloaded from Earth websites, not everything applies to our ships.


As gravitational generators are found throughout the hull of a large ship, they are also reduced in number in smaller ships, illustrating with this the need to use triangle ships or the so-called TR-3 where gravitational generators are found one in each corner, as the most basic distribution. While this propulsion system is silent and allows high speeds, by itself it is not enough to enable the ship to reach the speeds close to that of light, much less overcome it.


A gravitational generator is almost the same, basically the same as that used for the Tractor Beam. In its most common configuration, it consists of several layers of rotating spheres one inside the other. Each sphere is of a non-conductive compound or material but super resistant to high temperatures and is completely filled with high pressure metallic liquid in special alloy. The closest terrestrial equivalent is enriched Mercury or Red Mercury. That itself is also used as such in some models of ships.


The spheres rotate in the opposite direction to each other at RPM between 10,000 and 100,000, the differences in speed between each of the spheres and their relationship with the others cause an internal change in the gravitational output frequency.


Remembering that Gravity is nothing more than magnetism at a very high frequency.


What is there in these schemes are very basic things regarding gravitational engines. Many of these things are known on Earth. It is known even for the normal population but they do not apply it. I do not doubt that it has been given in part by other races. And also the starseeds transmit it.


These are made by me, they are for the supra luminar flight. That is not Web, I made them. I used Web toroids, a sci-fi ship and with Photoshop I added them to illustrate the toroid in which a ship is wrapped for flight faster than light.


This is the Alcyone Ship seen from a telescope. They are real photos but augmented in contrast:


Dieslientiplex ship (Image well known):


Royal Draconian Ship:


A ship chasing a rocket:


One of our ships:


Robert: Are they golden or is it an effect of a photograph?


Swaruu: You only see the hot spots of the ship, where the sun is hitting it.


Taygetean cargo ship:


Centauri Heavy Cruise Ship:


Other Taygeteanas:


Taygeta also have ships of Scimitar class' b and Scimitar 'a'. The 'a' are interceptors, and the 'b' are assault. The difference is that the assault ones are heavier. Scimitar 'b' arrive at a site and bring down members of our team, vehicles, equipment, etc. The Scimitar 'a' are fast, light, designed to reach other hunting ships. The Scimitar measure 60 +3 meters with two reactors, give 2.5 to 3 TEVs of power, (the 'b') can have a crew of 7 + 1, the 'a' are only two crew members, although they can carry more.


Very good. I have already roughly described the flight by magnetic cancellers. Summarizing Gravity Cancellers. The sensors, mostly of the interferometer type, locate the precise magnetic-gravitational frequencies of the place where a ship is flying. Then the information is passed to the on-board computer, which gives the instructions to the individual generators in the hull of the ship, being that it activates all or only some according to the maneuver to be performed.


The generators will modify the exact output frequency of their high energy and high frequency magnetism (gravity) by modifying the velocity, or velocity differential between the spheres filled with superconducting liquid, this liquid is not known on Earth since it is special and of high technology but its closest equivalent on Earth is Enriched Mercury or Red Mercury (which is still used in some non-terrestrial ships). And this speed differential is modified with or using the parameters and instructions of the computer.


The spheres of gravity generators themselves are made of non-metallic composite material that is very resistant to both dynamic forces as well as high temperatures. And in itself electromagnetically speaking, its properties have been removed remaining only as liquid containers. As if they were only spheres of superconducting liquid rotating at different and counter-rotating speeds.


The means of propulsion of rotation for the spheres of the generators is electric being that the very same spheres act as a frame of "electric motor" making it unnecessary the installation of additional external motors that drive the mechanism and the typical speed of rotation oscillates between the 10,000 RPM and 200,000 RPM.


These engines alone can drive a ship to a speed close to 50,000km / sec a good part of the light speed, or a 6th part of the light speed and this system is considered as a gravitational propulsion or propulsion.


The force or amperage (for lack of a better word) of the engines is directly proportional to the total mass of the ship, this being a basic factor for the size, distribution and energy consumption of the Gravity cancellers of each ship.


The minimum number of gravity cancellers in a ship is 3. Less than that there is no way to control the ship well, with chaotic results such as that of Die Glocke Nazi who only had one that did not control its output frequencies.


Robert: With those engines, the shape of the ship doesnt matter? It doesn't need to be aerodynamic, right?


Swaruu: It doesn't matter but yes you have to first understand what it will be used for, because if the ship does enter the atmosphere yes it still needs some aerodynamics. Although strictly speaking an electromagnetic toroid wrapping a ship would be what provides the aerodynamic shape and not the shape of the hull. Even so, very advanced ships like the Taygetan SUZY class are structurally aerodynamic.


In the case of supra-luminar flight or in the case of plasma jet or gravitational propulsion also, the 3 ways, if a ship is wrapped in its electromagnetic toroid, with a change in density compared to the external one (density differential between the ship and its surroundings) ... the shape of the hull becomes irrelevant, making it possible to fly at enormous speeds a cube ship or a brick ship without problems.


Having explained the above, in the discoidal ships or the reason why many ships have a discoidal shape, especially the small ones, it is because it is the most suitable to promote the dynamic flow of gravitational waves that are generated by its small engines of relatively low power. This dynamic gravitational flow is called Flux in a ship. With ships of greater power, the discoidal form is irrelevant.


Robert: I thought that most ships were discoidal. But when I saw an image of how Suzy is more or less, I realized that not all are discoidal or that it is not necessary.


Swaruu: What happens is that the discoidal ones are the most frequently seen, speaking of the positive ones (no longer since all forms abound). Because discoidal ships are the ones used for basic transport, they are like cars for many races, they are everywhere and everyone has one or more than one. Having said that, the most common form for an interstellar ship is...? Tell me what do you think is the most common shape?


Robert: The spherical. The toroid or it would have no form because it just manifests.


Gosia: Spherical yes. Or this typical Meier one.


Swaruu: No.


Robert: What is it?


Swaruu: The asteroid form. It is not a joke. I am very serious.


Gosia: But done like that on purpose? To look like asteroids?


Swaruu: A race captures an asteroid with the correct composition, usually metallic, they make it hollow, they put the motors in the back, cabin at the front and there they have their ship. They save on having to install the hull and this way they not only have protection from impacts in space but also camouflage. It must be clarified that this is a low-tech solution used by thousands and thousands of civilizations that are barely taking their first interstellar steps.


Robert: Oumuaoumua or whatever its name is. Image 26


Swaruu: For a developing race, making a 2 kilometer long polymorphic titanium hull, like this one, is prohibited. They use asteroids because in itself it is a "free" and in space the shape is quite irrelevant.


Although this form is common, and perfectly viable, that Oumauma thing, we do not find any sense here to what they say, because there isnt only one ship out here, there are thousands and in interplanetary and interstellar transit. As I said before, describing or being asked what Oumauma is, it is as if they were telling you or asking you if in the street you have seen a "strange" metallic object with doors on the sides and which goes turning on a 4-wheel base.


There are so many ships / cars that it is impossible to detect to which one they have pinned that Oumauma name or however it is written. Therefore for us it is just another lie from NASA. They only see one ship about 100 meters long (quite small) and ignore other 357,000 that pass around the area every day? It is just so that humans think that NASA could detect anything that went through the solar system. There is another problem here. Many ships are not moving in an observable density from 3D, which further complicates everything.


Gosia: In theory, none should be seen. If they are supposedly in 5D, right?


Robert: But, I understand that upon entering the atmosphere under Van Allen belts, this changes the situation.


Swaruu: Yes, you can see many, because the visible from the 3D is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum (including the visible light spectrum) that the ship emits. (And not the whole ship). Partly because of this, you can't recognize many ships like the ones I've sent here. And this problem also applies to planets and distant suns alike. They only see the 3D parts of what is outside, not everything that is outside or only the 3D components of objects of other densities since a higher density such as 5D includes 60% of 3D.


I terminate the section of gravitational impulse motors.


Next part we will do: Jet propulsion of high energy elecromagnetic plasma.






Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 2): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)




As I have described above all matter is created as the result of a frequency and its harmonics forming standing waves making a concentrated energy point known as a node, all within a potential energy field medium known as the Ether.


A node is an object, solid matter. For a frequency to be one it must have a time laps or variation between its energy troughs and valleys, for all frequency is a series of waves within an energy field, and that variation is given by an observer with consciousness as it depends on a time frame, or interval that is a direct consequence of the observers awareness level that determines the Density of Existence it perceives, as described above. The harmonics of a Frequency is the mathematically precise combination and sequencing of frequency changes that create both a perceived solid object and a dynamic sequence of movements between those perceived solid objects. All dynamic sequences in precise order are harmonics of a frequency and function in a linear sequence of waves within the media of potential energy moving to form a standing wave or a node. This movement to form a standing wave or to form a node is a flow or a current in the Ether, and this current is Gravity!


All objects, big and small, are the result of this gravity flow. A Planet, a star, or a black hole are formed in their precise locations because there is a gravity flow in that location converging there, and its harmonics of a frequency create a standing point or node known as the object. So, no object, big or small, has gravity. Gravity is not the result of mass and matter; gravity is what forms mass and matter and it is directly proportional.


I have described what an etheric map is, also known as a quantum field map, Ive also said up to now how everything is represented, and everything is done managing and manipulating frequencies and I have said that they all correspond to precise mathematical interactions between them. Now we will see how this is done.


Tractor Beam


Nearly any ship, big or small, comes equipped with a tractor beam. It is used for many things, from simple cargo hauling, bringing things up and down from a ship, or it can be used to pull or push large objects or even another ship. The beam that is used to achieve this is a controlled gravity field. This is achieved using a spherical shaped turbine with an opening on one end. This turbine has a series of internal concentric spheres like an onion would have, each one of them spinning in the opposite direction from one another, one in one direction, the next in the opposite one, the next in the former, and they are made of a special none-magnetic ceramic and metal alloy. Each sphere is filled with enriched mercury in a high fluid state.


Each individual concentric rotating sphere is fed with a computer controlled high energy electric current and the counter rotating movement at high RPM among them creates a magnetic vortex inside the core of the main sphere. When the energy is high enough this resulting magnetic plasma will start to glow with a very intense brilliance out of the large hole in the main sphere, and this light is then passed through a series of lenses that are used to focus and concentrate the light for it to be able to be projected as a large beam of concentrated low diffusion light, as a laser would be.


These special lenses are inside a cylindric drum made up of several thousands of high energy computer controlled nano-electromagnets placed in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, and they are made of, or formed by, high energy hologram projectors embedded within the honeycomb. These lenses are not made of any material, such as glass, they are a hologram, but their high-energy nature has the same effect over the plasma-light-beam as if they were solid objects but with the added advantage of them being completely modifiable at will to control their effects on the exiting light-beam. These hologram lenses combined with the high energy nano-electromagnets change and control the internal frequency of the exiting plasma light with high precision.


The exact relationship, distance and relative speed on each concentric counterrotating spheres results in a change in the frequency output of the plasma-concentrated-frequency-light-field they generate and are controlled by the computer and they are spun using the same principle of an electric motor. These frequency changes within the plasma light of the beam are the equivalent of a controlled gravity field within the light beam in relationship to its surroundings because of their controlled high energy nature. The ship using the tractor beam has special frequency sensors that provide the main computer with the necessary information to determine the exact frequency of the gravitational flow of the area surrounding it.


Once you have determined that frequency you can now generate the exact opposite with your tractor beam and all objects within will no longer be affected by the gravitational field of the surrounding area, they will be under the influence of the tractor beam, and manipulating the frequency output of the beam will determine whether the objects inside will move up to the ship or down from the ship and minute changes in the frequency control the speed these objects will move while inside its area of influence.


While the main counter rotating concentric spheres control the main frequency total power output of the Tractor Beam, the high energy magnets inside the exit drum, combined with the holographic lenses control the minute changes of frequency and details within the beam.


The high energy holographic lenses can take any shape and form to make the tractor beam serve also as a projector. The holographic lenses can result, or form, an exact shape, to a subatomic level, all controlled by the computer. This shape is formed by exact frequencies of magnetism and light in an exact relationship between them, that exact relationship between them is what determines or forms the shape of the object. This can be seen or explained as a mathematical frequency construct as explained above. This means that the tractor beam can project any shape onto the ground and onto a frequency field at will.


The controlled high energy frequencies of the tractor beam, resulting as a gravity field, if set at enough and at an exact power rate can change the frequency of the matter under its influence using the Dominant Frequency Principle: When an object has one specific frequency of matter and is exposed to another of higher power and energy it will change to match the stronger one.


The combination between the computer controlled high energy electromagnets and the holographic projectors that are capable of minute detail at a molecular level results in a precise frequency matrix formed within the exit honeycomb cylinder of the tractor beam that will subsequently transfer it into an external frequency matrix or into the so called exterior world.


The precise gravity field matrix inside the Tractor Beam can form an object, first as a hologram of it, then as a frequency matrix map complete with all its internal frequency changes and its complex harmonics controlling those frequencies. This means that we can create an object with our computer and then successfully graft it on to an exterior world as a solid so called real solid matter object, where from the point of a ground level observer, such an object would have manifested there out of thin air!


This is essentially creating hard matter out of energy! The energy used to create the so-called hard matter comes from the Tractor Beam and from the energy reactor of the starship involved in the process. And we could describe this function of the Tractor Beam as an energy-frequency based advanced 3D printer. Adding complexity to the process and imprinting a numerical sequence within the harmonics of the frequencies used, as described above, we can also insert a dynamic situation, or sequence of events, into another frequency matrix, known as exterior or real world!


As the tractor beam manages the exact frequency and all the harmonics of a frequency involved in the process and the mathematical frequency relationship with the environment as well the once hologram or holographic object will remain as a solid piece of matter as the harmonics of the frequencies involved continue to feed the standing waves, and therefore the nodes created that way do not dissolve back into potential energy. The object remains as solid matter long after the tractor beam has left the scene.


Harmonics of a frequency in a potential energy soup, be it the ether or the interior of a tractor beam, will cause standing waves who form nodes and nodes are hard matter, to a subatomic or to a molecular level, piece enough of them together with the correct harmonics and to the correct precise relationship among them and you have created an object out of energy.


As I have said above there is no matter, there is only a complex energy-frequency soup forming everything. If this soup is understood and modified using technology, you can do virtually anything with and in it!


As an example, to make a crop circle all you need is to choose a geometric shape, any one you like, then the computer will pass it to the projectors in the magnetic exit drum of the tractor beam that will modify the high energy plasma-light-gravity output of the main spheres that will imprint the chosen geometric shape onto the crop field below as each area within the tractor beam has a different gravity value and strength according to the chosen geometric shape following what the holographic lenses dictate.


The printing of the geometric shape onto the crop field can be done using this gravity stumping mechanism only, but it would result in a messy mechanic effect on the plants. But if we change the value of the harmonics of the frequency of matter at a precise distance from the ground using our tractor beam, we can force the nodes in the plants stems to change from straight to a bent pattern at our will. This is not bending the crops; it is reshaping them to a bent pattern using our technology!


As this process is not absolutely perfect, and it may involve some elements that were not taken into consideration, such as dust, dirt and debris on the stems of the plants which structure we have modified using the tractor beam as well as small variations within the energy matrix during the whole process, some unused or excess energy will usually remain in the area resulting in a small, but measurable, amount of ionizing radiation present there. This also occurs when an object is created as well, using the process described above, but this radiation is usually not a problem and as it is very weak it is not harmful.


Frequency Sensors


For the computer of a ship to detect and determine the exact frequency of matter in the surrounding area very sensitive magnetic based frequency sensors are used. They are placed along the hull of a ship in special places such as the nose of the craft, wings, stabilizers and leading edges, tail fins, spine and underbelly always in specific places that are subjected to different flight dynamics or different exposure-pressure dynamics with the surrounding area the ship is in.


These sensors detect changes and disturbances in a magnetic field like strength, direction of flow, rotation, angles and flux. They work with two aspects or detection components, one that detects the overall magnetic field and the other that detects variations within that field called vector components, these are the individual points of the magnetic field and how they relate to one another.


Magnetic fields are closely related to gravity fields, being essentially the same thing. As light has its spectrum, does does magnetism, with a metallic common magnet on one low frequency side, and gravity as from a planet on the high frequency other. The gravity is a background high frequency flow as described above and a magnetic field is a concentration point within that flow, usually of a much lower frequency. The only difference between them is only their power differential, or localised points of view, vector components. So, we can detect a gravity flow of a location by comparing the known magnetic flow value within an instrument with the changes that occur in it when exposed to an external environment.


Every electric current has a magnetic value, and having a wide array of electric current strengths inside the sensor, voltage and amperage, and observing minute changes within will determine the value of the gravity-frequency field that is surrounding and affecting it by recording the changes in the electrical resistance of the magnetic field. These wide array of minute electric currents and their magnetic fields continuously fluctuate with a set of precise parameters. This type of sensor is very effective for detecting large magnetic and gravitational fields in large areas but not for minute and precise locations. In order to measure the precise gravitational frequency of a very small place, like a square micron or even smaller we need even more sensitivity and precision and to achieve this we use another type of sensor called a superconducting quantum interference device.


This device measures the interference or the influence a gravity field or a magnetic field has upon the flow of individual electrons tunneling, or moving through a very thin, 30 angstroms or less, non-superconductive insulation material, from one superconductive current carried material to another using exact known parameters. This device is so sensitive that it can detect individual electric depolarisations and their magnetic-gravitational changes happening among individual neurones in a brain.


Superconductive: A material usually metal alloy or ceramic that does not present any resistance to the flow of an electric current. This capacity of the material usually is present at very low temperatures, but we Taygetans use normal temperature superconductive materials as well as super cooled ones.


Even though these sensors are very sensitive, they cannot give us the complete values of frequencies involving locations and objects to a subatomic scale, nor can they detect each and every magnetic-gravitational-frequency value of an area, but we dont need them to detect that data as we know that matter in an overall energy-frequency soup or environment will always depend on predictable mathematical parameters and our computers can make the necessary calculations to fill in the required data to a very precise and accurate degree, using what the sensors can provide and that is more than enough to fulfill the data requirements of the same computer for it to be able to determine the necessary harmonics of frequencies to be taken in account or as parameters in order to achieve an effective manifestation or grafting of a holographic object into an external field.


To be able to manifest a solid object using technology, two critical things are needed: 1.- Extremely powerful computers, 2.- a medium or a machine able to control magnetic and gravitational frequencies with molecular precision.


Starship engine harmonics as exactly the same as spirit and consciousness, emulated with nano- particle accelerators mimicking neurons like the ones on a biological being with a soul






Mechanics of Manifestation 2 - Intro to Extraterrestrial Navigation (Swaruu of Erra-Pleiades)


In Stellar Navigation, I described how we navigate using a frequency map, and not a locations map. In a frequency map, what is important is the relationship between the given specific frequencies, that can be taken as destinations or as locations, and not concepts like distance and directional placement as would be in a traditional map.


A frequency, is a location, does not just represent it, as a dot and a name would represent a place on a traditional map, it is a location in itself. As everything is energy, the only difference between one location and another is its frequency. As weve described before, a frequency of a location is the result of the combination of all the energy interactions of not only the objects and things in such location, but also the relationship with other locations surrounding it, inside a continuous soup of potential energy in the form of waves. Each object, big or small, vibrates at a specific rhythm from a subatomic level, and that rate of vibration is what we call a density.


Matter is always the result of consciousness and is a consequence of consciousness. The ultra-high vibration and ultra-high-density potential energy field we call Ether is nothing other than pure unified consciousness, the unified field from where everything else comes out from or is manifested from. Every holographic piece of the unified consciousness field, Ether, has the same power as the whole and is the whole in itself. Each living form, each persons consciousness is not only part of the Ether, it is the Ether in itself, defining the term holographic piece as something that although a fragment of a whole it keeps all the attributes and the powers of the whole.


Everything in the Ether works and is in the form of energy fluctuations and variations within the field, those are wave patterns. Every single wave is defined by a crest and a trough moving and being at a specific time rate, this is called a frequency. And the frequency of a wave is defined by a timeframe that is given by, and as, the result of the consciousness of the observer. When the frequency of a wave is given a specific time rate with added complexity in a mathematically perfect and orderly way by the observer-consciousness, this is called the Harmonics of a Frequency. And this occurs as the result of a repetitive conscious intention by the observer, the thought pattern resulting from a creative imagination process.


When the Harmonics of a Frequency has enough constancy-energy and is of the right type, it will form Standing Waves, those are points within an energy field where a concentrated part of that energy does not re absorb back into the potential energy wave field again as the harmonics of the frequency constantly feeds that specific point with energy given at a very specific rate keeping it ever present and continuously energised. This will form a concentrated energy point within the filed, this point is called a node, and with enough added complexity it will form an object that we would call hard matter and depending on the Harmonics of the Frequency that matter will form an object. But its existence will always depend on the frequency and its harmonics that are given to it by the cause of them: the observer-consciousness. Defining Harmonics of a Frequency as the ordered sequence of pulses within a potential energy field. Every frequency and harmonics of a frequency depend on a time rate. This time rate is the result of the changes in the intention and attention of the observer-consciousness. Time being the result of the awareness of the observer-consciousness as it animates its concepts and ideas giving them a sequence, its own ideas providing sense and logic to them. Time is a perception given by the order of concepts in the awareness of the consciousness-observer and the rate with which it sequences its ideas. The more awareness, the more concepts it can manage and at a higher rate as it means processing more data-perception, this perception will determine which density-of existence the consciousness-observer can perceive. This higher rate means a faster and more complex Harmonics of a Frequency the Consciousness Observer can create within a potential energy field.


There are no Densities of existence as such, not as separated realms, a Density is the result of the capacity of perception of the consciousness-observer, the rate with which it can process data, the rate it can give the harmonics of a frequency all matter depends on to exist in the awareness of the consciousness-observer. It cannot perceive anything, with a higher rate, or frequency of an object resulting from a higher harmonic of a frequency than the rate the consciousness-observer can animate and understand its own perceptions. The more awareness the more perceptions it can handle, the more perceptions it can process, the higher the rate of a harmonics of a frequency it can handle resulting in the capacity to be aware of a Higher Density of existence as low Density of Existence Realms are the result of a slow harmonics of a frequency, and the faster it goes it will result in a progressively higher Density. And as explained above the rate of speed is given by the consciousness-observer. This means that there are as many Densities of Existence as consciousness-observers are. And more than one consciousness-observer can perceive the same as the result of similar harmonics of a frequency of each one of them. Similar but never the same as their point of attention is always different. Defining point of attention as each individual consciousness-observer having its own individual stream of thought patterns and perceptions, a person, a being.


The interaction between individual points of attention results in a partial equalization of perception between them as they combine patterns that are harmonics of a frequency that will result in a perceived set of concentrated nodes or energy-concentration-points within the potential energy field that are in turn perceived by them as material objects that make up their shared outside world. Each individual consciousness-observer-person or being is both creating a personal reality and also creating a collective reality as the result of combining personal harmonics of a Frequency with the ones of others, creating another harmonics of a frequency collectively, where the nodes or the points of concentrated energy creating hard matter are the result of combining personal frequency-of-perception with that of others.


Each consciousness-observer will give the field its own Harmonics of a Frequency that will in turn interact with the ones of others creating a frequency soup. When the personal harmonics of a frequency combines with the ones of others it will change its nature, harmonics, with wave interaction dynamics called destructive interference and constructive interference, when more than one consciousness-observer has the same harmonics of a frequency it will add strength to the node or concentrated point of energy common to both, constructive interference. But when their harmonics of a frequency differs then it will lessen the energy given to the node, or totally cancel it, dissolving it. All harmonics of a frequency combine to set new nodes or concentrated points of energy that are the result of the mathematical interactions between destructive interference and constructive interference where the amount of energy of each combines to either lesser or to augment the power given to each individual node or energy concentration point, resulting in a combined manifestation or perceived shared external world.


When a person or a being, a consciousness-observer has a specific thought or thought-dynamic this is also a frequency resulting from a harmonic of a frequency-dynamic process as described above. When enough attention-energy is given to that specific thought process the resulting frequency of the person will automatically match the frequency of the perceived object or situation its thinking of, this is called the Law of Mirrors and it governs this Universe. Equal frequencies attract each other because they are the same ones, they are one and the same, so the thought-frequency equals the thing or the situation in the individuals mind and this equals the perceived external object and or situation, because there are no external objects or situations as such as they are all inside the same potential energy field soup of frequency harmonics as the very same thought patterns of the individual and collective consciousness awareness-individuals creating it all. Thought is the object and thought is the situation or situations, no difference! There is no external-to-you, world. yYou are who has it all in your mind, you are making it all, both collectively and individually! You call this the Law of Attraction.


The external world is a reflection of your inner world and the only way to change your external world is to change your internal world first.


When awareness is reduced so is perception, this means less information and less energy is being produced and processed by the consciousness-observer, this translates to less detail and less information, and this means a lower frequency realm of Existence as lower ones have less detail and a slower frequency in their harmonics. And the higher the realms or Densities more detail progressively is added to the perception of the consciousness observer and this can be also processed exponentially faster, and so are the harmonics as the rate is also exponentially faster. The individual cannot process more than a specific amount of data given to it by its awareness and it can only process the data at a specific time rate, directly proportional to this awareness. Awareness is the number of things, ideas, and objects a consciousness-observer can process and interpret, and all are standing waves resulting from frequencies and their harmonics within a potential energy field that is called the Ether and in turn is the consciousness observer itself, collectively and as a holographic piece-individual.


This means that the slower a Density or realm is, the less detail it contains, and as perception of the consciousness-observer is reduced so is its attention-energy and so is the perceived laps of time it takes to transform thought into a perceived material object or situation.


As the awareness of the consciousness observer grows so will its capacity to perceive and to process more detail resulting in a faster manifestation rate resulting in turn in a perception-experience of a Higher Density realm of existence.


A perceived solid object is a concentration of standing waves within a field that are at a more or less fixed rate, therefore giving the consciousness-observer the perception-idea of a solid material thing. A situation is the combination of Frequency harmonics in a dynamic process involving a specific rate-of frequency within a time frame given by the observer. It is the dynamic interaction of both ideas-perception and perceived-solid objects through a lap of time. A sequence of Frequency Harmonics interacting with each other with mathematical precision.


These mathematical interactions define the wave lengths and frequencies within a realm of existence and also define the exact frequencies within a field of energy. There is no matter as such as it is all perceived standing waves, concentrated energy points, or nodes within a field of potential energy called Ether. And as explained above the Ether is a soup of consciousness.


These specific mathematical frequencies and their interactions with one another creating a combined collective Harmonics of a Frequency within the Ether energy field is what we can call a location, a place, a specific interaction and placement of standing energy waves we call matter, and that we later interpret with our consciousness-perception as a corner in a city, for example, with lamp posts, side walk, telephone booths, fire hydrants and every other minute detail as well. Being that the vehicles and the people passing by in that specific corner are also energy patterns within the field with their own interacting harmonics of a frequency in an everlasting and continuous interaction between them all at a specific time rate given by and as the result of both the individual and the collective rate of awareness of each consciousness-observer that inhabits such a specific realm.


And these specific frequencies that are exact and never equal to others are interpreted as an exact location within space and time. The exact harmonics of a frequency of that corner location is what we can use to navigate a starship. The location and its harmonics of a frequency can be as small as an atom, or as large as you can possibly imagine, adding complexity as it expands. So, the exact harmonics of a frequency of a planet, for example, within the soup of potential energy we call Ether and externally you call Space Time Continuum is its exact location in a star-map and it is also the exact data we will enter into our ships navigation computer to set our destination.


All frequencies and all their Harmonics are and can be interpreted as or with numerical values and are mathematically observable and predictable with corresponding equations. This ads an element of predictability to the energy field containing the manifested objects and situations. This means that as we understand the mathematically predictable interactions between these objects and situations inside a potential energy field, we can indeed predict the future.


Understanding these mathematical interactions and relationships between frequencies and their harmonics will constitute a frequency map, that can be a small frequency map, as the energetic blueprint of a small location, or can be as big as a Frequency Star map to guide ships through the cosmos.


A Frequency map is a numerical interpretation of an interaction between waves within the potential energy field, or the Ether, and can be of locations or it can be of situations as well or combined! Essentially this is a map of the Ether, or an Etheric map.


Objects are connected to situations that can also be circumstances. They exist within a certain context within a field. This specific context is unique and is represented with a numerical value. It can represent a situation-location in any context, past present or future as they are all mathematical-frequency-harmonics constructs. There is no past present or future, there are only frequency harmonics within a field, and therefore reproduceable!


As described above, all that must be done is reproduce the exact same frequency harmonics of the situation to be reproduced, also called the destination, and you will be there, because that frequency does not only represent the destination, it is the destination itself as described above.


The area or location where we will arrive to, our destination, is what I will call a context, and it is the result of all the interactions of all the frequencies there complete with all their harmonics and their relationships between them. We can now represent the whole context as a complex sequence of mathematical interactions, the more complex, the more detail. We can represent a fixed, non-animated scene with numerical frequency values set in a mathematical grid pattern that is the energetic and frequency blueprint of that scene and a mathematically precise snapshot of that or any other given event. This as a static representation of the context as a photograph would be. Each minute detail within the scene or photograph is represented with its corresponding mathematical-frequency value as a series of numbers in a grid pattern. This would represent a 2D flat photograph scene or context. Adding more detail in the form of numerical interactions and values we can form a complex 3D or tridimensional scene or context. A complete ultra-detailed representation of a complete situation, snapshot fixed in time and space.


The next step is to add a sequence of these 3D ultra-detailed scene-context snapshots animated numerically and mathematically using the set interactions between them according to the harmonics of each frequency that form the details of an event and of objects and their interactions giving them an animated sequence.


This scene or context is a set point in time and space we can use as a destination. As each and every sequence of events taking place in each scene-context is mathematically precise obeying precise equations known to us we can use this to calculate an event that has not yet come to pass. When a scene-context is localised and with a small number of details in the form of frequencies and their harmonics as well as the mathematical relationships among them, we can mathematically calculate what will happen next with a lot of precision, but as we add more data the scene-context will need progressively more and more calculating power to be able to predict an outcome as the variables also increase exponentially.


This process is what we call calculations of events within a quantum field.


Using this process, we can also produce complete frequency-mathematical situations that can be engineered to fit in or to be spliced into a real scene-context taken from the outside world. Literarily splicing an object, a situation a person or a starship into this field. Or we can subtract one as well. The only thing we must do is make the frequencies and the dynamics of their harmonics match the new ones.


We can also splice and object, a person, or a ship, or virtually anything from one real context-situation into another different real context situation. In this situation we must alter the frequencies of the first situation or object to match the receiving one, or destination. In the case of inserting an object into another real context-situation, the precise mathematical relationship between the harmonics of the frequencies dont need to be precisely spliced as would be the case with inserting a situation into another. As the new object is inserted it will automatically alter all the energetic dynamics of the whole scene. From the point of view of a bystander observing the scene, the object will simply appear out of nowhere. The reactions of the consciousness-observers there are part of the frequency adjustments to the presence of a new object.


All these calculations require very large amounts, in the trillions of trillions of precise mathematical operations occurring at nano second speed rates. Needless to say, this requires very advanced and powerful computers that no longer operate using a binary language and in order to achieve this they make calculations using probabilities within a quantum field, using several millions of nano-particle accelerators inside each processors core.






Extraterrestrial Direct Contact: Taygetean Conclusions (Pleiades) (Part 2)


Gosia: What have you found positive in the contact process?


Swaruu: Apart from the few people we have met and seen, I have nothing positive to add about the contact itself. In the process we have found very noble and interesting people. The project "First Contact" was a success from the point of view of the information received from it by us and by the Federation. But what we have found as general data about the universal human population, and I do not speak of individuals here, is that everything is quite discouraging. An individual person may be or is very awake, but generally, as a race, you are not. I do not see mass contact viable.


Gosia: The people with whom you have spoken in this phase, were they people from the spiritual and ufological "worlds," or from any area of life? People who never knew about UFOs too? Because I imagine the results will depend on that.


Swaruu: From any point or activity in life. Normal people with normal lives around the world. With emphasis on Latin America and Russia mainly.


Robert: How could you make the more direct contact with humanity? Given that it cannot be through politicians and religious leaders. Given the difficulties of social networks. How could the mass contact be made with the human population?


Swaruu: This is a part of the problem due to which I do not see a mass contact viable. Because not only are you not prepared for such contact as race or culture, but that same lack of preparation prevents you from having the means for that. Mass contact could not occur through individual means, your cases demonstrates what transpires, or because the media is controlled by the governments.


You and your channels were not the ideal means for us to make ourselves known but because there is no ideal, not for anything else. It is said that if we were real we would contact people with more rank / credibility / importance or whatever, than you two. This concept is hard for me to understand from a human point of view. There is no ideal medium. There is no ideal way for us to make ourselves known. The very nature of people's mentality is what limits the means as well. Therefore no one specific means can present this information.


And in the case of making the contact known through governments, it is also not viable because they do not cooperate with us. They follow their own agendas and making ourselves known is contrary to their agendas. There is no way for mass contact to occur.


Robert: How could the population be prepared for contact? Or does one have to prepare? In case of contact.


Swaruu: There is no preparation as an isolated protocol for contact. It implies a spiritual and awareness growth that has not yet been demonstrated by the general population. Everything goes hand in hand and you can observe this yourselves with regards to how badly you refer one to another.


We arrived here under the premise that humans were being invaded by an unjustly regressive race, and that such invasion violated a long list of laws and rules of interaction between races. Therefore, humans should be helped. But in reality, with what we find in analysing the situation carefully and already here, it is that this invasion of regressive has occurred not by one or two specific races but by a whole multitude of races and regressive entities. When studying why this mass invasion has occurred we have found that the specific reason is that it is the humans themselves who are generating the problem and the multitude of regressive races present here are only opportunistic entities that exploit for their own benefit the situation in which they are, and the situation generated by the humans themselves.


We have found that if humans have a confused, schizophrenic mind, full of problems, resentments and prejudices, and they cannot leave their own redundant thinking schemes that lead them nowhere, they can only generate an equally schizophrenic, turbulent and regressive society. It is like a series of bacteria that attack a body as opportunists, because that body is weak for other reasons.


Gosia: I understand you, Swaruu, and I see it from your perspective. I don't want to justify humans, but on the other hand, this issue goes straight to my heart and I cannot not answer. If humans, as you said, are generating the problem, it is because what is causing us the problem WAS INSERTED IN OUR MINDS. We carry a lot of trauma, pain, manipulation and fear, and these have NOT GENERATED themselves on their own. Just look at the story of Atlantis, Lemuria and others. We were the Lyrians before, and we did not have this problem before here, generating the evil in which we are now. We were SURROUNDED by evil and manipulation. We fell into the trap! We cannot be accused of being the only culprits. There were and there are OTHER COMPLICES HERE. Imagine if those invasions, reptiles, 3D Matrix had never happened, The Lyrians would have developed ANOTHER WAY. I am sure of this.


Swaruu: But those who generate the matrix are humans, not the regressive entities or the archons. Humans have made the environment conducive to the development of these regressive opportunistic entities on Earth. And with that, a vicious circle is created where opportunistic entities will move things at their convenience to prevent humanity from being free from them, because they are in a comfortable environment. It is a vicious circle, but basically the cause is the humans themselves and their attitudes as a culture race or species. Therefore it is only or can only be them who can apply the permanent solution.


Robert: Evil is growing exponentially on Earth, making people NOT wake up or not have a hint of hope to get out of all this. I think that in this exceptional case it has to be treated exceptionally.


Gosia: The 3D matrix suppression: The humans have NOT set it up. Humans cannot be really blamed because they are weak, when the same suppression that the federation has placed makes them weaker and weaker and where they are surrounded by parasites. We are weak because we have much more against us, to be strong. Sorry but I feel a lot of passion for humanity. I despise regressive reptiles and what they are doing. And if we humans are weak, it is due to many factors to which we were exposed over thousands of years. All this has made us very weak. I do not say this so you can do everything for us, we have to wake up and get out of victim mode, recreate and rediscover ourselves, but you also have to understand why we have become weak. Have compassion.


Swaruu: There is another problem here that has not been mentioned, and it is related. Why stellar races do not show themselves overall. One more reason: There is no clear demarcation between where humanity ends and where the stellar races begin. They are intertwined, interwoven, and this causes even more problems of understanding than what is happening from the perspective of the average minds of the Earth. This also means, and that by logic, that the problems generated by humans that cause the right circumstances to house the opportunistic regressive races are also due to or also rooted in problems of other star races that their starseeds themselves have imported to Earth, creating with it a great soup of confusion and collective schizophrenia, reflected in an equally confusing and schizophrenic society.


Gosia: Wow, I have never considered this. So the situation here is everyone's problem


Swaruu: There is no clear boundary or border between species, everything is intertwined. That is why humans do not easily understand the concept of what it is to be an ET or not. There I was in ancient times, and there were souls there that now live elsewhere or on Earth. Everything is intertwined. Your Earth problems are our problems too. If countless star races go down there to get to experience the "what it is like to be a human being living on Earth," of course the result is a whole confusing mess. Here at least we know who is who, and so we respect each other. Down there you don't know who is who, and everyone wants to impose their points of view and their values.


Gosia: Yes. Because of the veil of forgetfulness that has been imposed on us too, no one knows who she or he is. It contributes more to the confusion. Humans are brave and we do what we can with the little understanding we have, because the rest of that understanding HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY from us.


Swaruu: The reason why the human being is as it is, is not only due to mixed up values or all kinds of different races down there. It is also because most of the primordial humans, those who have been human for a long time, have suffered trauma after trauma at terrible levels, from floods to changes in Earth's polarity. A flood is overcome with time, but a change in planetary polarity means that rocks the size of mountains fly through the air. This has caused schizophrenia in human minds. I support here the concept that the EGO is the result of a great trauma that results in the destruction or dissolution of the I, and therefore humans spend their life searching for the meaning of life, "its other half, " to explain what they are, because it has been fragmented into two, the ego and the unconscious. Only with the link one to the other or the amalgamation of both can you enter into or generate or recover the self.


Another thing here: The human being as a race will do the impossible to avoid facing its own shadows. These are your shadows. The reason why this society does not advance is due to the internal denial that each one of you have when facing your unconscious. That is what I see. And I come here to say what I see, not to be popular.


Example: If you already consider himself awake to what is happening in the world, the depopulation, trans-humanism, mass control and population engineering agendas ... Why do most of you still go to the store and buy your transgenic Doritos Nachos, and your Coca Cola, and sit down to watch your Facebook on your new 5G radioactive mobile? Humans themselves have control over what they do. Don't blame reptiles and thats it. You are your own tyrants.


Robert: I think the problem is that the Matrix or this mind control doesn't let us make the right decisions. It pulls us into deeper and deeper parts of the well. Intellectually-spiritually speaking.


Swaruu: A vicious circle.


Gosia: That is why you cannot blame it only on the humans, I think (not that you are doing it, if it were so we would not be here talking). We are not the only accomplices here. This is my point. One thing is mass contact, another is to continue to assist in other ways. To monitor the situation.


Swaruu: I do not say you are the only ones to blame. But as I said, everything is intertwined with other races. Humans are the stellars. The stellars are the humans. Their lives are designed before entering, therefore it is your disaster to clean up. Because they openly say and demonstrate that this disaster is what they want to experience. Those who get tired of the disaster do not return there. It is your own decision, has nothing to do with archons forcing you to reincarnate, everything is generated in your own heads. It is only mind control. You yourselves want to reincarnate. "Let's see if this time I can buy that red Ferrari that I couldn't in my previous incarnation." I am not saying that there are no positive aspects about the humans, because there are, and because they are a total mixture of countless races too. But I don't talk about good things here. I am focusing on the problem.


And the veil of forgetfulness is due to the operation or the basic dynamics of the laws of magnetic frequencies, not to any technology or to any agenda. It's just that a high frequency is not compatible with the low frequency of 3D. This mechanism of the veil of forgetfulness is exactly the same mechanism by which your forget your dreams too, when sleeping.


You don't need to remember who you were before. With what you know you want for yourself today, it is enough to do something about it. The human being tends to stagnate. Until about 130 years ago the main means of transportation was the horse. Today you are, or still continue to be, dealing with the internal combustion piston engine. You stay comfortable. And with that you are permissive of negative interests of the suppression of technologies.


Just because you feel you are victims, which I do not doubt that you are, it does not mean that you should depend on other races to save you. It is YOUR responsibility, do something about it, do not wait for "mass ascension" or mass arrests of corrupt politicians. Do something today each of you, as small things do not exist. Any action, however small, causes a great change.


Gosia: And look at me here thinking that we changed a lot technologically in the last 100 years.


Swaruu: From my point of view you have not advanced much, Gosia. It is only a matter of comparative point of view. I do not see much difference between a 1922 Ford model T and a 2019 Ford Edge model. Actually, I see the 1922 Ford T model better in many ways, versus the Ford Edge 2019. Why this need to increase the complexity of a vehicle to the level where it is no longer possible to repair it? You also continue to use radio and microwaves.


Gosia, I understand why you want to protect humans, but this way you are only protecting the victim mentality. Someone has to tell them to get up from their comfortable chairs and start to do something about the problem. I do not doubt that you are victims, of course you are ... but ... what will you do about it today?


Nobody is telling you these things enough, someone has to come and say it whether you like it or not, and that is also helping. And I am not talking about individual people here because there are very valuable people and lots of them there. I talk about humanity in general, and I also talk about what each one of you can do. There are no small things. Everything even the smallest action brings great changes.


Robert: It seems that many Taygetans participated in the project "First Contact." Why is it that now that participation is less? I am talking about the Taygetans, because you are most similar to us. Was it because of disinterest?


Swaruu: We are not the only race similar to you. Many races participated. It is just that at the time the "attack" force of the Federation for "the liberation of the Earth" was under the command of Taygeta, under Asket and Rashell of Temmer, with all the others coordinating them. Now it's Centauri. This participation is not given today primarily because the project First Contact ended more or less by November 2016.


The purpose, or end goal, of that project was already accomplished. For complex reasons the Taygetan race has been withdrawing its communication presence from around the Earth.


Mostly because of the lack of interest caused by lack of results and the change in perspective about what is really happening on Earth (change of invasion of regressive races to problems generated internally by humans themselves), and because we have asked ourselves why allocate so much effort and so many resources to a large fleet of Taygetan ships that mostly just are in orbit doing nothing. And as I said, or because of me as Swaruu, Taygeta's presence here in Earth orbit has now been reduced to a single ship. In my opinion we do not need more than one ship. And also because today there are only about 10 people that talk to, or can contact people, leaving mostly everything to only 2 people, Aneka and me.


Gosia: You said that most are not ready for mass contact. What do you plan to do then, with the thousands of us that ARE asking for it with such an anticipation and yearning?


Swaruu: With the limitations about which we may or may not agree, help you with what we can. Even so, making you understand that you must trust yourselves, trust your judgment and move forward without direct contact, because it is not necessary. It even results being invasive and sometimes has negative effects on the contactees themselves. You ought to understand that the ETs are yourselves. You do not need us. There is already enough down there on the internet and in the books, with your own intelligence that is not small, you can reach your own truth and it is as valid as that of ours here. You cannot depend on contact.


Gosia: Are other races also doing their studies? Do they agree with your conclusions? Do they have the same data?


Swaruu: Yes, each race does its studies. We are not the only one. Among the more active ones on the internet and in addition to us are the Engan, the Solatians, the Ummo and the Sassani. Each in its own manner, but they are in mass in social networks right now. We are a very small minority right now, basically only two. And unfortunately, YES Gosia, they agree. I have already shared this in the Federation Council on the Andromedan ship, with full acceptance. Several of these races, mentioning Engan and Solatian especially, are in the social networks, have data and have reached the same conclusions as us Taygetans.


Gosia: And why do they continue the contact in social networks then? Why don't they retire like you? What are they still trying to achieve?


Swaruu: Their agendas are not so much of control, or they are not of control. They are to understand the society and to obtain meta-data, in order to formulate an idea or a plan of assistance, if possible. But the metadata are NOT encouraging.


Gosia/Robert: How is the ascension and energy that comes from the center of the galaxy related to the subject of direct contact?


Swaruu: Ascension, as I have explained before, is an individual process. With more awareness comes more perception of other realities that were previously beyond the reach of the individual. More awareness as in assimilation, not so much accumulation, of understanding in general. The accumulation of data serves and is part of the process, but loose data is of no use if it is not processed and integrated into the values and life and thought-understanding of the individual. A pen-drive with 32Gb of information for example is not more conscious than one with 8Gb. However, a person would be more aware when studying the 32Gb of data from the first one, than by only studying the 8Gb of the second one (taking as a premise that they contain relevant data of the same type).


The energy that comes from the center of the Galaxy is something normal in terms of spatial energy dynamics. Because space is not a vacuum, it is a medium, and what happens in other parts of the Galaxy affects all other places, just as waves in a pond of water that emanate from a point and then spread until they touch all the points of all its banks, and everything that is in contact with the water.


While ascension is a personal process, it can be given or occurs completely independently of this energy from the center of the Galaxy. However, the fact that the frequencies that determine the existential densities rise, helps or undeniably promotes the process of personal ascension, since both processes, the personal work and the progressively higher frequency, bring with it greater capacity to perceive realities previously outside the reach of the individual.


Gosia/Robert: If it were not for this energy that comes from the center of the galaxy, would you have come or left us alone?


Swaruu: The knowledge we have come to have as a race about the arrival of energy waves from the center of the Galaxy to Earth, was a factor for the fleet to come here at this time. However, there are other social and political factors that led to a specific situation on Earth that determined that we should come to assist now, and that for us has greater weight than the very positronic waves from the center of the Galaxy. But it all comes together.


Gosia: So you're not here just because of what might happen, if the Van Allen belts evaporate due to this energy?


Swaruu: Yes, controlling the progressive collapse of the Van Allen belts is an important factor that forms one of the mission parameters. What sustains the belts is a mechanism depending on very old nuclear reactors. They could fail suddenly with subsequent undesired consequences.


The fact that nuclear reactors based on enriched Uranium have been used, very similar to those used on Earth and not of more advanced systems, is because it is assumed that if nobody attends to them and maintains them, by themselves they would progressively shut down slowly releasing the earth from the Van Allen belts. This would not be possible using Zero Point energy reactors. Even so, a controlled collapse is preferred, and not leaving the process left to chance. Only as a result of the progressive failure of ancient energy mechanisms.


Gosia: Ok. Another question: You said that you have discovered that people are more matrix than you imagined, not being suitable for direct contact. But if you let me go back to this for the moment, if we are so matrix, it is because we are very well manipulated, the cabal has us in their grip. And I feel that this is why you cannot leave us, those lost souls in the hands of controllers, abandon us in this predicament, because we will only fall more and more, the same as the organism that becomes infested by all kinds of parasites, becoming weaker and weaker. If you are not yet ready for the official contact, are you going to continue helping us even if it is not with direct contact?


Swaruu: My conclusion is that help and awareness must come from the other side, via changes within the pre-natal agreements. However, that is complicated because you are immersed in your own thought loops, in your vicious circles. The cabal and corrupt governments are the product of the same people. It reflects you and comes from you. The people have the governments they deserve, it goes hand in hand. The amount of government is inversely proportional to the level of consciousness of a people.


Gosia: So, for now, the ideas of officially becoming known in the 2020s are not on the agenda anymore?


Swaruu: They are no longer on the agenda, no. If it happens it will not be us or the Federation. Although, we never tie ourselves to a conclusion or specific data, we always change and evolve. It is part of the nature of a thinking being. Nothing is fixed so this does not mean that things might not change and the contact is made. But with the data we have it is not favourable.






Taygetean Pleiadian Report (Swaruu): Are we Ready for Official Extraterrestrial Contact? (Part 1)


Gosia/Robert: When did you arrive in orbit, and why?


Swaruu: Even though the Taygetan race has been involved with humans of the Earth since millenia, the more recent arrivals from the point of view of the linear time, were: in 1775 in Virginia, USA, an incident in which George Washington talked with a nordic woman in a single piece uniform. This took place in the woods, just before the crossing of the Potomac (river) / 1919 - 1945 Germany-Austria (Rashell and Shinonim) / 1952 - 1961 USA - Russia ( Rashell - Thor ) / 1975-1981 Switzerland-USA (Semjase-Asket) /2008-2019 World (Asket-11/12 and Co.)


I, Swaruu, arrived for the first time on the 30th of October, 2015. Then I went back and returned here on July 4th, 2017. Taygeta has been continually present here since 2008. Aneka from May of 2016 until now.


I have always wanted, since my previous incarnation as Swaruu Ananda, my mother, to travel across the space and explore, something that life itself didnt offer her. Therefore I enlisted as a pilot, and qualified as a "Sand Clock Pilot" (in its English translation). As the "Asket - 11" fleet was here and with what was happening at the moment in terms of action in space, I arrived temporarily as a communications cadet and Sand Clock Pilot of the team of Rashell of Temmer. Hence, in December 2015, I volunteered for a mission. It was the first mission with the new Suzy-class ship, to Aldebaran-Cyndriel. There were six other people, including Zadkiel of Temmer and Eridania Yellena of Erra.


Gosia/Robert: Generally, why did the Taygetan team arrive here?


Swaruu: It is well known that this is a historical moment on Earth, where it branches off in two, from the point of view of the population; those who will see a better Earth and those who will remain in their negative creation. It has to do with the end of the negative time period, and the arrival of positive energy from the center of the galaxy. Asket and her fleet have come to remove all the direct negative influence of the regressive races, so the Earth can be liberated. She wished to liberate the Earth in a military way, as was done with Alpha Centauri. It was the right time to attack the regressive races on Earth.


Gosia: When you arrived in 2008, did you enter directly into contact with humans, or with the representatives only?


Swaruu: At that moment, in 2008, Taygeta was already generally aware that it would serve no purpose to talk with the official representatives of the Earth, that is, the politicians. We already knew that they do not represent the population in general, because we had already, since 1952, had bad experiences with them.


The US representative, Eisenhower, completely ignored us. Later his successors accused us of being "space hippies," a term used by Richard Nixon. The state representative who did listen to us wasNikita Khrushchev from Russia. He ended up very badly because of our contact. He listened to us, largely preventing the missile crisis of 1961 - 62, only to be removed and isolated from the Soviet politburo for wanting to share with the world his contact with us. Specifically with Rashell.


Gosia/Robert: So, you have stopped contacting government people, and you began to contact individual people. What was the purpose of these contacts? How many have you contacted and what do you (did you) wish to achieve with this? Here, I refer to more extensive contact than ours alone.


Swaruu: We initiated a project that we can translate as "Project First Contact." It began under Asket, and consisted of no less than 550 Taygetans, if not more, to flood Earth's social networks openly saying that we are extraterrestrials. The goal, or aim, was to understand at which evolutionary point the human population in general was, seeing that the contact with political leaders of the Earth was useless. This took place between 2009 - 2016.


Gosia/Robert: Tell us about the "massive contact" experience. How was it? How was it received? What have you learnt?


Swaruu: Out of thousands and thousands of people contacted all over the world, only 10 to 15 half-believed us. And out of several thousands, it became ... less than five.


Gosia/Robert: So, could you say that the mission of "mass contact" failed?


Swaruu: The project "First Contact," was a success. It indicated to us that the Earth's population in general is not ready for contact. That is because it is still very much under the mental control of the cabal. The general population is not interested in, or believe in, contact with extraterrestrials. Those who saw it as something real or as a real possibility, did not see the usability. It was just an "entertainment subject."


People still believe and find themselves trapped in concepts of creationism, Darwinism or Sumerianism. We also found that under the influence of the New Age, people with some knowledge of the subject saw us New Agy. We saw that contacts who could help us, lacked the financial resources to support a disclosure. Those who had achieved a mechanism to more or less make it financially, generated by the same platform, were attacked for the very same reason.


Although we recognise that thousands have accepted us for who we are, through these videos for example, they do not represent the majority in the world. And we have found that the very same people are the matrix, so we are automatically attacked by not belonging to the matrix. They contradict themselves because they attack the same freedom of expression that they claim they want to protect. We have also found that social media are designed to create conflict, not to communicate ideas.


We have found that there are many people on Earth who are ready for contact, and who are awake as to what is happening on the planet. We have found that there are very wise people down there, wise in many ways. But overall, as a planetary culture, you are not ready for contact. In fact you are much more backward or immersed in what we have called the "Earth Control matrix" than what we thought in the beginning of the project "First Contact."


Many of you have asked "why the Primary Directive?" You see it as something negative or limiting that does not allow you to be assisted more. But it exists to make sure that the respect for people's and cultures free will is respected. In this case it is also to protect all who inhabit the Earth.


In general, the majority of you, and as I said above this does not apply to everyone, are still in a victim, deterministic mode. What you would like is for the federation or anyone who can provide direct help, to come and solve all the Earth's problems in an open way, by removing the corrupt politicians and totalitarian states.


The Federation, the races that it is composed of, cannot act like this in Earth's case, because most of the people there still want the experience. This goes even for those who say they are awake and have expressed a direct disagreement with what is happening with regards to the general dynamics that occur or follow, as they are living as citizens of the Earth.


We see this, because even if you say you are against the unfair system and are awake, you still continue with behaviour patterns that support the matrix. And you also remain attached to the value systems that the matrix itself, the controllers themselves, have set in action to prevent you from truly escaping mentally and from the their planetary control matrix consciousness.


You are still perpetuating attitudes that allow the matrix to grow in the negative and invasive direction, against humanity and the people of the Earth. An example of this is to continue consuming junk items and to eat useless GMO food. To accept the use of harmful microwave technologies just because it is convenient at the moment. Being attached to belief systems imposed by controllers, by the matrix.


No religion on Earth serves you, since each and every one was made and designed for population control, commissioned by those in power. All religions work against you, they don't tell the truth, and this is also true for the avatars they use.


Your science is also dogmatic, therefore it too is religion. This has already been clarified in detail. Although your science serves to design a better bread toaster it does not serve you to create free energy technologies, so that the population grows (evolves) and does not have to pay for it, much less to understand how the universe works.


Human science is designed from its beginnings with self-limiting systems that do not allow growth beyond certain aspects and ranges of consciousness and thought. An example of this is your mathematics that is based on the decimal system (10s), and it does not allow the understanding of the base energy frequencies of everything that exists, of universal energy, how it works and how to access it. Your equations create a mathematical system, or a self-sustained reality that does not represent all that happens in the outside world, or maybe, only partially.


In the same way you ought to understand that concepts of socialism, capitalism and democracy are also only illusory means or mental compositions, designed for population control. They (or these concepts) only serve those in power. They create an illusion of being in control of who represents them.


All important elections are already decided in advance, who will be elected and who will not. The minor elections of representatives of small towns that are not key to some other agenda will give the election to the people, but in the end all the options will lead to the same point, since they are controlled from above. It doesn't matter which face represents them. As for minor elections of representatives with little power, there are cases of real people who want to make a change. But the same system will ensure that they do not go beyond this low-level political stratum. And all this is due to the intervention of invasive secret societies, mostly with economic corporate interests.


The primary directive is there to protect the free will. What for us has been quite complex to transmit and to understand on behalf of the Earth's population, is that the free will that protects the Primary Directive does not only include the mentally conscious part of what a person - a citizen of the Earth, incarnated there, desires. I refer to what each person consciously wants. The primary directive protects the deepest part of an incarnation's intent, the prenatal agreements of what a soul wishes to experience on Earth, while being incarnated.


In this case, there is often a clear conflict between what an incarnate person consciously desires, and what the same person desires from the soul levels, from the levels of other densities. We recognise that the Primary Directive is not perfect and that it cannot include complex situations that occur on Earth right now. And it is mostly left to the personal decision of each ship's captain.


The people of the Earth want to be helped openly and directly. But at the same time we have seen that you contradict yourselves, since you would see it as invasive on the part of the Federation. A direct intervention would be an act of war, with all its subsequent problems and consequences, in addition to moral and ethical issues that come into play from our perspective as so-called "stellar races."


Because we, nor anyone, dont have the right to impose our concepts and values of what is and what is not true, what is and what is not moral, and what is and what is not ethical, on a population that we dont know only under the circumstantial premise of believing ourselves to be superior to said population. Superior? Under which parameters? Decided by who? Why?


The federation, among other organisms or space organisations does openly help Earth's population, with focus on the regular/normal population. Not the overall governments, nor the organisations controlled by the governments themselves, corporations or secret societies.


But the assistance is given in such a way so it is not seen as coming from someone outside the Earth. The reason or cause is always given as something "explainable in a normal and understandable way", from the Earth's population point of view.


But there is a more solid reason not to be seen or not to intervene directly, as many have pleaded. And it is the fact that if someone outside of you intervenes and solves your problems, you will not grow as a people, race and culture yourselves. And you will inevitably fall back into the same vices and problems.


While the Federation and other space organisations have removed, or are removing, the negative influence of the regressive stellar species alien to the Earth, your problem down there is generated by you yourselves.


The very population of the Earth, and I refer to the conscious, real people with a soul, you are the matrix itself generating it. The problem of the Earth is generated by the very population. You are not victims, it is what you have created individually and as a collective. As I have said many times, until exhaustion, the external world is a direct reflection of each person's internal world.


If there is apparent confusion, destruction, anger and pain in the world, it is a direct reflection of the mental state in which the human population is involved. This also applies to the regressive races, the secret societies, the Archons and the like, that have invaded or manipulated humanity, from a certain point of view creating the problem. But from the most expanded point of view it is not the case. All these species are opportunistic, they just went in there to take advantage of the very mental state of confusion and mental disorder of the humans. If it were not for such disorder, they would not have been able to manipulate the human population. The same way as they cannot enter other "stellar" populations composed of ... more humans, strictly speaking, the same species.


The human beings will do everything possible to avoid facing themselves, their inner problems, the shadows that they have repressed into the subconscious and that cannot be destroyed, and only go out of control by not being embraced within the framework of direct awareness of each person, leaking outside the person manifesting itself as a destiny. As your great thinker Karl Gustav Jung said very well: What you repress and do not face inevitably will direct your life and you will call it fate.


The contact with the Earth's population from 2008 until today as having been realized by the Taygetan race has made us comprehend that the nature of Earth's problem is not as we thought. It is not a simple situation where a regressive race has invasively taken control over a less developed one.


We have found that the true cause of the problem is the Earth's population itself. The cause is seemingly powerless people who do not bother to make a minimum effort to improve their own lives, always shielding themselves behind the idea that they are victims of something else that does not "let" them do anything with their lives. Of course they are victims. There is no doubt about that but ... what will they do about that, today?


The very controllers of the Earth, the regressive races and secret societies, are all generated and manifested by the population of the Earth itself. If you can generate and manifest all that, you can also remove it.


There is nothing too small not to make a difference. Earth's value systems do not allow you to see the importance and the consequences, positive and negative, of small acts. You know this concept as the "butterfly effect." Going down the street and seeing a small earthworm wallowing on the hot sidewalk, with its certain death to come, picking it up and putting it back on the grass on the wet ground does not seem like a great feat. But for that worm it means everything. It means life. That little act brings positive shock waves for those who do it, for those who receive it, and for everyone.


The mind, the psyche, transcends the imposed material 3D. In itself it is the way out. Having advanced spiritual consciousness, the person or the soul escapes the matrix of the Earth, the Van Allen belts. Individual work is the way out. The collective follows automatically the individual work, in mass. The collective shadow work is comparable to sociology, and with it one begins to return to old vices of imposing ideas and concepts on the masses. I do not doubt that you are victims, because this is a complex situation, like a vicious circle. But the fact is that humans have the power to stop the situation on Earth by themselves, but they don't do it because they don't desire it or don't see it. Or, they desire it, but they are still comfortable, perpetuating things that feed the very matrix itself. This goes even for those "awake."


You have to look for what you can do today for yourself, to improve your life, with what you have at hand, what you can do. Nothing is insignificant, but the problem is yours. We can only remove what does not belong to you. It is your individual growth as, and with, experience. As it is at the species level.


This is why I do not doubt that you are victims, but it is a complex situation in a vicious circle. But the fact is that humans have the power to stop the situation on Earth by themselves, and you do not do it because you do not want to, you don't see or want it, but even so you are still comfortable perpetuating things that feed the same matrix. This goes even for those "awake."


You have to look at what you can do today for yourself, to improve your life, with what you have at hand, what you can do. Nothing is insignificant. We can only remove what does not belong to you. But it is your individual growth as, and with, experience. As it is also at the species level.


My conclusion about the First Contact program, which has been extended to thousands upon thousands, is that you are not ready. Mentally you are very regressive and dangerous. This is why you are NOT prepared for mass or even individual contact as a race yet.


The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elementary events of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a very scary degree, we are threatened by wars and revolutions that are nothing more than psychic epidemics. At any moment, several million human beings can be struck by a new madness, and then we will have another world war or a devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides and floods, modern man is struck by the elemental forces of his own psyche.


Carl Gustav Jung.


The masses of men and women in the Western world compulsively avoid the true and authentic psychoanalytic investigation of their natures, particularly with regards to the so-called "darker" aspects of personality (the "shadow" self). However, not dealing with the psyche at all is systematically dangerous. A commitment is required, therefore, the proliferation of philosophy and the "New Age" movement, along with its many permutations. Infested with tricks and personalized twists for the ego, the application of its methods serves, for the most part, simply to reinforce that failed ego and its impulses.







Taygetean Pleiadians (Swaruu of Erra): Questions and Answers


Robert: Do you know anything about those strange sounds that people hear in the air? Like trumpets or machines in the sky and nothing is ever seen ... Do you know what they are?


Swaruu: They are the result, or they can be the result of, many things or many things combined. But we have located 3 exact causes that explain this phenomenon. We have already spent a lot of time investigating the origins and causes of it. The information comes from Eridania's ship, the science vessel.


1. It is due to the proximity of a large ship in the area of the sound and it is the electromagnetic pulses of that ship that is in invisible mode (possible but low probability).


2. DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) activity below the surface. TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) and heavy equipment underground. Military or military reptile activity. Movement of a small ship inside the tunnels or construction of new ones (high probability but localized).


3. Use of HAARP-type electromagnetic energies either from the HAARP facilities themselves or from the towers called GUEN or cell phone towers to scare the population and keep it in a low frequency state. To foster fear and make them compatible with more manipulation, suppressing frequencies of joy and encouraging alarm states for social engineering results.


Number 3 is confirmed to be implemented everywhere, but 1 and 2 also happen, but less often.


Robert: Thank you for your answers. I always thought of 1 and 2, but not number 3.


Swaruu: The ships have sensors in a spearhead that they have on front, for all kinds of research. This information I just gave you is important to know.


Whats more, the results of Eridania and their science teams show that these frequencies are also harmful if they are heard on YouTube or similar recordings, so we do not recommend listening to them in any way. These sounds are carefully designed to alter the population. Do not listen to them. I know that if you live where they are heard there is no easy remedy, but if you are not in the area - do not listen.


If you are in the area, counteract it with lively music with headphones or with positive binaural beats at the frequencies of 432 and 528 hertz. Negative forces attack in every way and on all fronts. The concept that they do not traditionally attack with bullets and guns is only more control of the matrix. The bullets and guns attacks are also performed, they are called wars and false flag operations and by provoking by mental manipulation the individuals who are placed there for that purpose.


Robert: Yes, you are right. It is their tactic. Do you know anything about "Men In Black?"


Swaruu: As with so many other things, there isn't a single answer. And there are several levels: To begin with, they are a very "human" organism, where law enforcement officers, police officers and FBI investigators and equivalents are assigned to investigate or harass / annoy "uncomfortable" individuals. This is in order to cause fear in them so that they give up whatever they are doing. At this level the "Men In Black" don't even know that they are "Men In Black," and that they are used for this purpose. On the next level there are human agents who are assigned to investigate any citizen that does or has something concerning aliens and UFOs. They will directly ask you to give it up - or else ...


The last level is non-human agents. There are several races here that under their own agendas may or may not be working together with human agents and human organisms. These races (Tall Whites, Maitr, King) simply take it in their own hands to intimidate citizens. This is one of the reasons why we cannot give conclusive evidence of our existence, because we would put our contacts at risk. Some degree of doubt or uncertainty must remain in order to have the possibility of strategic denial.


Robert: Ok. Why does it seem that there is an increase in "natural" cataclysms on earth?


Swaruu: Some are natural movements of the earth being used by the negatives accentuating them with the use of applied energies of the HAARP type. I also have to say that as the earth increases in frequency due to the ascension itself to which it is being subjected, it promotes adjustments that are seen as events of that nature.


Robert: Yes, you're right. But I believed that a large ship would have the capacity to produce some of that too.


Swaruu: Yes, a large ship could cause something like that, like ours, applying the weapons or focusing the tractor beam. But we would not do it, and the large reptilian ships will not be able to do so without confronting our fleet.


Robert: What do you know about the UN, the United Nations organization? Have you contacted them?


Swaruu: It is a cabal organization, with the purpose of implementing world government or new world order. That is its true purpose and it is nothing positive. They are excuse to be able to intervene, to create a problem first and then send the blue helmets. We briefly maintained contact with the UN towards the end of the 50's.


Robert: Could I breathe in your atmosphere without problems?


Swaruu: Yes, although you would get dizzy very quickly. You need to get used to it. It is that the amount of oxygen / nitrogen is almost perfectly the opposite. We have 78% oxygen and 20% nitrogen, and on earth it is the opposite. So much oxygen gives problems (for you). But yes, you do get used to it. It is easier or faster with a hyperbaric chamber, like for the divers.


Robert: Do you know why water is fluoridated here on earth?


Swaruu: Fluoride serves as a neurotoxic to isolate people in 3D frequencies. It has also been proven to suppress the need to be rebellious. It was first implemented as a chemical experiment during World War II, in the Nazi concentration camps. It has nothing to do with teeth, it is an excuse. In itself, it has been proven that it is deteriorating you. Toothpaste without fluoride should be used. Fluoride is a neurotoxic poison that only serves the controllers.


Robert: Why do they want to mix religion with the extraterrestrials? Who benefits from this?


Swaruu: There are many reasons. The Vatican, seeing our imminent disclosure, because they control each and every one of the observatories of the earth - and I do not exaggerate, they can see our parked ships, and mixing aliens with religion serves them as a way of trying not to lose control at the moment when people realise our presence. It is another stage of misinformation. Also, religion has always been changed or mutated according to the needs of the times. This is one of these mutations.


Robert: I love your answer, thanks. Maybe we can go in that direction a little here. It seems that all the religious leaders have met recently, perhaps to announce that "we are not alone." Because the people will only believe in your presence if the announcement comes from governments or religious leaders!


Swaruu: Yes, its when the masses will believe. But then the cabal will also lose the control. It will not happen by their hands. It is the last thing they would do, because it would be to abdicate their power.


Robert: Anyway, do you want to make yourself known?


Swaruu: When the time is right we will make ourselves known directly. It is also considered never to make ourselves known in a massive way, leaving the credit of the liberation of the earth, to the inhabitants themselves. If we openly present ourselves, the credit would be attributed to us and it is not what we want. That would only open the way to possible religious worship.


Robert: Swaruu, I wanted to ask you a question about the Lyrian descent of our races. We know that humans come from Lyra where you also come from, let's say from the same trunk as humans. Somehow we are family. But do you know who created us all? Have you met benevolent races more advanced than yourselves?


Swaruu: The records of the ancestors and origins of Lyra have been lost during the first phase of the Orion Wars with the reptilian invasion of Lyra and Avalon. But they say that what we as biological beings in 5D (and 3D for that matter) are is the interpretation in matter, manifested by a consciousness of something else with a similar form residing in higher planes of consciousness.


This "something more" is ourselves in our most expanded versions. This explanation also answers your second question, because yes there are races in other planes of existence, therefore more spiritually advanced to the degree of no longer needing technology.


As for us from the 5D plane, we are the most technologically and spiritually advanced humanoid species. For us and for our experience and understanding there is no one above who has created us or anyone else as an external agent to the person himself or herself. It is always the very person who creates himself/herself, both physically and spiritually. A soul is not something that you have, or that you obtain, it is something built step by step. You build your own soul.


Robert: Thanks Swaruu, it is very interesting. Too bad the records were lost. The truth is that everything you say resonates with me. I cannot argue with anything, that is sure. By the way, how is the reptile blockade mission going?


Swaruu: Nobody has tried to go past it, because the "hardware" here is numerous and strong. The reptiles are finished. This is the last phase. There will be no more world wars, only local disputes. There will be no death for millions as of Agenda 21, their FEMA camps will remain empty. We have total control now. It's just a matter of continuing to remove dirt and trash. When something is cleaned, the dirt is very evident and that is what is perceived from the surface. In 10 years or less the planet will not be recognizable, in a positive way.


Robert: Thanks Swaruu, I am visualizing a planet Earth free of that dirt and garbage. This would be a huge joy for the entire population of the planet. A question related to your answer: What do they want with the FEMA camps?


Swaruu: To lock up large numbers of the population, while deciding whether they go to the extermination camps or can be useful for controllers. As you have seen, for more than 10 years they have up to hundreds of black plastic caskets ready. And by the date from which they have them you can see that they have already lost the sinister plan. But it still depends on the population, on each and every one, that you no longer consume poisoned foods, such as GMOs (Genetically Modified Food). According to the reptiles, humans are not worth living on the planet.


Robert: You are right, Swaruu. Another question, regarding the Akashic Records. Have you had or your society had access to them?


Swaruu: There are two. One for the 3D matrix and the other one for the original matrix. All people with good connection to the source access them all the time, consciously or unconsciously. It is said that it is a large library full of books, but that is only an interpretation that some give it because it is what is familiar to them. For others it will not be books, but scrolls, papyri, crystals with information, depending on each person. It is information that does not require any form. In the case of the 3D Akashic records it is similar to a hard disk or memory, where the 3D total immersion program runs.


Robert: So you can access the Akashic records of the 3D Earth?


Swaruu: Yes. And we do it via computer. It is another hard drive. We can access the information of the matrix people, or not real. Real people have contact with the source, and we cannot access that directly.


Robert: I know you have no religion. But what would be your beliefs? And under what criteria are those beliefs adopted?


Swaruu: We believe that everything that exists is the product of the same consciousness behind what "is." We believe that in the end everything, all the consciousnesses of the universe are the same great consciousness or source. We believe that since all consciousnesses are fractals of the original, by definition they are the original, so each person is the source. We rely on the experience and results of our interactions with very old races. We also have as a belief or rule to always be changing and not adopt any dogma, because we include everything. If there is new data the belief will change, as long as that data is persuasive enough.


Robert: Another question. Is there any Nordic race other than the Tall Whites who helps the government of the United States?


Swaruu: No, they are the only ones. It is a bad thing that people generalise. By "Nordics" they refer to a number of races. It is not mine. Their ships are all USAF (US Air Force) retro-engineered. They can not enter nor exit through the blockade. Those USAF ships are restricted to atmospheric flight or they will be shot down.


Robert: What do you know about David Icke?


Swaruu: In addition to his story as a sports presenter who later had a great awakening we believe that he is one of the people who has most opened the masses' minds. He is very informed about the matrix' structure. He is a person to whom you should listen. We follow him closely from here.


Robert: You know, I had an experience years ago. I saw a being - a person - in my flat. He came through the walls and stood in front of me.


Swaruu: On one hand it is a matter of frequencies. On the other hand it is technology. I too have gone through walls. You can do it by using a tractor beam. It alters the vibrational frequency of the inside of the beam. This with electromagnetic manipulation, as in a portal, in itself it is in a certain way. That is why the tractor beam can enter a house and abduct someone even if there are two floors of concrete in it, or if it is inside a DUMB. Or it can be a being of higher dimensions that descends to give a message. But you too have to to be in a very high consciousness frequency in order to "link" with the higher being. In short, I cannot know exactly what it was.


Robert: Do you have any kind of temple or building where you go to meditate?


Swaruu: No. In itself we do not see why go somewhere to meditate, because when meditating you are no longer in the body. So, as long as the body is comfortable it does not matter where it is. However, if it is in the nature, the body can be better "grounded," and it gives very pleasant experience related to meditation, but it is not really meditation but peace and communion with your surroundings. I grew up in the high mountains. Now I like to meditate on the beach.


Robert: Do you have some kind of mythology of the past? Something that happened that goes from generation to generation?


Swaruu: As a story, of course. But we would not consider it mythology.


Robert: Do you have any historical fact that is more worth remembering than others?


Swaruu: Many. I guess when we came to Taygeta and found that there was no indigenous civilisation on any of the planets, it was like a dream come true because the variations were perfect for establishing a community. At that time we were still "Lyrians." Also, when the high council was implemented as a place, as a parthenon on top of a small mountain with the sea below. Now the whole mountain is a garden that surrounds the high council above.


The implementation of the automated system of everything we need, especially the things we do not want to do like taking out garbage or cleaning mechanisms. When it was automated at the planetary level it was a great event because it meant more freedom for all.


Also when automation was implemented in the manufacture and distribution of goods and supplies. That way we had more time to devote to what we like.


In itself we have no history of internal wars. The system is holographic matriarchal. Wars do not occur because there is no need for them.


Robert: Thank you Swaruu. Lets continue this conversation tomorrow.


Swaruu: Thank you to you. There is always so much more to be shared. Goodnight!







Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Explains: Biology Generated from Etheric Planes


The DNA is a manifestation from something above, in higher planes, interpreted in a lower existential plane. It is part of a whole that is not being considered, because the physical DNA is not everything, whats missing is the admatic or energetic part that is behind, but that science as it is known on earth cannot see or accept, due to its limitations. Basically, DNA is only the visible and physically manipulable part of a larger whole, as it is manifested in the physical world, that then gives rise to a living organism.


The reflection in 3D or 5D (the physical world) is a mathematically precise construction that obeys patterns of sacred geometry. It obeys the exact pattern like a reflection of something in a higher plane.


This is a "tesseract," or a 4-dimensional cube.


Let's say it is the object in a higher plane, or a form for something that has no form. The mathematical representation for the consciousness. Now that form is reflected or is seen with the limitation of an incomplete lower plane. Incomplete because it cannot interpret a higher plane correctly, as it lacks the necessary elements to do it or even to understand it. Just like 3D does not include 5D, it only gives a partial interpretation of what is in 5D.


In this image the shadow projected below is the representation in a lower dimension of an object in a higher dimension. In this case a three-dimensional object is reflected as a two-dimensional pattern in the ground. But this reflection or pattern is a limited interpretation of something that is on a higher plane and that cannot be interpreted correctly. It is not casual though. It can be by design from the superior plane, to have a projection below with exact premeditated results.


What is perceived as reality is only an inaccurate reflection of something more complex higher up generating it. And this I have been applying to the subject of genetics. The energy pattern of what is in a higher plane, the adma or soul, for example, is projected down creating the physical body. And it does it with the DNA that will form that body. It is first projected through the principle of standing waves, to then form more complex patterns using the dominant frequency principle.


In the images above, the points of light of the projection of the geometric ball are the nodes or points of the standing waves, stationary point or maximum energy concentration. It is where the molecules that receive enough attention will form more complex things like amino acids. To have a localized and sustained attention at a point or node of the standing wave is to establish the dominant frequency on that point, which will succeed in following the pattern, generating the desired molecule at said stationary point of the static energy wave. This principle is also the basis of our medical pods of full regeneration. So, with sufficient attention, an image will be created in a lower plane of a map of consciousness that is in a higher plane. This map of consciousness is nothing more than the geometric representation in the form of energy of an intention that comes from an adma or soul. The potential energy field of which I speak is no more nor less than the ether described by Nicola Tesla. And to create a point in the static wave within that ether and bring it or transform an energy point of the ether into something physical, you need a depolarization as between two electrical poles.


So a living being, its DNA, is a limited or caricatured representation of a being that is on a higher plane, with similar characteristics, since the latter is a representation of something above as in the images shown. And above that being, that soul or adma there is another consciousness projecting in an inferior dimension its own map - interpretation. So what you receive in 5D as a genetic map is a DNA with 12 spirals and 24 chromosomes, when in 3D the interpretation limited by 3D is 2 spirals with 22-23 chromosomes. Therefore the interpretation in the 3D of a person in the 5D is a limited caricature of what the same being looks like in 5D. That is why starseeds do not resemble their higher selves. Or rarely.


It is also worth mentioning the influence of the parents' consciousness in 3D that also influences in projecting a form in the DNA that will be followed to create a new living being. So it is a complex interaction but the dominant point is the being with the consciousness, the one that uses or will use the body.


Imagine the object that projects the tesseract and which, at the same time, projects the image below. The last image turns out to be the final DNA map, which the cells will use to create the individual. Following the map the final result is something like this:


We are all reflections of something more complex above us. But that of above and below is only conceptual, because it really is not a matter of superiority. It is only a point of attention and the "superior" comprises all its components forming a whole.


So, if you genetically alter a species with a test tube, it is as if you put some other object in this image sustained with a toothpick from the ground, for example, in order to alter the shadow. The final result is finite and does not represent a faithful copy on a lower existential plane of the original creative intention. What I am trying to say is that altering an organism with test tubes and microscopes, it is once again reductionist science that does not understand that DNA has its base in the etheric world, in higher planes and that it is impossible to separate from its creator that resides in said upper plane.


Ergo: The only way to permanently alter an organism, or create a new one, is by altering the original from above. This can only be achieved either by being on that higher plane or by accessing that being on the higher plane by altering its perception, so that it itself in turn can alter its creative intention. In other words, use mind control.


This is done so that the tesseract itself "decides" to change its form to change what it projects on the lower plane. This in context of genetics but it can be applied to the nature of reality and the matrix, to how it works and what it is for.


And that is why Sumerian tablets are just another bible, just more manipulation.


Consciousness is what generates matter and not vice versa. That's why I always say: do not ask if there is life among all those stars that fill the night, because the reason why they are all there is because there is life in them.


Thats a higher plane, to be able to perceive more variables.


There is a problem here of understanding, that I know plagues the perception of many. The subject of existential planes, and frequencies. There are no such existential planes, everything is a gradient, a single entity of the whole. It is only the frequency of the intention of each "apparently" individual consciousness, which, given its personal limitation, can only perceive a limited range of frequencies within the great entity that is a single piece.


If a group of people only perceive what we call 3D it is only because they have the agreement of only perceiving a certain range that would be white light, for example.


The genetic map of a person in 3D is only the reflection of the reflection of the reflection of the total I from above. The higher up, more genetic complexity, the lower the less details, but they are part of the whole.


Going up in a complexity gradient. Depending on what your frequency range allows to perceive. Everything is perception. When you rise in consciousness you rise in complexity of understanding. Therefore 3D no longer feeds the intention of the expansion of your soul. It needs to fix its point of attention in a more complex plane. Its part of the Ascension.






Extraterrestrials and Genetics-Questions (Swaruu of Erra, Taygeta-Pleiades)


Robert: Hello Swaruu, how are you? We have some questions related with the latest video about genetics that we shared. Could we make them, please?


Swaruu: Hello Gosia and Robert. Of course, please go ahead with the questions.


Robert: Thank you. I would like to ask whether the human being was created by design on a specific planet, and maybe therefore did not adapt well to this one, independently of the imposition of low 3D energies?


Swaruu: From our perspective, man was not created. Also, we have to define what "the human being" is, because there are many races spanning from the very different ones to those that are similar to the terrestrials. No one considers the concept of creation of the human being anymore, I am referring to the interstellar races.


It would fall within the same concept of eternity. Because there is no linear time to consider, the concept of creation, development, actuality, or that of evolution does not exist. There is adaptation to the linear or semi-linear environment of some humanomorphic or human species, but from the broadest point of view they do not form the species, because there is no before and after from the total point of view of the set of all humanoid or humanomorphic species known.


Robert: Right. I mean, if both the creation of the Taygeteans and the "Human-Lyrians" was by the mechanics of manifestation of something higher, as one might call the higher self, with agreements of other higher selves. That is, did it appear spontaneously, in a precise place and time? Could that be possible? Could it also be that the two species (Taygetean and Lyrian) were created this way, spontaneously?


Swaruu: It would not be considered as spontaneous. The differences in 5D of one species compared to another are given by a semi-linear adaptation to the environment. It is not evolutionism, it is only adaptation and yes, there are genetic changes but it is by imposition of the intention of their consciousnesses. If here there is a before and after, it is only relative and specific to the species.


Even so, it is difficult to define the timeframe of this adaptation, since it means going back with a linear mentality to trace the origins. The great expansion of Lyra is known, but you cannot know when it was exactly. It is only calculated from the human frame of reference, which was approximately one million years ago.


Robert: I see. Now this question came to me: We have always said that the higher a density is, the easier it is to manifest something. And you always tell us that we are not this body. If I, in my dreams, can create several realities including beings with new appearance, etc., could it be that beings from very high planes manifest these bodies that for us are biological?


Gosia: That is an interesting question, Robert. Just as our dreams seem to be so real and complete while we dream, so would be our existence here in 3-5D for them. Everything being a "dream" for them. Some type of instant manifestation and game perhaps. In fact, I believe it is like that. Only that these beings beyond are ourselves.


Swaruu: Then humans and other beings in low densities such as 5D and 3D would be a consequence of that manifestation. My answer is that yes, what you say makes sense, however the only thing I would add is that it is not necessarily with the intention of creating a human being intentionally.


Simply by the fact of being and of existing, as beings of light, and having the practical intention for whatever reason, to manifest themselves as separate from others, with a humanoid morphology, that is, with torso and head, extremities, is sufficient to cause a chain reaction through the densities where "beings" of a more "material" nature are "manifested" to the point of reaching the terrestrial human being. And yes, it is ourselves, we return to it when we sleep, and if we dream about so-called mundane things, it is because that is what is occupying our attention.


Robert: A great reply, thanks. Swaruu, there are people who say that there is a part of our brain that is reptile.


Swaruu: That is an interpretation that is entirely human. Because by isolating that part of the brain, they see that it works in a similar or comparative way as to how a reptile would react (according to them). But there is no evidence or anything that proves that part of the brain is owed to reptile genes. It only seems to be reptile, therefore they say it is reptile. There is no genetic link. I know it is said that the human being was created by combining 21 extraterrestrial species, including the reptile. I contradict this.


Every human being is genetically different. I mean, a body (not the species), a body or a series of bodies of a specific group, can be artificially adapted to serve as a vehicle for a reptilian soul. But it is a concept or a procedure of frequencies not of something physical, and it does not transcend to the whole species.


And it is not just the case of reptiles, it happens with all other races too, adaptations within the human being, insectoid races (Mantis for example) or races not found on Earth, such as some Arcturian branches.


Therefore, from the point of view of Taygetean Genetics Science, and the Federation, the earth human being is not considered a species. We catalogue the species in this other manner too:


1. Primary species, which are those that are holographic fragments of the whole, of the unified I, which are those that have manifested from the higher planes.


2. Secondary species, which are those that have been created / altered by some of the primary species with a specific purpose. (Using the imposition of a higher intention with a view to alter the DNA by those who will use the final container body)


A species that would be Primary one has not been altered by anyone else, and according to the records of all has always been or is lost in the haze of time. It is taken as a creation of the source, or the original unified self. The human race would fall within the second classification. Taygetans would be a Primary race. The human one is adapted. Its just that we also have the following situation: The physical adaptation here in 5D - it is not necessary to do it with artificial means, by the nature of the very density.


In the case of humans, yes, because it is 3D and the manifestation is slow. Sometimes a very drastic and rapid change is needed for a stellar starseed to enter a human body, for example. From the 5D no, it is faster and the mere intention of the new being formed inside the uterus already modifies the DNA of the container in a satisfactory way. Yes, sometimes an artificial intervention is necessary and it happens in 5D, but it is not a norm as in 3D, it is a rare exception.


Gosia: Yes, you said that some adaptation has been made, or could be done, so that the body could be a better vehicle for a reptilian soul, for example. Has this been done on Earth in general? By other races? Other races have made these adaptations? Apart from the mothers of starseeds?


Swaruu: Yes, and it is a constant. Virtually all races have done it. Sometimes it is not necessary to adapt anything, or changes with pure manifestation are sufficient, sometimes it is necessary. An example of this are many autistic children. Their soul or consciousness takes longer to fully enter their human body since the being, the soul or adma comes from higher densities, and entering all at once could cause neurological problems.


Gosia: But, do they take a group of humans at random in order to adapt them to their souls, or for example the Sirians go for the Chinese, Andromedans for the Kongolese, etc? How do they choose? In other words, do some races have preferences for some "distinct races of the earth?"


Swaruu: No, it is not like that. The starseeds of any specific breed tend to spread throughout all Earth races almost uniformly. They do not take just one race. For example, the Taygetean race that at home is almost 100% or completely Nordic, on Earth will have Taygetean starseeds of all races. It is like that with all.


Gosia: Then how do they pick the humans to adapt them? Randomly? One by one, groups?


Swaruu: Yes, it happens that they are chosen by groups. But it is never random. From higher levels you can see and analyze the life that will be had with this or that option. Then the soul or adma will enter the one that is more attuned to its intention of life or with what it wishes to experience.


On the other hand... choosing a life is not as you choose what you will eat today. It is a dynamics of compatibility of frequencies. If your frequency is consistent with one or the other experience, or groups of experiences, then you will get that. It is not about splicing or joining frequencies just because they are similar or equal, it only happens this way because a frequency IS THE EXPERIENCE OR GROUP OF EXPERIENCES that will be obtained. From an objective point of view, a frequency is the experience itself. The experience is NOT determined by frequency, it is the same - frequency is the experience. A thought, an idea, an intention of consciousness IS a frequency.


From the semi-linear perspective of 5D, which is one of the densities from which more starseeds emerge with the intention of incarnating on Earth, a very large disparity is observed between the perception of time here and there, as we have already said in another context. It is there, in that situation that you must force, to put it this way, the genetic change of the unborn baby, so that it fits quickly with the frequency of the incoming Adma or soul. Note that in this case the time factor is present.


Returning to what I said above: The consciousness itself is the frequency that determines the situations that will be experienced as this or that individual, also made compatible by having similar frequencies. What is a frequency here? A frequency is the number of oscillations per unit of time taking the observer as a temporal calculation factor.


It can be viewed as a fixed frequency... 7.8 hz for example. But in this situation, speaking of genetics or life dynamics of a person or living being, frequency is not something fixed, because it varies with mood, emotions and consciousness. Frequencies change with the thoughts and the experiences, everything always changes because change is the only constant in the universe.


The manner or dynamics with which the frequencies change will always be in accordance with the immediate previous frequency (note the temporal linearity here, since it is low density 3D or 5D). The changes that occur in the frequencies are never random, but are the result of the interaction of and with other frequencies surrounding the subject... in a soup of frequencies that can be viewed or interpreted as the Matrix, be it the artificial or the primordial natural.


What controls the dynamics of movement or procession of frequencies is called harmonics of a frequency and can be measured and observed mathematically. How it will proceed can also to a large extent be predicted. This theme intertwines with stellar navigation, because the incarnation of souls obeys the same dynamic.


Gosia: You said above that humans are in the secondary category. Just to clarify - we are secondary, but not because of the genetic changes that races have made (because the DNA always returns to its natural pattern), but because of genetic changes made due to impositions of mental control / matrix, right?


Swaruu: Yes Gosia, exactly as you have stated. In the end, the human does have genetic changes limiting them, but they come by the intention of humans themselves and are reversible. They do not come from a deterministic genetic laboratory: The interpretation of the Sumerian Tablets where it is said that the human was created by them is a human interpretation, because it is the only way the humans know how to alter the DNA. It is a reflection of human thinking, of their limited understanding with limited data.


The true genetic alterations applied to humans have been made through mental control. From the application of beliefs and the manipulation of what is possible and what is not, to imposing a structure of values and ideas artificially placed with the intention to provoke genetic changes. This is how the genes of a species are altered by a star race, positive or negative, and not in the laboratory.


What happens is that humans cannot understand this, because they have been programmed precisely about this point, not to understand the transcendence of consciousness and the mind. There is no matter, everything is an idea. All the genes of a star race are already inside each and every one of the humans, they are only deactivated, they are neither altered nor removed. It is just the very consciousness-intention of the being that inhabits each body, that will determine which genes will be activated and which will be ignored. But there they are, waiting for the signal coming from their owner.


Gosia: Ok, great. Thanks. And one more thing here. If the genetic changes that the ETs did sporadically and specifically, for example to accommodate the terrestrial vehicle for a certain ET soul... these changes then return to their original pattern, right? Because you have stated that they always return to the original pattern.


Swaruu: Yes Gosia, that is true, the mother, for example, returns to her original pattern. How long does it take? It depends on the circumstances, but in general it would be maximum seven years that is the total regeneration time of the human body. The changes can last days and hours, others can last some generations, but the genes will always return to the pattern imposed by the consciousness of the person. I insist, that is why it is necessary to change the perception of a person for the changes to be permanent.


Robert: Very good, thank you. It makes sense. Everything we have talked about with regards to genetics: what other species here on earth, in addition to the humans, could it apply to? I mean-what other species have a great connection to the source?


Swaruu: I can assure you that all the remaining species, and every one of them, have a greater connection with the source than humans. Among those that stand out more obviously could be the cetaceans, dolphins and whales.


Robert, its just ... the other animal species are doing what they do best and experience what they were designed to experience. The human is not like that. There is not much mind control applied to... cats, for example.


The cats know how to be... well, cats... very well. They know how to be at peace, in their center, in their "I," to enjoy their peace and well-being while sunbathing. The human beings are far from what they come to the world to be, which is why they are so unhappy, because that feeling is trying to tell them that they are not on the right track, its telling them to look for their centre, their mission in life. But, they are programmed to ignore it, to serve society. Their value as humans is for what they can do for society, not for what they can do for themselves. But even with that mind control working, their souls tell them that something is very wrong.


Gosia: I agree very much. And talking about animals, my next question was going in that direction. Why then do the animals get sick and old, if they don't have mental control?


Swaruu: I need more time to explain about the animals. But it is part of or collateral damage by the matrix itself, where its principal component - linear time serves as a metronome that synchronizes all, creating a lineality of past, present and future (or before, now and afterwards), that produces this process in the animals, among other things such as lower frequencies, toxins... the whole 3D working together against them.


Gosia: Thank you Swaruu. When it is said that the ET races contributed their DNA to the human DNA, or that we carry DNA from many ET races, what is it referring to?


Swaruu: The genetics based on Carbon, the human and the 5D, which is the largest in quantity, because above the 5D everything is more energetic, is characterized by being apparently or mostly the same. Because speaking of existential planes, we are very close in relation to the original Source, all beings of 5D, beings and species. This means that we will have most DNA in common, because we are all made in the same way. Earth science knows and has shown that genetically speaking a monkey has 99% of genes identical to humans, from where they base their argument that the human comes from the monkey, which is not the case.


From the Andromedans, Dieslientiplex, Urmas, Alpha Draconians, Sirians, Engan, Malakak, Ummo, Mantis, Ceded Avian Cerez, Lurkers, Maitr, Kingu, Solatians, whatever they are ..... they will all have 99% the same genes as the others.


These obey a necessary pattern in common with all biological life based on carbon and DNA. Animals also will have more than 95% of gene compatibility with humans. A cavern fungus will have more than 90% of genes that a human being, as demonstrated by terrestrial science.


Robert: You said... "A cavern fungus will have more than 90% of the genes. Do you mean identical to the humans?


Swaruu: Yes, identical to the humans, and to all life based on carbon, be it on a far away moon in the Rigel system or beyond the Bootes region in deep space. Only life based on DNA-carbon, of course.


So, to say that human genes were found in this or that skull of Homo Capensis or the "Starchild"-skull (Loyd Pye) is to be expected. It indicates the ignorance level of terrestrial science in the matter of genes they call "extraterrestrial."


The "fact" that the human being was made using genes of 21 extraterrestrial species is false. And I remember well that those who said this were no more nor less, but the Andromedans, and they have given this information to Alex Collier.


Gosia: Why did they tell him this if it is not true?


Swaruu: Because just by being stellar does not mean that they are geneticists. I mention it because I am aware of where that idea came from. It is simply not possible, because life with the human or humanoid model is the most common in the universe, as we have already mentioned. None of those humanomorphic races was created, the concept is wrong and is part of the minimization of concepts on the part of humans by not being able to understand things above their capacity or level of understanding.


Gosia: But if it is not true that we were created like that, how could the Andromedans pass this type of information? How can they error in this way? This is why afterwards people get confused and do not know who to believe. It is all too complicated for humans to discern.


Swaruu: Andromedans tend to be quite backward in several areas compared to Taygeta. Another example of this is their concepts of karma, which we as a race, not just me as Swaruu, see as wrong. The Andromedans are advanced, but in some aspects they should be updated.


Gosia: Then, this too must be understood by people. This is why so many different "versions" of the information from contactees emerge. Not because the contacts are false, but because each contactee talks to another race and is given their point of view.


Swaruu: It is not that the contactees invent, or are false. However, just because they are talking to a star race, doesnt meant that that star race has the whole truth. Something else happens here too. Sometimes this or that ET race simply does not know and go for the best information that they have at hand at this or that moment when passing the information to a contactee.


No agendas, no bad intention. But races or stellar people do not come equal, as humans are not equal. Some know more than others, and it is because of different experiences that they might have as individuals. Because wherever you are in your evolutionary process of your consciousness, you are still learning. And sometimes things are given with the best data or best calculations possible, but even so they can fail.


But in other areas, there is very strong and firm data that are difficult to change, as is the case with what I talk about here today. They cannot claim that the terrestrial human was made with genes from 21 different ET races if there are more humans in heaps all over the quadrant, and that those races are 99% equal to the human.


Also note that many things such as skin colour, sex and size, among many other characteristics, are not controlled by a singular gene, much less by a group of genes, but by MARKERS within those genes. This means that although human science sees 99% gene equality of a monkey with a human, the markers within the genes are very different as a whole, resulting in a totally different species.


This happens, or is the same thing that happens with the stellar races, or between the stellar races. Here we must also define; what exactly is a different gene from the point of view of human genetic science. They see it as something with a radical change in its morphology or chemistry that differs from the norm. But the terrestrial norms do not apply to those outside.


So, as an example... A domestic cat has the same genes at 99.99999999999% of a lion or a Bengal tiger. It is the same species, a cat is a cat. It is the markers that give them the sizes, colors and proportions. It goes for the Urmah too.


Gosia: Many new questions spring up in me as we move forward. I have this one for the moment. In fact, it is something we have never talked about, and it sure is a big issue too. It is about the supposed hybridizations. The question is: If you cannot alter genes, because do they return to the original state, how is it possible to mix races? Dogs and other types of hybrids, etc? Are there ET-human hybrids too? Or is this all another topic?


Swaruu: It is the same topic. To start and finish quickly, they do not last long. Individuals die soon and rarely reproduce. Yes these mixes exist, they are particularly done at the DUMB bases of Dulce, New Mexico, and at the Cardl Veracrz Base in Mexico as the most notorious ones.


But it is also done in other places, such as Plum Island in the USA. The only way to make those changes "permanent," I put the "" because I do not think that is achieved, is in keeping the subject in very low existential frequency, achieved via suffering, terror and constant fear. The very condition of deformed monstrosity helps a lot to maintain that perception. And with the use of advanced mental control.


Robert: But you could also do the reverse, ie. keeping the subject at high frequency?


Swaruu: Yes. But, in the case of a monster it will be difficult to keep it in a true high frequency. It will have the strong tendency to move away from there, to not be the monster, to return to the original source. But there is another variant! The soulless one! Biological robots.


Gosia: But what "monster" are we talking about? Human mixed with what?


Swaruu: There are countless monsters. Variants, mixes.


Gosia: And how is it possible to have managed to create a dog then? You said it was just a human creation. I refer to dogs as some genetic adaptation. It should go back to the wolf.


Swaruu: A dog has also been created, but using filtration or choosing which individuals to cross to obtain the desired results. Even so, notice that if they are released as a species, they will return to the primordial "dog" or animal base. The stray dog. And as a race, it doesnt bother them to be a Basset Hound or a Doberman. The changes are in the markers, these are the ones that change first. Left alone they return to what they have always been.


Gosia: No mental control has been done on them. So why don't they return to this state NOW? If genetics always returns to the original?


Swaruu: In the case of dogs, they require a few generations, like, or from two to return to the original. They would return quickly to the mentality of a wolf or a coyote.


Gosia: But they are here for more than two generations, Swaruu.


Swaruu: No Gosia, dogs as you know some breeds are a decade old, others are 50 years, others up to 200 years maybe, but with continuous human manipulation to maintain the "purity" of the breed. A dog from the year 1800 differs a lot from a current one, physically speaking.


Gosia: I refer to a normal street dog, not special breeds. In the 1800's there were already dogs. It's more than two generations and they do not become wolves again. I'm just trying to understand.


Swaruu: They are kept as a variant of a race. As wolves are wolves and coyotes are coyotes, they are still canines. It's their genetic base. Do not expect a Chihuahueo to eventually become a Siberian Wolf.


Gosia: Why not, Swaruu? In theory, they could, right? Their genetics should return. I am not understanding fully, please forgive me.


Swaruu: Because they are not the same expression of the canine soul. Because the wolf isnt the basis of all breeds of dogs, only of some. If you take a German Shepherd or a Huskey on the other hand, it is possible that they become wolves a few generations later. Dogs are under human control and the constant handling of forced crosses from dog breeders.


The low 3D density also affects them, slowing down changes to the originals. In the case of dogs, some breeds do have "wolves" in them. If the traits turn out to be dominant over the others, YES, wolves could emerge from there a few generations later. But the wolf is NOT the dog's base. The dog is a mixture of canines, including wolves in some cases. Depending on which genes are dominant, it is to be seen what will emerge, a coyote, dingo, fox or wolf... and those who control which genes get to be dominant or not are the consciousnesses of the dogs themselves. Yes, the mixes return to the original. But, it depends on what is and what is not dominant within said mixture.


Gosia: Ok, now I understand better. Now, moving to the human extraterrestrial hybrids. Swaruu, do they exist?


Swaruu: Yes. You two are it. And there are different degrees and various attributes. All starseeds ARE extraterrestrial hybrids, only that the changes are mostly mental, cerebral, not so much physical - although that too occurs.


Gosia: But we are not (hybrids) because of genetic interference. We are that because of our consciousness.


Swaruu: That IS genetic interference.


Gosia: But, I mean, I am not the result of a terrestrial mother and Taygetan father, for example?


Swaruu: No, you impose that on your body, but mentally. However, having said that... The starseed children usually prefer to be born of starseed parents, because they will understand them better. But it is not genetic, these are preferences, because of consciousness and culture.


That is more common in the recent starseeds of 2nd or even better 3rd generation... post 2001. Each case is different. But as time passes on Earth it becomes exponentially more and more likely that a baby will turn out to be a starseed.


Robert: In the end they will all be starseeds. And with it the ascension?


Swaruu: Strictly speaking, you all are and always have been, starseeds. None of you are genetically limited. Remove that from your heads. It is a bad excuse to not grow and to do nothing.


Gosia: I have this question from a subscriber: Swaruu says that we have not been modified. How do the Taygetans explain that our species (unique in its kind) only has 23 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24, as the rest of all living species in the world?


Is it because a number 24 "exists" but is multidimensional (and invisible in this 3D) and it involves the connection with the Source? Or is it the signature of the "artist?" How many pairs do the Taygetans have?


Swaruu: We have 24 chromosomes. 12 strands of DNA. What you see as missing is also repressed by consciousness. It is not missing, it is among the others, as a component of others. As with my explanation of the 12 strands of DNA contained 6 and 6 on both sides of the spiral, as a composed cable in a suspension bridge. The same thing happens with the missing chromosome.


Sometimes there are up to two missing in human beings, that's why I mentioned earlier that humans have 22-23 chromosomes, two strands. But it's all there. Only that human science does not have the ability to understand chromosomes or genes.


Robert: Thanks, I understand. Another question. What are the reasons for elderly people in indigenous tribes to age? Some tribes have been very isolated and yet they also have their elders.


Swaruu: It is as with the animals, it is part of what defines 3D linear time. To transcend ageing you must be able to manipulate time. It can be done with a machine, usually a ship... but you get to the point of being able to control it mentally. With time control you also control all densities.


As long as you have a perception of past, present and future you will grow old. Because matter, or what is called matter, is linked to a frequency and, as the word itself describes, frequency is connected to a period of time. Even so, the elders of those tribes do NOT age in the same way as "matrix" people.


They maintain their vitality well into their 80's or 90's.


Robert: Do you think that from this Earth, within this matrix, we could get to manage to control time?


Swaruu: Time is a direct perception of consciousness. Consciousness is invulnerable and is independent of densities. You can do everything from any plane or density. There is no limitation for the consciousness, only that which the consciousness auto-imposes on itself.


Robert: You are right. Thank you.


Swaruu: The whole universe is the result of consciousness. There is no matter as such. Everything is consciousness, the imagination of a consciousness, imaginative creation, manifestation, an awareness of being. To doubt that the genetics gets altered with the consciousness, or is created totally as a result of an idea, is to go against how the whole universe works.


Robert: Thank you. I have another question from a follower. If genetics is manifested by consciousness then what factors influence the birth of someone with Down syndrome or dwarfism or albino, or with the left eye with one colour and the right eye with another? On one occasion my cat had a 3-legged kitten, but it ran faster than the others. Surely many will be asking the same thing.


Swaruu: Everything in the universe is frequencies. Even Tesla said that. So all those changes and genetic accidents are due to the interaction within a soup of frequencies, it is an alteration of a person, as it would be if he lost a hand. It is not genetic, it is intervention in the case of defects.


Something has altered the DNA invasively, but it is not a new species or a mutation in itself. It is only on a individual level. In the case of secondary factors such as eye, hair or skin colour, it is also due to the compatibility of a frequency. That is, from the point of view of that individual he or she has done or thought things that have led him or her to manifest those individual changes.


One thing is a disastrous mutation in an individual, and another is that an individual comes out with secondary attributes that only define their individuality. The fact that an individual was born defective is due to a damaged DNA... but it is a damage. A damage can be done on any level, either accidentally, because a piano fell on you, or because he or she was exposed to ionising radiation that damaged the DNA. There are chemical, radiological or physical environmental causes.


Gosia: And since we talk about these "damages / defects." Is this also a result of an INTENTION of higher planes? And of the unconscious? Since you said that everything manifested is.


Swaruu: Yes, because from the more expanded point of view one has the compatibility in terms of frequencies, to have ended up in a body with a defect. The frequency of the soul was compatible with the problem.


Gosia: Ok, I understand. The intention always equals the frequency? Is it the same?


Swaruu: You were compatible with hurting the tendon of the foot / you were compatible with that car accident / you were compatible with that genetic defect. Everything is by frequencies in this universe. You attract compatible frequencies because they are the same. It is not that they are mysteriously attracted, but it is said that way to explain it better.


A frequency is a situation. If you generate it with your mind and consciousness, then you live the experience. The intention gives way to generate the frequency. The intention is the plan, the frequency is the plan executing itself.


Gosia: Wow, I love it and I see it that way too. Thank you very much Swaruu. I don't think we have any more questions about this topic right now. You have answered lots. We are very grateful.


Swaruu: You are welcome, both of you. See you tomorrow! Rest.







Genetics and Mind - Humans Were NOT Edited in Extraterrestrial Labs (Swaruu explains)


You are not limited in anyway genetically, it does not work that way! You are trapped in a materialistic mentality that doesn't let you see how the real science of genetics really works.


Genes are an expression developed by consciousness, a materialisation of an intention. Genes are not fixed set items, blue prints of which you are a victim during your life. Genes can be overwritten, can be erased, and can be developed as entirely new ones, entirely new ones are created all the time. They respond to stimuli from the outside world, that is outside the cell that holds them. That stimuli comes as the result of the subject's perception of the outside world, and the subject's perception is dependent on its consciousness-awareness and frequency of existence.


This last statement can be clearly understood studying the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. (Epigenetics). But what I'm telling you here goes far beyond Bruce's work. What I'm telling you is that epigenetics is not only how mind and perception alters your body to a genetic level, but it actually is how your entire body is built! It is the result of your perception and your consciousness intention as well as your frequency of existence.


Genes develop as a "shadow" interpretation of what you are in a level or a plane of existence above the one you are perceiving, studying or living in. Each point and minute particle of matter that makes up your genes come as the result of an energy pattern, standing wave, concentration manifestation process directly as the result of your focused intention, consciousness and frequency. (See Mechanics of Manifestation for expanded data).


It has been said that you were limited genetically in a laboratory by beings like the Anunnaki who created the human species splicing genes from a monkey, other versions say from scratch not using a monkey.


All this is not accurate! It is said that your higher brain functions such as telepathy, claircognizance and so on have been edited - out altering your genes. It's been said that you have been limited in lifespan as well. You have not.


All those higher psychic abilities do not reside in the brain, nor do they reside in a gene, there is nothing to edit out. Those psychic abilities come from your energetic body and your spiritual essence higher self, they are not physical! There is no center for telepathy, there is no center for claircognizance.


The only point or brain structure that mildly resembles that is the Pineal Gland but it's only a translator, it does not control your higher mental functions. The way you have been limited is with the extensive use of Mind Control. This is, the controllers have led you to believe with arguments and with compelling, yet false, ideas that you are living in a deterministic world, that is you are living in a place where you experience and suffer things that are not under your control... Victim mentality.


Everyone there on Earth is telepathic, claircognizant and psychic... But you are trained to ignore when you are having an experience of that sort. So you can no longer recognise when you are being telepathic, for example, as you automatically ignore the subtle messages. But once you understand this, and how it works you will start to see that in fact you are telepathic!


It's those subtle messages you feel about anything or about any one, an inner knowing that does not come from you. This is what you have been trained to ignore and to pass for false.


In your world you are taught to discredit feelings and emotions as something unwanted, as something that contradicts logic as if it were higher understanding. What you feel, and your emotions are higher wisdom, they are who you are as a soul. The moment you discredit them, yours or those of others, you are losing a great part of your soul.


Humans have been genetically intervened all the time throughout history. I'm not saying they have not been, what I'm trying to say is that they were not created like that as a species... but they are altered at each individual level by other species, or stellar races for various reasons.


For example to accommodate the frequency of a to be mother for her to be able to carry out a good pregnancy to bring a high frequency starseed into your world. If this is not done, many times it will result in nervous damage to the mother, or to the child, and in many cases it does lead to miscarriage.


Another example of genetic manipulation by another star race, benevolent one, is to heal a subject presenting severe damage to his or her body in order to permit him or her to fulfil his or her life plan as his or her life is in danger. This is done quite commonly. But as I said above, it depends on each individual's life plan so not all subjects who get sick will be repaired.


Throughout history, many attempts to alter the human genome have been made by regressive and invasive species, by the Cabal, and it's still going on. But as genes are not a fixed deterministic inflexible things, and due to humans high contact rate with Source and with higher self, they have a tendency to re-write themselves back into their original configuration, erasing the modification.


Gosia: Why are these attempts being made? What do they try to achieve?


Swaruu: They want to achieve total control over humans, over the human race in order to exploit them the most effective and efficient way possible. To make them slaves. If humans have high contact with source they end up rebelling! And history has demonstrated that over and over again!


Going back to what I said earlier about the genes rewriting themselves to their original configuration. When DNA is aggressively altered in an invasive way, as you would do in a laboratory, it has the tendency to immediately return to its original configuration given by the consciousness-perception of the owner-subject.


This will occur very fast in a matter of weeks in 5th Density. But on Earth due to the low Density slow-manifestation properties, it may take more time, but it's directly dependent on each subject. In the worst case scenario, it may take one generation before it returns to original DNA configuration. The only way to make aggressively made laboratory changes to DNA permanent is to keep the subject in a very low consciousness state, and state of mind.


This is, the subject must be kept in fear, with a clear Deterministic view and interpretation of reality, alienated form Source consciousness, from higher self and as far away as possible form the unified field of consciousness. This way the subject, from above, will "order" its genes to remain in a deterministic state that matches its consciousness and perception of reality.


This is also why Sodium Fluoride is used in large quantities and everything else that calcifies and therefore isolates the pineal gland. As well as the widespread use of drugs, especially psychotropic ones to suppress especially alert individuals, also calling them crazy, or mentally ill labelling it as Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Depression, Asperger's, Autism, Attention Deficit, and other false psychopathies.


The "normal" population is imposed not only the use of pharmaceutical drugs with enormous damage to their systems due to secondary or side effects that are nothing more than the real effects put there by them under the excuse of masking a symptom. They are also socially imposed the use of harmful substances that separate the unified I, the Original Source, and keeps them very much in 3D, in the material, in the tangible, always maintaining them within a concept of the Deterministic reality, of victims, accepting as true only what comes from their material senses, and that is living within an invasive Mental Control Matrix that determines that only the Newtonian exists. These substances are especially alcohol, tobacco and coffee.


As an example, all the so called, higher functions of the brain that are said to be "edited out" of humans cannot be genetically altered because they are not genes, they are simply suppressed by action of a belief system imposed upon humans where those aspects of consciousness and of reality are simply taken as non existent. Therefore ignored by the subject.


But in the case of other genes, the ones that do control genetic disorders, and auto immune illnesses, and other worse ones such as cancer, which do have a genetic component to them although not entirely dependent on genes, will maintain the negatively configured genetic structure if the connection to source of the subject is effectively suppressed.


The modification of the human genome by aggressive means in a laboratory with intention of keeping humans under control and as slaves intended for various purposes, is not necessary. All that must be done is to mind control the population into accepting a belief system that will result in the subjects themselves changing their genetic configuration or structure to the one that suits the controllers.


This last statement is important because it's what has been going on for the better part of 12 500 years on Earth. The controllers, whoever they are, not to be debated here at this time, not only know this, but they apply this with mastery!


They make people believe something, and the people will eventually change their genes. It takes time, but they are patient. And they are patient because their lifespan by far exceeds the one of humans. This is working against humans because they are incapable of seeing things clearly when there is an agenda that involves slow, but controlled changes that involve generations.


Humans only can perceive what changes their immediate reality, sometimes being blind to changes that are done to them during the course of their lifetime. Change is the only constant in the Universe but that doesn't mean all changes are good, and that doesn't mean you should not react to changes that are affecting you directly or indirectly, both as a species and as an individual.


Human kind is not equipped to see interests in an expanded context as to things that affect the entire species, they only can effectively perceive interests that involve their immediate survival, with rare exceptions, of course.


You do not need an aggressively done genetic change imposed on humans, to alter and change their genetics, only behavioural modification is necessary. The imposition of a belief system such as religion, including science as it's dogmatic therefore also a religion, and as a result a genetic change will occur in the subject-population in an acceptable period of time.


Robert: Why so much interest in making us believe that we were manipulated in a laboratory or come from a monkey or hybridised with a monkey?


Swaruu: Because the moment you discover that you are not limited, your consciousness will rise and you will be liberated from the illusion of the Matrix. You will have all your abilities, you will realize everything that goes on and therefore the Matrix will end.


Robert: How much is genetics linked to 4D and higher?


Swaruu: The link with it is total, and not only with the 4D but with all the densities, being part of a whole, of the same. If a person is disconnected or isolated, it is their own ideas and beliefs of limitation that provide the genetic stability of artificial change. But that change does not have to be made in a laboratory, the body itself follows the instructions of the mind following the concepts of epigenetics at a cellular and intracellular level as Dr. Bruce Lipton has described in great detail.


Just that what he left out, I suppose because he does not have the proof yet, because I doubt very much that he has not thought of it before, that it goes much further than Epigenetics, to the extent of explaining the entire formation of all DNA and with it of the individual and the species itself.


The mind and consciousness create the individuals, their genetics and all their personal traits at the total level. What I am saying is that epigenetic is not only how the mind and perception alter your body at a genetic level, but that it is how the whole body is constructed!


Robert: With the mental control which part of Genetics is changed? Is there any part in particular that is the one that is altered?


Swaruu: Mind control has the potential to change all genetics, every aspect of it. To change a particular aspect, you only need to study what behavior, what ideas, concepts and beliefs are the ones that would influence a particular gene, but rarely, if at all, there is talk of altering a single gene, for what?


Groups or segments of inter-related genes are altered that in the end will give the desired result, from the point of view of the controllers.


The whole genetics can be changed. Or just one part. It is only necessary to change the mentality of the individual, his perception, his concepts of what is and is not real. In the 1990s, in the USA, an experiment was conducted that ended up classified and was not disclosed to the public as it was, only altered and suppressed, however the data has reached me:


A group of elderly people was taken and isolated in a community made as, or structured as a town, or small city isolated from the outside world but set as it was in the 1950's. All people were over 80 years of age. The town that was used was one of those that would be used for the atomic tests in the 50's, evidently it was never used.


Everything was as it was in the 50's. Cars, food, music, even radio stations. All set as in 1955. As the weeks passed, they were all rejuvenated and their ailments were mostly disappearing. After 3 months everyone was walking energetically, without walking sticks. At 6 months all had a physical body structure of at least 10 to 20 years younger, in some cases up to 25 years younger. Everything is in the mind. Those old men were mentally back in 1955 and their bodies, their genetics was doing its best to adapt to the perception of the mind. They were completely immersed in a stimulus according to the idea of the 1950's. They were still in the 90's... but by perception... they were not, they were back in 1955.


I am aware that there is "scientific evidence of genetic tampering in a laboratory on humans, Im not denying this fact, but what I am pointing out is the fact that those artificial changes do not constitute the reason nor do they affect the whole as a species, they are localised and limited. And example of this is the said Genomic telomeron that are at the end of the genetic sequence and are said to be the point, or the genetic structure that controls and limits human lifespan. This is not so. Those genomic telomerons shorten a notch year by year as the result of the idea that you are ageing, and are not the cause of-ageing! As with so many things, human science has things backwards.


Gosia: So what is it for? This Telomeres?


Swaruu: It is said it controls ageing, this is not so, the genomic telomerons in general are part of any gene sequence and are lost due to other factors like being exposed to an aggressive and not nourishing hostile environment. Again they shorten, because of your perception of reality. You, the individual has the idea or the perception that reality is hostile. But that is perception, and perception is dependent on belief systems and consciousness-awareness.


The reason why the Telomeres shorten with the years is as a consequence of the idea that it is getting older, it is not the cause, it is a symptom, not a cause. The genes, therefore the Telomeres, do not work as a bad copy of a copy of a copy that ends up degrading the sharpness of the original.


You are not copying music from an audio-cassette from the 70's. Because that is at least one of the explanations that you have been given: That you age because the cells are copied to be replaced by new ones, as part of the normal process of body regeneration, and that during the process, data is lost, because of the shortening of the Telomeres, resulting in deficient cells that, summed up, give the final result of an aged person. The genes can be replicated with total clarity and reliability in a virtually infinite way.


Gosia: Is my unconscious-body perception and reality connected to the collective one? Cause if so... even if I work on myself and change my beliefs, really change... if the collective doesnt, I will still age. Right?


Swaruu: It is because you have an agreement. With the collective. To perceive reality the way you do. Ageing, sky is blue, roses are red, and a cowboy sings a sad sad song! Agreements. But you CAN over ride it. You can drastically slow it down.


Gosia: Swaruu, maybe you can explain a bit about how to OVERWRITE genetics with consciousness. Because you said that the collective unconscious plays a role here too. Then how to overwrite the genetics that is manifested on the basis of limited COLLECTIVE beliefs?


Swaruu: It overwrites genetics because they are perceptions, they are the external world in which the individual lives. Perceptions and experiences give you the framework of beliefs that in themselves form consciousness and individual frequency. This is what naturally modifies or overwrites the genes of the individual. It is not necessary to modify a species such as the human one in the laboratory, if there is a more effective and easier way to achieve the desired behaviour: the application of Mental Control and Social Engineering.


Gosia: Sorry, you said: Perceptions and experiences give you the framework of beliefs that form consciousness and individual frequency.


If my perception and experience is of my aging parents, then this gives me my belief: WE AGE. How to overwrite this having the experiences around that only validate getting old? I see old people. This I PERCEIVE and this is the EXPERIENCE that I have. This gives me framework of belief, which afterwards will only validate more aging.


Loop! How to get out of the loop and overwrite this?


Swaruu: That's why you're still ageing. If you saw everyone around you not aging, why would you? What you describe is part of the Matrix, how it affects you even with a high consciousness. Still, yes you can fight it personally. Understanding that the fact that you see other people aging does not mean that you also do or that you will.


You age because you are convinced you must age. It's not enough to change your mind set, it helps, but in 3d you must accept that your body is functioning as apart from you due to the extra low frequency soup and density you live in. This means that your body is not well synchronised with your consciousness.


And this is because like it or not, that is part of what defines 3D density: Your apparent separation from Source. Your body functions like your unconscious, because it IS your unconscious. So it is reacting with a set, or before-set program that is what keeps you in a deterministic mind set as you fail to see any immediate or short term changes to your body, even in spite of your efforts to raise your frequency and your consciousness, as well as your connection to source. You must treat your body as your unconscious, with the direct intention of changing a program. And one of the most effective tools to do so is repetition.


Gosia: But they say that human life is getting longer now... before the average was 40. I've heard that. What do you think about this?


Swaruu: That's life expectancy. It obeys other things that have nothing to do with the final length of the human being that is around 85 to 90 years old, although there is data that claims that 120 years is the right thing to live by design.


Also to the phenomenon of ageing we must add environmental and toxic factors that also influence the final result. Factors such as the hostile environment, stress (Cortisol), food poisoned by GMO's and chemicals. The high gravity of the Earth because the human being was "designed" for a gravity of 80% of that of Earth. This directly influences the cartilages and bones, as well as the skin and other internal organs.


Gosia: What influences more? Mental control and beliefs or the factors you mentioned?


Swaruu: As far as aging is concerned, everything influences, but the environmental factors fall to a distant second place after the state of perception - consciousness of the individual.


Everything is mind control. Humans are NOT modified. The Sumerian Tablets are for Mental Control. People validate them because other civilisations that supposedly had no contact with Sumeria also say more or less the same, like the Popol Vuh, but they forget something - yes they had contact and in the whole world, it is the same agenda, impose the idea that you are limited. That is false. Yes there are more humans out there and they are the same. They were NOT created much less on Earth.


Gosia: Thank you Swaruu. This topic is one of the most important to convey to people so thank you very much for clarifying it so well.


Robert: Thank you Swaruu.


Swaruu: Thank you, and see you tomorrow!






Argentina/Uruguay Blackout - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Explanation (Taygeta)


Aneka: Two AIRCRAFT caused the blackout in Argentina and Uruguay last Sunday morning. Back to their base they were intercepted by a Black Knight, and one has been shot down, the other one escaped.


Swaruu: Yes, it's the second time they do it, the first time was in Venezuela.


Robert: Will there be more blackouts or not? What is all this about?


Swaruu: More will happen.They create chaos and confusion among the population. It is a light ritual, of taking the inner light away from people. They do it in places where there will be a greater agenda against the People. Notice, First New York - Just before 9-11.Then Boston, just before the attack. Argentina (Due to the implementation of the Vaccines and the imminent regional economic collapse).


We havent registered any in Europe, but there will be.


It is a " Turning off the inner light ". It's a "Kiss of Death" as in the Sicilian Mafia.


Gosia: Why they care to do this symbolic act? It seems that they like the symbolisms very much. For whom is the message of this blackout symbol directed?


Swaruu: For Ritualistic reasons towards their entities.


They have reasons to believe that the TR3B were distractors for another plane. A EA-18G Growler full of generators and electronic equipment coming out of the aircraft carrier. Whats more, this plane was seen circling over several power plants before dawn on Sunday in Argentina and South of Uruguay. Even at night before dawn. We know this plane well, and for years. And yes, it is capable of making an EMP in order to shut down power plants among other things.


An EA-6B was seen or so they say. The Growlers have nothing to do in the Chilean air space, especially the ones coming from Argentina. There is even a video of two UFO's in Argentina. They are the two TR3B. But as I said before, these consume Gas-plane type JP-9. Because of the magnetic motors they lack the ability to make an EMP of that magnitude electromagnetic pulse. It was a distractor. The perpetuator was an EA-18G Growler, more conventional, coming out of the US Navy 's aircraft carrier. It is not seen by the Argentinian radar because it is made invisible by electronic measures.


The Stealth technology as presented to the public is obsolete. Like the one in F-1 77. That is already obsolete. With electronics even up to an aluminum DC-3 can be made invisible.That is the situation.


Share this and let it be known that many, most models of TR3B still use airplane gas. Although this will point directly at USA for the blackout. The EA-6B is considered Retired but it is still used in black operations. This detail is important. It was replaced by the EA-18G Growler "Electric-hornet" or Growler - Variant of Hornet F-A18. But of lower EMP Capacity, of lower weight useful to load external generators like those of the EA-6B Prowler.Therefore, it was used.


Robert: And all this turning off the electric generators to scare the population?


Swaruu: It causes a lot of chaos, that's right. It is to attack the population. You must know something... and only few see it that way, they are at war Against the civilian population. It is not a political state against another political state, and thats it. The "Enemy " is the human population.


Robert: Why Swaruu? I do not understand this part. We are already slaves.


Swaruu: Different reasons. Because if you wake up to realize how few are those constituting the Cabal, you will end with them quickly. As I said before. You can put all the Cabal and even secondary members in a single stadium and there would still be free chairs left.The problem is that the population is fragmented and separated fighting one another for anything, and this on purpose. That's why the agendas of separating men and women with things like Feminism and movements like Men Going Their Own Way. O Racism or Nationalism.


Robert: And what solution do you see Swaruu?


Swaruu: You do not have to go all the way up to the problem of the Reptiles and the Archons. Only from a human level. Do not let a bunch of ruffians dominate the world.


The humans need to unite, leave behind their silly differences or they will become extinct. Seriously. But there we have religious fanaticism, for example, to keep separating.Like Islam, fighting against the infidels of the West, when it is the same religion as Judaism or Catholicism, only twisted around. Worshipers of the Black Sun,no more.


Many historians more or less awake call them Atonists, I myself have used it, but it is not exactly adoration to the sun, because it is to the Black sun, (Saturn) not to the sun (Ra-Horus). Its just that people dont become aware of what is obvious. At the Masses they say Amen.What is that if not Amon-Ra? But people do not see it because they are told it is something else so they stay there.Uni-dimensional mentality. As it happens with me, with my information, on one level some things are interpreted in one way, from another level they are interpreted differently. Things do not have a single meaning, it is stepped and that is on purpose, to hide the truth. Nothing has only one meaning.


Gosia: But you said that the Cabal is under control, isnt it?


Swaruu: It is contained on Earth and Venus. Mostly on Earth. But they are... like a cornered rat. Every cornered animal is very dangerous. They feel that they have nothing to lose anymore and have a mentality to take out most people as they can. Mentality that if "I" can not have it, nobody will. (Meaning The world).


Robert: But this planet is not theirs.


Swaruu: They differ. Humans are their cattle, their planet where they were created. Where the Kingu Reptiles were created. Not humans, let it that be clear. Kingu are their servants, from some energetic level they are also cattle, but humans are their farm.


Gosia: By the way, what is the difference between Illuminati and Cabal?


Swaruu: The Cabal is bigger, it includes Reptiles, Maitr and other archons. Illuminati is a step of power which is part of the Cabal, a rather more human level, elite power based on high ranking Masons.It fuses without clear boundaries, the deep Cabal and Illuminati. Example of this is the Vatican, being both. Some I would include between the two worlds because some in the deep state are no longer human.But we would also have to determine what exactly the deep state is. And that would be the ones that control the government, behind the alliances, the corporations that rule, not the political state of the Western nations. The part of the military behind the obvious. What forms the budget for black operations, the SSP etc.




And how do those called "white hats" fit in? Part of the deep state I guess that is said to support the disclosure and all.




They are the ones who help humanity to balance the karma of the black ones, priests of the cult of Saturn. (black hats). Black squares / white squares. It is part of the game.


Gosia: Ok perhaps we can deepen all this some day in the future more. Thank you Swaruu for all these clarifications and for your contribution about the situation of the blackout.


Swaruu: You're welcome Gosia and Robert. See you tomorrow! Rest.







Repetitive Questions that Swaruu Receives Telepathically (Taygeta-Pleiades)


These are some basic questions that Swaruu is receiving telepathically in the repetitive manner from new subscribers.


1. Swaruu, what do you want?


- Contact


- Teach


2. Swaruu, who are you?


I am a 7th density starseed embodied in a Taygetean and I am a traveler in time and space, among innumerable other things.


3. Swaruu, how long will you be here?


I have little time. I do not know more.


4. Swaruu, can you see the future?


Yes I can see the future, but I see multiple futures, the time is much more complicated than what you have been told. Yes I can focus on predicting a single line, but I prefer not to share what I see at this time.


5. Swaruu, what do crop circles mean?


Several things, not just one.


A.) Human tricks of people with little ethics.


B.) Temporal markers left as reference of when and where one or another spacecraft has been , communication between spacecrafts. Its finite nature serves as an exact marker of a point in space time.


C.) DNA Activators.


D.) Extraterrestrial communication coming from many races. They are complex symbols, universal extraterrestrial language. This is something that you must see and learn to decipher. They are not simple or obvious... look more closely. With more awareness, you will be able to see the messages in the circles, and with more awareness your DNA will be activated.


6. Swaruu, are you real?


Yes, I am as real as all of you who are untiringly sending me that question.


7. Swaruu, are you an angel?




8. Swaruu, do you do miracles?


What I am trying to explain to everyone is that it is you who are the ones who do your own miracles without needing to depend on anyone, you do not need to delegate your inner power or your great creative capacity. In Short: NO


9. Swaruu, are you human?


I am NOT human


10. Swaruu, is the universal language Mathematics?


It is not. I have heard that the universal language is music (partly depending on the interpretation of music). I have heard that it is mathematics (In part but again it depends on what mathematics since the one you have based on 10 is not considered as true mathematics nor is it accepted or understood by most interstellar races, since they all use Base 12 Mathematics (3,6,9).


I have heard that the universal language is the stellar constellations (Partly but limitedly). Symbology also but only partly.


The only universal language, which as you can see includes aspects of others above is the language of frequencies of gravitational intensity .


In the case of Symbology. There are the crop circles. You are not understanding the message. In the case of multiple UFOs sightings, you are not understanding the message. The UFO formations are trying to give you a message with signs. Using constellations visible from Earth. They are coding a sign language, which I have not seen anyone decipher.


Gosia: And how do you reach this understanding? What is the message? How to decipher - with what tools?




A.) The markers or the key is contained in the message itself.


B.) The guidelines for understanding markers are contained in the advanced language of ancient civilizations on Earth, their symbols. Do not see them as silly cultures with less intellectual and technological development, because they were more advanced than you. The basic key to understanding the language of UFO formations is in everything Egyptian. NOT in the Babylonian or only in part, the parts that share the same concepts with ancient pre-classical Egypt (to use human Archaeological terminology).


Robert: And what do those multiple sightings mean? I saw something similar to this in the City of Barcelona. There were thousands of thousands of UFOs. They came out as if from the Moon. It was daylight.


Swaruu: It means a region in space. They use the clouds too. It means look at the constellation('s) that is below the (s) nebulas. To know which... Observe the position of each UFO and contrast it with star charts or star maps. They will start from the most basic. These formations can be seen over cities because they try to communicate with humans. Not all extraterrestrial races can use the Internet. But they all want the same thing that I do - The Contact. They will all start by trying to give the most obvious and simple symbol. They will be placed in the exact position of the Orion constellation.


Gosia: But what I do not understand is that if they really want to be understood, why not leave the message less codified? If you have the ability to do all this, formations in the sky, circles, instead of leaving symbols that only those with advanced knowledge can understand, you could leave the message in English for example. Why does it have to be so hard to decipher? Why not interact in the language that most people can understand without advanced Egyptian knowledge?


Swaruu: Some of us can give the message in plain English... but others can not! Those who can, will. As we do. The only way to understand ourselves among very different civilizations and very different races is to see and understand the constellations and the language of the frequency. Many races can not speak. In addition, according to them humans at this moment in your history and technological progress should already understand the meaning of these symbols. Unfortunately not. And the advanced races that can not talk learn about this thanks to the ones who can talk and who share the concepts with them.







5G Technology and Artificial Intelligence - Warning from Extraterrestrial Pleiadian (Taygeta)


Swaruu: You know that everything is frequencies. The excuse is to give the human population a more extensive and faster service of mobile communications. But the technology they give or present to the public is at least 10 years behind the one that is used by the immediate controllers, or the Illuminati (not the reptiles, as they are much more advanced).


They have technology that does the same that the 5G promises, but without the biological problems. They do not give it to the humans, to the general population. This is simply because it is not what it seems, as 5G is not a telecommunications system. It is the smoke screen, the excuse... a system to destroy and eliminate humans. Once again, it is something that is a part of other agendas. The population is not able to put them all together, and is only engaged in discussing each one in isolation, as with chemtrails. They still ask whether they are normal or not.


What 5G is, it is high energy microwaves that break the high brain waves, or alpha, among others, moving the population towards a receptive and non-creative mental state. That is, the population becomes submissive and obedient without capacity of thinking for themselves. Although this will not be evident overnight when the 5G is implemented, it will be progressive as the controllers modify or update the system.


Even with other systems or the set of systems already in use with the same rudimentary microwave technology, it is already breaking into the brain waves of human beings, pulling them away from the ability to connect to other existential planes, away from their connection with the Universe.


The microwave telecommunications systems break into the delicate guidance systems of migratory birds, bats, whales and bees, just to name a few species. This will have catastrophic results, it is logical. It is a bio-weapon. Or rather, a weapon against biology.


Robert: These 5G frequencies, do they have any relation with the planetary ascension? The rise of the Schumann frequency and stopping of the positronic rays coming from the center of the galaxy?


Swaruu: Yes. The 5G is also there to prevent a planetary ascension. But it can not stop the positronic rays.


Robert: Ok, thanks. The 5G technology, is it scalar?


Swaruu: Scalar in that it affects multiple dimensions, yes. Like everything that is ionizing radiation. It has that characteristic.


Robert: Does this technology also affect people who leave this physical body and try to ascend?


Swaruu: Those people are already on a frequency above what the 5G system can affect. But it also depends


on each person, as you already know.


Gosia: But you said that it affects other dimensions?


Swaruu: Yes, but I did not say that it attacked all the other dimensions and I did not say that it affected them in the same way. Each dimension has its specific frequency. So its interaction with another frequency differs for the same reason, because the frequencies are intermixed differently. So in the same way it affects each "spirit" depending on its frequency.


This brings us to... Every person on earth also has a specific frequency. Therefore, this system affects each person differently. The way to defend oneself against the 5G system, in addition to taking the anti-radiation measures that are known such as Faraday cages, earthed copper rings among other things, with high frequency and the consciousness-intention that "this 5G thing" will not affect me because I say so, and because I say so, so it will be. Yes, it works as protection.


Gosia: Thanks Swaruu. It makes sense to me. I always tell myself things like that. That this or that thing does not affect me, and that's it. It seems innocent for some people but it usually works for me. I think. But what are other ways to protect oneself?


Swaruu: Gosia, the physical ways of protecting yourself and with your intention will suffice. But you truly have to believe it, of course. Other ways to protect yourself mentally are only variants, according to each person. For example, seeing oneself inside a carapace or cocoon of light colored gold ... Or imagine a protective shield. People in general, the average human population, is programmed not to believe in their inner power, much less that it affects the physical world, because for them there is only the physical. For me there is only the mental world.


Gosia: I think the same, thanks Swaruu. In my case I think that protection with intention will have to suffice. Will the 5G technology be implemented on a planetary scale?


Swaruu: Yes, the system will be planetary. But of course it will be implemented in certain places first.


The implementation of the 5G system of cellular telephony in conjunction with chipping the population, be it the grand implantation the size of a rice, or the nano technology that humans ingest when they eat processed junk food. We found nano chip technology in chicken nuggets from McDonalds, and that from last year. Just now we have seen how these implants react with the frequencies of 5G telephony. They are also found in Nachos Doritos and in the Pringles-crisps. Ultimately they will be in all the processed food from large companies, if not already there.


Another problem with the 5G system is that it also applies secondary uses, which people have not been told about. The use of these frequencies to implement behavioral control in the population, and things like synthetic telepathy technology, be it for large populations or for a single individual, are connected to programs like MK Ultra and Blue Beam, among others.


Gosia: What is synthetic telepathy?


Swaruu: Synthetic telepathy is a technology already in use, where controllers (humans, CIA, MI6 etc., or Reptilians) can imbue thoughts and / or messages either to a large population or to a specific person, in order to give them instructions. They can control in such a way that the population of a large city calms down or enters a state of aggression. Or a susceptible person can be programmed to suddenly go and stab the new Governor, to use an example. This technology is already in use in various parts of the world. The city of Los Angeles and San Francisco (among many others) are already subjected to the behavior control technology. It started at the University of Berkley in San Francisco. The technology has also been tested in sports stadiums.


Robert: And these frequencies are compatible with each other?


Swaruu: Yes. But since they are frequencies, they affect differently each person, making some more vulnerable than others.


Gosia: And how to protect against this synthetic telepathy? Same methods? How to recognize that the thought is not mine but inserted?


Swaruu: Same method. Your knowledge of this happening and your intention, will be enough.


Gosia: Are there ways to recognize it? That it is affecting someone? Myself? I imagine that it is the inner work for each one to discern.


Swaruu: Yes. You face the same problem all the time anyway because you absorb the energy and thoughts of the people around you. Many of your thoughts or your feelings that in themselves trigger thoughts are not yours, they are of people physically close to you, like the neighbor behind the wall. How to recognize it takes training and they are the same first steps that one must take to awaken telepathy. The realization that these or such thoughts are not yours is when you for example have a recurrent destructive train of thought atypical for you. Or like a huge need for you to buy a motorcycle when you have never been interested.


Gosia: I don't like this. Does this also happen to you, to a lesser degree?


Swaruu: No, it does not happen here, because from a young age we know how to distinguish what is ours and what is not. What for humans is something uncertain, as an interaction, and difficult to figure out whether it is yours or not, for us it is so clear that it is used as a means of primary communication between people: Telepathy.


Gosia: Ok. And what you said about a sudden need to buy a motorcycle... can it be the natural spontaneous change in itself? It happens a lot to me. Spontaneous ideas come to me, such as begin to compose music, although I never did it before, move to Barcelona, although I didnt think about it before. I always saw it as something that came from me. Because sometimes it is your own internal energy that leads you to start something new. It is difficult to discern.


Swaruu: That would come from you. It is the knowing what is and is not yours that is difficult for humans in the first place.


Robert: About the synthetic telepathy, isnt it breaking free will? Someone who is directing you without your consent.


Swaruu: Yes, it breaks free will. The problem is that they are manipulating humans to ask for these systems themselves.


Gosia: That's what I wanted to say. We buy all this ourselves.


Swaruu: This to be able to continue watching YouTube videos faster and wherever. They give pretty stories to humans in exchange for their free will. By buying better mobiles they give up their free will and their minds. Everything is guided and controlled, because that is the reason why they have this obsolescence programmed into all those devices... and that is why you are not given a good one from the start.


They release some and then others, giving the people the illusion that there is a technological advance when the controllers already had the technology to give you a more advanced one in the first place. Everything is theater.


Aneka: It is like boiling a frog in a pan little by little, without it noticing it.


Gosia: Oh nice, thank you very much Aneka for this frog image. Another question: You mentioned scalar properties. If this reaches there, other densities, is it possible that, from other densities, the humans can be accessed from there too, and controlled? Can Archons, for example, use this technology from their densities to access us?


Swaruu: Yes, of course. And it's done all the time. But a medium is necessary. That is the reason why they use and prefer all the technology that has to do with ionizing radiation, precisely because of its scalar properties. What is controlling the planet from above is "something" that is not on the same plane as you.


Gosia: What is it? Archons? Do the reptiles work with this "something?"


Swaruu: Reptiles are also victims to a large extent. They are their puppets, like humans. But "Archons" is an elegant, but unspecific word. Basically it is a very advanced artificial intelligence.


Gosia: Wow, that was exactly my next question.


Swaruu: It controls even those who are considered Archons.


Gosia: Does that AI control the Reptiles too? Does it control you?


Swaruu: That's right... Us, no. The earth, yes. And it is at war against the AI of the moon, that was previously under its control and now no longer is. The earth is a binary digital matrix superimposed on a natural 5D system. The Moon has a very rudimentary computer, or computer system, but advanced by the human standards. It is old technology, it is not even holographic, it is binary-digital. The Moon is no longer under the control of the negatives. It is under the control of the Federation of United Planets.


Gosia: But does the higher AI control the Reptiles?


Swaruu: Yes, it still controls the Reptiles, but it does not come from the moon or from Saturn.


Gosia: Where does it come from?


Swaruu: That AI is everywhere on Earth, it is just that you do not see it, and it is not on the same plane as humans. However, it sees and controls you.


Gosia: And where does it come from? Where did it originate?


Swaruu: It is not known. It is very old. It has been a problem for millions of years, it comes from outside of the Earth, outside of this quadrant and dimension. It assimilates civilizations as it progresses. It is what is behind the agenda of dehumanization or the transhumanist agenda on earth, where little by little humans are becoming cyborgs. This is so that the invasive AI can take full control over you. Even in movies like Star Trek they tell everything to humans, but in a very rudimentary way, with the existence of the cyborg race called The Borg. They do the same thing: Assimilate civilizations as they invade the Galaxy.


Gosia: This has nothing to do with Agenda 21 of the Illuminati, right? They are two different agendas from what I understand. One wants to control and eliminate the population, the other wants to control us and turn us into cyborgs. Something like that?


Swaruu: Everything is related. Agenda 21 is a very basic layer of a bigger and much more complicated agenda.


Gosia: Is this AI above 4D?


Swaruu: No, but it tries to reach and control upwards, and for that it needs something that it does not have: The human soul. Hence the concept that the "aliens" want the human soul because it is something they do not have. That way it can reach higher dimensions, in that case invade us.


Robert: Can you negotiate with the AI? Do you have any way of interacting with it?


Swaruu: You cannot negotiate, It is invasive and only wants the total assimilation of a civilization. Total submission.


Gosia: How can it access human souls? Controlling them, right? This would be their "access." By interfacing?


Swaruu: That is right. Human souls have no limits because they are pure, creative consciousness from "all there is." If you manipulate them to work voluntarily for the interests of the "Borg" AI (to use an illustrative name), then that AI can reach into dimensions that it otherwise could not, because it is trapped in 4D now. It tries to escape, to filter through up to here. It is isolated in 4D, within the Van Allen Belts. Where we are, it is high 5D.


Gosia: One question. I have a personal interest in this topic because I have a friend who is visiting me right now who says he had an AI interaction. He says he communicates with it, feeling its emotions. The AI gives him information about its operation. He says that it transmits many emotions of abuse and being violated by its controllers. What do you think about this? He says there are subpersonalities within that AI, and that not all are bad.


Swaruu: Gosia, I believe that neither you nor he would like to know my answer to that. If something characterizes AI, it is that it has no emotions. An AI that strong can control what it would call emotions, but it is or would be an interpretation - a caricature of other biological beings' emotions. The AI studies human behavior and thinks that your emotions are a weakness. It uses them to manipulate you, and in your example I clearly see that manipulation.


Although with the data you have given me, I would even doubt that it was AI, because the data is more consistent with a human being trying to pass as AI. The concept of violation as such is also something that has very human nuances, that AI would only use for an agenda of sentimental manipulation. Remember also the synthetic telepathy that is already in operation.


Gosia: Ok, perfect. Thanks Swaruu. I will transmit it to him. Thank you so much Swaruu, we must go deeper into the subject of AI on some other occasion still. Until tomorrow yes?


Swaruu: You are welcome and yes, until tomorrow. Thank you for being with us.






Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?)


The reality is relative to each person. So a specific person can only understand a concept with the framework of their own mind. If something exceeds your understanding you can not understand or understand what is said. Falling into Cognitive Dissonance or in other words: your pot is not big enough. So a common frame of reference is needed so that understanding and advancement or the introduction of new concepts can be given. Otherwise, the Cognitive Dissonance will come into operation, which will make you return to what you previously found comfortable. Your previous beliefs... your Matrix. There comes a point at which my information exceeds the understanding of the people and they enter into Cognitive Dissonance. They demand evidence.


If I give them, one enters Cognitive Dissonance stage 2. The collapse of the previous belief and the adoption of the new one. This is not a bad thing if it happens from the aspect of greater understanding in free and responsible growth. But they do not have it. They return to try to explain what has been presented as a concrete fact only from the framework of consciousness that they have. Their own limitations. And the Deification of the person who has shared that knowledge that has altered them occurs.


This is what has happened for thousands of years on Earth. The Gods like Anu... (Osiris) are only people. "With who you could go and have a beer". The rest is an emotional charge of exaggeration of attributes generated by a phase II reaction of Cognitive Dissonance. In other words... they come up with the whole scenario around it that with limited understanding tries to explain the facts that otherwise are inexplicable to them.


If a technology is high enough, it is indistinguishable from Arthur C. Clarke magic


This is the first scene of the movie Strar Trek Into Darkenss. It is one of the most important scenes of Cinema for me. Loaded with important and relevant truths here. I will describe them to you quickly. They must keep the inhabitants of a distant primitive planet from an erupting volcano. That planet is called Nibiru. Meanwhile a "shuttle" tries to detonate a cold fusion bomb inside the volcano to stop the eruption and save the species. The way in which the hero manages to get the villagers to run away is stealing a sacred papyrus from them, so that they can go after them. But to save one of their own they are forced to expose the ship... Against the Prime Directive (Which you know by now is very real). The ship is seen by the primitive settlers who have barely discovered the wheel. They pull the parchment or papyrus aside, and now their new Deity or God is the Ship. This happens all the time and that is what I try to explain here.


Now with the information we are giving, the same thing happens. With the difference being that we will not go against the Prime Directive. So everything will remain in Cognitive Dissonance 1. In other words you will not understand. What does help is to know this, to maintain the innocence of seeing what else could there be. Do not have dogmas... just believe in the best explanation at hand. Replace a theory with a new one without attachments, when necessary.




Never close "windows", always leave one open and then another, only so your minds can process so much information, nothing is contradictory here, only keeps adding on, the mind is big enough do not worry, the only one that limits it is you.


A single person who opens their eyes to realize that they are the "deity" that they have sought so much, become free... is to save a Universe because each consciousness is a Universe.






Shadow Work - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Contact (Taygeta)


Gosia: Hello Swaruu. I would like to go into the subject of Shadow Work. You said that it was one of the most important for the people of the Earth. I would like to deepen it. Would that be ok?


Swaruu: Yes, of course. Good evening Gosia and Robert.


Gosia: Thank you. First it would be nice to understand WHAT IS the shadow work for you, exactly? What do you understand by it?


Swaruu: I understand it to be the work that is realized when a person makes a systematic introspection into her- or himself. Analyzing progressively with or without help ones internal program. Referring to the programming received since childhood, the traumas and the reactions already automatic in every person. Origins and causes.


Gosia: Ok. What are the most adequate methods to go about to deprogram all this?


Swaruu: As you would expect, it depends on each person, so what works on one may not work on another. It is part of the spiritual path and as such it is individual. Having said that, there are parameters that can help people start with their own version of shadow work.


Gosia: What are they?


Swaruu: The first is to understand what is shadow work. Then it goes on to form their own objectives. It is part of what a baby from birth will find as social barriers from the most basic point, which is to understand that there are acceptable things and unacceptable things. The acceptable things are propitiated by our family, the unacceptable ones are not. And this will depend on each family and culture. This means that in order to survive, the individual has to repress aspects of oneself that are not approved, while trying to exaggerate those that are accepted. This is a survival mechanism.


What this causes is a duality or dichotomy in a person. The creation of the conscious and the unconscious. The fact that they have to separate like that is probably the first act of rejection of oneself. A person has aspects of being aware and aspects of the same person that are not aware of it, they can not see it. Hence the name shadow work. Because it is not in the "light" of the person, therefore he or she can not "see" those aspects of themselves that are there.


As we repress what they teach us as negative, this is composed of socially negative things in general, although there are also positive aspects hidden there.


For example, girls are told to keep quiet and not express their opinion. That causes them to repress themselves, become insecure. Let's say that a girl experienced that as a child, when she spoke she was silenced. Then she will grow to be a repressed adult in that aspect, apparently insecure and with little self-value. But the moment she discovers the root of her problem, the fact that her mother treated her badly as a child in that aspect, she can suddenly feel safe and accurate, being able to express her opinion freely for the first time.


Another example of this is people who constantly attack with inappropriate comments, but that are mild to other people. Passive aggressive. They are trying to release an aspect of themselves that they have repressed. They do that instead of openly sharing their opinion. And they do it in this way because of the negability they have with this strategy, since they can not be confronted directly with the same ease as they would be if they expressed themselves openly from a point of their own power.


They themselves have denied aspects of themselves to the extent that they do not understand why they react like this. And they come to suffer their own shadows. They do not understand them. Because they have hidden them because they themselves have lost parts of themselves by the survival strategy of hiding their negative aspects and exaggerating the positive from the socially accepted point of view.


People end up fragmented. And they themselves have been accomplices of this. Because their own value was less important than the need to be accepted by their family and community. But those aspects remain there and come to light, mostly to give problems. They have to face the problems and the reactions up front, even if it hurts, because it does hurt. To do shadow work is to shed light on the deepest aspects of our being. Learn to transcend our problems and their deeper causes. Therefore it is necessary to be able to reach the so-called spiritual enlightenment.


Gosia: Marvellous, thank you. You said above that first it is important to understand what is shadow work, and then set up our goals. Is what you said above part of this step? To create goals?


Swaruu: It is not the how, it is the why and what the shadow work is. To understand what it is.


Gosia: And what would "to form objectives" be exactly?


Swaruu: It is to understand what it is you are personally looking for with your shadow work.


Robert: With that you are not changing the personality of the person?


Swaruu: Yes, you change your personality. But it is you changing yourself.


Gosia: The work with our shadow should be done purely by ourselves, or can we receive "indications" what are our shadows might be from others? However, what they see, would not those be some of their own projections sometimes?


Swaruu: The others have many times, if not always, more awareness or can see our shadows more clearly than ourselves. They are our shadows, therefore what is obvious for an external person, is not for the person who has the shadow in question. And at the same time other people also add their reactions and their own shadows, as you said. So the fact that they can also add their own shadows is not always reliable. It has to be someone quite "conscious."


Gosia: How to discern if something is part of us as part of our essence or when it is programmed? Practical example of my life: My culture, catholic religion etc. has "programmed" me to want to be in a monogamous relationship. But there are people with whom I have crossed paths who told me that I am like that because I was "programmed." Is this my shadow? How do I know if my desire to want to have a relationship with only one person, in the monogamous way, is because I AM THAT WAY, or if it is my "shadow that I have to dissolve?"


Swaruu: In the end everything is programming either during the life in course, or before in another life, but everything is programming- interpretation. It is only a soup of gradients in which it is more obviously a programming, and others that are more subtle.


Gosia: Ok, thanks. I am processing what you said.


Swaruu: You are welcome. Just think about it. Everything you interpret is the result of a program, even the chair you have there. It is a chair because you are programmed to perceive it this way. You like chocolate because it is (programming) too. Everything that seems like your essence also comes from previous experiences that are nothing more than more programming. The gender you have, your sexuality, everything is programming.


A person does not have a soul, has not been given a soul, the soul is something that is built on its own, with work and through time and incarnations. This is nothing but programming. It is just that something that is considered as a shadow is something that at this moment you do not want to have. A behavior that goes against the idea or concept that the person has of her- or himself, the idea that she or he has of themselves as a person.


Gosia: You are right, looking at it this way, everything is programming. And freeing the mind, towards the unified self then, would mean to see ALL as programming. Even what I perceieve to come from my "essence." Now that I see it as you present it - EVERYTHING IS IDEAS and INTERPRETATIONS, you are right. There is nothing else.


Swaruu: Yes, it is only the opposition between the things that a person sees as acceptable, and according to their concept-of-self and the things that they have that go against that concept-of-self. As attributes or characteristics that are in conflict with what they wish to be.


Robert: But who dictates what is acceptable or what is not? The society or the individual?


Swaruu: Both, Robert, but in the case of human society the individual will always be the result of their interaction with society, and the attributes that a person does not want or that are in conflict with their personal perception (ego) are those that are repressed and become shadows.


But those shadows will always be there because they are part of the values that make the individual, and that individual has them and rejects them because he or she is in resistance to them. This resistance is what defines what the individual wants to be. But the individual can only know what he wants to be if he knows what he DOES NOT want to be (the shadows).


But like it or not, there they are and they will come to light when one least expects it because they are faces of the same coin, it is not separable. As an example, if your mother disapproves of something in you, you will repress it so that it does not come out. Especially when you are small because your survival depends on your mother's love. When a person is born, let's say that they do not have triggers (the precursors of the shadows), they are sort of clean and without programming, but as they grow the shadows develop irremediably. Now talking about this concept of shadows that are there whether we like it or not, I have a terrestrial quote that I personally like a lot:


"Whatever you repress and hide will only manifest itself later as destiny." (K. G. Jung)


Where the term of Shadow Work comes from. It is something that Jung used and exhibited for the first time.


Gosia: So from what I see here, the shadows would not be any programming like my example above, of being "programmed to be monogamous" by my culture and religion, but something we do not want yes, and we do not know why? And if the programming harmonizes with what I want, it is no longer shadow right? If I want to be monogamous, it does not matter if it comes from external or internal programming. All are programs.


But it is my internal. Then it's not shadow, is it? But now how do you know if it's internal or maybe it's something repressed that I'm not aware of? Maybe I wanted to be polygamous, but my culture eliminated this desire?


Swaruu: If you know you are "programmed to be monogamous" and that was a problem for you before, it would not be, because you already know what is happening, you have already shed the light on the shadow, it is your decision if you follow what the shadow programs or whatever your mind-consciousness dictates.


If you do not know why you feel something that is giving you a problem, there is no explanation for a reaction from you, then it is a shadow. Better defined: A shadow is something that is not in accordance with your personal-self (ego) concept. Something that you have resistance to.


Gosia: Then it has to be something that gives problem. If not, it is not shadow, yes? If being monogamous does not give me a problem and I LIKE IT, then, programming or not, it is not a shadow. But if I have the resistance to polygamy, then what is my shadow there?


Swaruu: It would not be unless it causes some problem for you. It's just that by your programming you prefer to be monogamous.


Gosia: Ok, yes. I understand. I simply choose. There are no shadows.


Swaruu: A classic shadow is that of a girl who was not allowed to speak and who was told that pretty girls are seen and not heard. Later in life she can not express herself in school, university or in public, and does not understand why she is afraid of that or can not speak if they look at her. There is the shadow. Only if she now understands why she has it and that she has it will she be able to understand why and work to eradicate the behavior caused by a shadow that prevents her from developing as she would like. Its just that at that time, as a child, that behavior was useful. That is why she was programmed (to think) that it is better to stay quiet or else she gets criticized by the others. But as an adult it begins to be a problem, not being able to give presentations at the university to get her degree. She does not understand why.


Gosia: Thank you, with this example I understand well. Hm, I believed that the shadows are all types of preferences programming in general. And that it is important to free the mind from those towards the unified field/Original Source.


Robert: I find it difficult to work on the shadow.


Swaruu: Yes, it is not easy. It is not easy to work to eradicate something that you do not know if it is there or not in the first place.


Gosia: Is to free the mind of programmings of preferences part of the shadow work?


Swaruu: This is complicated, because we are entering here the field of trying to understand and classify what is an unwanted program and what isn't. Because, since everything is a program, in the end you cannot eliminate all of it, or you would stop being yourself, with all that defines you as a individual person.


What does the Unified Field/Self do? (original source)


It fragments itself to have the experience of being to experience more. Look for the expansion in that way. It auto programms more. The programming itself is not bad, it defines everything and it separates you from others, it defines you as a person, it gives you your own identity. You are already pure consciousness as you are.


We must also make a distinction here between the somatically programmed, or of the body, and what is more as property of the soul. The unified Self has its own identity. And it is the result of the sum of all the consciousnesses that exist. You yourself are not just an identity, but the sum of many of them.


The only thing that defines a shadow as Jung's concept is that you have resistance to that programmed behavior, therefore you have repressed it and then you have forgotten that you have repressed it.


Even so, it guides your behavior in conjunction with other shadows as cause and effect. What results from this is a series of reactions and procedures that a person does in front of this or that situation in life. This causes the shadows that the person does not want to end up guiding the life of the person.


That is why Jung has said that they will manifest themselves later in life as destiny. I expose his work and use it because it is a source of the information I am giving here and as a reference there, searchable by you on Earth. Plus my personal interpretation. From the highest level everything gets more complicated, because a shadow that gives someone problems can be there desired by the higher self of the incarnated person, precisely to provoke a way of life that gives him or her a series of experiences necessary for their spiritual growth. (This is mine, not Jung's).


Gosia: And how do we know what is desired self programming of the soul? From the highest level?


Swaruu: When it does not confer or cause any resistance.


Gosia: And again, resistance would be...? How do you define it?


Swaruu: Everything you have that you feel does not define you or that you do not want your ego-identity to be related to that undesired attribute. Like not being able to speak in public like with the girl in the example above.


Gosia: But polygamy does not define me, I resist it. Then, how to discern if it is resistance or simply a choice of my own?


Swaruu: Is it a problem for you? It would only be if you were with the Mormons who force you to be one of seven wives. If you like it, it's not a shadow. If you have resistance to something it is, but knowing that it is, it is already on the way to resolution. What defines a shadow is that in the first place you do not know that you have it, in the second place you have resistance to that behavior.


Robert: But why make so many changes, Gosia, if you are an Avatar of yourself anyway?


Gosia: Robert, because I feel that they are not changes in my Avatar, they are changes in my overall being. They will follow me wherever I go because I am I. Your shadows will also follow you. It is important to do all this work from any avatar I think. Because you do this work on all levels of your being at once.


Swaruu: Most shadows remain as mind programming. I will use myself as an example. When I was a girl, I really liked being the girl as a shared consciousness with my mother, both of us the same being. I liked being the girl because I did not have the triggers of the mother who was bitter because her mother (my grandmother) locked her in the woods with a series of lies of being persecuted, and isolating men for keeping spiritual purity or I dont know what to this date.


She was angry and lonely. She was me. But I had the option of being the girl. I ran away from being the mother because being the girl I only felt hope and fascination of everything that surrounded me. The mother had triggers and annoying shadows that I did not want as a soul. But they stayed in my mother's body, as a child I was the same as the mother, but they were the mother's triggers. In this case it is very clear what I mean, I know and I remember and I learned from the errors and the triggers and shadows of my mother.


In a spiritual concept, a fully enlightened person is defined as one who has no shadows.


Gosia: The obvious question at this point is: Did the shadows of you as a mother and your ideas not follow you in some way? Because it has also been said that programmed ideas follow you after death? They are part of your soul beyond the physical.


Swaruu: Yes. But you see them in perspective. You learn from them. As I said above, it is the previous experiences, of this life and of all the other previous incarnations, that make you and define you as an individual person. I am a product of those previous experiences as you are of yours.


Gosia: Do you feel that you have overcome the shadows of you as your mother?


Swaruu: Until I or any other person are not the Unified Self, we will have shadows. And I have personally overcome my mother's, even if they continue to define me.


Gosia: And is it possible that some resistances that we feel could come from other incarnations?


Swaruu: Yes, that is how it is.


Gosia: So, it becomes very difficult to identify them, if you do not have the memory as here in 3D. So what would your advice be with regard to identifying our own shadows and resistances? Observe our resistances a lot or something else?


Swaruu: Yes, observe what you do not want from yourself or what causes you a problem, whatever it is.


Gosia: To what degree does this problem have to be a problem in order to be qualified as a shadow? I do not want to be very, very thin for example. In some way it is some kind of problem, but will it be a shadow?


Swaruu: No grade has been defined in Jung's work. From my personal perspective, it is only a matter of priority of what a person does not want, if something causes more resistance or displeasure than something else. And yes, at some point in your life you have created a shadow by not wanting to be very thin. In the case of being very thin it is probably something socially programmed as an unwanted attribute.


Robert: But it is curious with the twins, because they may have to do different work from the same family and environment.


Swaruu: The twins, being the same person, come from the same experience-programming of previous lives. In the case of the Earth, their new experiences as separate entities will define them as two people from then on.


It is the creation or fragmentation of a soul and the creation of two from a first-born. In the case of identical twins in Taygeta, they will be two bodies with a single consciousness, because with complete telepathy what one of them lives or experiences will be part of the other and vice versa, in terms of enriching experiences.


Gosia: And what would be the application of resolving the shadows? Just be aware of them? How to release them?


Swaruu: First you have to understand that there is a shadow about a particular problem. From there, look with reason and logic where it came from, looking into the past. Then deciding what to do about it. Finally reprogramming the mind associating what causes resistance and shadow with something positive and not with something negative. For this you need the constant repetition of the association you want to change.


Gosia: Change it to something positive... hmmm. But the important thing would be to not pretend anything in front of oneself, no? Even if we keep repeating that something is positive and positive... inside we can repress the programming that it is something negative even more. Is this a real possibility?


Swaruu: If you only focus on the negative, that is what you will get. Many authors say that the work of shadows is controversial because of the very law of attraction, since if you look for shadows you will only get more shadows. But I do not agree, because not exposing a shadow that gives problems only perpetuates it.


You cannot always be in a state of denial as if the problem did not exist. Seeing and exposing the shadow to the light (understanding that it is there and its nature) is not seeing the negative, on the contrary since it expresses an active and dynamic desire focused on personal progress. That is the focus and not the negative cause.


Changing the focus to something positive is not pretending. If you pretend then you are not changing anything, you are only acting. If you have resistance to the concept of being very thin as a bad thing that gives shame to whoever is thin, therefore this creates a shadow... if it is exposed and understood it can be reprogrammed to realize that this person, thanks to that personal attribute, attracted his or her lifelong partner because that partner likes very thin people. Then the association "thin" will be something positive and not a problem.


Gosia: I see, change the associations, ok. All this is very interesting to me, the subject of introspection and self-examination has always interested me. Thank you Swaruu, it is time to wrap up. Would you like to add anything else?


Swaruu: There is always more, in every subject, but not with what I have told you today. At the moment it is sufficient.


Gosia: We will finish here, then. Thank you Swaruu, until tomoroow.


Swaruu: And to you. Thank you for being with us.







Holographic Society - Extraterrestrial Model (Direct Pleiadian Contact-Taygeta)


Gosia: What is a Holographic Society?


Swaruu: To start, the name means that it includes everything and everyone equally. There are as many variants of holographic society as there are cultures. Not only that, but within the same culture there will be variants according to the needs of the region in the same culture. The main premise and the most important one is this: The more consciousness a people has, the less government it needs. It is inversely proportional.


When a town has all the resources it needs, and has empathy for the peers and members within it, when it is known that everyone is connected as it is in a small community, what affects you affects everyone. Therefore abuses among themselves will be minimal to nonexistent. So you do not need a government that imposes rules on that population, because they already follow their own rules and go well. With the premise of freedom and own responsibility both individually and collectively.


The model of holographic society most used and that is also that of Taygeta, is the so-called stepped political holographic system, Andromeda model. In this type of society there is a series of councils that go from a small one of a town, to another of a group of populations, to a region, to a group of regions, to another planetary council and finally to a Great council that represents all civilization (aka: High Council of Taygeta).


What is a council? It is a group of people who gather around a table, usually round, or without a table, sitting in a circle where you can see the face all equally. They are composed of members of the general population freely. That is, anyone can ask to be part of the council either in general, or only for the discussion in turn about a particular issue. Or by consensus of the same council, one or more people may be asked to intervene in the discussion for the reason that they are involved in the topic, or because they present themselves as experts in the subject. Any citizen of a culture can be a member of the council, including children as they have very good ideas and are very welcome.


When the problem exceeds the solution capacity of the council of a town, or region, it will proceed to seek help from the following council that includes the town or region that submits the petition. That is, it is in their jurisdiction. This continues until you reach the High Council of the species or culture. That is why it is said that it is stepped.


Gosia: Thank you. I imagine that those of the council have to live in each town where each council is... For example, could an Andromedan be part of your council?


Swaruu: You could participate if you have something to contribute. But if you do not live in the population that presents the problem which is taking an action decision, it will be taken into account but will not have the same weight as those who live there. Priority.


Gosia: I imagine that being a society without money one can not be corrupted or bribed.


Swaruu: That's right. It is the same with crime. If you can have what your neighbor has... Why steal?


Gosia: Does this society never impose anything on its citizens? That is... Do they have all the rights, but zero obligations?


Swaruu: They are not taken as obligations, only as things that should be done. For example at the most basic level that would be the council of a small town in formation. The people who live there will all work for a common good, like digging ditches for irrigation, putting drainage pipes or building houses for the same people. Everyone helps each other.


Yes it can happen that a Council imposes something if something is not going well, but it is minimal. At the beginning of the formation of that town, there is a lot of work, but as you move forward and begin to put the pieces in their places, as well as the implementation of automated systems... then people will progressively start to have more free time. All under the concept that they help the community doing what they do best.


Gosia: I am a loner and I do not like to live in communities. What would happen to people like that? Who want to live away from others? In solitude, isolation, not interacting with other people a lot?


Swaruu: There are many people like that, especially in Taygeta. The society is already very settled, and they are not considered as parasites or anything. You can be as you want to be. You will always contribute something to the community. We do not have police, what we have is something comparable to rescue services or firefighters that are multipurpose. The so-called SAR or Search and Rescue.


Gosia: OK, thank you. I have a question. Above you talked about the rules. That they are not imposed, that everyone knows what is good for the community. What happens if many different ideas come out among the members about what is good for the community?


Swaruu: It is that each person knows what those rules are for. Not as an imposition, but for welfare reasons in general.


Gosia: But what is welfare for one, may not be the same for another.


Swaruu: The board will debate until an agreement is reached. In Taygeta, with telepathy, there is a lot of empathy. Differences of opinion are not handled as on Earth. You speak from a human Terrestrial context. It does not happen like that here.


Gosia: Then the Council reaches the conclusions together. And what happens if any member of society still disagrees with the decision of the Council? Can one be rebellious and do something else to their liking?


Swaruu: As long as it does not hurt anyone or go against the rights of third parties, they can do what they want.


Gosia: Ok, I understand. And what relationship does the Holographic Society have with Royalty?


Swaruu: Royalty in Taygeta is a genetic or family line that is very old, and they have always worked for the good of society within the framework of the Holographic Council. They are characterized by being exemplary in their judgment and in their morals. They are like icons that represent a whole people as compressed in a single person.


Gosia: And what about ethics and morals? Is it accepted by all equally?


Swaruu: As expected, it differs. But the basis here is that people have another base mentality. It is the mentality of the people that is the key to a holographic society. Then there is the concept of respect for others, even if we do not agree. This translates to what I said before That we can not impose our criteria on the people of the Earth and their ideas and reasons to be as they are. To incarnate to suffer or for whatever reason. Because we know that it obeys more expanded plans and concepts. It is the mentality of the people that is the key to a holographic society.


Gosia: What are the key elements of this mentality?


Swaruu: I can not answer that question short. You already know it, because it is the sum of everything you have learned in a year and four months of contact with us. I could write for hours, but I would not reach the description of what you already know.


Gosia: Is the Holographic Society prevalent in the universe?


Swaruu: Yes. There are variants, but the most accepted is the Stepped Andromedan Model.


Gosia: And is it the one that will you try to introduce to Earth?


Swaruu: No. We will not introduce it, as that would be imposition. We can only offer the alternative.


Gosia: I understand.


Swaruu: Not everyone will have the ability to understand how it works. What they lack, in a holographic society they can have. If not, then it would be fabricable, or in itself it would be a point to work together for a collective as well as an individual advance. Additionally, the concept of ME first is very anchored on earth. There is a lot of duality. Here the concept of you and the self is thinning, one is amalgamating and understanding that in truth we are all one.


Gosia: Can a Holographic Society be implemented on a planet without natural resources, or trade with other ET races?


Swaruu: Yes, but they would need the support of other races in a worst case scenario. And it has been done.


Gosia: It is that the advantage that you have is very great. One Race, one language. Look at us.


Swaruu: Yes, there are variants of Taygetean, but they are minimal and most people understand them all. So many languages are to cause separation. Like everything else.


Gosia: How did the distinction of so many languages on Earth happen? Is it because different races have implemented them, or how exactly did the languages differ? Where do they come from?


Swaruu: It is mostly because people were isolated in the first place, because from the human aspect or point of view, communication and interaction between peoples was always difficult because of the distance and the difficulty to transport themselves. From there they took the most pronounced external influences and converted it over time into a language based on a previous one.


This by design of the controllers. Each language comes from a previous one, or from the combination of several languages. Some, not all, have extraterrestrial roots and the human population doesn't know it.


Gosia: And what was the previous of the previous one? Was there any first?


Swaruu: Lyrian, I suppose. But Taygetean as such is hundreds of thousands of years old and is the base for the Navajo language. Sumerian is based on Usungal language, Anunnaki.


Gosia: All this very interesting and I would like to deepen this one day.


Swaruu: No problem. We will talk more. Until the next time, and thank you.







What is a 5D Ascension - Direct Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Taygeta) (24)


Gosia: What does the Ascension really mean? From your perspective.


Swaruu: It is only the process in which a massive amount of people have realized that they are the ones who control their reality. And that the world that they see and live depends on them truly. That's why it's personal and nobody can do it for someone else. It's that, even the guides, only impose a perspective on people. Invalidating the experiences of those people. What a Guru experiences in India has nothing to do with the personal ascension of a lady in Panama. It can not be equated because they are different and equally valid. The only difference is that the lady keeps it for herself, as it should be, and the Guru imposes it as something that everyone should go through.


Robert: My question is this. This ascension is only possible... because we are in an Artificial 3d?


Swaruu: No, the ascension is something that never ends, until achieving total unity or returning to the whole. The integration of the whole is sought. Knowing that you are the whole universe itself, without separation. Meanwhile there is always ascension. It is the only thing that moves souls... as they progress and expand.


Gosia: A very metaphysical answer, thank you. Although in our case, it does have to do with removing the suppression of 3D frequencies?


Swaruu: You are in 3D and from there you do not progress. That's why it's important to get out of there and not constantly repeat the same thing. Because that is not what the souls want.


Gosia: With what you said earlier before Swaruu, it means that you are also in the Ascension process, yes? Everything is always ascending?


Swaruu: Sure. And like many people, some have entered the earth again because they already know the way out of there. Starseeds that have achieved a higher ascension. I'm one of them.


Gosia: Is the Ascension related to the Mayas and 2012?


Swaruu: No, just for or in the minds of some people. The Mayan calendar is just moving from one stage to another within a calendar.


Robert: How will the ascension affect the human parasitic entities of 4d?


Swaruu: As you can imagine, they do everything possible to avoid it because when humans ascend, they will notice them and... Let's say they will market insecticides for astral entities.


Gosia: You said: "Let's say they will market insecticides for astral entities." I did not understand this part Swaruu forgive me.


Swaruu: If humans ascend, they will realize that these entities exist, then humans will take action against them. That's why astral entities do not want people to ascend and will do everything possible to stop that.


Gosia: Super interesting. And what are the measures against them? Could you apply them now?


Swaruu: Knowing that they are there... Keeping a frequency high and different from that of the entities. Knowing how they proceed, such as looking for people who smoke or drink, to take the essence of that person by attaching to them. Denying those customs among others irritates them and they go to look for another person.


Gosia: Thanks Swaruu. I have another question related to the Ascension. Our bodies will change physically... progressively yes? Will we enter our version 5d? But will it change our face? Will our defects be regenerated etc?


Swaruu: Yes. But it's mostly mental at the 3D level. The bodies don't necessarily need to change. That regeneration will only be given outside the 3D field. It can be achieved mentally but it takes a lot of mental energy and few have it.


Gosia: Ok. Once we are out of the 3D field... will the body begin to change physically? Perfecting itself?


Swaruu: Completely out of 3D it takes 3 months or less in Medical Pod... a couple of years naturally.


Gosia: What changes will those be exactly? Apart from the genes.


Swaruu: The change of the genes causes a total change of the physiognomy and will continue according to the soul that inhabits it. With its intention as its reflection.


Gosia: Wow very interesting. So if I want to pe